Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You can hate the Playa, Don't Hate the Game...

I had this argument with somebody the other day of why Lebron isn't the best player in this league. I was stunned by what he was saying. I can say that I am not a Lebron fan but I do watch a lot of basketball and I can say without a doubt that Bron Bron is the best right now. The only real argument that this person was making was that he didn't like Lebron so therefore he isn't the best.

I can't stand that argument. If you hate somebody and don't want them to win trophies that is one thing. If you hate somebody and say that they aren't better than another person that's another thing all together.

I am going to spin it to football because that is more in my wheelhouse. I think about players that I hate with a passion. Cristano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Carlos Tevez (I can go on for days) are players that I despise whether it is acting like a primadonna or not showing any sort of loyalty to any club that he has been on. When they step on the field, I am not going to lie I hope they don't do well. When they do, I tip my cap to them and say that was a sick move, tackle, or goal. Then I'll say, "If I see them on the street, I will beat them with a baseball bat."

Their play doesn't change my thoughts of them as people because that is why I am disliking them. The only way I will dislike a player for what they do in game action is whether they make a horrible tackle and don't feel any remorse or if they tried to cheat the game by repetitive diving among other things.

I guess I am just the type of player that see all footballers as who they are on the pitch for the most part. If they do something good, I will tweet the sickness of the move and then say I still dislike the person.

I think most fans need to start thinking along these lines before they make arguments they can't really win in. I am not going to argue whether Cristano Ronaldo is better than well..... any other player other than Messi because his statistics, trophy haul, and impact on a game doesn't lie. He is one of the best out there. I can still say I dislike the fool but I can't disregard all of what he has done in the game so far.

I'm going to get back to where I started earlier

So whenever you want to hate on Lebron James for what he does, you can hate all you want but you can't say though that he isn't the best player in the NBA right now by just claiming your dislike for his decision-making as a person.

Hate the playa all you want but the game is too hard to hate...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Then Go For It!!

After their first leg defeat at home to Barcelona, Jose Mourinho proclaimed that the tie was over. We know this is probably one of those head game tactics that he tends to do. Key players won't be able to play a part in this match-up (Pepe and Sergio Ramos). Maybe he truly believes that they can't beat them at the Nou Camp. If that is the case, then why doesn't he just go for broke?

What is the difference between losing 2-0 on aggregate or 5-0? Understood that the Nou Camp is a huge pitch that exposes holes in the opposition's backline if they play high enough. But I just think that at this point, you feel like the tie is lost before stepping on the pitch. Why not unleash your players to do things that they are accustomed to instead of holding them back? Obviously Mourinho feels that he can beat this Barca team (that is why he is at least planning on staying for another year), this game could be a guide of what players to target in the transfer window.

Mou is a winning first type of manager. So even though he feels the tie won't be won, then he'll keep his players held back until he can find counter-attack situations and set pieces to wreck havoc in the Barca back-line. I just feel in the long-term, this game could be served as a blue-print for the future of Madrid. At the same time, I don't think Mourinho is trying to care about Madrid's far future.

This Clasico, I can say with a great amount of satisfaction that I won't be watching it. I do wonder how the result is going to be or is there going to be any talking points at all. I am hoping that the two teams get into a fight though. That will make my season..

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