Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Laying in My Cave. Thinking of a Resolution. Or Maybe not.

It is better than going downstairs and pestering my parents night and day. I feel like if I came down here and laid down on the couch then I would do much more harm than doing it from upstairs in my own room, in my own domain where I can do whatever I want. Plus they don't know that I am just laying in my room (well they might now). I think about a lot of things and I think about what resolutions that I should think of. I thought and thought and thought. After all this thinking I've came up with this solution.

What makes you think next year is going to be your year?

Yeah, It is a new year and of course you want to do things different this year than the last. But after the year close we say the same ole thing. "Next year is going to be my year!" I've seen it time after time after time. There are probably only a few times in your life where anyone has had an extraordinary year from start to finish. I'm no longer going to see it like that. I am going to live every day as it is my last. You should make long term plans, I agree with that but my life has been full of changes that I just need to calm down and figure out exactly what I'm going to do. (It would be so easy if I had a suga mama instead, that would be nice)

So how about just doing what you need to to have a productive year. Maybe you need to make a resolution here or there. I don't feel the need to tell everybody my resolutions because they are my personal choices and probably are too personal for people to understand, Plus I don't have resolutions really. Just to find a job and not get on facebook chat so much because I can have better conversations talking to myself. Who wants to talk to somebody who is always in his room anyways? I don't think there are many people. As we got one more full day before this decade closes, I would like for you to go to your love ones and other special people, get them a hug or if they aren't within seeing distances tell them how much you mean to them. Because I don't think we'll all make another decade. 2k12 baby. hahahaha

I'm just kidding. Happy New Years and get in trouble tomorrow night. Not too much tho.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Can we skip passed January 2010 please!!/ Landon Donovan's loan to Everton and his resigning to Everton

I've beent trying to avoid the topic of seeing David Villa and David Silva leaving Valencia in the winter. I've been thinking of ways to figure out how to keep them. I just figured it out. I'm going to attempt to make sure that the new year doesn't happen. I know what you're saying: "Dre, what the hell you're talking about?" Listen okay. I know this is a hard mission and I know that I'm going to have to find a spaceship, and I know that I'm going to have to figure out the impossible mission of making the world stop rotating.

However I'm desperate to keep these two gems and I know that the transfer window is closed so no one can get these two until January 2010 at the earliest. And Valencia for some reason has been shopping them two around. If I can't get the world to skip past January at least keep these two players until the end of the season and hopefully we can make it to the Champions League next season so the debt could be eased and we can buy more players and build our club around Ever Banega, Mata, and others.

(Where in the hell am I going to find a spaceship)

I've been listening to the talk of Landon Donovan and what they make of his contract extension for the LA Galaxy that will keep him for life basically, also making that loan signing to Everton. And people have been saying that the MLS doesn't want to let go of their prize asset. Also it is a mistake for him to not try to make a big European deal. In his contract it says that he can make any loan deal for the winter and spring that he wants. I know exactly what Donovan is doing.

The reason why MLS signed this contract is just in the case that he does really well with Everton, then they are going to try to sell him for a high contract which more than likely Everton won't go with because he's going towards the older side of his career and he won't be worth all the money.

Donovan is doing this more for sporting reasons. He probably realize that this will be the last World Cup that he'll be in peak condition because once 2014 comes along he'll probably either no longer be in contention or he'll slow down and his performances won't match the ones when he was younger. I'll give him credit he realizes that he needs to have World-Class football before South Africa to help his country get the best chance of making it past the group stages. He cannot get this playing with the Galaxy for a couple of months. He'll be able to get better training in the four to five months in England than he would get in Los Angeles in a full year. So it is pretty ingenious that he decides to go to Merseyside and try to ply his trade in England.

This next year will be an interesting year. The World Cup is coming up, of course all the club competitions will be coming to a close, and it will be interesting where my two favorite players will eventually go. Hopefully they'll wait until July 2010 to make their decision. I just hope that they decide to play Champions League football with my club. hehehe

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Leave the "Boy" Alone?

Everyone has had their say about Mario Balotelli, the Inter Milan striker who has heap of talent. However he is somewhat of a hothead and he gets in trouble almost every other week because of his on-field antics. His abilities are undeniable however he play acts and he also doesn't try his hardest when he's on the field sometimes. I remember earlier in the year when he got fouled for a penalty kick and he just stood over the ball even though Eto'o was suppose to take the pk himself and there was basically a 25 second stand-off until Dejan Stankovic had to pull Balotelli out of the box so Eto'o could take the pk.

I'm the first person to hate on someone when they act cocky on the pitch or show that they are better than the game. However I read an article today that made me realize something about the kid (Football-Italia) And he still is a kid.

When we see footballers on the tube, we except them to handle themselves in a professional manner, they should be respectful to the game and to other people. But we are talking about a 19 year old kid, who probably all his life has been one of the best players in his age group and also is starting games for a great club too. I've met people who played footy while they were 19 that were as cocky as this kid, the only thing is that Super Mario is on tv every weekend on Fox Soccer Channel so his actions are super magnified. Some people have to realize that the kid isn't even of the age of 20 and he is still learning things about himself that he doesn't even know. He has to deal with racist chants that even he shouldn't deal with in a young age. I don't support racist chants of any kind obvious because I've been a part of it but when you're 17, 18, or 19 I don't think that things like that should happen, no matter how bad he acts on the field.

Jose Mourinho has tried to motivate this kid by telling him when he plays bad and says at times he is uncoachable. I'm sure he knows more about the game than me but he has to realize that the youngster won't be consistent every week. He'll have his days and he'll have his off days he's not going to be great every week. Was Messi great every week when he was 18 or 19? Even Kaka? Being that age you'll have your days where you're great. Even a kid as cocky as Balotelli will over think things and he'll do what he can to win. You can question his commitment but I don't think that he never wants to lose. You can't be that good otherwise.

I might have been rambling on but the moral to my story is that give this kid some time. He's cocky and he even said that he's a bit impulsive at times. But being 19 years of age with lots of money, I'm sure women (Italian women at that ;) ) , and endless talent, why wouldn't you be cocky about yourself. I'm sure that if I had that then I would be as cocky as he is. If we are having this same discussion about four years time then I'll say that the kid is lost but when you see LeBron James doing river-dancing on the side-lines while beating a team, I think that some of Mario's antics are pretty tame. However the kid will need to learn from some of his mistakes before he'll get the respect from the fans. It's undeniable about his skills but he is going to need to do some growing up...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I read on and just watched Around the Horn in which they talked about a possible punishment for Thierry Henry on his hand-ball. Now I know everyone has talked about this for a couple of weeks now but I believe I should put my two cents in here because I like Henry, even though he plays for Barcelona and all. He has always been a cool footballer that I enjoyed watching on the pitch.

I am wondering how FIFA continue to get things wrong. Let's see, Thierry apologized, he was very contrite about what happened in fact he even said that he would be in favor of a replay. And yet FIFA would rather punish him than the people who really got it wrong. Making him a scapegoat because of your refereeing mistake will not make the problem go away. I can understand punishing those who dive, or yeah use their hands to gain an unfair advantage but he's already apologized and done everything that someone who knows they cheated should do. If they throw Henry under the bus then it is just going to make people increase the death threats that he and his family are getting.

I've already started my personal war against protecting footballing referees and I believe that this is a solid reason why. The linesman missed at least two or three players offsides. And you can't forget the double hand-ball that has gain worldwide recognition. How on earth can you miss that? And I still haven't heard any punishment for the referees. They should be banished from the World Cup, you think that it would be devastated for them to miss World Cup games and not Henry. If Henry misses at least one game then it would most definitely hinder France's opportunity of advancing to the World Cup final stages.

I've thought about this and I believe that a video replay would do wonders for Soccer. People would like to say that it would waste time. It would only take about 30 to 45 seconds. You can get the fourth official to see the play in question and flag the referee and tell him that he has made a mistake and give it a second look. That is just me.

FIFA stop your unnecessary protection of referees if they are wrong. I don't just want to hear that they are wrong. I want you guys to do something about it. Ban them for a game or two. If Henry claimed that he did nothing wrong then I would be all for punishing him but leave the guy alone, he's done more in his career than any of you suits have ever done.

I Don't Know Whatcha Talking About

If you must know all the rumors are false. No, it is not going to be my birthday tomorrow and no I am not going to turn 24 on December 2. I don't know where all this has come from. It says on facebook that I am having a birthday tomorrow and even in my parents calendars it says that my birthday is this coming up Wednesday.

Well, if it is my birthday. I would like FIFA 10, a gas card, annnnnd a pot of gold. The gas card and pot of gold are key because I am forever making a drive to Raleigh and my Jeep Cherokee is a gas guzzler. The gas card would make my life much better. The pot of gold is self-explanatory don't you think. I'm really hoping for a rainbow to come tomorrow so I can catch that leprechaun and take what's rightfully mine. And FIFA 10 would help me keep my mind off all the worries that I am having at this current time, you know not having a job, no one calling me for an interview nor I don't have a soccer team to play on. Putting in the CD and numbing my mind with my 360 in my room would probably keep me from concerning myself of everything.

Even tho I listed off my "gifts", it is still not my birthday tomorrow so please don't listen to what I said in the middle paragraph and I don't want to see any facebook "happy birthday" greetings because I am going to look at you like you're crazy and not knowing what the hell you're talking about. But if you still aren't going to take my word (nobody takes my word anyways) I'll let you know my address so you can hook me up with the pot of gold that I'm desperately wanting.

Those darn imaginary readers