Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Plan...

You never want to say that you have a master plan. Or if you do, you at least have back-up plans if that master plan fails. I try to stay away from the master plan thing. I try to look for two or three plans on go on with that. I never want to sell myself short on what I think I will be doing with my life. I plan on going for my first plan and then if that works the back-up plans follow.

Reason why I think about this because I always go through the "Master Plan" method. Often finding myself failing miserably and trying to recover which usually would take about 2 to 3 months. Usually during those months I would try to find a job, sleep, eat, and be lazy at my parents house (How I actually miss those days.)

Now I have a job which makes things easier to go through the plans that I have set for me. If one plan fails, I have my job to fall back on in the meantime.

I know people want to know about my "plans". Only my friends that I speak with on a daily basis know about my objectives. When I am able to actually go through with these said plans, I will let the world know. As of now, I am living my life, having as much fun as I can before I truly become an adult, and trying to execute The Plan as best as I know how to do it...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mind of the Clueless

Here we go again....

I write, I have a good idea where I want to go with this posting then I get stuck in a rut and I erase the whole thing. I can't sit still and write a good LONG blog post. So I am just going to ramble on like I do with my tweets but this time I at least have more than 140 characters to go with.

Poor Kyrie. I was going to start out with a rambling about how Cleveland is a poor team to play for and probably a bad place for a 18 or 19 year old kid to live. Then I realize that Cleveland people (matter of fact people from Ohio) hate HARD! REAL HARD!! I think that they just might hate harder than I do. So quite honestly I kind of want to stay away from that subject so I don't have all of Ohio wanting to kill a little 25 year old kid (that's me)

"You know I had a big chip on my shoulder from not being recruited."
Listening to one of the guys ramble about not being heavily recruited in college now he is a first round pick. He just better be lucky that this draft is weaker than Chris Bosh's knees after they lost the finals this year. He would have been lucky to get into the draft some years. Is it me or more of these guys based mostly on potential rather than Superstarability (that isn't a word I know). Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, fine. But some of these other guys are reaches from the sky. I hope these GMs know what they are doing. Then again there might not be a league next year so who knows..

Back to things I know more about (Well sort of)
I read this article on ESPNsoccernet.com (Pele: Lionel Messi must score as many as me). The statement is flawed mostly because Pele played in Brazil and in the US while Messi is playing in one of the best leagues in the World with the best team. Messi's competition is miles ahead of what Pele played against in club level. Now people who turned on to soccer in these last two decades will say that Messi is better than Pele. I haven't seen Pele myself (except for highlights) so I can't make the argument without prejudice. Plus I hate making the best ever argument because it isn't fair.

All I can go with is how many World Cups have been won. I know this could be a flawed argument in itself. When you think about the greatest, you think about who has won World Cups. Johan Cryuff could be argued that he is one of the best. But between him and Pele, Pele will be picked most all of the time among those who aren't Dutch (or Brazilian) because of those World Cups. Messi can't even reach the heights that Maradona has. Even though it is a team sport, one player has a great impact in a World Cup tournament.

I've seen five World Cups in my lifetime and when I think about those who won the World Cup, only Italy in 2006 didn't have that one impact player that made their team. Fabio Cannavaro won the best player in the tournament, that award usually is won by midfielders and forwards. Even in that tournament, Zinedine Zidane was the best player in the tournament and carried his team to the finals.

Messi's story is not done but I think he needs that one signature World Cup performance to stake his claim as one of the World greatest. If he does win one World Cup, I will go towards the side of him being best ever.

However him and C. Ronaldo will have that same hurdle to climb. All the club achievements are good and well but when it is said and done, you need to win the most watched tournament in the World.

I know I left many holes in my argument but hey that is how debates generally start right? Maybe wrong but whatever.

Geez I did not think that I would get this far down without wanting to stop. I think I might do this often. Most of these topics are coming straight off the dome and they would not seem right on twitter. Right now I am going to continue to watch this NBA Draft and plot my escape from my house for the weekend. I will update everyone with my comings and goings. Mostly it'll probably be about my life on the couch. I need to get out more and see people....

Nahhhhh I'm good!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is Me

I feel like I have to give some of the reasons why I put my thoughts in this blog post about every five to six months, well this is the updated version

I know the imaginary readers out there wonder why do all always put my personal feelings out on this blog. I'm not going to put anything that you shouldn't know about. However the way I feel at the point in time in which I put out a blog post, you will get what I am thinking.

Why? When I am around people, I don't really let out too much emotion. Well, unless I'm out on the soccer field then you don't know what you're going to get. There are times when I'm around a group of people and I seem to be jovial but I am not really that happy. I know my real close friends know but I am sure some people don't.

This is my forum to express some grievances that I have whenever they come to light. If that seems too much for you, you know where the exit is.

Why not a journal? It isn't as if I am telling the world deep dark secrets. I'm informing you on what is going on in my brain. Everybody has these feelings. When I feel like there is an experience that I don't think people have had or something too crazy even for the public to know, then I won't put that on the blog post. I don't go into detail of everything that goes on with me, just the things that you might appreciate or relate to.

The last thing. You can't really tell me what to do. It is my page and I will do whatever I want and how I please. Now I will never get offensive to a group of people or anything because that isn't how I am....

..But when it is talking about a person in particular, I will talk mad sh*t about them (I am pointing at you Aaron)..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 21 w/o car:

It is about 10:37pm and I'm sitting on the couch watching Top Gear on BBC America On Demand. After near tries at getting a car, I still don't have one. Bad luck after more bad luck has left me in the same predicament as I started on June 1. It is cool though. Three weeks later and now I am getting use to be around the apartment all the time and walking to places.

Last weekend we had a round robin tournament over two days. That means playing four games in two days. There were a couple of things I learned.

1) Never ever ever play in a tournament that I can't be bothered in playing in. I actually wanted to go out of town and get away from everything around Raleigh. The last week was kind of stressful at work. But I had really nowhere to go so I was kind of obligated to play which I regretted.

2) If I do play in a tournament like this, I am going to get fit so at least I won't feel like absolute crap for the two days after the tournament like I am now. I won't be playing any sort of organized footy unless it is pick-up. You can't get me out to a tournament. Well unless you are giving me some money. Ayyyeee

3) I guess I need to start the games maybe we won't lose to Clockwork because I didn't start the game. I don't think the reason why we lost was because I wasn't in. The team started flat and we could have salvaged the game anyways. Ah I guess an out-of-shape me is better than me not being at all right....uhhh right??

I've been walking to the bars downtown. It is about a mile from my house and it really isn't any trouble to get there at all. I have been getting use to being the bar by myself. There are times when people actually talk to me. I know it seems strange that people would come up and talk to me, well some do.

I really don't mind at all though. Honestly whenever I hang out with my boys in Chapel Hill, I kind of just check out and wander around. I guess that is always going to be me, wandering around aimlessly, drinking, and enjoying the night as is.

The social interaction that I've always craved is still there. I've been increasingly using the twitter machine to get my thoughts out there and to listen to others. It might be a bad thing because I am not having that face to face interaction that is needed (especially with the opposite sex).

Maybe it is cool if I just have a certain amount of solitude in my life. I need to be happy with myself before I can ever be happy with anyone else. Making others happy before yourself is never a healthy thing.

I am going to keep on improving myself and my well-being and then I will be out there for all the world to see. A new me and hopefully I will have a car in the process

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 w/o a car

I had to get rid of the rental car today. Anyone not knowing the situation well I told myself that I wouldn't talk about it again because I get really angry when I talk about it.

But yeah, I have no car. I got dropped off to my house. Then I proceeded to do things that a person without a car does. You know: Watch TV, watch a couple of movies, order some food, take a nap, then watch some more TV. I forgot to put running in my schedule because eh let's be honest, I will be doing too much if I ran.

I can't be doing too much right now.

Otherwise today has been okay. Have only been talking with people on the twitter machine and looking up more nonsense from the FIFA Mafia that is currently running the world.

I'm not going to lie if I had a vote, I would just rip up the ballot and say, "Bump you guys." I probably would have walked to my car and it would have exploded but hey at least I stand for something...

Although if they were to give me enough money, I would listen...

..Hey I'm human I can't let a little thing like ethics get in the way of free money.

I truly hope that I don't have to explain myself for that last statement. Sarcasm!

Currently watching the All Whites getting a footballing lesson against Mexico and just wondering about if I can manage not to lose my sanity without a car. There aren't really many places for me to go outside of work and who needs to go out and actually meet people??

I mean I don't. I am well-hated in these mean streets of the Triangle Area. Ask about me....

Those darn imaginary readers