Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just keeping my head in line.

Hey there everybody. End of another week and the start of a new week in about 15 minutes. Just wanted to speak what I thought of just the general shit in my head. So here goes nothing.

You know something that I hate. I hate when people wave and you think that people are waving to you and in all reality they are probably waving at somebody else. That just really gets to me because it is embarrassing to be wave and then they are like, no not you the person behind you and then you are just like oh, sorry. Then you feel foolish and when somebody might actually wave to you. You are caution and make not wave back and prolly look behind me and then point haha makes you feel really bored.

New people or people that we know of each other but we aren't really the best friends. Forgive the caution that'll take when I'm talking to you. It isn't that I don't like you, it's more to the fact that I fear that being myself all the way when you have no clue about me might just turn you guys off as friends. Maybe I need to learn to just say whatever I'm going to be myself and if you all hate it, it's okay, and you guys like it, then we can go from there. But yeah if you are saying that I'm timid behind close doors, that's more the reason for the things I do.

I need to buy some notebooks.....yes it is almost october and I need to buy books...just a random thought to get away from the seriousness

I find it strange that alcohol gives you the same munchies reaction that we gives you. I mean doesn't alcohol fill you up? I am not an expert on alcohol or anything but I am just wondering. You can eat and then start drinking and then a hour later you are wondering where is the nearest waffle house. I just find it somewhat strange that it is the case that you drink and then you're hungry as shit.

I wonder what other people think about this type of stuff. Why do people belittle others who do blogs. They want to express their thoughts or experiences on a forum that they might think that their friends might enjoy reading. Keep your mind open to shit and don't call it gay because it isn't something that you wouldn't do.

The picture is dedicated to the cartoon that use to come on nickelodon Rocket Power. For some reason I just saw it on tv on another show. That show was the shit. Cartoons in general are the shit. Aqua Teen Hungerforce is my favorite show and meatwad is my main man. Oh man, I am digressing to a point that I should stop talking

Saturday, September 27, 2008

When is War right?

Let me start by saying that I am not a proponent of war and I believe diplomacy is always the best policy when possible. So this post doesn't represent my views that War is the right cause of action all the time I just want to share my opinion.

Yesterday I was driving home from training and I saw a bunch of signs saying Stop War on Iran. At first I was like word? we started war on Iran already? and then I begun to wonder. When exactly is war right? I mean all and all the major of the wars that we've been in have been because of a major catastrophe that happens. I mean think about American Revolution, well yes it was a fight for our freedom but the last straws happened when British started terrorizing the American colonist. We got into World War I because of Germans sinking our ships. World War II started because of the infamous Pearl Harbour and the War against the Taliban started because of 9/11. So my question is do we want to wait until something bad happens to us first and then react. Yeah of course the war on Iraq was a mistake for many reasons. But I think the government wants to take a proactive approach to these types of issues. They don't want to wait for another disaster than have the backing of the country and even those people with the signs. I don't think we should sacrfice human life in that way. I think if you can find proof that countries or groups are trying to find ways to harm our way of life and strong proof that is, none of this I think they have Weapons of Mass Destruction crap. If there is concrete proof then maybe we should look into it. Instead of waiting for something to happen and then that's when you put those signs down and make War in Iran signs. Make up your minds buddy, you cannot have it both ways

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Complains and big ups

Second edition of the complains page and a new page talking about the big ups:

My Complains:
UNC Smoke Free: Now I understand that you are trying to get this campus smoke free and everything but come on, when you measured off 100 yards off of any building, did it have to be right smack dab in the middle of campus. When you walk through the quad you will see right where the American flag is like 20 people smoking. Now I am not upset with the smokers but could you find a more discrete place for them to smoke? I don't think they care but I just find it some what odd.

So you just going to stand by the bar for no reason?: If the bar/club is crowded and you have a full bottle of beer or whatever you drink, get YO ASS away from the bar area. Other people want drinks too. What are you necessarily doing there? You have your drink find somewhere else to be. Make yourself useful. Pick up a girl or two, I don't know just let the other people get themselves a drink.

"Hey who's beeper keeps on beepin and beepin": Hammer really? If you don't know I'm talking about the Monday Night Football Commercial where the guy is having a dream that he is in the studio with MC Hammer. Another beef with this commercial. Why are you dancing IN THE STUDIO. NOBODY IS GOING TO SEE YOU!!! It has gotten this low.

Facebook Chat on the new Facebook: Now I am not going to go up here and hate on the new facebook or anything. I don't have no real beef with that. I have more beef with the slowness of facebook chat on it and also why does it always signs the other person off when I send them a message. Don't you know it makes me think that they are trying to ignore me, I mean I am already paranoid as it is. hahaha

Big Ups
This is the first of my big ups page:

My Parents: Now I know it is pretty easy to show big ups to my parents but they came up huge for me. They helped clean out my debit card and gave me some spending money because I find it hard to get a job while I'm back to doing the college thing again.

Theo Walcott: This English youngster in the last couple of weeks showed why he was allowed to go to the 06 World Cup with England when he was 17 years old. A couple of weeks ago he was the youngest English player (at 19) to get a hat trick against Croatia and help lead a 4-1 thrashing. Ever since then he has been instrumental in the rise of Arsenal getting back to the top of the table in the Premiership. Big ups to the lil man.

My couch: Yeah for some odd reason I've been getting my best sleep on my couch and not my bed. I tried to sleep in my bed on sunday and it just didn't feel right so right afterwards I went to the couch and slept a whole lot better. So I've slept on my couch ever since. It's weird but it's mad comfortable.

That's about it for now. I know it might be a disappointment but I think my brain is drained from all the work I did today. I don't know what I'm going to write about next. I guess it will come to me sooner or later

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I''m going to try and keep my excitment in

Valencia, THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!

Okay come down drizzle, it's only a couple of games in the season, but this is what I want to see from Los Che. They've won three out of their first four and except for David Silva's injury which will keep him out for a while. We are seeing some very encouraging things from this team. Especially with their ambitions of getting back into the Champions League by keeping the likes of David Silva and David Villa over the summer. We are finding out that they are also others who are stepping up their game like Mata and Alexis who are becoming exciting young players. Now I don't want to be over excited or curse them or anything but I like the way Unai Emery has brought this side along with a mixture of youth and experience that will help this team along. At first I was skeptical seeing us get wiped off the map by Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup while they were two men down but now seeing results this term(since I don't have GolTV anymore sooo upset about that)I like the way things are going so far and I hope for the best the rest of the season


Dear Christiano Ronaldo,

Here we go again. On a website it is said that your new girlfriend is a cocaine-selling prostitute (I don't even want to get into how strange that sounds as it is ). I just am wondering what is with your choice of women, in the same article it says that last year you brought back five prostitutes for a little "pool party". So now I feel like I have to address you and divert myself from my school work that I was currently doing.

So let me get this straight during the summer you had a beautiful super model who is clean from all we know and you decide to get rid of her and now in the fall we find out that your new girlfriend is a prostitute. Now we are beginning to wonder about you. My friend Aaron has said that these girls are cover for your sexuality. Now I don't like to judge too quickly but the question has to be asked when have you had a steady girlfriend for a while. I know you are a prima donna footballer who can get what he wants but all and all you are getting wrapped up with these girls who are nothing but trouble for anyone. And you probably seeing people saying that you 'don't seem right' and they judge you by the way you act so maybe just maybe you bring girls over to your party to just hang and get on the news. I don't know I don't want to judge but I'm just saying that could be one angle.

And I thought about this angle that you are trying to do. Maybe you are trying to get under the last nerves of Sir Alex Ferguson with these stunts and pushing for a transfer to Real Madrid. That isn't out of the question, I mean you did want to go there and you know that Sir Alex hearing about these types of escapades will want him to pull his hair out and he will start threatening you to stop doing while you keep on causing trouble for yourself because let's be honest you don't care you are one of the best footballers in the world you can handle this type of garbage and he will for sure want to get rid of you and the nonsense that you bring to the team.

I don't know what you are doing. I don't think anybody knows what you are doing, but just make sure you know what you are doing.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Arsene Wenger and getting away from my daily life (which sucks)

Hey, I'm trying to get away from my life because I am out of sorts right now. I don't know if I have any work to do for the rest of this week. So I just want to get away from me for the time being and talk about something I love which is football (aka soccer) since I'm not the sneaker-almost-head that Aaron is or I would be talking about shoes if I had the collection or the money.

People give Arsene Wenger all kinds of crap for his selection of signings and his reluctance of signing the big name players that Man Utd and Chelsea and Liverpool sign. But you have to give it up to him, he is a very very good judge of talent. I watched them play Bolton last weekend and they were a joy to watch and most of the players you would not have heard much about before these last couple of seasons. Think of players like Bendtner, Sagna, Walcott, Fabergas (who they got from Barcelona as a youth) and even Adebayor who people haven't really heard much about until he made the move to Arsenal. I remember one season that Arsenal made it to the Carling Cup final with an entire team of reserves and/or youth players. He is also trying to do it again with players like Carlos Vela rocking a hat-trick in the Carling Cup game against Sheffield United today in a 6-0 thrashing with only Bendtner and Song the only true first-teamers in the side altogether. Only problem that Arsene Wenger has is that he is reluctant to pay the young players, once they get to their prime, the big bucks and then Wenger might have a little too much pride and says to himself, "Well I can always bring in more talent, so go on!" This is why he hasn't won a title in about 3 or 4 years because the young players know how to play the game but they quite don't know how to win and if you just keep on stocking young players and not keeping the core players than Arsenal fans are going to say, "yeah we have nice players but we want championships." Maybe he is going to keep some of his core players like Fabergas, Adebayor, Toure, and maybe Gallas w/o him being captain which he is a joke at. If he can do that and always develop the young talent that he has then he will have a bunch of trophies coming to him in the next couple of years

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The National Anthem and we still have a long way

Um Josh Howard, could you think before you let the most ignorant statements come out of your mouth please? That has to be the worse excuse ever of what you don't like the National Anthem. "I don't like that s**** cause i'm black." Are you retarded? Let me tell you something generalizing a whole race because you don't like the national anthem isn't the way to go. I understand you aren't going to say anything intelligent on a camera phone. But that comes to something else. When white america read statements like this, it will still bring us back to where we were. Many don't think highly of us for those statements right there. I know white people say the same ignorant shit from time to time but they aren't really under the gun. I mean you aren't really going to see documentaries about white america because the top percentage of them are some of the wealthiest in this nation. We are the ones who need to watch more of what we say. Especially the athletes because people are more likely to listen to them more because they worship their every moves. So Josh Howard and anybody like you. If you don't have anything good to say, shut up!!!! you aren't only embarrassing yourself.


Well, something I don't understand, I was watching the unc-va tech football game and there was a commercial talking about national stay at home week. That is one of the freakin problems in america. It is true that one of ther reasons why this is one of the most obese if not the most obese country in the world. We stay at home, lay on our couches and just watch football all day and during the evening we watch sitcoms and by that time nobody wants to go out and do any exercises. Think of our children who just sit around and play video games or go on facebook all day and not do anything productive with their day. "Take the twinkie out yo mouth!" This is a serious issue because our children are getting diseases due to their weight earlier and earlier and they don't get time to even grow up and be regular adults. Get out and do something! Whether it is just running on the treadmill or walk for a while. Please! Don't listen to the media, take yo ass outside!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can't even watch TV anymore

Okay F*ck it, I had this spill about how I wanted to talk about politics and how it affects our world (the American world) everyday and I tried to do some research and watch MSNBC, CNN, and yes even Fox News and I can only come up with one conclusion. Media in general is fucked up! Okay you bring in people to discuss the views that they have and the first thing that gets me is that everybody has a certain agenda to their spill of what they think is the truth and nobody even if the truth is right in their face claims any responsiblity. It's like if they murdered somebody and they were caught on tv red handed with nothing claiming self-defense or anything like that, they will still say that they aren't the blame. It's a problem and that's why people can never get along, everyone has this superiority complex that they think they are right and that's what they are sticking too. Another problem I have is most of the time these reporters and show host have agendas of their own and they believe that they are serving up "objective" facts but in all reality they are just as fake as the politicans or others that I see on this channel. All these stations are guilty of doing it. It isn't just one or the other, it isn't just liberal or conservative media. It's both of you.

I mean I try to go by a motto of I believe it when I see it, but now in today's world I just don't know because people love nowadays to edit the way people speak to make them look real foul on tv. I was watching a vlog of illdoctrine and it showed how CNN flipped the words of WWE wrestler John Cena to make them believe that he took steroids and WWE was able to leak out the true version of the tape. But what if people didn't have a company that would have their back if one of these media outlets say anything to them? What if they just flip the people's words around and their reputation is ruined because of a few words that was taken out of context. Now I kind of see why people use that term taken out of context because the media only will hear what they want to hear and not the truth most of the times. Just the next time you watch any type of news now of days and if they go through a voice over and not actually say the real question and then just flip to the "answer" right away be careful before you judge that person because he might have just got punked.

The vlog that I was talking about:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Manchester United-Chelsea this saturday

The key matchup for this coming up Saturday. And when I first started watching European soccer I had much respect and love for Sir Alex Ferguson and now that respect has turn into loathe and possible hate of the Man Utd boss. He claims that if John Terry was a Manchester United player he would not have his red card overturned and that he got it overturn because he was a Chelsea player. He continues about the director of refereeing being bias to Chelsea and all that nonsense. Now I've seen the game and I thought that the red card was wrong. There was two guys behind him so he wasn't fouling Jo's clear path to goal. And they talk about foul serious play, It isn't like he football tackled him and spat on his face or anything. Alex is just upset that he can't get his guy Vidic on the field because they are smart enough not to rescind his double yellow because he fully deserved it (and probably should have gotten a straight red after fouling Dirk Kuyt before he was steaming towards net.)

I have another beef with Alex. He continues to run players out who doesn't care for or disagree with his beliefs. Most notably, David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistlerooy, and Roy Keane. He ran those players away and even kicked a boot at one of his players (Beckham). He just seems like a guy with a lil man complex... Probably wasn't the greatest player in the world or anything so he wants all the control and he wants all his players to be his robots. I just fear that Christiano Ronaldo will fall into the same trap and will be hung out to dry. Everytime I hear him talk I just want to strangle him.

So let me just get to the point. Who is going to win the game. It is in Stamford Bridge, Christiano Ronaldo is suppose to be back by then so that should make things interesting, but I feel like he will play a bit part and I think he might be working on a sabotage plan sorta like Manny Ramirez (i'll write about that later). I just don't see the bite in the United side. There's no Vidic which is a big lost for the side. I don't think the center midfield duo that United will bring out will come close to out-manning a midfield team of lampard, deco, obi mikel, the list goes on. I don't think Manchester has much of a match in this game. Rio is my "cultural" aggin but he isn't a match for Anelka, Malouda or maybe even Drogba who will probably make a 20 minute appearance like he did last week against Man City. It will be a 2-0 victory for Chelsea with Frank Lampard and Florent Malouda (yes that guy who was trash in euro 2008) scoring the two goals. I can't wait to see what excuse Sir Alex has for this week. Freakin weasel.

I mean can we be honest?

Do you really work? I'm trying to figure this out for a long time now because since you got this "job" you've been on AIM more than you've been on it your whole school career. Talking to me and sho whenever you can.

I don't think you have a job, it's a cover to make sure that you aren't bumming out there on the street and the only reason people let you into their cafe's is because you cut your hair and look nice for all the white people and when you start speaking intelligently they get amazed and let you stay there all day for free!!! (as shown on the picture on the below the first one)

But in all really in your weekends you look like the picture above. Just going out on the street with no teeth and a ridiculous ass hat just playing soccer with the homeless guys around the city (I knew I saw your ass on that documentary). So this is what you do. Parade around the city of Charlotte fooling people all around. I'm sorry for your shortcomings and if you really want any money let me know... I'm a good friend

P.S. I know you stole those shoes from lil wayne when he was in Charlotte

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm just that atypical guy...

From a little inspiration from a vlog that I've been watching. I decided to just give it a write about me, but not really getting too emotional about not having friends and shit like that right now and just saying educated about things.

Now I've always wondered about myself and when I have time to spend by myself during the times I go out I just wonder. What is different about me than other people. I know I am rather reserved and I'm not a flashy kind of guy that goes out and chases hardcore of something he wants. You know you wonder what is the difference between you and the next guy. I just see for what it is. I mean I'm not a rapper, or a bar/club owner, nor am I a basketball/ or even football player. I'm just a regular guy with a not so tall 5'10 frame that probably stands hidden from all the towers that girls love so much. I mean let's be honest, not many people are going after the soccer players, they can do better unless you are foreign (latino more likely) or you are a lil kid that girls feel like they can take advantage of.

Also I may be going after the wrong type of girls. What is the wrong type of girl though. We all look for somebody we like no matter what they look like. Everybody's made fun of me once or twice before in my life. I've had a couple of black girls make fun of me, a couple of white girls, hispanics, indians, and even fat girls make fun of me. I've always wondered why? Is it because I'm not dressed like the "typical" black male is suppose to be dressed like. I'm not rocking a nice fresh fitted, with a throwback jersey which are matching by the way with the matching shoes. I don't just put my arms around a girl like I've known her for years even though I just met her? Or maybe I just come off as that guy. That odd ball, I've seen them at bars. You know who they are, they aren't really the tallest, they don't have a status that you like (athlete or bar/club owner) or just anything. They buy drinks to girls that they know and shots to get them in the mood. And after they give them the shots, the girls leave and they try to find more girls to buy shots to. I mean I can't fault the girls, I mean if someone wants to buy you shots to take and it is free for you. Why not? But think about that guy after it is all done. How is he feeling. He's probably spent $80-100 on drinks and he doesn't really have anything to show for it. Now unless he's a millionaire or his parents are loaded then he might seem like him that's money gone down the drain. But also the guy can't really be faulted also because he feels like he has an unfair advantage over the "ballers" and that he has to try other things to get people's attention. Don't really know who wins in this situation

Me? I'm not going to do that for a couple of reasons. A. I don't have that money nor a job to do such nonsense. B. I don't want to feel like I can take advantage of a person by buying them as many shots as possible even though in the end they make some excuse about going to the bathroom and never seeing them again. C. I don't know I feel more comfortable just talking to someone and getting to know people rather than just buying shot after shot after shot. You know at the end of the day, they probably won't remember seeing you right? Hey that's just something for ya to think about.

What I want to say about myself is that I'm going to stay as myself and whatever happens, will happen. I have about six months left in Chapel Hill as it is and don't really plan on living here past that point. So I'm going to have fun with my people and enjoy myself. Cause if it doesn't come with any tail you can't really depress yourself over it. Maybe there's a good reason and maybe that's just a mistake which isn't really worth it. So I will stay the atypical black guy who is 2-4 inches short and I'm just a soccer player not a baller like those others and honestly I like the way I am. And I can understand maybe confidence helps you out a lot, but then again how can some be confident when people reject. It's kinda like soccer when you haven't played in forever and then they decide to put you in a game 75 minutes in and they expect you to be confident, you can't just turn on the switch like that it's impossible. So the question is, am i changing before I leave this place for good? Nah not changing, i'm going to stay me because I like me and my confidence will develop over time, so I'm not worried.

Now I've advertised my site on facebook again and I just wonder how many people will read this and how many people will be rather upset, because let's be honest there might just be a little fact to this lil post, take it from me I'm rather observant and i see almost everything! haha

So back to reality once again while I get ready for my war against the con artist formerly known as prince. It's on. I'm ready!

More Complaints and Big Ups

I just came on just a couple of minutes ago to see that Aaron's ghostwriter wrote something on my blog. Big Ups to him. But I came on to tell you guys that I will be doing my second edition of the complaints section and also I added a new element, since I didn't just want to make you think I am just a hater I am going to add the Big Ups section of it to let you know that I can show some love also. It will probably come later this week when I can gather all my material together. As you can tell I really love putting a lot of thought to this page, so I don't really want to mess it up you know. I'll probably be back on this soon to write more nonsense about last weekends football(that's what I call it now but for those that still don't know it's soccer)games, but other than that peace

Hey Aaron I appreciate it

Dear Dre,

You are the coolest aggin alive and I mean that. I appreciate you keeping me entertained while I slave away at work doing absolutely nothing. That is what aggin's are for right? I'm also glad that you aren't playing fifa against me anymore because I was sick and tired of you whooping my ass all the time. It really pissed me off and you knew that it did so you quit playing me. I can talk about all the ways that you are cooler than me and why I appreciate your friendship but it will pretty much be a biography of your greatness so I will stop here. I'll holla at ya later.


Aaron West

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I'm about to blast off call it rocket science"

My mind has it's own mind and it really does what it wants and please. Too bad my mind is just to nice and feels like he should solve problems.

Yo what up! sitting here watching the tube at about 2:30am. Not really concerned about what else is going on around me. Debating what to do with this stupid facebook because i feel like it's a waste of space and it wastes my time and everytime I go on that piece nothing changes except for the fact that I change my status every hour on the hour. Well i'll look over it to think whether I really want to keep it. In all honesty though why should I? Whatever. Oh and I'll apologize there will be sometimes in this post that I will break out in song.

"F you too b**** call the cops, ima kill you and them loud ass motherf*****
barking dogs."

What was I going to talk about? Oh that Eminem verse on forget about dre is the shit! Dre's part is good also but let's keep it real em's part is disgusting. Me, Walt and some of the guys were celebrating walt's birthday at fox in the hound? or fox and hound? one of those. And they were singing karoake and that song came up and people were mouthing dre's part for sure, but when em's part came up the whole bar was going crazy and that part that i just put up there was the loudest part. Em is pretty sick especially for a white boy. Another sick white boy is Asher Roth, I got his first mixtape and at first when I heard him I thought I was listening to Em but the more I listened I felt like there was something more to his music and he's one of my favorite rappers now.

Hey Aaron have you solved the mystery you stalkin bastard.... hahaha and yes I am posting this late again. If you have a problem, why don't you just blow me hahahahaha and why don't you punt a cat or something, I know that's something you want to do. And Randy Hayes said he wanted a tatoo of you suckin off beast.

"Come on, suck me up, hey dude you can even suck me up I don't give a damn, i'm
in this motherf*cka"
(in a fake russian voices) "i'm from russia we suck
everybody up."

hahahaha you know i'm just kidding, you my ninja and so is sho. Ya'll keep my ass up and awake during the freakin school day and ya'll don't pull no punches ya'll say exactly how ya'll feel. I don't need to hear bullshit that others try to put out. If I wanted that I would just watch tv or try to talk to the people that don't want to talk to me and act like I don't know you are pissed off hahahaha bullshit I can see right through it people.

It's almost three in the morning and now i'm thinking about waffle house. Cause that's what we usually get when we go out in Atlanta. We'd stop at the waffle house and the people on the counter would know our names and the weirdos and the strippers would come by to make things uber interesting. Especially the strippers. We try to talk to them but they think they are too good for us and shit and then at the end of that shit they would give us cards to go to their strip club and shit, i'm like you guys are tripping right now. They were good times man and especially since the guys on the team that I went out wit were good guys so you know you can have a good time. There ain't no need to go out with people you don't like or places that you don't want to go to that doesn't make any sense at all. It's kinda retarded, "uh yeah i'm going to hang out with people I don't like and want to kill myself sweet."

Well before my ass got out of topic I was trying to say that I'm about to head out and watch tv/go to bed and enjoy my sunday. I doubt that I will post on sunday afternoon. But next week I don't really know what I'm going to post on. Maybe the ideas will come to my head. I believe that my first post of the week will have something to do with more of my complaints that I have and probably some more about the soccer stories of the week. We will see. As for now I will leave you with one quote that I started with on the title... goodnight people

Hey welcome to the jungle, and I'm the lion, I'm dippin' in my coupe, with the top behind me I'm not the president, but I see cops behind me, Well f**k 'em, f**k 'em, f**k 'em, and they can not stop me, So I will be drivin' like Ricky Bobby, It's my prerogative like Whitney's Bobby, I'm skatin' on blades like Sidney Crosby (That's hockey), Sharper than a ginsu, shawty You not Beyonce, but I can get you body

Friday, September 12, 2008

The hot Kanye sunglasses

"Hey, do you want to walk around lookin like you suck the best dick in town?" Do you want to think you look cool when you really don't? Do you want to see horizontal lines on your sunglasses instead of just taking them off and seeing clearly? Well the Kanye West sunglasses are for you. These are for the cool white kids who think that these glasses are hot and other insecure people who think the newest fad is the way to go.

If you want to throw temper tantrums on various video outlets, like youtube, the mtv show punk'd, "I PAID FOR THIS FILM, I'M TAKING THIS SHIT!!" and most notable the 07 VMAs where he got mad for not being on the mainstage.

Also if you want to throw cameras on the ground and wear a ridiculous backpack with a ridiculous bear on it, these are the sunglasses for you....

Side Effects are: Headaches, a feeling of thinking your cool but you're really stupid as hell, a sidekick to the face by either me or aaron if we see you wearing these glasses, and if kanye sees you wearing them he might just hurt you and take his glasses back.


call me at 555-696-9696

Mr. Charles Billingsworth the III.

That ninja would say he's eating chicken wings at a sports bar

Alright since I'm back in my right state of mind. I'm going to get back to what is important and that is talking about other people's problems hahaha.

My title is referring to Vince Young, the quarterback of the Tennessee Titans. He was at a sports bar eating some delicious chicken wings while his family and his team thought that he was off somewhere thinking about suicide or whatever. They thought this after last weekends game in where he got booed and hurt in the home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and he almost took himself out of the game before his coaches got him to his senses.

Let me say one thing, I'm not hating on anybody that is depressed. It is a sickness and everybody has that feeling at times. But really, you are really that upset about home fans booing you? I think that is the least of your worries. I don't think the fans are going to really feel sorry for you if you are crying about it or anything. I know a professional athletes mind is very fragile and most of these guys are insecure about things. However if you really thought you would go your whole career without being booed then you have another thing coming. They aren't people you should really care about. At the end of the day, they are going to go off on their own business and you can go and be with your friends and family because they will be there for you and if they aren't then you have some problems for sure.

You know yo momma is going to whoop yo ass for saying that she was misunderstood. Let me tell you something I don't care what the circumstance if yo momma is calling somebody wondering about you, then you might have some problems. When I'm at home there are times when I just up and leave and drive around to just clear my air and my mom has never panicked and tried to call me or other people that know me (well i don't have friends in greenville anyways hahahaha). But when you go off by yourself and don't tell anybody even yo boys you going to get something to eat then there might be something to these things. I'd be upset if my boy went to the sports bar and didn't invite me. "What you gonna go eat some chicken and not invite me??? that's messed up"

Now Vince, you got time to think about things and clear your air cause you have a couple of weeks off since you are hurt. If you are really that soft, go ahead and quit now. You will have to grow a spine to make it in the professional world or you can be on the corner somewhere wondering what happened, cause that's what happens to those who are softys in professional sports they end up disappearing and no one is really caring what they are doing except for family, until they see you on sunday sportscenter and you are on the freeway. You're too talented for that, then again so were some of them...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Backtracking??? and what to do with gerrard and lampard

So I remember before the England-Croatia game yesterday. Everyone was trying to talk about how the players on this England team wasn't world-class and they are just not good enough to make other leagues or other national teams and the fact that Croatia will wipe the floor with them in Zagreb. And I would tend to agree with them and that maybe some of these players are the product of the foreign talent that they have on the clubs. Yeah, England has talented players but still they might just be as good as the players that are around them on their club teams. For example Jon Terry has his best performances with Chelsea and the portuguese Carvalho and the same with Ferdinand and Manchester United with the Vidic.

A day later after a Theo Walcott hat trick and a demolitioning of Croatia. Everyone is talking about this tean like they are going to win the World Cup and they have everyone in the media just peeing in their pants talking about this team. It was only a day ago where people said that they did not have a chance of winning and would probably be grateful with a point out of this game. Now they are currently on top of the world in their terms, but i'm going to stay cynical because there could be one game that brings back in the England sucks chants for the media. And don't forget you have to re-incorporate Steven Gerrard back on the team once he gets healthy or do you? I don't know these questions will be answered by the next year when qualifying will end and hopefully for football (aka soccer) sake that England will be in this world cup and prove the doubters (and that includes me) wrong.

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard; that is the real question. What to do with him? Should you put him back in the lineup as an outside player or try to get him inside or to just leave him out of the starting 11 altogether. I think most England manager would be scared of leaving one of their "world-class" players on the bench but I don't know about Capello. He seems like he would be the kind of guy who would keep egos in check. I would think about doing this, when Gerrard gets healthy and they keep on with these results, leave him on the bench, because he should not be playing out wide I like Cole, Walcott, or Bentley being out there. They are natural born wide guys and they should be the ones playing their over just star guys. Maybe if Lampard isn't playing up to his capabilities you switch them on and off because it's obvious that they cannot play together, we've seen it many of times and it just doesn't work. And they play the same way with their club teams and probably both are on form with their club teams, then Capello should base what he should do with those two on national team training sessions and the games that they play with England. The best chance of England winning is either having one or the other on the feld not both.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A couple of complaints I have

I'm going to steer away from my personal life for a couple of post hopefully, cause who's counting anyways, but I got a couple of complaints that I have seen from what I have seen.

1. If you are a regular student (not an athlete) and you are walking around in a walking boot. I suggest you re-evaluate your life. What exactly are you doing, during the school year, to get hurt badly enough to get a walking boot. I love to see sorority girls walk around with that, I mean seriously what did you do get in a fight with your sun dress?? But please I don't think you are that hurt and in all honesty why do you need to get healthy quickly anyway. It's not like you have to play in a football game against Notre Dame or some shit. And who in the world is working that hard in a little game of beach volleyball that you have in your dorm to sprain your ankle. Just throw some ice on it and suck it up. Trust me, if you aren't on crutches and your not an athlete I seriously doubt that you are really hurting.

2. The next mothaf**** who I see walking around wit kanye west sunglasses on will get sidekicked right in between his/her eyes. What makes you think you are cool enough for these glasses? Why? Why? It's raining. what are you doing. That shit isn't going to protect your eyes from the rain, it doesn't even protect your eyes from the sun. Trust me it isn't cool. Just walk around with the regular sunglasses that you have and call it a day. I mean if I wanted to really see kanye that badly I would go to youtube and watch him blow up on mtv or something. "Britney didn't have to do this shit!!" or whatever he said...

3. Shawne Merriman, I'm pretty sure somebody told you that you needed surgery before the season started. It took you until the first game to figure out that you can't play on damaged knees. I think 5 year olds(i'm going to get to that) know that if your knee hurts there is no reason to go outside to play. I mean sometimes I debate whether some football players are retarded (some not all). "Nah dawg, I don't think I can be effective with this." No shit sherlock!!!

4. Chad Ocho Cinco formely know as Johnson. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey dawg why don't you just pay up the 4.8 million for all those Chad Johnson jerseys so I can get a hold of that Ocho Cinco jersey. For those of you that don't know, Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals just recently changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. Little that he realized that he had to make a deadline to change his name and if he didn't reebok who prints out all the jerseys put the name he had up there and for all the stores to sell. So for him to get his new name on the jerseys now, He would have to buy out all the jerseys that have been made and distributed in the store counters and that would catch him 4.8 million to do so. So his dumbass wasted his time and changed his name and he can't even use it on his jersey. So kids whatever you do, don't follow Chad Johnson i mean Ocho Cinco, my bad dawg.

5. If you aren't good with communication skills in the class, please don't try to force yourself to talk in class. I've seen people try to contribute in class and just go off in random tangents about their house or dog or something random that doesn't pertain to class whatsoever. I mean if I know what I am talking about then I would contribute but I don't care about getting a bad grade on participation I ain't going to waste my breath and talk about Queen Elizabeth when we are suppose to be talking about Native American Indians. Girl, I don't know what you talking about Pocahantas would f that lady up!!!!

6. And finally Aaron West: you would want to fight 5 year olds would you.

I'm done for now....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm not looking for anything special...

I'm just in all reality trying to find someone to calm my nerves and get rid of the stress. I found myself yesterday (officially) really stressed out and for no good reason at all. Well I did have a pop quiz and I had to make sure that I put my fine into the post office and hopefully it will be in South Carolina by thursday 10am if not then I might be in trouble and get my license suspended and that's something that I don't want to deal with right now.

But I don't know, I feel like that i only talk to three people for my whole day and the soccer team for about two hours or so, but really that's about it. And especially when I get back to the place. I just sit on the couch, throw the phone in the air until I get real bored and then i'll play a couple of games of fifa cause if I play too long the game might cut off in a middle of a game. I notice it never cuts off when I am losing (honestly when do i ever lose) but still the game usually cuts off when I am in the middle of dominating a team. But I digress. I don't know what I really need nor do I know what I want, maybe I just need to be by myself. Maybe I am perfect for myself and I don't need anything else. Like I said i'm not looking for anything special and i'm certainly not special. So there I go....

Monday, September 8, 2008

A letter to you

Dear ________, (fill in the blank i have no time for nonsense)

Now I know what you are thinking, It is going to be another one of those Dre blogs that he screams at people and tell people why they ain't shit and all that. Well since I already know that I would like to extend an invitation into what I think about you. Now I've been over all these things before and if you want to rummage through my post and see why I think the way I think. But if you want me to tell the truth of why I continue to do these things that I do. I am right here. I ain't going anywhere. I have all that nonsense. (facebook, aim, and this thing). And you can tell me your complains about me and if you just want me to shut up. Cause I do try to read people's minds really, I assume but I don't know what you are thinking about. So here's your chance.


And no this isn't a subtle attempt for you to read my blog, what are you talking about?? hahahaha

Can I sleep please?

So now I think I am going to have to ask my parents if I really need to get a sleeping aid for myself because this has gotten real real ridiculous. My sleep schedule is all wacko at the moment. It's ridiculous, in fact I get better sleep on my couch then my bed currently and that's the real weird part. The other part which gets me is whether I go to sleep earlier or later. If I go to sleep before 1 then i will usually wake up at 3. And if I go to sleep after 1 then i end up waking up at 5 and at least for a hour or two I can't get back to sleep which messes with me especially since the fact that on monday/wednesday/friday i start class at 9am. And I notice the night before are usually the nights that people usually go out but I'm going to make a stop to that soon to get my work out on homie! yeah. "Getting his usher on." or "your ll cool j on".

Well here's why I am here. What type of sleeping aid is helpfully, healthy, and the best at what it does. I don't know much about these type of things, I really try to avoid taking any type of pills unless I really need it. (feeling really really sick or having a huge headache). But I think I am going to start needing to figure it out because I cherish sleep alot and I want to get as much as possible before I really start my day and you know that once I do start it I will be sleepy as crap. Well hopefully there is a way that I can get some sleep

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't necessarily take me seriously

I know I've been critical of people in my last couple of posts, but I don't want you to take me all the way serious and say that I don't like all people.... I just don't like most people. This is a collection of my thoughts, they don't necessarily have to be fact or what YOU think is the truth, but it is what I think. And unless blogger thinks that this shouldn't be on their website then I don't think I will stop posting what I think. I see people making fun of blogs and all that and I just find it funny, let people be themselves if they want to express their ideas and thoughts about the random things that go on in their head then let them do it. You don't have to read it, they aren't going to cry if you don't read it (uhhh maybe???) So if some of you come across my blog and you feel like I'm talking about you....Then I am probably talking about you and if you have a problem, don't go to your friends and make fun of me, come to the source, all you people are my "facebook friends" as it is...

Moral of the story is: You don't have to take me seriously, just click X on go on facebook and forget you saw these page if you really want. For the other imaginary readers who haven't left then I will keep on going bc it's titled in my title I'm in my own lil world

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh I'm not done talking

I'm back. I have another thing to talk about. What's the problem with being somewhat honest these days? Is it really that hard. Is it really hard to say that I'm hanging out with other people or more like what I want to hear, I don't really want to talk to you. I apologize when I don't get the hint that you guys don't want to talk to me so you continually ignore me, I don't know maybe you weren't there so I thought that maybe I can get them at a later time, but no it's cause you don't want to talk to me. And I mean I get confused when you say, 'give me a call, if you want to hang out' or for that matter (which I got tonight at around 10) ' i will give you a call whenever i find out what we are doing' Is it that you are really that fucked up and even then people still do text people so in other words, "yeah right I'm not going to text yo dumbass"

I have about only seven people who I can consider are my friends. The problem is that only one is really around town nowadays. So if they have to do work or something then I got nothing. I got the rest of these characters. Who I love how they think I don't know what they are thinking about. They shake your hand or something and don't really talk to you but instead talk to your other friend instead and whisper something to their friend when you say what's up. It's cool guys, I'm not right there yo. You might as well say that shit in my face or at least look interested, cause that's what I do, I mean I don't really care what the f you got to say but I can at least act like i'm listen.

I can say more and more and more. but I will leave it to a later date because there is only one person who's going to read this and he doesn't give a f about you neither.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good ole freshmen, there's no need to impress

Me and Sho were talking about how the freshmen don't know that you don't really need to dress that impressively in class. And you can definitely tell the difference between the freshmen and seniors. Freshmen are usually dressed nice with fresh combed hair and nice unwrinkled shirts. When you go up the ladder the dress gets more and more un-neat until you are wearing a wrinkled shirt with pajama pants on. I don't think the teacher is going to look up and say, "Man that person is dressed real nicely, I'm going to give this person an A." That never happens.

I think I know why this happens actually. Because most freshmen are excited to go to class so they just place their clothes to wake up in the morning. Iron that junk and make sure everything's together. They have their pens, assignment book, and notebooks together and they get enough sleep so they can wake up in the morning. Then they wake up early enough to where they can brush their teeth and eat breakfast. After that they start their day ready to go!

Meanwhile, you get older and you have more serious work to do. You don't worry about getting your clothes together. You just grab something you see in the drawers or if worse case goes you go into the dirty hamper and see if something look cleans and then you give it the smell test and if it passes it just enough for you to wear it then you'll wear it. If you have enough time to brush your teeth then you will do it, but other than that you just take a swig of the mouthwash and just head on with your business.

We'll all learn that you don't need dress to impress unless you are going to a career fair or have a real interview on campus, or maybe a speech in your english 10,11,12 class. Another thing that kinda irks me is that in CTOPS they try to get people to go up to other people and talk to them. Now I know they don't know me, so the one time I saw a lil freshman come up to me, I scared the living shit out of him and I told him that he needed to pay for my chick-fil-la. Man, I got one more semester I don't need to meet lil freshmen right now, not to be mean to them or anything. I wish them the best but meet people that are in more common with you. Meet people around your dorms. Get to know your suitemates better, don't go up to random people and try to meet them because A. they might not give exactly what you are looking for and B. let's be honest you won't remember me and I probably won't remember you.

So you're a freshmen in college, you should go out and meet new people and join clubs and all that (shit that I didn't do that's probably why people hate on me and I hate on them). Good Luck to you and have fun, but don't talk to me or i'll scare the shit out of you or get "al capone himself to kill yo granddaddy" hahaha it's only a joke

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Week: "Yo I'm trying to cop that Robinho Chelsea Jersey"

I don't know if you know already but on Monday it was revealed that Robinho is heading to Manchester City instead of heading to Chelsea in which everyone thought last week that he was going, in fact aaron told me that they actually were selling Robinho Cheslea Jerseys. Plus the fact that Fox Soccer News was saying that Robinho could actually be in the lineup against Tottenham for Cheslea. But something must have happened between me going to sleep on sunday and me seeing that Robinho is heading to Manchester City. There are two people that I'm disappointed in.

Robinho: It is said that you still have to agree to this deal. I find you a primetime player even though you weren't able to show all your ability in Real Madrid, but still Manchester City? Is that were you want to be? Sounds like Carlos Tevez all over again. I would like to know why you would choose that. Were you that desperate to leave Madrid? Or was it for the money because this is a new EPL transfer record. Or you wanted to be in the same lineup with a fellow Brazilian Jo. I don't know if you're friends or anything which could influence your decision. This could end up two ways. You could A. be a success and lead this team to a possible top four spot by the next couple of years or you could B. be a failure and start with this journeyman tour that you don't really deserve to be in my opinion. I don't know maybe you need to think about this.

Real Madrid: The King of hypocrites. Okay you slam Chelsea for their pursuit when you have tried desperately to unsettle C. Ronaldo in Manchester United so he could move to your club. Chelsea is not the blame of your problem, you were the one trying to offload Robinho to Chelsea to begin with. I remember when the season was over, you were going to let him go to Chelsea and all summer you were trying to hard to get rid of him, so you can use the money for Ronaldo. But then when he decided to stay in Manchester, you decided to be like "oh Robinho is a key part of our team and we would like to keep him" and Robinho tired of your bullshit decided to say bump this, I want to go to Chelsea. So then you felt like you were wronged and Chelsea is to blame. You can't have it both ways buddy. (how ironic that I decide to wear this Real Madrid jersey, i need to burn it)

I don't know what to think really. Maybe he will be a big success in City, I don't want to take that away from him or just say that he can't pick them up. I just find it very strange about this type of sleazy behavior that let's be honest all big and rich clubs go through but It kinda gets me to scratch my head.

Those darn imaginary readers