Saturday, April 30, 2011

Balotelli doesn't like light-skinned bruhs

I am sitting here on this Saturday morning (hungover-free as a matter of fact) and I am watching the first matches of day. I go to the tabloid websites and I see that Balotelli has gotten into a fight with one of his teammates again. This time he got frustrated when Vincent Kompany gave him a hard tackle.

Now I can talk about how much of a brat that he is. However this time around, I feel like a conspiracy theory will do. It will probably not be true but it'll do.

Haven't you noticed that Balotelli has been getting into fights with light-skinned black guys?? First Boateng, then him and Rio Ferdinand got into it after the FA Cup Semifinals, now Kompany. It leads me to believe that he has a serious problem with light-skinned bruhs.

Honestly, I don't know how many light-skinned bruhs were around Italy but I think that there were at least some that bullied Balo while he was a child. They took his lunch-money, they kicked the shit out of him in soccer, and they probably took the ladies he was chasing after. It is a lot of things for a little kid to handle. All he wanted to do was to play soccer and enjoy his childhood. These light-skinned bruhs just took all the joy out of his life.

That is why Balotelli always looks so sulky. He has been dealing with being bullied all the time. He didn't have many problems while he was in Inter because there were probably one or two of them. When he went to Manchester City, the flashbacks followed him. Light-skinned bruhs everywhere, I heard he gotten into a fight with the airport security guards on his way to Manchester. He has never been able to deal with these guys.

He told his Italian manager that he needs help. He needs help to get rid of the demons of these lighter brothas taking his shine all the time. He wants to treat everyone as an equal. He is a good kid but very misunderstood and it is no wonder. Chico Debarge types jock his style at every step. One moment he is smiling, the next he is receiving a parking fine by none other, The light-skinned brother.

Balo wants to move back to Italy now because there is a lesser populations of these people there than in England. His football will improve and he will most definitely not get into the fights that he has been getting into lately. I truly believe that he will reach the potential of a world-class footballer if he could just not see "those" people ever again...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Barca, I can't look at you the same.

Get your ass up, you are not hurt!!!

The true Barca supporters will still support their team as if nothing happened yesterday. The neutrals who love watching Barca will take notice of the diving and gang-mentality tactics of the Barcelona team.

We always watched them when the game was always easy and they would pass around the pitch as if they were playing in a training match. Messi would mesmerize us with his skill and grace. Xavi and Iniesta would wow us with their passing and creative abilities. Puyol is a small little fella but still has a heart of a champion.

However last night, I think was my last night that I will ever even give Barca sympathy. Don't get me wrong, I already dislike Real Madrid with a passion and they do things that piss people off. But when I saw Pedro flopping around on the ground when just barely getting pushed over and Dani Alves getting on a stretcher and then seconds later he is back on the field. All the time Barca players crowding and bullying the referee. I think if Barca doesn't crowd the ref and Dani Alves doesn't roll around on the ground and gets on a stretcher then Pepe probably gets a yellow instead of red.

It just showed the ugly side of Barcelona which there have been other instances in which it happened but these three Clasicos have magnified the situation. Crowding around referees and getting into it with the opposing teams officials like what Jose Pinto did yesterday. It reminds me of how I dislike Manchester United now.

I use to not mind Manchester United. It was the first team that I followed regularly. I didn't love them but I did follow them for a little bit. I use to listen to them on internet radio because it was the only place I could find them. However when I begun to watch them on television and saw Gary Neville acting like a piece of shit, also Roy Keane trying to break people's legs on challenges, and they bullied the referees into giving them penalties. It turned me off to them.

Fans will say, "well everybody does it even your team does it." Yeah I am sure that my favorite team does do it. I don't like it when they do but I still have an invested interest in them. I just use to enjoy watching Barcelona play. I can still watch them but I don't think I will want them to win games though. Now I will watch the final Clasico game and just hope for a big fight to break out. That will be the only thing that I will be rooting for...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You don't like me, and I don't like you

(Warning: whenever I say, "You" I don't mean my real friends. I am cool with them. It is to those pretenders)

I am just pretending that I can hear that Rocko song, "Do Me" on my title.

Who do we kid? We have people that we don't like. Everybody wants to be likeable but everyone can't be liked. I definitely want to be likeable but I know that some people will just not give me the time of day.

So guess what? I shouldn't be giving these people the time of day. I can't pretend to be friendly with people who give me the side-eye almost immediately. I don't think I can pretend that at all. It begins to eat at me, "Why am I even letting this person think that I want to be friends with them??"

I know I trip about these things a lot. I often imagine things that aren't there. However, body language tells wonders about many people and how they feel about you.

Like someone looking at their phone the whole time they are at a movie or dinner with you. Or someone saying Hi then before you can say "how are you?" They are faster than Sonic the Hedgehog to go to the next direction.

I've always said that if you don't like me. You don't have to say anything to me. Maybe I should just start it and not greet you. So at least they can find an valid excuse of why they don't like me instead of parading around like they are cool because I want to be their friend but they have no interest in being mine. Don't pretend. Be who you are. You don't like me. Fine! I can handle that. I'm 25 years old and have cool friends already. You'll just be another one of those people, I see for a quick instance and forget immediately.

I am sure that is what you want and that is definitely what I want...


I start writing on this blank screen.

I stop. Erase. and start over.

Then I begin to write something that I can relate to. I begin to think about it. 'Wait a minute, I don't think you'll be able to relate to this at all.'

Erase. Start Over.

I write about soccer for a few good paragraphs.

However about one or two are interesting in what I say about soccer.


Go on twitter and write something 140 characters long and forget that I was even going to write anything on my blog.

I have been going through this type of confusion for a while now. The last time I wrote was really inspired by a "war" of some sort. Honestly I haven't had much more inspiration other than that. I begin writing about my life. It seems like nothing's there. It is pretty lifeless on my end. I work. I party (sometimes too crazy for my own good). Then the weekend is over. And I begin to complain about things that could potentially be only in my own crazy imagination.

I guess that 100 posts this year that I aimed for isn't going to happen. I think I get caught up in what people are interested in reading and not thinking about this page as a place for me to get together my thoughts. I use to own my blog. Now I think you guys own it. It isn't a shot, it just leaves me more indecisive of what to write instead of just going in on what I want to.

So I'll throw out that 100 post promise and I will just promise to keep things real with myself on this page. No matter how much I complain, no matter how much it doesn't make sense to others. I just have to keep this page about me because this place that I call a blog is.......

.... my lil world. right???

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tragic Story

This guy started an unprovoked war against me. I really don't understand it honestly.

I am not going to fire back though.

I am going to tell you about a person I know by the name of Christopher Beatrice "Aaron" West. Ya'll didn't know his real middle name was Beatrice? He hides it pretty good. I'll just call him Aaron for the story since that is what he wants to be called.

August of 1986, Aaron was born in the North Carolina. The doctors first thought that he was a girl but they realized that he was a boy. His parents saw that as funny so they gave him a middle name of Beatrice.

He had a pretty rough childhood. If your middle name was Beatrice, you would too right? He was one of the smallest kids in his preschool and he was always made fun of and beaten up. The final straw for his parents was when at the age of 6 he was beaten up by a three year old. They knew that it was about that time that he was home-schooled.

After that episode, his childhood wasn't too bad. He never really left his house except for soccer and his dancing classes that he took. Well actually it was mostly dancing because he would get cut from his rec teams.

How do you get cut from rec teams? I don't know but he managed to do so.

Back to the story, he was actually a pretty good dancer. He knew all the moves and since he watched his good share of television, he mastered all the moves. He would enter these dance competitions and dominate them. All the girls wanted him but he ran away from them because he didn't have much experience with them being home-schooled and all.

He went to Davidson College outside of Charlotte and there his life changed completely. He met this guy named Juan, who is still one of his good friends. And Juan taught him all the ropes of become a real person. He taught him how to wash his clothes, use a computer, and more importantly talk to girls. Aaron used his skills well and with his dancing abilities, he wooed the misguided women of Davidson and he turned from a geek to one of the most popular kids on campus.

He moved back to Chapel Hill after college and his good luck followed him there. He hung out with the cool people there and danced by himself for no apparent reason at all. However the girls loved him for that. He did not even have to talk for them to come over and try to holla at him.

He was on top of the world until a fateful day just a year ago....

Aaron went to his favorite spot on this night and he was doing his thing, sporting his mohawk and enjoying the night. Then this guy named Joseph saw him and got mad. Joseph walked up to Aaron and told him that he wanted to dance battle. Aaron was confident in his ability so he agreed. The battle was intense. They went back and forth with each other. Countering each dance move with a better one. Until Aaron had run out of dances and Joseph hit him up with a dougie/cat daddy combination that won him the battle. Joseph got a threesome with two blond models that night.

Aaron, who wasn't accustomed to losing these days, ran out of the bar as fast as he could. I was there, I saw him and said, "damn, he's fast!! that n**** should have ran track instead of trying to stomp the yard and ish."

He was never seen again at the bars. I heard that he is now hanging out with emo kids. He lives with them in a van by the river. Drinking PBRs, wearing tight jeans, smoking weed, and wearing a disgusting moustache which you see above.

It is sad to see someone with soo much promise just let it fade away.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bizarre Enough

This seems to hit on the range of the bizarre. Yesterday, Fulham unveiled a statue of Michael Jackson outside of Craven Cottage before their match with Blackpool. I understand that Mohamed Al Fayed, Fulham's owner, was Michael Jackson's close friend. And even that he went to a match in 98' but to me it seems just like more publicly for Fulham. I would hate to say that, noting that Michael passed away just a couple of years ago. However how are you going to get more people to notice your club? Erect a statue of one of the greatest performers ever. Even Sportscenter and other US media sites have discussed this.

I understand why most football enthusiasts are upset about this. Statue around stadiums are suppose to mean something to those that go there every weekend. You know the saying, "The Stadium Ruth built" The statue has to identify with the fans. Or the statue of Michael Jordan outside of the United Center. He helped make the Chicago Bulls who they are so he deserves it. What will the statue of Michael Jackson stand for at Craven Cottage? Most purists will be highly upset because it isn't as if he donated sums of money to the club or helped out the club in any other way as in saying that it was his favorite club.

I am a big Michael Jackson fan, I like most of his music. However being a football fan also, I think it is disrespect to those who do have to go to the park every matchday. It will be nice for tourist to see it and take pictures for sure. However I think there are better ways to remember the King of Pop other than a statue outside of a football stadium.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Jokes Free Zone

Person: Yo! Dre I heard there are a couple of girls that want to holla at you.
Me: Let me guess, April Fools right?
Person: Yeah!! HA HA HA!
Me: that would have been a good one if I wasn't clearly expecting it.

This isn't a true conversation or anything, I really just wanted to start this post with something funny for everyone. I am not the April Fools type of person, I am not good at the whole thing and honestly I haven't had to deal with April Fools Jokes for a while now. (last year I was in New Zealand and people didn't do April Fools Jokes. The year before I don't think I saw anybody that day). I think it would be cool if someone joked a whole group of people. I could be on board with that and can handle being fooled there.

I am currently having a problem with all of these jokes on twitter. Not that they aren't in good taste but for the most part I go there for the majority of my news. Seeing how people are or just getting certain types of news (football and other headlines). Now I have a day where I can't look at a tweet and wonder if it is true or not? One of the people I followed said that he has signed with the MLS, I thought it was true because it was still March 31 here and I am guessing that it was April 1 there. Then I read a couple of stories that I believed were true but then keep on reading more sources and found out that I've been fooled.

I guess my gullibility on those issues are very clear to see and also I cannot really have any April Fools jokes myself because I don't think anybody would believe it anyways. So I am going to keep my hands clean of any jokes and be a zone for these types of tomfoolery (like that, tomfoolery). However I don't think that I will be able to steer clear of any people's jokes if they come with the right delivery so I have to keep my eyes open..

Those darn imaginary readers