Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

It is the night before well this isn't a story I am just saying that it is the night before Christmas. This Holiday season has come with the quickness. I felt like a month ago I just started my job and I started working in July.

I know I complain a lot. I can't say that I will stop complaining because we all complain about heaps of things that go on in our lives. I am just glad that I am in one piece right now. It has been a trying year for many of reasons (if I went on and tried to explain them then I know I would stop midway because I'd probably pass out) I am also glad to have new friends and stay in touch with the old friends that I have. The many of relationships that one has with others could be a beautiful thing.

I know you didn't ask but I am good right now. Just chillin at my family's house and getting ready for Santa to come visit. Even though I did see him near the courthouse. I told him what's good and asked him if he could get me some money for Christmas. I know he has a money making machine lol. I'm not too fussed about getting much of anything for Christmas. I know that it isn't what it's about. It takes a couple of years of thinking and reading to figure out that this holiday is more than the presents wrapped up. I guess that it helps kids become motivated in celebrating a holiday.

Don't have much to say. I hope everyone is having a good day or night. And to those who celebrate Christmas, Have a Merry Christmas to others have a wonderful Holiday. I am going to go off and dance by myself in my room...

(Hey man, it eases the stress okay?!?)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boo to Winter

Well, say goodbye to the long days (that ended a while back) and the ability to go for a run with shorts on, or playing night soccer without thinking whether it is a good idea or not.

Winter is slowly approaching North Carolina and I am always not prepared for it at all. Especially when the weather changes from cold to hot regularly. I can walk outside one day with shorts but the next day I would immediately go back inside.

Plus, I would like to go outside for a run rather than go to a gym and have to deal with treadmills (which I hate running on). You say I should brave the elements and toughen up. I say shut up and you go run outside, then get sick, then complain that you are sick while I laugh in your face.

Mostly the reason why I am not prepared is that I don't really have the necessary winter gear to run outside. I don't have enough jackets, long sleeve shirts, gloves or beanies. So if my first choice of winter gear hasn't been washed then I either decide not to go do any physical activities or put on that dirty gear which isn't too much of a good look in my opinion.

Also I can't do the normal things that I usually do. I like going walking around downtown Raleigh during the day or just sit somewhere at a park and just stare into space for a little while. It isn't plausible to do those things when the highs are 40 degrees. I don't feel like shivering around at a park unnecessarily.

So I am going to slowly get use to this cold weather and staying indoors with the heater on and try to find new shows to watch or read a book. I think I need to read a book because I feel like I am getting dumber by the second...

Monday, December 6, 2010

"This is why I love playing this game."

Whenever I play footy with my friends and most of the time I am marking Aaron since he is a forward and I’m a defender. He always says, “This is why I love playing this game.” Me and most of my friends have this in common. We can at any time just say, “hey do you want to play pick-up.” All of us get excited about this prospect of playing soccer that it only takes us five minutes to get out of the house to get onto the Hooker Turf Fields to play.

The great thing about playing soccer amongst friends is that you can cut loose and play the way how you want to. I am use to playing with structure and doing what I am told at all times. However when I get out there, I can play up top (even though I am not good at it) and I can do some crazy moves (that if they work, I claimed that I blacked out which happens often).

It does bring the urge for me to play again which I have been having second thoughts over. Especially with getting away from my job after I’m done with my hours. It is a great release to all the pent up frustration that comes with it. Even when I am pissed off at the world, I can find soccer as the escape I need unless we play pick-up with bozos then I would have a problem with that.

If I could find an island where there is a 120 yard pitch on it and a soccer ball, I would be content with life because I can play the game I love forever…..

I might need some lighting for some night soccer but that is a different story

"He put the team on his back though"

Back to the grind, my birthday was good but now I am in reality again and it is kinda sad. However I found a video that makes me crack up every time I was it. This dude is playing Madden and he goes through a commentary of him scoring a touchdown. The commentary is priceless. "Dawg, he put the team on his back though." "Let's get into the mind of a Greg Jennings." Haha, I can't help but watch this movie every other hour to at least make me feel better inside. So I'm going to embed it into my page so you can enjoy it too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cherish the Day

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to get you guys to learn something about me rather than just typing what I think. That is why I don't have as many posting as I should. I use to type what I think and asked questions later.

You don't have to learn anything far fetching in my posting. I just want you to know a little bit about me because if you are reading this than more likely you are my good friends unless you like my soccer posts and in that case this post isn't for you.

I sit here at 4:35am Friday morning getting ready for the last work day of this week and I contemplate about a lot of things. Then I listen to music and numb my mind about everything that is going on. I remember telling one of my co-workers that I don't like thinking too far in advance because when I do that I end up having a major headache

And another thing is that how do I know that I will make another day. I could just not wake up from my sleep or I swerve off the road and not be seen again. Don't get it twisted I wrote down what I want to do in my future but at the same time I don't get wrapped up in those things bc there is a good possible that I won't make it there...

I wonder all the time why I get along with people who are older than me. There are people I get along with in my age group but I can carry a great conversation with people who have more experience than me. I don't understand it but I can't say that I don't like talking to those people because they are much more interesting than those who are young and think they are interesting enough. I guess the next step is looking for a sugar mama for me :) *shrug* hahahaha

I try to say that my life doesn't suck. I'd rather say that I am in a funk with everything. There are people whose life do suck and I definitely don't belong in that category. I get frustrated when people say FML when they have a exam they didn't study for or didn't make it to work on a day bc there are people who really should say that. Like those who get foreclosed on their house. or those who are already out of their houses and asking for change from people. Or kids who are stuck with drugged out parents and they don't know what to do with their lives..

Don't mean to get depressing just saying that compared to others, you're life is good and you better cherish the day instead of worrying too much about tomorrow.

Cat and Mouse

I am a spectator of these games of "cat and mouse" To be honest it isn't that I don't have the energy of being a "cat" in this game but it is more that I'd rather not be disappointed how I was in earlier posting (about two years ago or so). So now I try to watch and see how others play this game. Not so I can learn, just really for my enjoyment.

For some reason tonight, I got mad at one of the contestants. More because they were insistent of hanging out with one of the "mouses" and then didn't get any play and wanted me to sleep on the couch while the cat waits on the mouse to get home. So me being bull-headed and someone dumb decided that I am not going to be a pawn in this game. I left and now I am here.

Unfortunately I find someone that is now about a good 18 hours ahead of me and there isn't too much that I can do right now except for talk and hope and wish that I can see her someday (and she is no mouse in my opinion). Maybe? Hopefully? Until then I will watch you guys play this silly game of cat and mouse and I will laugh and at some occasions yell at you. HA HA HAAAA!!

I feel the picture is better than the whole posting in my opinion....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Insomniac's Hour

Sitting up on my couch, looking at my computer screen.

"Let's see no one's on facebook. There is no one that really wants to talk on facebook anyways."

Watch a few episodes of InTreatment. That show really drains me out after watching each episode. I try to gain a better understanding of people's thoughts how the "shrink" in the show does. So after watching about two episodes. I get tired of it and watch the Food Network for a few hours until paid programming comes on. Have to make money somehow.

It is 4am. I decide to bring my computer into the living room to connect to my xbox and play FIFA for the next few hours. Get on Xbox Live, talk unnecessary trash to people, and get angry when I miss a shot or get scored on. So I stop playing on the Internet, put my earphones on, listening to music and play on my career mode.

By the time I look at the clock, it is 6am. It is still dark outside but I decide to go on one of those runs where I think about my current happenings or lack there of. Run for about a hour or so. Shower, shave, then watch tv until I have to pick up the mail and start my work day.

This has been going on for a couple of days. I thought maybe I should drink a few beers so I would pass out but I decided against that don't want to become an alcoholic or anything. So I just stay up. I don't know what is going on with me lately. The last time I haven't really slept that much was in college but I had real stresses like studying for school and soccer. Now I just have work which doesn't stress me out and the imaginary stresses of being lonely and not having someone to talk to.

My mind has been wandering lately. Maybe I have been thinking of the wrong things. Thinking about myself is what I should be doing. Everybody else can wait just for a little bit until I figure myself out. Hopefully it will happen, nothing is impossible...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slowing Slipping back to Oblivion

I cannot point a finger to it. There are days where I am around all these people but I am still alone. My world has gotten smaller and smaller through time. I look at people through their different viewpoints and try to understand but I seem to come to the same conclusion about them (That conclusion I will speak about at a different date).

I was trying to hang out with my roommate and some of his friends in Raleigh last night (Friday) and I was already apprehensive about going out with them as is because we hardly have anything in common. So I decided to give it about thirty minutes before I leave. I get there and they all disappear their own ways and I just look around the bar and say this is no fun. Grabbed a soda to drink and within the next 15 minutes I drove home and played fifa for the rest of the night.

Usually I would say that it is effed up how people would ditch somebody but I can't blame them. They have their own agendas for their night like everybody else. Being angry at them really wouldn't serve me any purpose because I knew exactly what I was getting into. It is the same every other night I hang out with people. I know what I am going to get. I can pretty much tell you to a tee how the night is going to end up. Usually it ends up with me in a dark room alone trying to figure out why I put myself through most of this.

I would not say this is anything new of me. Usually if I am hanging out at a place like this I try to make my own fun out of the whole deal. Maybe find people to talk to or something like that. However this night I just didn't feel up to it. Laying on a couch staring at a TV screen seem more fun to me then staying out until two thinking that I am going to have fun.

I have been use to going out and thinking that night will be fun. I have all these thoughts about how the night is going to end up and usually end up being disappointed by it all and feel like it was a waste of time. When I stay at home, I can't really disappoint myself too much. Watch TV, play video games, surf the web, etc.. there is not too much you can be disappointed with. Maybe having the feeling on a dork for staying in on a Friday night by yourself but I am not going to let that stop me from doing what I want to do.

Slipping back Oblivion: I use to be real quiet, never hung out with anybody, and just really disappeared from people's thoughts for the longest time. The thing is that my feelings were never really hurt in the process of any of those things. Yeah people talk behind my back and all but I mean how am I going to ever know? People don't say anything to my face. So I am thinking why not try it? Slip back to the cave that I use to live in for so long. Resist the urge of going out and making a fool of myself like I seem to do lately. Think of ways how to make my life better for myself. I need to be a bit more selfish than I am. I only have so much time to live on this world before it is all gone...

Then what? I'll forever slip into oblivion. Then again I really don't mind the silence as it is anyway...

P.S: No, this isn't a drunken post. I just woke up to a message from a friend who typed how they felt at the time so that served as inspiration to type how I am feeling.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Deuce Freestyles

To represent his two goal game for Fulham against Wigan Athletic. I am going to show an interview of Clint Dempsey aka Deuce (I know it is three years old. He is going to show his flow on a freestyle. You didn't know soccer players can rap like this. I got a friend named "Lil Bobby" that can flow himself. He should get a record deal for sure.

Already I am going off the point. I am glad Clint has been representing the United States well during the last couple of months. Even though they have changed managers and players have come and gone. However Deuce has remained one of the consistent players for his club and he is a hard worker for his country also. So big ups to him and I'll leave this to you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA is back!

The NBA Basketball season is starting tonight. The highly anticipated Big 3 of Miami will open up the season against the Reigning Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celitcs.

I am one of the few that actually like NBA basketball. I don't mind that they play more offense than defense. I mean we complain about how there isn't much scoring in soccer or baseball. Then when "The League" hardly plays much defense we complain about no defense. Can't have it both ways.

I'm not going to go into how Lebron tarnished his legacy or whatever. I feel that it is irrelevant. I thought it was about winning championships anyhow. I wouldn't listen to anything Charles Barkley says because he has won the same amount of NBA Championships that I have. A big donut, don't say donut around Charles though.

Kevin Durant should have a MVP type season this year. I am more of a fan of players who can shoot out of the gym rather than jump out of it. That is why I like players like KD, Melo or even a Brandon Roy rather than Lebron or Dwight Howard. I love to watch dunks too though.

Who is going to win the title. I don't know I think the Magic will make more a run at all. I feel they can give the Heat a run. The Celtics will probably get older towards the end of the season and the Lakers will make it out of the West and will probably win another title and Kobe will cheese with his six rings and make fun of Shaq some more.

While people having been talking about "The Decision" and others wanting to leave Denver and New Orleans (Melo and CP3 respectively), all Kevin Durant has been doing is hooping all summer. Here is a lil highlight film of him in a Summer League in DC:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dollar Dollar Bill Ya'll!! or the English equivalent Pound Pound Bill Ya'll

Congratulations to Wayne Rooney for signing a five-year extension to stay at Old Trafford.

That might be the only nice thing I say about him during the rest of this post.

I am quite disappointed in the way Rooney went about getting this deal. Especially due to him being steady fast that he didn't want a new contract because there weren't enough "star quality" players. If that is the case, what changed between now and two months ago? (when it first surfaced that he might not stay) or about a couple of days ago when he said that he wasn't going to sign a contract and definitely leaving?

He can tell people what he want but unless you are stupid and live under a rock then you know that this deal was all about the money. You don't change your mind just like that. Understood, Rooney respects the patch and has loyalty to it, however they are ways to go around it. There is no way he believes it was about getting quality players. He still doesn't have that guarantee even after he signs the contract.

I think Sir Alex and David Gill knew what most of us didn't. Especially when they said yesterday that they were going to take care of this soon. They knew that they could make a deal with him, it was all about how many hundred thousand pounds a week he would get. So that is where my disappointment lies. It is about the hypocrisy of it all.

He could have went about it a better way to at least not make him a flip-flopper. He could have easily said:

"For some undisclosed reasons, I decided to not sign the deal they gave to me, We will keep in contact but for the time-being I am going to stay here until my current contract runs out."

Then I would not blame him in the next couple of days signing a new contract but the way it happened seems all wrong. I would have rather him said that I outplayed my current deal and I want more money. He would seem like a mercenary but I could respect that more than throwing his players under the bus.

How can he command respect in his locker room when he basically says that the current United players are shit? Because that is what he said without calling them shit. Wazza feels that City and Chelsea have better quality players than United in "his opinion" so if I was a player in that locker room I would not trust anything that Rooney has to say until he re-proves his loyalty.

I don't mind him staying a United player and I hope all the best to him but for those who come after. Just say you want the money...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fergie vs Rooney

Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson are in a certain dilemma right now. Alex confirmed tonight that Rooney is not going to sign an extension and could potentially leave as early as the end of the season due to a FIFA loophole saying that he can buy out the last year of his contract only for 5 mil.

Am I surprised?
Not really, the current history tells you that most of the stars that leave Manchester United leave with some sort of discontent for Sir Alex during the end of the runs at Old Trafford. The exceptions to the rule are Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs (I'm not going to put Gary Neville on this list.). What is exactly happening here to have players like Ince, Stam, Keane, van Nistlerooy, Tevez, CR7, Beckham, and possibly Rooney to leave?

In every case there has been some sort of disagree between player and manager that Alex often is the one that takes offense of and it ends up being that the player leaves the club. My opinion Sir Alex wants people that listen to everything he says and don't question his authority. Think about the two players that lasted the longest. They have taken less workloads by playing every other game (if there are Champions League midweek games involved). Giggs has taken a more central role for the club. Scholes retired from the English national team to focus on club football. Do you think that Fergie didn't have any involvement in his decision?

These players feel some sort of invincibility. They think that once I leave the club will crumble. However these players have left within the 15 years and there is still one constant, the manager. He can scout for the next Jaap Stam (Vidic) or Cristiano Ronaldo (Nani) and possibly a Rooney (Hernandez, you thought I was going to say Bebe didn't you). Players will always want to play for Manchester United and if that is the case they won't falter any unless they miss the Champions League.

The Rooney Situation
Let's discuss Rooney's situation, the Red Devils will say that this has something to do with money. Rooney's discontent could be because he wasn't consulted about why he was taken out of key games. If there was any discussion between him and the managing staff about them wanting to protect their player, he still wouldn't be too happy but he would understand what is going on.

When Rooney hears from the media that he is injured especially when he wants to play every game he can, of course he is going to feel some sort of anger. "Supporters" or "fans" of Manchester United say that Rooney isn't loyal to the cause. I think he was loyal to it until about a month or two ago when he begun to miss key games in the beginning of the season. The club didn't show their faith to one of their important players. Remember he was never an early season goal-scorer, he would produce when they needed it the most. However when he isn't in the game, then how is he suppose to produce?

I am a professed Sir Alex hater plus I am a footballer myself so I will always take the players side unless they are found out that they are wrong beyond doubt. I will take Rooney's side because at least in a couple performances especially the Switzerland match for England, he played well and scored a goal. Then in his next match with Manchester United, he was left out of the line-up to be protected from the abuse he would receive at Goodison Park against Everton, his former club. A player cannot get his top form back if he is playing sporadically.

Then again, he might have had an ankle injury. If he did then why did Wayne play against Montenegro and claimed that he wasn't injured at all. Obviously we aren't being told the whole story about this saga. However it looks like it has the same end as the rest of those disgruntled superstars. He won't be wearing the Red Devils patch next year.

The difference in this situation than the others (except for CR7) is that the other players were going to the other side of their careers. Rooney is only 25 years of age and he hasn't hit the prime of his career. If Fergie allows him to leave for cheap and more than likely for another English club, it will probably be the mistake that buries his career. I don't think he wants to be the manager that let one of the best English players in this generation go to another English club.

What will happen?
Only time will tell, I think he will last the season but Ferguson is angry about another superstar thinking he is bigger than the team. So he will most likely leave and where he goes will depend on how personal the rest of this year gets. If the relationship deteriorates more, do not be surprised if he goes across town to Manchester City as a replacement for Tevez who doesn't like the way he is being used by Mancini. Rooney won't be as frustrated with the lone striker role as Tevez because he has worked that role many times at United and he is at his best when he makes something out of nothing.

This could still end well for United fans, they aren't even half-way done with the season yet and they are in all competitions right now. So Rooney will be needed in this clutch run. What they don't need is supporters whistling him because it will cutting their noses to spite their face. The season will end disastrously if they do so.

I say that Rooney is more than likely leaving but my predictions often bite me in the backside. There is a long time between now and June for him to make his final decision and he could have a change of heart. We will see soon...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello World *Wave*

Hello World,

I just wanted to update everyone on my life. I've been working like a dog lately Basically working 36 to 40 hour weeks instead of my 28 to 30 hours. Which I won't complain too much because it is going to be more money in my pocket. Plus the longer hours will make sure that I get money for the mileage expenses. So my next expenses check (whenever that will be) will be pretty big.

After three months in the job it has gotten easier and easier. I am doing more things with ease and not making the mistakes that I made earlier on. And helping some of our new couriers with training, I am feeling important hehehe.

It was one of my boys birthday yesterday. I got back from home at around 8pm to help him celebrate. It was tight we had a good time. Poppin bottles and watching the hood-rats dance away at the library. As you can tell it was "Hoodrat Saturday" as we proclaimed it because the hood rats were out at full force. We didn't care because we had our own special section that we enjoyed ourselves with. We had to leave because for 1) we ran out of champagne and 2) Hoodrats were fighting among each other lol.

Other than that, nothing else is happening. Needed to go to Greenville for a little bit on Friday and Saturday. Saw some friends that I haven't seen in a long while. It was nice and I got to go on my first tailgating experience. First off, we started at 9am and we begun to drink real early in the morning. Yeah, it was crazy stuff going on. People are mighty bold while tailgating amongst each other. A State fan started talking shit to a whole bunch of Pirate fans. I know that almost every time I use to go out in Greenville, there is always a fight so you can think if an outside comes in your territory and talks shit, what do you think is going to happen? Well that dude got his ass whooped. It wasn't pretty at all. I gotta say that he deserved what was coming.

"You cannot go to a club and tell everybody f*ck everybody in the club and just walk out the club, Alright try it, 'F*CK EVERYBODY IN THE CLUB.' wait for it wait for it *gets knocked out.* I tried to tell you."
- Katt Williams

That is it from me. I am going to try to do more posting and hoping that my ADD doesn't get the best of me while I am doing it. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy every day that you have. Try not to let things get the best of you, you are stronger than that...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stress Kills, So Don't Do It.

Days go by and weeks go by. People stress out over the little things and don't think everything is going to get better. People say that they can't handle everything that is going on in their lives. I must admit I use to think the same way. Say everything is horrible in my life and I need to change. However I don't need to change more likely I need to adapt to the surroundings. Whenever I feel like I put myself in some sort of "trouble" I try to work hard to make sure that I can get out of it.

I treat every day the same. I work, I eat and I play. I don't know what else is going to happen. I try to keep myself out of nonsense. Hopefully I don't get into any real trouble that causes my life to change route completely. However getting bent out of shape over the little stuff isn't worth the trouble, the stress, and the quality of life that you want for yourself.

I am thinking of a plan. My head keeps on running until I am content with how my life is going. Right now, I am in the inbetween stage. I have a job that isn't too bad but I know it isn't a long-term fix. But I am not going to kill myself over not getting something full-time work, I know that I can find something so I am going to keep looking until I find the right thing.

I've stressed myself out of sort during the first part of this year. I really want to do over that part of the year because I was beginning to enjoy football again and loving playing for my team in New Zealand but things that were partially out of my control (my expiring visa) put me in all kinds of mess and no money to support myself. So I left, I don't regret leaving but I do wish that I could have ended the season with the team.

Now I am happy. I got good friends, an okay job (for now) and I cannot complain about anything. However I want improvement to my life. I don't need to be a millionaire but I would like to be more comfortable with my life situation because I know everything is still influx. The plan is still up in the air. All I know is that I am not going to try to stress myself out to the max then I wouldn't make it to the next day....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thinking wit the earphones

I've been on my R&B tip lately. And normally I would do this nonsense on facebook but i guess I should just put my thoughts in song for the time being. Oh well what is going to hurt anything right?

"Oh, oh, girl cut off the TV
Oh, oh, get the room ready for me
Pull the shades down
Turn the lights low (lights low)
I'ma get the oil and the towel (towel)
I'm so close (so close)
Almost (almost)
About to turn the corner
Down on Burrough (Burrough)
Whoa, fact I'm in the driveway now"

"It's going down
I want your body in my arms right now"

"Like the first fall of snow
Rainy days with you to hold
Bare feet on the beach
Skinny dippin you and me
Don't matter if it's cold
I got you to keep me warm
You make me feel just like a child
I just wanna make you smile"

"We're just sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the past go by
With the resilen under your skirt
Give you my jacket and hold you close ooohh"

"Just curled her hair though she know that I'ma mess it up
But she don't care 'cause she been wantin' me to sex her up
And when we finished, she can pin it up"

"For the sake of our love
I'll promise I'm a be willing
Go extra just to show you I'm willing
For the sake of our love
I need to know that you care 'bout us
So baby tell me that you willing, to do the same
I just wanna be sure that we both want the same love
Cause there is nothing I won't do for the sake of love, our love"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Masch, Barca too much for ya?

It makes me smile to see someone who quits on their team get on another team and prove to be a liability with that club. I am talking about Javier Mascherano who forced himself out of Liverpool where he was one of their better players now he is in Barcelona and is struggling to adapt to their style of play.

Newspapers in Spain are already calling for Pep Guardiola to recall Sergio Busquets in the place of Masch. It might take some time to adapt to a new League and a team who is known for their passing skills. However I won't give Mascherano a pass this time. The way he left Liverpool even had me feeling dirty and I am not even a Liverpool fan.

Barca should have known what they were getting with this player. He is in term a holding midfielder but he isn't the greatest in holding the ball up. He tackles, bull-rushes, and hardly strays forward. The way Barca apply pressure on teams he isn't needed to begin with. They are usually able to win the ball early and begin their attack through Messi and David Villa. Masch usually wins possession away from his opponents (it isn't a bad thing) Barcelona have 11 magicians on the pitch and Mascherano is no magician. Busquets was quite adequate in his play. He can pass, tackle, and if needs to get forward he can do that too

Maybe Mascherano will get his act together and show what he is worth or maybe he will get dumped at the end of this season. Then he could have his reunion with Rafa Benitez in Inter Milan that he wanted for a while. In my opinion, I hope he continues to ride pine for Barca and watch them play the beautiful game on the sidelines.

What I can learn

I never knew that I could learn much of anything from my blog. I just try to ramble from the top of my dome and just make fun of whomever. People, things, even myself are in the firing line of the "ghostwriter". Looking back at recent postings, I think that there is much to learn from some of them at least. Well the most recent one probably should tell you that you shouldn't be dumb enough to drink and drive.

Another one warns people against Windows 7. I've gotten a couple of letters from Bill Gates telling me not to talk about my problems with the system anymore. (I kid).

Then I read all the personal posting that I've written at this time. I am learning to understand myself better. I would think by now that I would be able to understand myself but re-reading the postings that I have written about myself, I have seen a bit of growth from being insecure to being more sure of myself even though much of the outside world hasn't change.

Overall I do write my blogs for the entertainment of others. Whether they are making fun of people, talking about my favorite subjects, or plain making fun of myself, I enjoy having someone reading my blog and saying, "Wow, that makes sense to me" or "This guy has problems." Either or I still love it...

Just Plain Stupid

When the organization offers people to drive you if you are in fact intoxicated, if you were actually a smart human being then you would take it right. Apparently we have have some half-tards on the New York Jets who didn't get the point. If you don't watch ESPN (which I do religiously) then you probably wouldn't know that Braylon Edwards was charged for DWI on early Tuesday morning. His blood alcohol level was about at a 1.6.

First question is: 1) What are you doing drinking that much on a Monday night when you have practice the next day?

2) What are you doing drinking on a Monday night anyways, who does that?

This man has been use to making these mistakes. He got in trouble with his old organization, the Cleveland Browns and he got into a fight at a club with one of LeBron's people. Now he is driving drunk around the streets of NYC.

I don't understand these pro athletes. Maybe they want to be cheap and not spend money but if I had that much money and I would want to go out on the town on a particular night, I would mostly definitely hire a driver or just pay the taxi fare. I mean what is about $50 to $100 dollars to a player? I understand you got to pop bottles (where's Yung Joc at) but someone needs to understand that driving their car isn't right idea.

There were two other Jet players in the Range Rover with him and they were both lineman. I think that one of them could have taken Braylon's keys and told him that we are taking a cab home. "Whatcha doin, where you going, Whatcha doin where you going."- Kevin Hart

I don't chalk this up to a character flaw because NFL players should know better than think that they are above the law. However here is the thing that these players don't understand (even though I am sure they are told this over and over) that they are more targeted than the average person.

Than again, I will just say that he is plain stupid and the mistakes he makes won't end here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This makes a bit more sense. Yeah?

The last blog post didn't make much sense (much sense at all actually). Those have been my thoughts lately. They have been shifting from back to forth. Trying to piece together why some people like me and enjoy being my friends and others act like they do but don't.

I want to make everything out to be okay. And think of everything in the upside, however when someone spends countless hours putting files in boxes and calculating number after number, then going home to drown myself in tv, music, internet, and social networking to see how other people's lives are doing because they seem more interesting than me.

I am self-conscious and self-aware of everything in my surroundings. People think that I don't get the hint. However I do get the hint, I get the hint that some people don't want to talk to me, that is perfectly fine. I just like messing with people and for that split second have a thought whether it is a bad one or not. "Gah, why doesn't he go away?" Here is an idea.. Why don't you delete me? That is a much better idea then asking the other question.

It's cool, we all live in this bubble that think that we belong to something in this world and we do. Some of us are cool, hip, get along with everyone, life of the party and are great people. Others are emo kids, who pierce their ears, wear glasses even though they don't need them, balls-tight jeans, and listen to rock. And then there is me. That is right I have my own class because no one can define me as anything, people have their own definitions but only a few privileged know me and more than likely no one will have that conversation about me because I am just a fly on the wall, enjoying my life the only way I know how...

Bunch of Run-On Sentences. How I like it

Not depressed or the least bit sad.
Not angry at anyone for ignoring me
Not mad when people make fun of me
Not going to change the way I act for people
Not carefully planning anything

I am just being me. Keeping with the status quo. I've been walk better in the shadows rather than in the spotlight. I work hard to just keep myself as grounded as I possibly can. People can tell me to change and act differently but that isn't me. I've tried that whole nonsense and it doesn't work for me and it angers me more than it should.

Conscious. Carefree. Calm.

Being forceful doesn't work. You can't force anyone to accept you. People will like or dislike you whether you act one way or the other. So if you can't accept me for who I am. *Shrug* Sorry, this person isn't going away. You can just ignore me like the rest and get on with your business because from what I've learned, people will have a set opinion when they first meet you anyways. If others look the other way, then it doesn't make sense to waste anyone's time.

I felt like just typing because I wanted to. Thoughts have been in a minimum, I have been drowning myself with music and work. I have learned that if you keep on reaching out with an open hand and no one reaches back then they don't want to be helped. Or maybe they don't want to be helped out by you, if that is the case, please don't broadcast over the internet. People that actually want to help (me) are trying and you just leave me hanging. People like that just make me colder and colder inside. So you can blame them.

I am going back into the shadows. This post wasn't meant to make sense. It was a bunch a babble that I felt like spilling. I won't link it or anything, I am just going to cruise. Not going to say holla at me later because why should I expect that from you...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My War Against Windows 7

Before I take a shower and head to work, I have to fire a warning shot against my current Operating System, Windows 7. If you have read many other post of mine (from a couple of years ago), I am use to starting imaginary wars against people and things that I feel warrant it. Now here's another one.

I don't know what you are thinking about W7. I mean I thought you were suppose to be this cool and hip new OS that would definitely replace Windows Vista. I know Vista had its problems with people. Mostly those that run businesses and do many other things that Vista is suppose to happen. However I haven't had a problem where as a Windows Update causes my whole computer to go hay-wire. This has been done numerous times already and I didn't know what the cause of it except for the common factor of me downloading "Security for Windows 7" that causes my files to get infected.

This is the third time that it is happened and I fear sooner or later I am going to lose everything from my computer so I am going to decide that I will fire my first shot at you guys before you get any unsuspecting others who think they've done something wrong. No, you haven't (well maybe some of you have), it is just your PC.

"Hey, I am a PC. And Windows 7 was my idea." Alright if it is your idea then don't mind when I come over your house with a baseball bat and try to hit a home run with your head...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James Milner Doesn't Fit In

(Digging for Gold, Aye? Don't worry Man City will give you enough cash)
The England international is a talented player and I can't blame anyone for wanting to buy this player however I looked at Manchester City's lineup on Saturday and thought about any other places that he could be place and I just do not see him getting many games. The midfield and forward line is all but crowded. The only way you could play him is if you play a 4-5-1 and Milner in a wide-role or an attacking midfield role. Who are you going to take out?

Okay if you decide to play him centrally. Then you'll have to take out either Yaya Toure or Nigel De Jong because they do the exact same thing. Or if you wanted to keep both of the field, you'd have to slot Gareth Barry in the left back role. He could do that in emergency circumstances but I doubt that he would love to make that a permanent role.

Milner could be a creative force that is needed in that central midfield spot. When you have hard workers as Toure and De Jong, you'll need that player who can express their creativity. I think on that part Milner could potentially be better than Barry. But you can't have all four in the midfield. I mean you could but if you played that midfield in a 4-4-2 formation I highly doubt that it would work. There needs to be some creativity down the middle.

Plus, if you would play a 4-4-2 then you would leave one of the following out of the lineup. David Silva, Adam Johnson, Shawn Wright-Phillips, Mario Balotelli, or Emanuel Adebayor, and I forgot Robinho. As a manager, you cannot leave that kind of talent on the bench especially when it comes to flair and creativity. Two or three of these guys (with Tevez) could lead Manchester City to the Premier League title. I don't think Milner could do that for you. He is a decent player but I don't think he'll make a splash. He just be one of the squad players in my opinion and within a year, he'll be asking to go to Manchester United or Arsenal (where he could actually be used).

And like I said in the post before in order to have success, you have to be able to maintain the egos in your club. You have to coddle to some of their needs. I don't know about Milner's but some of the players above (Balotelli, Ade, and Robinho) will need that coddling and that'll cost Milner some game-time. Love it or hate it, it's still how this game works.

You cannot play him out-wide in a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-3 for those players above. The only player he might be better than is SWP if anyone on that list but I wouldn't trade a David Silva, Adam Johnson, or Mario Balotelli for him. I think I would take my chances on them. So where does that leave him? Pretty much out to dry. Of course he'll get his chances to show his worth and I don't mind if he proves me wrong because I am not blaming him for making his decision, I am more on the head-scratching side of why Manchester City decided that they needed this player. I think they were perfectly fine after getting the likes of Yaya Toure, Jerome Boateng, and David Silva. Any other team would love that type of summer transfer season but not Manchester City. They want to creative their own FIFA 11 soccer team that could potentially alienate players on the team and no team needs that in the rough and tough Premier League...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All He Needs is a Father

It is official. "Super" Mario Balotelli has taken his talents to Eastlands and joined the big-spending Manchester City club. Everyone has taken their shots at the young man. He has been a thorn to almost everyone's side ever since he came into the senior side for Inter Milan. However are these shots taken at the 20 year old unwarranted? We know of his antics but let me ask you something, was he this bad while he was with his current manager Roberto Mancini at Inter? I don't know maybe you can shed some light on that.

I think that this kid needs to be loved by others. While he was with the Special One, the Special One takes an impersonal approach towards his players. If you aren't performing to his level, he will sit you immediately. You won't get many chances and he will also try to "inspire" players by calling out players in the media.

Young players usually take two approaches to this:

1) Let this humble you and realize that you need to do the work in order to get the results.


2) If the young player is brass enough, he'll shut down on his manager and his team when he feels like he's been done wrong. And start spouting off to media himself.

We can guess what approach Balotelli took to this.

Mario Balotelli needs a fatherly hand on his shoulder. Jose Mourinho didn't give that to him. He berated him and berated him until Balotelli ignored him altogether like that little kid who ignores his parents for a couple of days expecting them to coddle him and say that everything is going to be alright and he's special. When Balo didn't get that from Jose and his "brothers' were ignoring Balo too, Super Mario decided to throw his toys on the ground and said that he didn't want to play with them anymore. It isn't right and he could have done everything different but you remember as a kid trying to get your parent's attention by doing bad things and when the parents ignored him, you just kept on doing bad things until either you realized you're in the wrong or you get yourself in serious trouble. Or that daughter who wants attention from their parents and then end up being a stripper.

For obvious reasons, that boy doesn't need to be a stripper but he does need a fresh start and a "father" who would truly understand him and will coddle to the needs of the young prodigy.

I believe that Roberto Mancini is the right manager for him because he knows the kid and has grown up with him. So he knows the right buttons to push, he can berate him in one instance but tell him that he loves him and he's done a good job. That is what Balotelli needs, he needs a balance that he hasn't had in a long time. Of course people need constructive criticism but when they've done well, they need to be told they've done well.

It seems soft I know but you have to coddle egotistical emotions because they are humans and they need to feel the love like everyone else. Balotelli throughout all his stupid decisions is one of the most talented youngsters out there. He can reach that potential to be one of the greats but he needs that father figure that will put him in check but at the same time see his worth...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Last Couple of Weeks

Had our first adult league game yesterday. It was quite interesting to say the least. I can't help but say that I kind of missed the Three Kings atmosphere. Back in NZ, even though some did trash talk, it was always in good nature. Also when tackles were made there, you had a good idea which was a rash tackle and which was a good clean tackle that might have just been mis-timed you know. Plus I hate the constant complaining, everyone has an excuse for anything. Just play the game, I love this game too much to complain about the little shit.

Well anyways, for me not playing a 11-aside game for the first time in forever, it was okay. I tried to avoid making desperate tackles of any kind. I'd rather wanted to just intercept and distribute. Plus, I wanted to make an attempt at putting myself in the perfect position so I didn't have to run as much as I usually do. I am pretty fit and lasted the 90 minutes but you know that you still would want to decrease your running if you could. We won the game 5-2. A very comfortable win, I really wanted to make runs but everyone else was making runs that I was left 3 v1 in the back by myself. Sweet right hahaha. Other than that the game was good to me. Sloppy with my clearances at times but other than that, it was a good shift of footy.

Nothing else to note of from me. I've been working and hanging out with my people. I am not going to talk about any type of work drama because there isn't any and I don't think I can for-see any. I just try to get on with my business without trying to cause problems. It makes the days go by faster instead of looking at the clock wondering when I am going to be off. It is tedious but I am getting use to it one day at a time.

Not going into the personal realm with this posting because it is just about the daily goings of my life. I am definitely not complaining things going on (I don't know how many times I've said that already). I do a lot of complaining about not finding any suitable ladies but I know that life is good enough as is and I'll find someone in time. Okay I said that I am not going to say too much and I am doing it right now. So I might as well stop before I really get started...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still a Supporter

My loyalty to the Spanish Side Valencia CF has been tested in the last couple of years. With first not being able to pay their players on time, them getting into debt due to a proposed new Stadium being built and obvious the constant speculations of David Villa and David Silva leaving the side for greener pastures.

The day that I haven't been looking forward to has happened. Villa went to Barcelona and David Silva took his talents to Manchester. I told myself time after time that I would revoke my supporters card (I don't really have one) but I think that I am going to stand pat on this one. We obviously haven't bought the players with the same caliber as Villa and Silva but we have some experienced players on our side with the addition of a few talented up-comers that will make for an interesting season.

We still have Mata, Pablo, and Ever Banega among others. Also signings of Roberto Soldado, Tino Costa, Sofiane Feghouli, and Mehmet Topal to at least fill in some of the gaps that were lost. I am intrigue with these group of players and how they will adapt to each others styles of play

I have faith in all these players and I believe that our side will be very good over time. Now I don't think we are Spanish La Liga Champions. Barcelona and Real Madrid are a far ways away from us at this point in time but I am sure we are going to shock some people. I can't wait for the Champions League, especially with us not having to go through the preliminary stages. We will give every team everything we've got.

A year ago, I would have probably given up on Unai Emery's side and said, I am going to jump on one of these bandwagons but whatever happens this year, I am going to stand by this team in their endeavors. I cannot wait for this season to start. It is Christmas all over again.

Hopefully my words don't bite the team in their asses....

A lil Exercise of free-write

I usually have some motivating force for my blogs. Like what I am feeling at the time or what is going on in the world. For one, I am not having much of a feeling for anything at this point in time. I'm not depressed nor happy. I'm pretty neutral at this point in time. Plus I always get shit from these fools saying, "Wah, why you say what you feel? You are suppose to be harder than that." Often these people are alone and more insecure with their lives than I am.

Also I don't really feel like talking about what's going on in the world because:

a) I am not a political blogger so there ain't no need for me to talk about an oil spill or anything like that.

b) I don't think anyone's much interested in me talking about soccer all the time. I know a wee little bit but I doubt that many people want to hear my views

(Although, it is laughable that I have many people read my blog anyways)

So I continue to tread through this wave of life. There could be potential avenues that I could explore but then again I have to motivate myself to do the things that I want to do. I can do that though. I like the feeling of setting my mind on something and actually getting it done. It is probably one of the most satisfying things ever.

When I say that I want to make it through life, I am not saying that I want to just scrap through with the bare minimum. I say it because I want to enjoy life with the people that I love whether they are far or away. I've read about those who are the most successful (money-wise) and they aren't happy at all leading them to commit suicide or other random depressing acts. I'd rather not be in that category. You see I have a pretty good group of friends around me. So I shouldn't worry about that aspect of my life now just being happy about what I am doing, that is what I should accomplish with the remaining part of my time here.

I always complain about why I don't have more friends but I'm beginning to slowly realize that I don't need more. I want those people that I'd rather get to know better to hear me all and when it doesn't happen I often get irritated and think about what I've done wrong. However some people don't want to have anything to do with it. They have their group and they'll be stubborn in their ways and I should respect their feelings and actions. I'll get down the art of ignoring those that want to be ignored and I'll take the hint sooner or later.

So whenever my time is up on this world, whether it is 50 to 75 years from nor or it is tomorrow. I am going to keep the smile on my face, enjoy the company of friends and family, and I'm going to live one day at a time...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forgive Me

I have run out of thoughts. I usually just work and head back home and do nothing. Okay, I might get out on the pitch for a few hours but other than that the brain has been just completely void of thought.

Hopefully while I am in work or lounging around the house, I can get some complete thoughts instead of going half-way in my blog posting. You don't know how many drafts I have now because I couldn't complete the post so I would just abandon the posting altogether.

So right now, If I go on a two or three week break without anything. I am just putting pen to pad on my thoughts and will hopefully get some decent material together because I am going to admit my last couple of posting has been poor at best. At the same time, I might be able to round something up by Friday or something. You never know, but hopefully my brain doesn't turn into that. That would definitely suck...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am not 19

Do I really look like I am 20? Am I really going to look like 19 or 20 for the rest of my life? I mean yeah I kind of have to keep my face clean due to my line of work dealing with lawyers and their paralegals all day. (I do not complain about my job) However I would love to not shave my scrubby beard and see how old I would look then.

I'd probably would just be a 19 year old who is trying to grow some hair on his face. "Isn't that cute" I mean most of us do not want to grow up, we'd like to stay the young for as long as we can. Well since I can't change the hands of time, I would like to just be my age and gain more experience through growing older. I don't have a preference as of now what I would like to do with my life but I am sure to find something that suits me just fine.

This cashier was messing with my ID to see if it was real or not. I am just looking at him and being like: "come on, I know you are trying to use standard procedure but do I really look too young to get an beer? Either let me go and buy what I need to or give me my ID back because I am not suppose to drive without it." I guess he has had trouble in the past and just wants to make sure. That is what it sounded like he said, I could not understand a word that man was saying.

Another thing about people saying that I am younger than I really am is that it is mostly people that are younger than me telling me this. I am like, "I can be your elementary school teacher." It is whatever though, when a 24 year old woman is thinking that she can take advantage of a "20 year old boy" she ain't going to realize that I am 24 til it's too late. Ha! I've played that scenario in my head. It hasn't happened yet but it is always nice to have a mental picture.

Why don't I want to be younger than I am? I don't want to think about the times that I was 19 and 20. And think about what I should have or could have changed to maybe make my life different to what it is now. It is over and I shouldn't be reminiscing over times that are long gone and very forgettable. I continue to try to look forward and forget the mistakes I have made during those times. Obviously not trying to make the same ones but at the same time, it is a time that I don't really want to bring up again in my head. I rather worry about what is going to happen to me when I am 27, 28, or 29 rather than what happened when I was 18, 19, or 20. I think I am done with those late teen times and maybe when I get older I would want them back, but right now I think I am comfortable being 24 thank you...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home is where the Heart Is.

It seems that Ronaldinho seems to be heading home. He has verbally accepted a contract offer from Flamengo. And even if AC Milan cannot agree to terms in the summer, he can leave in the winter for free. It's only been a couple of years ago when he was the best player of the planet.

Even though he has gotten his game back on track, he is intent on heading back home to the Sunny Skies of Brazil. I cannot blame him too much. He has done everything there is to do in the game. It is obvious that he just wants to live out the rest of his career at home and if so good on him.

Many critics often say that you have to be in Europe to succeed and make mega-bucks. He's done that and more during his time in France, Spain, and Italy. It will be a pretty good close out to his career to end it at his home. And just enjoy the life he wants to live. He loves the game, but he also likes to party, and have a good time which we shouldn't blame him too much for. Yes, you can call it unprofessional as a footballer but it isn't like he's gotten into any trouble over it. It will be a good closer to a fabulous career.

We do know that every where he goes, Ronaldinho does know how to throw a party...

New Design for Now

I know you are use to the old design that I've had for going on three years. I had to change it up a bit finally. Obviously I wish I could master the art of making an unique template for my blog. However this will have to do for now.

I don't mind this type of setting. It feels quite brighter than my other one. Maybe some brighter posting will be in the works also.

Who am I kidding. I am just going to say what is on my mind like I usually do.

Those Darn Dog Days

I was watching the Home Run Derby (well not really, you could call laying down on the couch while staring at your computer actually watching) and of course I reflect on the passing of the World Cup, NBA Finals, and Free Agency. Now there is just nothing that I have the desire to watch. When I watch First Take, they reach to find someone dressing in a hot dog suit or somebody breaking the world record for snot coming out of his nose.

No offense to MLS but I can't gather up the strength to watch that either. Most of the time the ball is in the air and other times players are clattering in to each other. It isn't desirable, even though I do pick the times to watch Michael Harrington and Corey Ashe play because they are my boys and I've played with them and respect their abilities at least. Other than that, you cannot get me to watch New England Revolution take on Toronto FC. No thanks, I'd rather cut myself.

And there is no way you can get me to watch Baseball, so I am not even going to try and give a reason why I would even give it a chance.

Summer is a time where it's possible to be outside all day and forget that television even exists. So maybe what summer is telling me (and I'm finally listening) is that I should turn the TV off, go outside and seize the day...

Friday, July 9, 2010

So You want to Switch Teams huh? Well Go Ahead!

Well while I was dealing with a crazy girl on the fourth of July weekend (literally she probably was crazy) she said two things that resonated with me. 1) She said that she wanted to switch teams which if I could really react to that, I would have been like, "could you play on both teams?" and 2) she kept on complaining why guys are a$$holes

That is the one that irritated me the most and I knew that I didn't have an answer to that one because I don't feel as if I'm an asshole. Many women complain about not finding good men and they say that there aren't any out there. (Totally not speaking for myself now)

They are out there. You might have to look for them instead of expecting them to fall in your lap. Sometimes it does fall in your lap but most of the time maybe you will have to do some searching and you might not have to go to eharmony or or none of that crap.

Guess what, if you keep on hooking up and hanging out with "a$$holes" then the problem might not be them. It might just be you. Maybe a little bit. yeah? Don't give me that confidence bullshit because it is straight up bull. I've seen girls go up to guys and talk to them instead of them waiting for the guys.

Obviously none of this is an exact science and no I am not a believe of there is someone for everyone. However anyone can find someone I do know that, but it isn't a certainty. If they do then great, if they don't, please don't go crazy because I won't go crazy if I don't find anyone. I'll just live my life and laugh at all the miserable couples because you are all miserable or at least will be looking miserable in about 3 years (okay I'll be nice and give you 5 but I doubt that)

So for that girl that I talked to and she wanted to switch teams: I'm not going to hold a free agency summit for her. She can do what she wants. I am not going to pressure anybody into anything but I got one question. Could I watch?

I'm just kidding calm down people. Well about the last question. Everything else is real...

P.S.: I had this picture in mind to go with this "switch teams" but I think my parents and others might see this post so I kinda want to leave the pic out but it was a good one tho. Ha Ha!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Umm Pause???

Wayne Rooney out on a jetski but obviously it is a pink one. Him and his family are on vacation in Barbados enjoying the sun and being much more of a role-model than Ashley Cole who was seen smoking and hawking down groupies who would flash him at any moment (Ashley Cole, professional athlete: Is it any wonder our World Cup Campaign went up in smoke?). So good on Wayne for spending time with the fam. Just man that jetski up a little bit.

Calvin's Got a Job!

My name isn't Calvin or anything but yes I do have a job finally. I started working at a law firm as a service tech. Today was my second day. It isn't too difficult or anything, well at least from what I've seen. It'll definitely be a transition from my normal life of sleeping til 11am, eating, and then go back to sleep for a few. I need the busyness in my life. Waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier than I usually do. As of now I am only working from 9 to 1 but I am in training to take over my roommate's job.

So, what is this saying about my footy future. It doesn't say too much. Obviously this season is lost. However I am not going to say never to this footy thing. I feel like I have 8 to 9 more solid years left in me. I know that I can't keep on jumping from here to there but I think I needed to get out of New Zealand while I could, because I didn't have the money and I didn't want to sit around and do nothing to help me get a job when I get back. I enjoyed it and if I had my preference, I would have liked to stay albeit having a job but it was something I needed to do. It'll be nice to have solid job experience while I can and if a team from here or abroad comes calling then I hope to be ready. I've started running a couple of days ago and I hope to get back into some great fitness. I had fun while I could but now it's time to get back to work. Literally...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snapping Back into Reality

Lately, I have been having the strong urge to fill you guys in on my personal thoughts. Like why I haven't found someone special or feel like I have enough friends. However I tell myself: "No, These people do not need to know anything" I do have enough time in the day to let my mind just wander and think about what could have been and where I could have been. But I can tell you guys these things because hey, some people might feel the same way right?

The reality of things are that everything is harder than it seems, well maybe except for playing soccer or video games. Being as observant as I am, most people I know do not have much trouble doing anything. Being able to do anything they want, going on trips, finding almost any lady they can have, and just plain getting what they want. No jealously (well a little bit, I can't lie) but sometimes one has to make their own luck to get everything they wish for. I might have to work very very hard for luck to come my way. It isn't as if others don't but maybe I am not smart enough to have everything come to me.

I have always wanted the asshole gene. Sometimes I am too nice even if I am treated like shit. I want to just have that gene that just don't worry about those people instead of bringing them back in. I think that maybe they wouldn't be my friend if I ignored them so I say, "sorry" and let them hang out with me. I don't know what exactly can I do. Should I risk having no friends and being true to myself and not being gullible to those around me? or should I just do the same thing I've been doing and risk being hurt? The decision might be made for me. I might just have a moment where I might just snap and start just worrying about myself no matter how things work out.

My fantasy world is done and dusted. Just cause I think people like me, it doesn't mean that it is true. Snap back into Reality Dre, It's hard to trust many people these days...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The State of African Football

I was actually thinking about this post for a while. Especially after seeing Nigeria and Cameroon basically bowing out in the first round. And Ghana, more than likely, being the only African representative left in this tournament. However there were a couple of respectable managers who beat me to the punch of why African Football is so close but yet so far.

When there are players like Michael Essien, Didier Drogba, and Samuel Eto'o, you wonder why exactly has there not been an African team who hasn't won the World Cup. Roger Milla from Cameroon was one of the first in 1990 to break through and make it to the Quarterfinals, but other than that and Senegal and in 2002, no team has broken through and made it into the Semifinals or Finals. Even an South Korea, from Asia, has made an semifinals. You have to think why haven't these talented players have yet to make it until the pinnacle of World soccer

Well there is hardly any stability in the African game. I watched ESPN's coverage of the World Cup and Ruud Gullit made a great point in saying that many of the African teams have a manager who have been with the team for only three months except for the Algerian team. And that isn't enough time to establish your values and tactics on a team. Cameroon and Ivory Coast are made examples. Paul Le Guen and Sven Goran Erikson didn't have a chance because these players have been use to a certain manager but then when they come into this situation and try to install their system, the players can't get use to it like that. And then the managers turn it like this: "okay, they aren't going to win anyways, let's collect the paycheck and go on with our business" And that is exactly what's happening right now. Most of these teams aren't going to make it out of the first round and the coaches are leaving out top players because they don't "fit their system"

The important thing that is keeping African football back is their discipline. How many times have u seen from an African keeper bad goalkeeping? Or a rash tackle that shouldn't be made? Or opportunities that they should have put away but they did not? Ghana isn't much organized and discipline as the other teams, they just benefited from the other teams mistakes. (They have only scored two goals this World Cup and both have been PKs) You can see the skill from these players, they know how to play football. However they still make those mistakes that makes you scratch their heads and the goalkeepers are basically amateur goalies trying to impersonate pros. Until all these players receive the right training, they will still continue to falter when you think they should be better.

I don't think that the continent of Africa needs to do a lot of work. All they need to do is stick with a manager no matter if it is good or bad. Tweak the way they are learning these kids how to play football so they can be the best possible footballers they can be. And just relax and play football bc they do know how to play the game, it's just a matter if they can play it effectively...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Go boys!!!!

For once, millions and millions around this country will be watching this game at pubs, in their houses, or at work. And if work won't let you watch the game, then they will be receiving text messages or constant updates.

We still probably won't be a soccer nation but we don't want this love affair to end just yet, especially with our come from behind tie (should have been a victory) against Slovenia. Even people who I know don't support soccer are finding places to watch the game. You would have not found such energy in 2006 or even in 2002 when we made it to the Quarterfinals.

We face Algeria in just under two hours. We need all of the support we can get. Hopefully Bob Bradley doesn't get the tactics wrong nor do we under-estimate our opponents. Algeria will be a decent team and if you can hold England to a nil-nil draw then you are doing well for yourself.

So everyone get your National Team jerseys/ shirts, paint yourself red/white/and blue, get your chants ready, and hopefully be ready to enjoy the next two hours because whether you think so or not. The boys need every single one of us more now than ever...

Monday, June 21, 2010

The FFF has got this all wrong

(The bold is the added part of this original piece and probably the biggest reason why everything in France has went to shit)

If you have been living under a rock and not paying any attention to what is going on in the World Cup, you would know that the French national team is on the brink of anarchy (if it hasn't hit that point yet).

They've tied and lost their first two games between Uruguay and Mexico respectively. And they haven't even had a sniff on goal. With that Nicolas Anelka was axed from the side because of a tirade between him and their outgoing manager Raymond Domenech.

Yesterday, the team refused to train because of the decision to send Anelka home which caused Technical Directors to quit and fitness trainers to question the French players committment. Along with other in-fighting like William Gallas being jealous of Patrice Evra being captain. Franck Ribery and Yoann Gourcuff going at it in an airplane. And leading players not passing the ball to other teammates and campaigning other players to play.

One would think after hearing all this that all the blame would be shouldered on the players. However the whole Federation at large has to have some blame in this instance. With their handling of a manager that the players don't respect and the fact that they have already named a new manager after this tournament. They have got this all wrong.

I have said this hundreds and hundreds of times. How Raymond Domenech has kept his job this long is a mystery to me? He has not shown any of the qualities of a manager who knows what he is doing. And during matches, he looks like a statue. When there are managers like Diego Maradona, who looks like a cheerleader out there but still is getting his team into the second round of this tournament. There should be no reason why a team laden with talent should not be able to do the same.

I understand that after the 06 World Cup that he had "earned" (even though I think they got to that final in spite of Domenech) the right to carry his team into the Euro 2008 tournament. I believe that is when everything unraveled for this once proud footballing country. That is where constant in-fighting was a regular and they stumbled out of the tournament not even making it out of the first round. They could not even get a win against Romania who were suppose to be the whipping boys of the tournament.

In any proud, important footballing country, that would have been the end of Raymond Domenech's reign as manager. However I don't know whether they were trying to groom Laurent Blanc to the post or what but they decided to give this crackpot manager another two years. He has already lost the respect of his players at this point and the team was always in constant turmoil. Bringing in a manager like Paul Le Guen or Gerard Houllier would have at least brought some sibilance of stability. But no, the French Federation felt like they had their man who was going to do the job.

They stumbled through World Cup qualifying and in fact needed to go into a playoff to win the spot in the World Cup. Of course then the handball around the world happened that got France through when they probably should not have gotten them through.

Understandable once you get into the World Cup tournament that you should not fire your manager unless there are unreconciled differences. But when players openly challenged his rule a couple of months before the biggest tournament of the world. Domenech stumbling along for the last four years. We have to pin some of the blame on French Football.

Then you strip Thierry Henry of his captain's armband and only give him a limited role on the side. We know that he isn't at his prime anymore but he is the only one that can lift this team. I think most players on that team love and respect Henry. And stripping a legend of the French game his captainacy shows the rest of the squad that you do not know what you're doing and you do not care about the morale of the rest of the team. Domenech and the higher ups should have at least rewarded him for getting them here. Remember he did set-up the controversial goal.

Now you have to choose a new captain. And you should know that everyone thinks that they should be the captain of the team. The only one that you can bring an united front with is the captain you just stripped. So whomever they chose as captain wouldn't be everyone's choice and probably would not be ready for this responsibility with just a month left before their tournament started. So of course let's just put Patrice Evra into the firing lines further upsetting William Gallas because after Henry he probably feels like he should be captain of this team but there is no one in that starting lineup that deserves the armband.

And when it couldn't get worse, they decided to name Laurent Blanc the manager of the French National Team after the World Cup. Now this isn't a shot against Blanc, actually I am glad he is going to be manager. However when you name a new manager before the World Cup starts it is never going to end well.

You would think that players should love to play for their country in a World Cup because they may never get a chance to play for one again. It won't work when players hate their manager, players hate each other, and players hate the federation that they are playing for because they have treated them like shit for four years since great Zidane left the side. They might regret this later but they aren't going to play for a man who they know is going to be gone after this Tuesday's game (I am predicting them go by the waste side against South Africa). They have not played for him ever since the 06 World Cup so what makes anyone to think that they would play for him now?

Now we go to Patrice Evra's claim that there is a traitor amongst the ranks. I believe that even though these players do not like each other. They have a mutual hate for the French Football Federation and their manager so when Nicolas Anelka left they were quite sad and disappointed that such information was leaked out to the media. And I have a feeling that they know a player wouldn't do that to another player so they looked right at the FFF who hasn't been kind to the players any this tournament and has been criticizing them the whole way through. So it is no wonder that they didn't train on Sunday. They did not do that to the manager because if that was the case they wouldn't have been training at all this tournament, they were sticking it to the whole Federation for get ridding one of their fellow teammates.

They will show up on the field on Tuesday against South Africa physically but will they be there mentally I have no clue. However one thing is for certain, we will be watching this train-wrecked finally go off the cliff...

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