Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

It is the night before well this isn't a story I am just saying that it is the night before Christmas. This Holiday season has come with the quickness. I felt like a month ago I just started my job and I started working in July.

I know I complain a lot. I can't say that I will stop complaining because we all complain about heaps of things that go on in our lives. I am just glad that I am in one piece right now. It has been a trying year for many of reasons (if I went on and tried to explain them then I know I would stop midway because I'd probably pass out) I am also glad to have new friends and stay in touch with the old friends that I have. The many of relationships that one has with others could be a beautiful thing.

I know you didn't ask but I am good right now. Just chillin at my family's house and getting ready for Santa to come visit. Even though I did see him near the courthouse. I told him what's good and asked him if he could get me some money for Christmas. I know he has a money making machine lol. I'm not too fussed about getting much of anything for Christmas. I know that it isn't what it's about. It takes a couple of years of thinking and reading to figure out that this holiday is more than the presents wrapped up. I guess that it helps kids become motivated in celebrating a holiday.

Don't have much to say. I hope everyone is having a good day or night. And to those who celebrate Christmas, Have a Merry Christmas to others have a wonderful Holiday. I am going to go off and dance by myself in my room...

(Hey man, it eases the stress okay?!?)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boo to Winter

Well, say goodbye to the long days (that ended a while back) and the ability to go for a run with shorts on, or playing night soccer without thinking whether it is a good idea or not.

Winter is slowly approaching North Carolina and I am always not prepared for it at all. Especially when the weather changes from cold to hot regularly. I can walk outside one day with shorts but the next day I would immediately go back inside.

Plus, I would like to go outside for a run rather than go to a gym and have to deal with treadmills (which I hate running on). You say I should brave the elements and toughen up. I say shut up and you go run outside, then get sick, then complain that you are sick while I laugh in your face.

Mostly the reason why I am not prepared is that I don't really have the necessary winter gear to run outside. I don't have enough jackets, long sleeve shirts, gloves or beanies. So if my first choice of winter gear hasn't been washed then I either decide not to go do any physical activities or put on that dirty gear which isn't too much of a good look in my opinion.

Also I can't do the normal things that I usually do. I like going walking around downtown Raleigh during the day or just sit somewhere at a park and just stare into space for a little while. It isn't plausible to do those things when the highs are 40 degrees. I don't feel like shivering around at a park unnecessarily.

So I am going to slowly get use to this cold weather and staying indoors with the heater on and try to find new shows to watch or read a book. I think I need to read a book because I feel like I am getting dumber by the second...

Monday, December 6, 2010

"This is why I love playing this game."

Whenever I play footy with my friends and most of the time I am marking Aaron since he is a forward and I’m a defender. He always says, “This is why I love playing this game.” Me and most of my friends have this in common. We can at any time just say, “hey do you want to play pick-up.” All of us get excited about this prospect of playing soccer that it only takes us five minutes to get out of the house to get onto the Hooker Turf Fields to play.

The great thing about playing soccer amongst friends is that you can cut loose and play the way how you want to. I am use to playing with structure and doing what I am told at all times. However when I get out there, I can play up top (even though I am not good at it) and I can do some crazy moves (that if they work, I claimed that I blacked out which happens often).

It does bring the urge for me to play again which I have been having second thoughts over. Especially with getting away from my job after I’m done with my hours. It is a great release to all the pent up frustration that comes with it. Even when I am pissed off at the world, I can find soccer as the escape I need unless we play pick-up with bozos then I would have a problem with that.

If I could find an island where there is a 120 yard pitch on it and a soccer ball, I would be content with life because I can play the game I love forever…..

I might need some lighting for some night soccer but that is a different story

"He put the team on his back though"

Back to the grind, my birthday was good but now I am in reality again and it is kinda sad. However I found a video that makes me crack up every time I was it. This dude is playing Madden and he goes through a commentary of him scoring a touchdown. The commentary is priceless. "Dawg, he put the team on his back though." "Let's get into the mind of a Greg Jennings." Haha, I can't help but watch this movie every other hour to at least make me feel better inside. So I'm going to embed it into my page so you can enjoy it too.

Those darn imaginary readers