Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Masch, Barca too much for ya?

It makes me smile to see someone who quits on their team get on another team and prove to be a liability with that club. I am talking about Javier Mascherano who forced himself out of Liverpool where he was one of their better players now he is in Barcelona and is struggling to adapt to their style of play.

Newspapers in Spain are already calling for Pep Guardiola to recall Sergio Busquets in the place of Masch. It might take some time to adapt to a new League and a team who is known for their passing skills. However I won't give Mascherano a pass this time. The way he left Liverpool even had me feeling dirty and I am not even a Liverpool fan.

Barca should have known what they were getting with this player. He is in term a holding midfielder but he isn't the greatest in holding the ball up. He tackles, bull-rushes, and hardly strays forward. The way Barca apply pressure on teams he isn't needed to begin with. They are usually able to win the ball early and begin their attack through Messi and David Villa. Masch usually wins possession away from his opponents (it isn't a bad thing) Barcelona have 11 magicians on the pitch and Mascherano is no magician. Busquets was quite adequate in his play. He can pass, tackle, and if needs to get forward he can do that too

Maybe Mascherano will get his act together and show what he is worth or maybe he will get dumped at the end of this season. Then he could have his reunion with Rafa Benitez in Inter Milan that he wanted for a while. In my opinion, I hope he continues to ride pine for Barca and watch them play the beautiful game on the sidelines.

What I can learn

I never knew that I could learn much of anything from my blog. I just try to ramble from the top of my dome and just make fun of whomever. People, things, even myself are in the firing line of the "ghostwriter". Looking back at recent postings, I think that there is much to learn from some of them at least. Well the most recent one probably should tell you that you shouldn't be dumb enough to drink and drive.

Another one warns people against Windows 7. I've gotten a couple of letters from Bill Gates telling me not to talk about my problems with the system anymore. (I kid).

Then I read all the personal posting that I've written at this time. I am learning to understand myself better. I would think by now that I would be able to understand myself but re-reading the postings that I have written about myself, I have seen a bit of growth from being insecure to being more sure of myself even though much of the outside world hasn't change.

Overall I do write my blogs for the entertainment of others. Whether they are making fun of people, talking about my favorite subjects, or plain making fun of myself, I enjoy having someone reading my blog and saying, "Wow, that makes sense to me" or "This guy has problems." Either or I still love it...

Just Plain Stupid

When the organization offers people to drive you if you are in fact intoxicated, if you were actually a smart human being then you would take it right. Apparently we have have some half-tards on the New York Jets who didn't get the point. If you don't watch ESPN (which I do religiously) then you probably wouldn't know that Braylon Edwards was charged for DWI on early Tuesday morning. His blood alcohol level was about at a 1.6.

First question is: 1) What are you doing drinking that much on a Monday night when you have practice the next day?

2) What are you doing drinking on a Monday night anyways, who does that?

This man has been use to making these mistakes. He got in trouble with his old organization, the Cleveland Browns and he got into a fight at a club with one of LeBron's people. Now he is driving drunk around the streets of NYC.

I don't understand these pro athletes. Maybe they want to be cheap and not spend money but if I had that much money and I would want to go out on the town on a particular night, I would mostly definitely hire a driver or just pay the taxi fare. I mean what is about $50 to $100 dollars to a player? I understand you got to pop bottles (where's Yung Joc at) but someone needs to understand that driving their car isn't right idea.

There were two other Jet players in the Range Rover with him and they were both lineman. I think that one of them could have taken Braylon's keys and told him that we are taking a cab home. "Whatcha doin, where you going, Whatcha doin where you going."- Kevin Hart

I don't chalk this up to a character flaw because NFL players should know better than think that they are above the law. However here is the thing that these players don't understand (even though I am sure they are told this over and over) that they are more targeted than the average person.

Than again, I will just say that he is plain stupid and the mistakes he makes won't end here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This makes a bit more sense. Yeah?

The last blog post didn't make much sense (much sense at all actually). Those have been my thoughts lately. They have been shifting from back to forth. Trying to piece together why some people like me and enjoy being my friends and others act like they do but don't.

I want to make everything out to be okay. And think of everything in the upside, however when someone spends countless hours putting files in boxes and calculating number after number, then going home to drown myself in tv, music, internet, and social networking to see how other people's lives are doing because they seem more interesting than me.

I am self-conscious and self-aware of everything in my surroundings. People think that I don't get the hint. However I do get the hint, I get the hint that some people don't want to talk to me, that is perfectly fine. I just like messing with people and for that split second have a thought whether it is a bad one or not. "Gah, why doesn't he go away?" Here is an idea.. Why don't you delete me? That is a much better idea then asking the other question.

It's cool, we all live in this bubble that think that we belong to something in this world and we do. Some of us are cool, hip, get along with everyone, life of the party and are great people. Others are emo kids, who pierce their ears, wear glasses even though they don't need them, balls-tight jeans, and listen to rock. And then there is me. That is right I have my own class because no one can define me as anything, people have their own definitions but only a few privileged know me and more than likely no one will have that conversation about me because I am just a fly on the wall, enjoying my life the only way I know how...

Bunch of Run-On Sentences. How I like it

Not depressed or the least bit sad.
Not angry at anyone for ignoring me
Not mad when people make fun of me
Not going to change the way I act for people
Not carefully planning anything

I am just being me. Keeping with the status quo. I've been walk better in the shadows rather than in the spotlight. I work hard to just keep myself as grounded as I possibly can. People can tell me to change and act differently but that isn't me. I've tried that whole nonsense and it doesn't work for me and it angers me more than it should.

Conscious. Carefree. Calm.

Being forceful doesn't work. You can't force anyone to accept you. People will like or dislike you whether you act one way or the other. So if you can't accept me for who I am. *Shrug* Sorry, this person isn't going away. You can just ignore me like the rest and get on with your business because from what I've learned, people will have a set opinion when they first meet you anyways. If others look the other way, then it doesn't make sense to waste anyone's time.

I felt like just typing because I wanted to. Thoughts have been in a minimum, I have been drowning myself with music and work. I have learned that if you keep on reaching out with an open hand and no one reaches back then they don't want to be helped. Or maybe they don't want to be helped out by you, if that is the case, please don't broadcast over the internet. People that actually want to help (me) are trying and you just leave me hanging. People like that just make me colder and colder inside. So you can blame them.

I am going back into the shadows. This post wasn't meant to make sense. It was a bunch a babble that I felt like spilling. I won't link it or anything, I am just going to cruise. Not going to say holla at me later because why should I expect that from you...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My War Against Windows 7

Before I take a shower and head to work, I have to fire a warning shot against my current Operating System, Windows 7. If you have read many other post of mine (from a couple of years ago), I am use to starting imaginary wars against people and things that I feel warrant it. Now here's another one.

I don't know what you are thinking about W7. I mean I thought you were suppose to be this cool and hip new OS that would definitely replace Windows Vista. I know Vista had its problems with people. Mostly those that run businesses and do many other things that Vista is suppose to happen. However I haven't had a problem where as a Windows Update causes my whole computer to go hay-wire. This has been done numerous times already and I didn't know what the cause of it except for the common factor of me downloading "Security for Windows 7" that causes my files to get infected.

This is the third time that it is happened and I fear sooner or later I am going to lose everything from my computer so I am going to decide that I will fire my first shot at you guys before you get any unsuspecting others who think they've done something wrong. No, you haven't (well maybe some of you have), it is just your PC.

"Hey, I am a PC. And Windows 7 was my idea." Alright if it is your idea then don't mind when I come over your house with a baseball bat and try to hit a home run with your head...

Those darn imaginary readers