Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogging on my iPhone

Yup, I've finally joined the dark side and got me an iPhone. I know what you are thinking. The douchebaggery will creep into my skin immediately. Don't worry about that. It won't happen.

I will be the same ordinary person with a cool ass phone. I got the phone yesterday and I have been doing what I didn't want to do. I've been on this thing 24/7. But I've just been getting use to the touch screen and downloading app after app. I got spotify which was one of the biggest reasons I got the phone.

When I experience more of the features , I'll make sure to brag about it. But not be a douchebag about it :)

Otherwise I might do some blogging on my phone because my thoughts come out while I'm not on my computer. My brain often doesn't work while I'm lying on the couch watching footy. The ideas usually pop off when I'm at work, hanging with friends , or whatever.

So as I raise my iPhone in the air in joy , I will leave you guys to enjoy your weekends and never keep the mind idle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iPhone, Scouting, Podcasts, My Pickup game...It's My Life

Hopefully I will buy a new phone this weekend. I am sort of getting tired of my Blackberry and more than likely getting an iPhone. My good friend says that I probably should get an Android phone but the only problem is that AT&T aren't as kind with their data plans on Androids as they are on their iPhones.

So I think I am close to joining the "Team iPhone" (corny team that I will never mention unless it's in a joking manner). I am going to have to buy something to protect my phone because i have butter fingers and I am very clumsy. Also I will have to get use to the touch screen and all which I think I can do.

I'm going to probably get the iPhone 4s because me and my supervisor were looking up the differences between the 4 and the 4s and we saw that it wasn't anything that important. I am not trying to say just because the new phone isn't called the iPhone 5 that I am unattracted to the 4s. It is more due to the fact that the 4s doesn't have enough features that would warrant me getting it. I'm pretty simple with the use of my phone. Obviously texting, GPS, possibly hotel lookups, and listening to music is probably what I would use the phone for. Games aren't as important. Maybe the odd picture of two that I would like to take would help. But I think the iPhone 4 would do the job just fine for me. Plus it is cheaper.

My scouting adventures stay in the triangle area. I'm going to Chapel Hill on Friday to watch two top 5 teams, Maryland and UNC. Then on Saturday, I will stay in Raleigh and see NC State take on Wake Forest. I'm not going to discuss anybody I'm scouting because I don't want to name drop or anything. Plus nobody cares about these adventures especially since I won't get out of the Triangle this weekend.

Went to my itunes when I got out of my workout and I noticed that I had six new podcasts ready to be listened to. It made me wonder how I got into all these podcasts. A year ago I don't think I had any on my list, now I have about six podcasts that I'm following.

They all reflect what I want to hear and talk about myself. Sports, Footie, and News with a funny twist. It also helped me get a more African American (or Canadian or Canadian-American to the All Balls Don't Bounce crew) view of sports and news. I always listened to ESPN and their bias views and I only realized when I started to listening to the Morning Jones that I knew that there was another side.

Then I begun listening to The Black Guy Who Tips, All Balls Don't Bounce, and the list goes on. Now I don't take their word as gospel but it is intelligent (also rachet) talk that I like listening to. Plus it is always good to see black people coming together and making podcasts. Ha!

I don't think I've played in an 11v11 game since that Alabama trip. And quite frankly I am not even mad about that. I like playing in more close spaces now because it is helping me getting better with decision-making and making my touch cleaner. I played on Tuesday night and I felt good on the ball, also making decent passes that I normally don't do.

I guess it is right, the older you get the slower the game becomes. I see the game a lot better now. Well it is only pick-up right? I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself but I do actually feel like my ball skills are getting better even though the gut seems to get larger.

Right now, I am eating my dinner listening to Where's My 40 Acres while Sportscenter is on the tv. I still can't believe the Raiders gave up a couple of first round picks (well one first round pick and a possible first round pick) on Carson Palmer.

I digress. I'm about to head out. I'm enjoying this alone time I'm having right now. Most times I feel the need to have some social interaction but tonight I actually went against my first thought and stayed at the crib. People are overrated anyways...

Have a good weekend. And awkwardly roll up to somebody like I would do...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stop Signing Off, Take the Beating like a Man (or Woman)

Dear FIFA 12 Online Players,

You don't know how it is frustrating whenever a person signs off or go to the dashboard right after I score my second or third goal on you in the first half. It isn't my fault that you suck. It isn't my fault I'm halfway paying attention to while I am stomping your ass in FIFA. Why don't you do something like, get better in FIFA.

Even when I am taking an ass-whoopin by somebody, I have the decency to carry out the rest of the game and take my whoopin like a man. But I guess the online geeks out there can't take their beatings respectfully

Listen, the real gamers in this community respect the game. We all get frustrated when we lose or getting beaten upon. It still doesn't mean that you can throw your toys everywhere and turn off your Xbox.

Just maybe I am playing against a bunch of amateurs at the moment but a couple of you guys begun to talk shit while playing me. Then after the game turns into a 5-0 beating, you start saying that I'm lucky and then turn off the game. Come on big man, you were tough talking when the game was 0-0 at kickoff, now it's 15 minutes in and you're quitting.

I wish that Xbox Live/FIFA/EA Sports or whoever is involved in moderating the FIFA online games starts banning these douchebags because this game needs real gamers not these tricks masquerading as such.

Peace Out and Happy Gamings,


Monday, October 3, 2011

"South of the Border"

Last Friday, I went to my final assigned game of the month. It featured South Carolina and Tulsa. Since I couldn't go to the George Mason-Old Dominion game all the way in Fairfax, I decided that I couldn't miss this one even though UNC-Duke were playing their game on the same night.

It wasn't too bad of a game. South Carolina won 2-1. Tulsa in my opinion had the better players but South Carolina were gritty and scrappy which won out on the night. In fact SC's game-winner was on an own goal off a corner kick.

I noticed something watching this game. I believe the Gamecock fans are some of the most obnoxious fans I've seen in a long time. They would start cursing their own team whenever they made a mistake. It was kind of like a football atmosphere than a college soccer atmosphere.

I guess that's what happens when watching soccer in the south. Where "Go-on and just boot it." was a common term during this game. I don't know maybe I was tripping out on the lack of soccer knowledge that most of these fans had.

South of the Border
As a kid, I use to travel up from Mississippi to visit family in North Carolina. We always drove instead of flying up there. Well going up i-95, I would see these billboards for the South of the Border. I didn't realize how racist these signs where and the fact that most of the pictures of Pedro (the "spokesman" of South of the Border) looked more Asian than Mexican.

That being said, I always wanted to go there because I would see all the lights going off and the rollercoasters among other things.

I never knew that it was the most dirtiest place known to man. I stopped at the exit on Saturday morning just to put gas in the car. And boy, I even felt dirty using the gas pumps. Most everything looked old. And the rollercoasters looked real sketchy and I wouldn't think to step foot on it.

I was about to grab a bite to eat there but I decided I'd rather starve myself then eat this nasty food that will probably give any normal human being diarrehea.

I'm fine. Just been scouting away and plotting my next move. I'm trying to keep all things in perspective and working on become somewhat successful. Obviously I don't have everything figured out. But I'm continuing to work hard in trying to figure at least some of these things

Me personally. I am really content where I am. That Drake-ish phase has long passed and I am just continuing on looking at myself and how to keep myself being happy. There are always going to be highs and lows. The main thing is keeping myself levelheaded on these things. I can be irrational at times but then again, I can be the most rational person that you that might be stretching it just a bit.

"There will be many failures in your lifetime but if you learn from them and work harder then the successes will out-do your failures."

Monday, September 12, 2011

Been Gone for a Minute

I felt it to be time for me to knock out another blog post. I'm sure many of you (when I say many of you, I'm sure I'm talking to myself) thought that I would never write on here again. Well I honestly thought with everything else occupying my time on the internet, I probably wouldn't come back on here. Unfortunately enough, I am back at least for a little bit before I go back on a hiatus.

Things have been occupying my time and actually I do have about three or four blog post that are ready to be posted. I've decided against releasing those because they play on my insecurities again and other nonsense of me. A friend helped me to realize that I don't need to just talk about that kind of stuff. People will begin to tune me out and then I would just disappear without hearing my complaining.

And I think that is what I've been doing a lot. Complaining. Complaining about this, complaining about that. Just complaining about things being unfair. I read previous tweets and blog post and I've grown tired of it myself. So I know if I'm tired of it, then I am sure that many of you are also.

That is why I put myself on a week's ban on social networking because that is where I usually put my whining (that is what I'm going to call it now) out there for others. I feel a bit better now. I need to work on myself and not having people feel sorry for me. Whether I tried to tell myself that I don't want people feeling bad for me, that is what I was actually doing. That needs to stop immediately!!

I have good enough people in my life to where I actually shouldn't be whining at all. Things happen for reasons that I can't explain.

Now I'm just taking everything how it is. I know who I am. I'm trying to work on other things just to at least keep myself from stressing. Using my social networks now for funny commentary and just enjoying everything.

There isn't any reason for me to whine or complain, there are some people that aren't as fortunate as I am. I'm becoming more grateful of what I've got. And that is something that is making me feel good right now...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Creating Your Niche

The great thing about most of my friends and most people I listen to or read online is that they are forever trying to create their own niche. People have regular jobs and then they either do podcasting in their spare time so a wide audience can hear them. Also some are writing articles and possibly trying to get into the journalism game with their freelance work.

Also another example is of a DJ who started in Chapel Hill, he DJ'd at night and worked during the day until he got recognized nationwide. Now he travels around the state and the country doing the thing he loves and he quit his day job. Shouts out to DJ A-Minor

Me, I am trying to become a soccer scout. Not an agent, I am trying to find talent for teams and not for the player's representation. I started to think about scouting this time last year but I did not know how to get started. So I took this scouting course where I met some scouts from the MLS and the youth national team. Luckily for me, I live in a rich area for college soccer so they are asking me to go out to a bunch of games (UNC, NC State, Duke, UNCG, etc.) and scout for them. I will receive credit for the work I will do and hopefully it can help me get a job in the future.

I don't mind my day job but I don't foresee myself being here in the next three to four years. Hoping that this scouting thing pops off. I am going to be patient and try to perfect my craft in the next couple of years as I hopefully put some money in the bank for myself.

To all those others trying to do what they love, keep on chasing it and maybe you can do that for a living instead of what you are doing now.

And to the ones already doing it....

You lucky Bastards!!!!

Just Kidding

Monday, August 8, 2011

Been a While

Just saying a hello to all the people that want to hear from me. That means that I am saying hello to the three people that might read this. And I do mean might.

It has been a while since I've written a piece on my blog about myself. Things have kind of picked up for me. I've got a full-time job now. The law firm that I work with decided to bring me on full-time. I don't plan on being there forever or anything. At least I can have some change in my pocket without going to the red once my utilities and/or rent kicks in on my account. It will make me feel better.

And the Benefits!! I know that it is important for me to have benefits. It is about time for me to start getting off of my parents' insurance. I mean I am turning 26 in about four months, so I might as well start taking care of myself.

The evil part in me is planning on buying some things and finding ways to save up money for my paid vacation. I think that I should look at ways to budget better and keep as much money as humanly possible. Then maybe a rainy day would come and I can buy something important. Maybe like a new laptop.

My laptop is on its last legs. My settings are "temporarily" disabled. I can't get into my music or my podcasts (even though I can go straight to their website). Plus the fact that if I have my laptop on for an hour, it would flip off. I mean at least it doesn't want to overheat and blow up my hard drive but still I don't think this old thing can manage this long.

I've had this thing for about three years so I think it might be time to get a new laptop. Don't know if I want to get a Mac or stick with a PC. I am not too picky with my laptops. I don't play any games on it. I just kind of use it for getting on twitter, listening to music, and watching soccer on live stream. So maybe a $300 to $400 PC laptop will do. Or possibly get one of those mini-laptops that my sister has, they look cool.

Rambled enough about the laptop. I can't help myself I love having a laptop around, my smartphone doesn't do everything for me.

Where was I?

Oh saving. Yes I do need to save more. I need to learn how to cook. Takeaway and fast food is putting a drain on pocket. Buying groceries even if it was ramen or microwaved food would be better than eating fast food. Also help me in my search of losing some weight, plus making some other life choices will help too. (I'll get into that in a later post).

Otherwise I am trying to live. I still have problems with myself that I need to deal with. But I am okay with things how they are. Still in the forever search for a nice kind young woman, I will stay patient though. Good things come to those who wait...

Hopefully I don't wait until it is too late...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Short Soccer Rambling- Sanchez heads to Barcelona

Before the weekend of debauchery starts, I decided to ramble a little bit about my favorite sport. For those who don't care about football (the real one!!) then you can click the X and I won't begrudge you at all for it.

Shouts out to Alexis Sanchez, who has just signed with the reigning Champions League winners Barcelona.

When I first thought of writing about this topic, I was thinking about saying how much it is a waste for Alexis to come to Spain and Barca not needing a player like Sanchez because they have that forward line covered.

Then I thought about the cons to all my arguments and it seemed better to talk about why Alexis is good for Barca and vise versa.

Barcelona is pretty much set in every position for next year. No one getting too old and they can make another run with the same group. However a group needs some sort of spark to keep them hungry and raring for more titles. That is why Cesc Fabregas will be a good move for Barca also.

Players respond well to competition. Granted they want the security of having a spot on the starting 11 but they also want to compete for their spot against a player who is at the same caliber. Sanchez will keep players like David Villa, Pedro, and even Messi on their toes.

If they want to start over Sanchez, they will have to play better than they did last year. It will make Barcelona an even stronger team before.

That goes the same with Alexis, he will have to prove to a group of players who have been together for four or five years that he can match them. The Chilean has the caliber to play on this squad, he will have to prove his worth to his players and management a like.

This is probably why squads make changes like this. Even when there is no turnover with the squad, things tend to get stale when players see each other season after season. A player or two could boost morale (depending on the player and relationships that they might have with other players on the team). It could make them stronger even without him getting on the field.

I'm going to head out. Everybody enjoy your weekends! I have a long weekend ahead of me. I don't go back into work until Wednesday next week. I need the break time and it is much needed. I might come back on here and write another post in the between time. So peace and love from American's Most Hated....

The link: Barcelona finally agree Alexis Sanchez transfer

I'm trying to cite my sources since my argument with somebody not citing their sources.

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Should He Do?

Luka Modric is in a position that most footballers have been in. He wants to leave a club but the club is steadyfast that they don't want him to go anywhere. In fact the club is willing to let him rot on the bench or in the stands if he does not want to comply. From the outside view, it seems very tough to deal with. His heart belongs somewhere else but yet his wife doesn't want to sign the divorce papers unless a large fee is put up.

Just a little background: Chelsea has made a couple of offers to Tottenham midfielder, Luka Modric. Tottenham has rejected every bid for the player even though the player wants to go to West London.

Daniel Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, had a meeting with Modric where he basically just said, "Stay here and play or rot." Modric feels disenchanted now because they had a "gentlemen's agreement", right before he signed an extension that if a big club (i.e. Chelsea) comes calling then he was allowed to leave.

Luka now has had a transfer requested denied and we are in this situation now.

So what should Luka do?

He can play good soldier. Work hard in training sessions and games. Play as the good professional as we know he is. And after another season and if they aren't in the Champions League, they can reward him by sending him away to the club he prefers. Somewhat like what C. Ronaldo did (except Man Utd was always going to be in the Champions League), his heart was in Madrid but Sir Alex got one more decent year out of him and actually was a game away from winning Man Utd's third Champions League under SAF.

Problem with this is that he seems to be working with two stubborn men (Redknapp and Levy). They promised him that if he were to sign a new contract with Spurs then after a year (last season), he would be able to go to the club of his choice if they came calling. Obviously smucks make promises like that so they can get you to sign the dotted line. We all know people who tell you that they are going to give you the world and then disappoint you.

Yeah, he can play good soldier and do well for the club but how is it going to help him go to where he needs to. His club doesn't want him to go anywhere and feel he is obligated to complete his contract. By that time, none of the teams like Chelsea will probably pursue him then.

He could also take the bluff and rot on the bench. I know these players are ultra-competitive and if they weren't they wouldn't be where they are now. However, knowing me, if I were in his shoes. I would come to training, if they don't want to play me then fine. I will still make my money and you can't do much about that.

Probably the wrong way to go about it but hey right now I would be trying to make the most out of the pay-days as possible.

I digress.

I think this would have a major impact on star players on the team. Think of Rafael van der Vaart and Gareth Bale. What must they be thinking about? Well if they do not plan on giving up Luka Modric, then what hope do I have towards making it to a bigger club if we continue to be a 5th to 10th place club not making the Champions League?

Also morale around the club would be down. I think from player to player, everybody respects each others decisions to go play on the best teams in the world if they get the chance. If someone wants to go to another club, then most players would not begrudge them on their decisions. (Unless the move is a lateral one based soley on money). The players would look at this situation and plead with the club to just move on because even one player could balance the mood and morale of a team.

If I was in Modric's situation, I would play the decent solider, not good soldier, but decent.

The difference: I remember when Modric said that he came back from injury earlier then he should have last season. If I was in that situation, I would take a wee bit more time to make sure I am 100% healthy. If he gets re-injured trying to come back earlier, then he knows that the club won't have his back as he has been proven. So I would make sure that I am 100% fit before I step on the field again.

Obviously I would continue to play as hard as possible because the wages will go down if you don't play well.

And not play to lose but just play well enough NOT to get a Champions League spot. In this case Tottenham would have to sell off players then, they aren't getting that CL money coming in to give extensions or buy better players. More players like the aforementioned will say they want to leave for Champions League football because they are at that caliber. So Tottenham would have some decisions to make. Should we keep these players and possibly go into some debt and have more disenchanted players? or should we rebuild and go with younger players and try to make another run with a different generation of players?

Those are the questions that Tottenham have to ask for themselves and Luka is definitely asking himself some questions if he has to stick around White Hart Lane.

My Opinion: I think Chelsea has to go around 35mil to about 38mil to get this deal done. I see Tottenham valuing the player around the 30 to 32mil range. I think if they are able to up it getting close to 40mil. Then Tottenham will look to let the player go. Are Chelsea willing to get up that much money? We will see.

All I know is this saga will make a heck of a month and a half...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tevez Gone

I guess I have to write about this now. Since everybody is claiming me to be a Manchester City fan. As I'm sure you know, Carlos Tevez has asked to be transferred from Eastlands. It seems at least this time that he won't play another game with City. If this has to do with family reasoning, then I can understand that completely. However it is always unclear whether it has to do with money or family.

During the last year when he made this excuse, I thought: "Well just move your family to Manchester" He has had trouble adjusting to life in the northwest city. Also I think he would like his family to be around Spanish-speaking people or if he does speak some Italian (some Argentines do) then he can make his way to Italy also. I can understand it.

We complain about fathers leaving their children for months at a time and they end up divorcing or being distant with the kids. Carlos is going the opposite route and saying that he wants to be with his children and he should be commended on that.

City wants about 50mil pounds for no. 32. That might be a steep price for many clubs and I don't think many value him that high. I can understand where City is coming from though. This player is their captain, their consistent goal-scorer, and a folk-lord in Manchester with all his tireless performances with the Blues side.

If they lose a player like that, they will need to be able to buy a player that is equally as good. Dzeko and Balotelli haven't shown their worth as lone striker as of yet. Hopefully they will find someone who is just as good as Tevez or maybe those guys will reach their potential with the club.

The problem is that I don't think clubs will want to pay for him. Not only pay for him, will they want to deal with his pay wages also? He is going to command huge weekly wages and clubs (i.e Sir Alex) don't think he is worth those wages. He'll have a hard time matching the wages that City gave to him. They treated him a little too well.

Of course it could be another power-play by super agent, Kia Joorabchian. This is the easiest cop-out that we can use, he has been running the Tevez train for a while now. He's asked City for better wages or threaten to leave. So it will be very easy to say, maybe KJ is out for more money since it seems that City is just giving it in money-bags.

I don't know what is going to happen in this saga. For all I know, I won't be the least bit surprised that he shows up to training with City after the Copa America tournament is over. Then again, I won't be surprised if he doesn't shows up. The mysterious case of Carlos Tevez always takes turns that no one least expect...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You're a Grown Ass Man Dawg

I swear some people are the biggest idiots EVER.



I have been going through my twitter timeline and other people's timelines just to pass time. And I see something that makes me ashame to be a grown man. I saw a grown man complain about a celebrity not mentioning them back.

Who do these people think they are that they deserve to be mentioned anyways? Let me say this, I mention and ask questions to celebrities or other famous people all the time. Do I expect them to answer back? Not really. It is mainly because I got more important stuff to do then worry about people mentioing anyways. Also they might not have the time to answer my question or shout me out. If they answer, Great. If they don't, all good my life hasn't gotten any worse over it

I know that I am too old to be worrying about nonsense like that. I am trying to live my life as I see fit, not sit on the computer waiting for a comment on my wall or twitter mention. Come on people, get over yourselves.

If it is a kid, then I can actually understand that. But people are 18, 19, 25, even 30 complaining about how their tweets aren't recognized, they need to be dragged out in the middle of Arizona and shot.

You don't make yourself a better person by berating a famous person on twitter. You just make yourself more stupid than you already were. Plus they have hundreds and hundreds of mentions a day. God (sorry about that) forbid that they don't see your tweet.

I just felt that I had to go in because some people make the rest of us look bad due to their ignorance and stupidity.

*sniff sniff* "but I wanted a mention or a retweet. You couldn't give me a mention or a retweet?? I am going to cry to my momma. Hold on, I got to go upstairs because I still live in my mom's basement and I'm 30 years old."

People like that, I can't give any sympathy to. I worry about other things then a celebrity's tweet.

Oh another thing, if you say that somebody isn't a celebrity and they aren't that hot, then why is your dumbass even asking for a mention from these people. That just makes you stupid for even trying to get a response from these people.

Alright I'm done now. Hopefully I can get back to work and let this steam from my head go away....

What? A celebrity hasn't mentioned me in the last 15 minutes? Let me get angry for no damn reason whatsoever....

P.S: Sorry to those living in their parent's basement because of job situation or anything like that. I wasn't trying to berate all those who do that. Just those who complain about little shit like twitter.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Plan...

You never want to say that you have a master plan. Or if you do, you at least have back-up plans if that master plan fails. I try to stay away from the master plan thing. I try to look for two or three plans on go on with that. I never want to sell myself short on what I think I will be doing with my life. I plan on going for my first plan and then if that works the back-up plans follow.

Reason why I think about this because I always go through the "Master Plan" method. Often finding myself failing miserably and trying to recover which usually would take about 2 to 3 months. Usually during those months I would try to find a job, sleep, eat, and be lazy at my parents house (How I actually miss those days.)

Now I have a job which makes things easier to go through the plans that I have set for me. If one plan fails, I have my job to fall back on in the meantime.

I know people want to know about my "plans". Only my friends that I speak with on a daily basis know about my objectives. When I am able to actually go through with these said plans, I will let the world know. As of now, I am living my life, having as much fun as I can before I truly become an adult, and trying to execute The Plan as best as I know how to do it...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mind of the Clueless

Here we go again....

I write, I have a good idea where I want to go with this posting then I get stuck in a rut and I erase the whole thing. I can't sit still and write a good LONG blog post. So I am just going to ramble on like I do with my tweets but this time I at least have more than 140 characters to go with.

Poor Kyrie. I was going to start out with a rambling about how Cleveland is a poor team to play for and probably a bad place for a 18 or 19 year old kid to live. Then I realize that Cleveland people (matter of fact people from Ohio) hate HARD! REAL HARD!! I think that they just might hate harder than I do. So quite honestly I kind of want to stay away from that subject so I don't have all of Ohio wanting to kill a little 25 year old kid (that's me)

"You know I had a big chip on my shoulder from not being recruited."
Listening to one of the guys ramble about not being heavily recruited in college now he is a first round pick. He just better be lucky that this draft is weaker than Chris Bosh's knees after they lost the finals this year. He would have been lucky to get into the draft some years. Is it me or more of these guys based mostly on potential rather than Superstarability (that isn't a word I know). Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, fine. But some of these other guys are reaches from the sky. I hope these GMs know what they are doing. Then again there might not be a league next year so who knows..

Back to things I know more about (Well sort of)
I read this article on (Pele: Lionel Messi must score as many as me). The statement is flawed mostly because Pele played in Brazil and in the US while Messi is playing in one of the best leagues in the World with the best team. Messi's competition is miles ahead of what Pele played against in club level. Now people who turned on to soccer in these last two decades will say that Messi is better than Pele. I haven't seen Pele myself (except for highlights) so I can't make the argument without prejudice. Plus I hate making the best ever argument because it isn't fair.

All I can go with is how many World Cups have been won. I know this could be a flawed argument in itself. When you think about the greatest, you think about who has won World Cups. Johan Cryuff could be argued that he is one of the best. But between him and Pele, Pele will be picked most all of the time among those who aren't Dutch (or Brazilian) because of those World Cups. Messi can't even reach the heights that Maradona has. Even though it is a team sport, one player has a great impact in a World Cup tournament.

I've seen five World Cups in my lifetime and when I think about those who won the World Cup, only Italy in 2006 didn't have that one impact player that made their team. Fabio Cannavaro won the best player in the tournament, that award usually is won by midfielders and forwards. Even in that tournament, Zinedine Zidane was the best player in the tournament and carried his team to the finals.

Messi's story is not done but I think he needs that one signature World Cup performance to stake his claim as one of the World greatest. If he does win one World Cup, I will go towards the side of him being best ever.

However him and C. Ronaldo will have that same hurdle to climb. All the club achievements are good and well but when it is said and done, you need to win the most watched tournament in the World.

I know I left many holes in my argument but hey that is how debates generally start right? Maybe wrong but whatever.

Geez I did not think that I would get this far down without wanting to stop. I think I might do this often. Most of these topics are coming straight off the dome and they would not seem right on twitter. Right now I am going to continue to watch this NBA Draft and plot my escape from my house for the weekend. I will update everyone with my comings and goings. Mostly it'll probably be about my life on the couch. I need to get out more and see people....

Nahhhhh I'm good!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is Me

I feel like I have to give some of the reasons why I put my thoughts in this blog post about every five to six months, well this is the updated version

I know the imaginary readers out there wonder why do all always put my personal feelings out on this blog. I'm not going to put anything that you shouldn't know about. However the way I feel at the point in time in which I put out a blog post, you will get what I am thinking.

Why? When I am around people, I don't really let out too much emotion. Well, unless I'm out on the soccer field then you don't know what you're going to get. There are times when I'm around a group of people and I seem to be jovial but I am not really that happy. I know my real close friends know but I am sure some people don't.

This is my forum to express some grievances that I have whenever they come to light. If that seems too much for you, you know where the exit is.

Why not a journal? It isn't as if I am telling the world deep dark secrets. I'm informing you on what is going on in my brain. Everybody has these feelings. When I feel like there is an experience that I don't think people have had or something too crazy even for the public to know, then I won't put that on the blog post. I don't go into detail of everything that goes on with me, just the things that you might appreciate or relate to.

The last thing. You can't really tell me what to do. It is my page and I will do whatever I want and how I please. Now I will never get offensive to a group of people or anything because that isn't how I am....

..But when it is talking about a person in particular, I will talk mad sh*t about them (I am pointing at you Aaron)..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 21 w/o car:

It is about 10:37pm and I'm sitting on the couch watching Top Gear on BBC America On Demand. After near tries at getting a car, I still don't have one. Bad luck after more bad luck has left me in the same predicament as I started on June 1. It is cool though. Three weeks later and now I am getting use to be around the apartment all the time and walking to places.

Last weekend we had a round robin tournament over two days. That means playing four games in two days. There were a couple of things I learned.

1) Never ever ever play in a tournament that I can't be bothered in playing in. I actually wanted to go out of town and get away from everything around Raleigh. The last week was kind of stressful at work. But I had really nowhere to go so I was kind of obligated to play which I regretted.

2) If I do play in a tournament like this, I am going to get fit so at least I won't feel like absolute crap for the two days after the tournament like I am now. I won't be playing any sort of organized footy unless it is pick-up. You can't get me out to a tournament. Well unless you are giving me some money. Ayyyeee

3) I guess I need to start the games maybe we won't lose to Clockwork because I didn't start the game. I don't think the reason why we lost was because I wasn't in. The team started flat and we could have salvaged the game anyways. Ah I guess an out-of-shape me is better than me not being at all right....uhhh right??

I've been walking to the bars downtown. It is about a mile from my house and it really isn't any trouble to get there at all. I have been getting use to being the bar by myself. There are times when people actually talk to me. I know it seems strange that people would come up and talk to me, well some do.

I really don't mind at all though. Honestly whenever I hang out with my boys in Chapel Hill, I kind of just check out and wander around. I guess that is always going to be me, wandering around aimlessly, drinking, and enjoying the night as is.

The social interaction that I've always craved is still there. I've been increasingly using the twitter machine to get my thoughts out there and to listen to others. It might be a bad thing because I am not having that face to face interaction that is needed (especially with the opposite sex).

Maybe it is cool if I just have a certain amount of solitude in my life. I need to be happy with myself before I can ever be happy with anyone else. Making others happy before yourself is never a healthy thing.

I am going to keep on improving myself and my well-being and then I will be out there for all the world to see. A new me and hopefully I will have a car in the process

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 w/o a car

I had to get rid of the rental car today. Anyone not knowing the situation well I told myself that I wouldn't talk about it again because I get really angry when I talk about it.

But yeah, I have no car. I got dropped off to my house. Then I proceeded to do things that a person without a car does. You know: Watch TV, watch a couple of movies, order some food, take a nap, then watch some more TV. I forgot to put running in my schedule because eh let's be honest, I will be doing too much if I ran.

I can't be doing too much right now.

Otherwise today has been okay. Have only been talking with people on the twitter machine and looking up more nonsense from the FIFA Mafia that is currently running the world.

I'm not going to lie if I had a vote, I would just rip up the ballot and say, "Bump you guys." I probably would have walked to my car and it would have exploded but hey at least I stand for something...

Although if they were to give me enough money, I would listen...

..Hey I'm human I can't let a little thing like ethics get in the way of free money.

I truly hope that I don't have to explain myself for that last statement. Sarcasm!

Currently watching the All Whites getting a footballing lesson against Mexico and just wondering about if I can manage not to lose my sanity without a car. There aren't really many places for me to go outside of work and who needs to go out and actually meet people??

I mean I don't. I am well-hated in these mean streets of the Triangle Area. Ask about me....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You can hate the Playa, Don't Hate the Game...

I had this argument with somebody the other day of why Lebron isn't the best player in this league. I was stunned by what he was saying. I can say that I am not a Lebron fan but I do watch a lot of basketball and I can say without a doubt that Bron Bron is the best right now. The only real argument that this person was making was that he didn't like Lebron so therefore he isn't the best.

I can't stand that argument. If you hate somebody and don't want them to win trophies that is one thing. If you hate somebody and say that they aren't better than another person that's another thing all together.

I am going to spin it to football because that is more in my wheelhouse. I think about players that I hate with a passion. Cristano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Carlos Tevez (I can go on for days) are players that I despise whether it is acting like a primadonna or not showing any sort of loyalty to any club that he has been on. When they step on the field, I am not going to lie I hope they don't do well. When they do, I tip my cap to them and say that was a sick move, tackle, or goal. Then I'll say, "If I see them on the street, I will beat them with a baseball bat."

Their play doesn't change my thoughts of them as people because that is why I am disliking them. The only way I will dislike a player for what they do in game action is whether they make a horrible tackle and don't feel any remorse or if they tried to cheat the game by repetitive diving among other things.

I guess I am just the type of player that see all footballers as who they are on the pitch for the most part. If they do something good, I will tweet the sickness of the move and then say I still dislike the person.

I think most fans need to start thinking along these lines before they make arguments they can't really win in. I am not going to argue whether Cristano Ronaldo is better than well..... any other player other than Messi because his statistics, trophy haul, and impact on a game doesn't lie. He is one of the best out there. I can still say I dislike the fool but I can't disregard all of what he has done in the game so far.

I'm going to get back to where I started earlier

So whenever you want to hate on Lebron James for what he does, you can hate all you want but you can't say though that he isn't the best player in the NBA right now by just claiming your dislike for his decision-making as a person.

Hate the playa all you want but the game is too hard to hate...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Then Go For It!!

After their first leg defeat at home to Barcelona, Jose Mourinho proclaimed that the tie was over. We know this is probably one of those head game tactics that he tends to do. Key players won't be able to play a part in this match-up (Pepe and Sergio Ramos). Maybe he truly believes that they can't beat them at the Nou Camp. If that is the case, then why doesn't he just go for broke?

What is the difference between losing 2-0 on aggregate or 5-0? Understood that the Nou Camp is a huge pitch that exposes holes in the opposition's backline if they play high enough. But I just think that at this point, you feel like the tie is lost before stepping on the pitch. Why not unleash your players to do things that they are accustomed to instead of holding them back? Obviously Mourinho feels that he can beat this Barca team (that is why he is at least planning on staying for another year), this game could be a guide of what players to target in the transfer window.

Mou is a winning first type of manager. So even though he feels the tie won't be won, then he'll keep his players held back until he can find counter-attack situations and set pieces to wreck havoc in the Barca back-line. I just feel in the long-term, this game could be served as a blue-print for the future of Madrid. At the same time, I don't think Mourinho is trying to care about Madrid's far future.

This Clasico, I can say with a great amount of satisfaction that I won't be watching it. I do wonder how the result is going to be or is there going to be any talking points at all. I am hoping that the two teams get into a fight though. That will make my season..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Balotelli doesn't like light-skinned bruhs

I am sitting here on this Saturday morning (hungover-free as a matter of fact) and I am watching the first matches of day. I go to the tabloid websites and I see that Balotelli has gotten into a fight with one of his teammates again. This time he got frustrated when Vincent Kompany gave him a hard tackle.

Now I can talk about how much of a brat that he is. However this time around, I feel like a conspiracy theory will do. It will probably not be true but it'll do.

Haven't you noticed that Balotelli has been getting into fights with light-skinned black guys?? First Boateng, then him and Rio Ferdinand got into it after the FA Cup Semifinals, now Kompany. It leads me to believe that he has a serious problem with light-skinned bruhs.

Honestly, I don't know how many light-skinned bruhs were around Italy but I think that there were at least some that bullied Balo while he was a child. They took his lunch-money, they kicked the shit out of him in soccer, and they probably took the ladies he was chasing after. It is a lot of things for a little kid to handle. All he wanted to do was to play soccer and enjoy his childhood. These light-skinned bruhs just took all the joy out of his life.

That is why Balotelli always looks so sulky. He has been dealing with being bullied all the time. He didn't have many problems while he was in Inter because there were probably one or two of them. When he went to Manchester City, the flashbacks followed him. Light-skinned bruhs everywhere, I heard he gotten into a fight with the airport security guards on his way to Manchester. He has never been able to deal with these guys.

He told his Italian manager that he needs help. He needs help to get rid of the demons of these lighter brothas taking his shine all the time. He wants to treat everyone as an equal. He is a good kid but very misunderstood and it is no wonder. Chico Debarge types jock his style at every step. One moment he is smiling, the next he is receiving a parking fine by none other, The light-skinned brother.

Balo wants to move back to Italy now because there is a lesser populations of these people there than in England. His football will improve and he will most definitely not get into the fights that he has been getting into lately. I truly believe that he will reach the potential of a world-class footballer if he could just not see "those" people ever again...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Barca, I can't look at you the same.

Get your ass up, you are not hurt!!!

The true Barca supporters will still support their team as if nothing happened yesterday. The neutrals who love watching Barca will take notice of the diving and gang-mentality tactics of the Barcelona team.

We always watched them when the game was always easy and they would pass around the pitch as if they were playing in a training match. Messi would mesmerize us with his skill and grace. Xavi and Iniesta would wow us with their passing and creative abilities. Puyol is a small little fella but still has a heart of a champion.

However last night, I think was my last night that I will ever even give Barca sympathy. Don't get me wrong, I already dislike Real Madrid with a passion and they do things that piss people off. But when I saw Pedro flopping around on the ground when just barely getting pushed over and Dani Alves getting on a stretcher and then seconds later he is back on the field. All the time Barca players crowding and bullying the referee. I think if Barca doesn't crowd the ref and Dani Alves doesn't roll around on the ground and gets on a stretcher then Pepe probably gets a yellow instead of red.

It just showed the ugly side of Barcelona which there have been other instances in which it happened but these three Clasicos have magnified the situation. Crowding around referees and getting into it with the opposing teams officials like what Jose Pinto did yesterday. It reminds me of how I dislike Manchester United now.

I use to not mind Manchester United. It was the first team that I followed regularly. I didn't love them but I did follow them for a little bit. I use to listen to them on internet radio because it was the only place I could find them. However when I begun to watch them on television and saw Gary Neville acting like a piece of shit, also Roy Keane trying to break people's legs on challenges, and they bullied the referees into giving them penalties. It turned me off to them.

Fans will say, "well everybody does it even your team does it." Yeah I am sure that my favorite team does do it. I don't like it when they do but I still have an invested interest in them. I just use to enjoy watching Barcelona play. I can still watch them but I don't think I will want them to win games though. Now I will watch the final Clasico game and just hope for a big fight to break out. That will be the only thing that I will be rooting for...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You don't like me, and I don't like you

(Warning: whenever I say, "You" I don't mean my real friends. I am cool with them. It is to those pretenders)

I am just pretending that I can hear that Rocko song, "Do Me" on my title.

Who do we kid? We have people that we don't like. Everybody wants to be likeable but everyone can't be liked. I definitely want to be likeable but I know that some people will just not give me the time of day.

So guess what? I shouldn't be giving these people the time of day. I can't pretend to be friendly with people who give me the side-eye almost immediately. I don't think I can pretend that at all. It begins to eat at me, "Why am I even letting this person think that I want to be friends with them??"

I know I trip about these things a lot. I often imagine things that aren't there. However, body language tells wonders about many people and how they feel about you.

Like someone looking at their phone the whole time they are at a movie or dinner with you. Or someone saying Hi then before you can say "how are you?" They are faster than Sonic the Hedgehog to go to the next direction.

I've always said that if you don't like me. You don't have to say anything to me. Maybe I should just start it and not greet you. So at least they can find an valid excuse of why they don't like me instead of parading around like they are cool because I want to be their friend but they have no interest in being mine. Don't pretend. Be who you are. You don't like me. Fine! I can handle that. I'm 25 years old and have cool friends already. You'll just be another one of those people, I see for a quick instance and forget immediately.

I am sure that is what you want and that is definitely what I want...


I start writing on this blank screen.

I stop. Erase. and start over.

Then I begin to write something that I can relate to. I begin to think about it. 'Wait a minute, I don't think you'll be able to relate to this at all.'

Erase. Start Over.

I write about soccer for a few good paragraphs.

However about one or two are interesting in what I say about soccer.


Go on twitter and write something 140 characters long and forget that I was even going to write anything on my blog.

I have been going through this type of confusion for a while now. The last time I wrote was really inspired by a "war" of some sort. Honestly I haven't had much more inspiration other than that. I begin writing about my life. It seems like nothing's there. It is pretty lifeless on my end. I work. I party (sometimes too crazy for my own good). Then the weekend is over. And I begin to complain about things that could potentially be only in my own crazy imagination.

I guess that 100 posts this year that I aimed for isn't going to happen. I think I get caught up in what people are interested in reading and not thinking about this page as a place for me to get together my thoughts. I use to own my blog. Now I think you guys own it. It isn't a shot, it just leaves me more indecisive of what to write instead of just going in on what I want to.

So I'll throw out that 100 post promise and I will just promise to keep things real with myself on this page. No matter how much I complain, no matter how much it doesn't make sense to others. I just have to keep this page about me because this place that I call a blog is.......

.... my lil world. right???

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tragic Story

This guy started an unprovoked war against me. I really don't understand it honestly.

I am not going to fire back though.

I am going to tell you about a person I know by the name of Christopher Beatrice "Aaron" West. Ya'll didn't know his real middle name was Beatrice? He hides it pretty good. I'll just call him Aaron for the story since that is what he wants to be called.

August of 1986, Aaron was born in the North Carolina. The doctors first thought that he was a girl but they realized that he was a boy. His parents saw that as funny so they gave him a middle name of Beatrice.

He had a pretty rough childhood. If your middle name was Beatrice, you would too right? He was one of the smallest kids in his preschool and he was always made fun of and beaten up. The final straw for his parents was when at the age of 6 he was beaten up by a three year old. They knew that it was about that time that he was home-schooled.

After that episode, his childhood wasn't too bad. He never really left his house except for soccer and his dancing classes that he took. Well actually it was mostly dancing because he would get cut from his rec teams.

How do you get cut from rec teams? I don't know but he managed to do so.

Back to the story, he was actually a pretty good dancer. He knew all the moves and since he watched his good share of television, he mastered all the moves. He would enter these dance competitions and dominate them. All the girls wanted him but he ran away from them because he didn't have much experience with them being home-schooled and all.

He went to Davidson College outside of Charlotte and there his life changed completely. He met this guy named Juan, who is still one of his good friends. And Juan taught him all the ropes of become a real person. He taught him how to wash his clothes, use a computer, and more importantly talk to girls. Aaron used his skills well and with his dancing abilities, he wooed the misguided women of Davidson and he turned from a geek to one of the most popular kids on campus.

He moved back to Chapel Hill after college and his good luck followed him there. He hung out with the cool people there and danced by himself for no apparent reason at all. However the girls loved him for that. He did not even have to talk for them to come over and try to holla at him.

He was on top of the world until a fateful day just a year ago....

Aaron went to his favorite spot on this night and he was doing his thing, sporting his mohawk and enjoying the night. Then this guy named Joseph saw him and got mad. Joseph walked up to Aaron and told him that he wanted to dance battle. Aaron was confident in his ability so he agreed. The battle was intense. They went back and forth with each other. Countering each dance move with a better one. Until Aaron had run out of dances and Joseph hit him up with a dougie/cat daddy combination that won him the battle. Joseph got a threesome with two blond models that night.

Aaron, who wasn't accustomed to losing these days, ran out of the bar as fast as he could. I was there, I saw him and said, "damn, he's fast!! that n**** should have ran track instead of trying to stomp the yard and ish."

He was never seen again at the bars. I heard that he is now hanging out with emo kids. He lives with them in a van by the river. Drinking PBRs, wearing tight jeans, smoking weed, and wearing a disgusting moustache which you see above.

It is sad to see someone with soo much promise just let it fade away.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bizarre Enough

This seems to hit on the range of the bizarre. Yesterday, Fulham unveiled a statue of Michael Jackson outside of Craven Cottage before their match with Blackpool. I understand that Mohamed Al Fayed, Fulham's owner, was Michael Jackson's close friend. And even that he went to a match in 98' but to me it seems just like more publicly for Fulham. I would hate to say that, noting that Michael passed away just a couple of years ago. However how are you going to get more people to notice your club? Erect a statue of one of the greatest performers ever. Even Sportscenter and other US media sites have discussed this.

I understand why most football enthusiasts are upset about this. Statue around stadiums are suppose to mean something to those that go there every weekend. You know the saying, "The Stadium Ruth built" The statue has to identify with the fans. Or the statue of Michael Jordan outside of the United Center. He helped make the Chicago Bulls who they are so he deserves it. What will the statue of Michael Jackson stand for at Craven Cottage? Most purists will be highly upset because it isn't as if he donated sums of money to the club or helped out the club in any other way as in saying that it was his favorite club.

I am a big Michael Jackson fan, I like most of his music. However being a football fan also, I think it is disrespect to those who do have to go to the park every matchday. It will be nice for tourist to see it and take pictures for sure. However I think there are better ways to remember the King of Pop other than a statue outside of a football stadium.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Jokes Free Zone

Person: Yo! Dre I heard there are a couple of girls that want to holla at you.
Me: Let me guess, April Fools right?
Person: Yeah!! HA HA HA!
Me: that would have been a good one if I wasn't clearly expecting it.

This isn't a true conversation or anything, I really just wanted to start this post with something funny for everyone. I am not the April Fools type of person, I am not good at the whole thing and honestly I haven't had to deal with April Fools Jokes for a while now. (last year I was in New Zealand and people didn't do April Fools Jokes. The year before I don't think I saw anybody that day). I think it would be cool if someone joked a whole group of people. I could be on board with that and can handle being fooled there.

I am currently having a problem with all of these jokes on twitter. Not that they aren't in good taste but for the most part I go there for the majority of my news. Seeing how people are or just getting certain types of news (football and other headlines). Now I have a day where I can't look at a tweet and wonder if it is true or not? One of the people I followed said that he has signed with the MLS, I thought it was true because it was still March 31 here and I am guessing that it was April 1 there. Then I read a couple of stories that I believed were true but then keep on reading more sources and found out that I've been fooled.

I guess my gullibility on those issues are very clear to see and also I cannot really have any April Fools jokes myself because I don't think anybody would believe it anyways. So I am going to keep my hands clean of any jokes and be a zone for these types of tomfoolery (like that, tomfoolery). However I don't think that I will be able to steer clear of any people's jokes if they come with the right delivery so I have to keep my eyes open..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Neymar, Look at another Country. Or here's another thought...

After last weekend's game against Scotland, Neymar has been in high demand for Chelsea and Manchester City in England. Probably many more teams in other countries are looking to make him a wealthy man also.

My Opinion:
STAY AWAY FROM ENGLAND!! How many South American attackers have been successful in the Premiership? Alright there is Carlos Tevez, but I will give you time to go through all the almanacs, wikipedia, and google to find other successful attacking players from South America (namely Argentina and Brazil). Even Tevez is an anomaly because he isn't in the mold of most South American strikers. He doesn't mind defending and pressuring from the front which for most players they would not be bothered to do such a thing. Robinho has been a hit with AC Milan but could not crack the side at Manchester City. Probably not given the chance to shine. He could not handle the weather and the life in Manchester wasn't suitable to him like most other players.

English clubs do have a prejudice of South Americans. They are too flashy and too individualistic. Managers often tell these players not to do the things that got these players signed in the first place. Plus the rough and tough English Premier League style doesn't seem to favor players like Neymar. Especially in the winter where it is very foreign for most players coming from South American countries.

A Wild Idea:
If Santos is able to pay the money? Why doesn't he stay in Brazil? There is a thought. Many players go to Europe and find out that it isn't there cup of tea. They want to go back home (ask Carlos Tevez). When Robinho left for Europe, he did not play up to his billing. Then he went back to Santos and started playing some of his best football and got himself back in the National Team. I do not think that playing overseas has the same standard in places like Brazil or Argentina than it does in Australia or the United States for example. Most Australian players are encouraged to go to Europe to improve. Most South Americans don't need that training.

I have to take into account that most of these countries don't have the money to pay the players and it isn't entirely up to the players to go to Europe. However I think if Santos can pony up the money, then why not keep him there. Pele never made the jump to another country until his career was coming to an end. Neymar is a hot commodity but as we seen in a couple of international games, he can hold his own to European competition without the European training.

Maybe he wants the challenge of the European game or his agent wants to cash in on a huge pay-day. I cannot fault him for wanting to scratch that itch, however I hope he is being counseled the right way and doesn't make a decision that stunts his growth. If he does go to Europe, I'd rather see him in Spain or Italy because they won't try to mold him into a robot.

However, I could be wrong about this decision as I've been wrong about many other things. That is why this is just a blog and it is just my opinion...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About that time to hang that other cleat up.

We were out training and we were talking about one of our friends who was trying out for a team in Wilmington. He is definitely good enough to make the team and start in a lot of the games. However when they offered him a contract, they only gave him $500/month and no housing. I was just thinking to myself: Gee, I make much more than that in two weeks time in my job. They can't even give the guy housing??

That is when I knew that chasing this dream is over for me. I like to have fun when I play football not worry about having to feed myself and competition over starting spots. I mean that isn't even close to minimum wage for a real job.

I just feel like if someone plays in that type of league making almost next to nothing for the next seven years or so. Once the career is over, it is back to square one and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of one's life. It is something I would not want to think about at 34 or 35, I rather have things sort of figured out by then, yeah?

I know what you are thinking. But Dre what if I am able to play well enough to get to the MLS?
I understand that logic. However how many people in the modern MLS makes that leap from Second and Third Division clubs in the US? I don't know the statistics but I don't think that many are successful in their pursuit for that. Especially when MLS is trying to become an legitimate league by bringing in foreign players and developing Academies for those MLS clubs. The chances become practically impossible for those lower level players.

I don't knock those guys for pursuing the dream. Keep on, I am still a wee bit jealous of them. However I know the reality that even if I do make a team (USL Pro or NASL), I would probably be a reserve player. Would not hate that but it would stop me from my pursuits after my last professional kick.

In turn, I had one boot hung up and now I am officially hanging up the other one. I want to play with my people and have fun doing the thing I love. It isn't about getting paid for doing something you love because actually it becomes more of a burden than one realizes (I can explain that to you if you don't understand). I just want to step onto the park, breath the nice Spring air, kick around, and love doing what I love to do without people critique my every kick...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Viewer's Choice =)

Someone actually listened to what I said. I asked on my twitter page if anyone has any ideas that I should write about on my blog and I have found one to write about.

Granted, I am not the most experienced in relationships. I have only really had two and both I can take most of the blame on them. Not because I cheated on them or anything, more because I didn't really have clear ideas on how a relationship is suppose to be like.

For those that don't know me, I use to be very antisocial. In high school and part of college, I never really got out and met many people. Plus most of my high school experiences were spent traveling the southeastern part of the country and playing soccer. It was something I wanted to do so I can't blame anyone but myself for all that.

In fact my first relationship started college, I didn't know what I was doing. I liked the girl a lot but I don't know if I was ready for the juggling act that was necessary. You know balancing out time with her, time with friends, and time for soccer because soccer was all I knew for 13 years before it. I definitely didn't do my best as a good boyfriend at that point in time and I can admit that.

Second one ended more because of the distances rather than anything that went wrong. I didn't see it fair for someone to wait for what I was doing because I was chasing the soccer thing. Going from LA to Atlanta and then eventually to New Zealand (that New Zealand thing was after we split anyways).

I feel something that makes a good relationship is for the two people to have common ground on most things. Obviously you'll disagree with some things that each other say, everyone argues from time to time. The friends that I have who are in relationships have many things in common whether it is personality, style, or other things like sport, video games, etc.

Being with someone that you can't talk to about something you like, I don't know it really doesn't seem like that relationship is going to work out. There needs to be much more substances than just sleeping together and eating.

Me? Right now I haven't found anyone that I like (or likes me) that I can have some sort of common ground with. Granted, common ground doesn't have to be that they have to like soccer or anything like that. It could be that they are comfortable in their skin and don't think they are all that. I like hanging out with normal people who don't act snobbish. It really turns me off in anyone even if there are a friend.

I would not say that I am not actively looking for a relationship but I am letting life flow. I use to get real angry whenever I felt rejected or I've liked someone but the feelings weren't mutual. I am curbing the anger on being rejected and I am letting this play out. I can't rush things and it isn't an exact science. If it was then I would have found a way to figure it all out, right?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Drab Performance

Mancini, Mancini, Mancini.. Your "proven" way of defensive soccer does not work. Getting players behind the ball all the time. Having no service for David Silva and Edin Dzeko. Playing Yaya Toure out of position among other things.

I watched the Chelsea and Manchester City game, I understand that the game is being played in Stamford Bridge and you want to start defending the game first. However with the money that is being spent at Eastlands, the fans and owners want an attacking brand of football. There is no reason why this should not be happening.

I could count about three players who had adequate games in the circumstance. Unfortunately there are all defensive players (De Jong, Kompany, and Lescott). Dzeko didn't have the proper service and David Silva didn't have the correct movement of his players around him. It is frustrating to those that are in the side that they can't do more.

Bringing on attacking players once you have to chase the game isn't the correct option. Waiting until 10 minutes left in the match to bring on attacking options rarely gives you results. Meanwhile, Chelsea becomes proactive and brings on attacking players while they are still in the 0-0 stalemate. Drogba supplies the free kick for David Luiz to score on. Ancelotti out-coached Mancini on that front.

Carlos Tevez could have been a big difference to this game. Dzeko doesn't seem to me to be able to put the team on his back and carry them through a game. He needs proper service to score goals. Tevez makes most things out of absolutely nothing. I can't blame Mancini for that because Tevez couldn't play due to an injury.

I understand punishing Balotelli for getting a needless red card in their Europa League tie on Thursday. He can still turn the game on its head given the starting opportunities. Granted, they run the rest of him becoming hot-headed and getting another red-card but I think these are some of the chances that needed to be made to become a top four side.

I don't know if a top-four finish will be able to save Roberto Mancini. They peaked too early this season and I do not think that he has the respect of the players on the team. Players aren't going to believe in their manager if their manager doesn't believe in the ability of the team to win.

Then again, what manager out there will be able to maximize City's potential???

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Successful and Unsuccessful Transfer

Of course since my ideas are jumbled up in my brain, I decided to post another one of my assignments that I did on my course. So warning to those who don't have any care about soccer, I would just close out the blog and just say when am I going to hear about what is going on in Andre's life. Well I can just give u a brief, "I am working and trying to get on with life." and then that is it.

I had to write about what transfers that I thought were successful and which I thought were unsuccessful and I jotted down my ideas on here.

Warning: These are just my thoughts, you might have your own opinion. Well this isn't your blog haha, but you can give me some of your opinions on my comment page.

Unsuccessful Transfer: Jo, CSKA Moscow to Manchester City 19 million pounds

Manchester City bought a Brazilian by the name of Jo. He was bought from CSKA Moscow for about 19 million pounds. Even though he started at Eastlands when he was 19 years of age, he was undoubtedly a failure of a transfer so far. He has been loaned out to Everton and Galasataray during his time with City and is more than likely going to leave the club with a lesser transfer fee than they bought him with. He has only scored six goals in his City career with only one of them coming in Premier League action. I always have the thought that Brazilians never worked well in England. Whether it was due to the cold weather, style of play, or the English lifestyle, I never felt as if they ever adapted well in England. Also in the next couple of years, they bought better strikers like Tevez, Adebayor, and now Dzeko. Jo did not stand much of a change of succeeding; also they have played him out of position at times this season. Roberto Mancini has had him out wide and further away from goal. He has not officially left Manchester City even though he is on loan; the front office is looking at ways to transfer him for a suitable fee.

Successful Transfer: Cristiano Ronaldo Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United 12.24 million pounds

The most successful transfer I believe is when Cristiano Ronaldo went from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United. During his time with United, he has become one of the world’s best players. He signed with the club for 12.24 million pounds in the 2002-03 season. He started out slow with the club however he broke out in the 2006 season by scoring 23 goals in all competitions then he surpassed that by scoring 42 goals and leading his club to the Premiership title and a Champions League trophy. He ended that season by winning FIFA World’s Player of the Year. He became the first Premier League player to win the award. He would later move on to Real Madrid after the 2008-2009 season. I believe that it was a successful transfer on Manchester United, not only because of the success he brought to the club, but he was sold for almost eight times of his United transfer when he went to Real Madrid (80 million pounds)

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Life

I haven't disappeared from the face of Planet Earth or anything but I have sort of tried to get around to place to place. I was in Wilmington on Saturday and that was fun even though there weren't many people out that night but all in all it was a good night.

The more eventful happening was the road rage that I was encountering on the ride back home. People giving me the finger and an old man tried to veer in my lane on time. I am like guys calm down, it is a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the ride, you guys don't have anywhere to go.

I've just been working a lot and playing some soccer in the meantime. I don't really have much going on in the moment. I've been playing a lot of video games and downtime to look up wikipedia information (yeah it has gotten to that point). I am getting comfortable about being at my place even if it is just sleeping, video games, and tv.

Like I said in an earlier post, I have been taking a soccer scouting and operations course so it will speed up the process of becoming a scout. I feel as if that will be a better choice for me. I don't know if I would be the greatest coach but I think I have a good eye to find players since I watch lots of soccer everyday.

So I am having my soccer glasses on at all times and not just watching the game but also watching certain players and certain trends in the game. I've been posting some of my assignments recently. I may post more soon to come.

Other than that, I have a boring life. TV and computer have become my best friends as they talk to me a lot. I am not asking for any attention, I am somewhat comfortable where I am at so I am just going to live life how I can take it and try to make of what I can of it..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Analyzing Manchester City and Barcelona

I am currently taking this course in Soccer Scouting and Operations. One of my assignments was to discussion in detail two clubs from different countries. Compare and Contrast the teams, the leagues, and what would you do to change teams without making any transfers.

"I chose to describe the English Premier League's Manchester City and the Spanish La Liga leaders Barcelona.

Manchester City was founded in 1880. They currently play their football in the English Premier League. City is in third place behind Manchester United and Arsenal respectively. Their manager is Roberto Mancini, an Italian coach who formely managed Inter Milan. Their history is not the greatest. Their last trophy came in the League Cup in 1976.

However with the new ownership of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and their influx of money. The Citizens have been able to buy top players like Carlos Tevez, Yaya and Kolo Toure, David Silva, and Mario Balotelli among others. Their aims are to qualify for the Champions League and eventually win the English Premier League.

Their main rival is Manchester United. In recent history, United has gotten on the better end of these derby matches but City has closed the gap competitively against them.

Barcelona is currently leading the Spanish La Liga. They are currently seven points ahead of Real Madrid. They are coached by Barca legend, Pep Guardiola. Barca is lead by some of the best players in the game with Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, and David Villa. They have a high powered offense that could score in the drop of a dime.

Their recenty history has been good. Winning the La Liga several of times and also winning the Champions League twice in the last decade. They also have legendary players like Johan Cruyff, Romario, Ronaldo, Hristo Stoickhov, and Ronaldinho.

Comparing Styles of Play
Manchester City uses a combination of English football and Italian football due to their manager Roberto Mancini. They sometimes boom the ball up field to their tall striker, Edin Dzeko. When they get into big games, they crawl into a defensive shell and pin all their hopes on Carlos Tevez, he is one of the best lone-wolf strikers in the game today.

Barcelona on the other hand, plays free-flowing attacking style of football. They pass and move until they are able to unlock the opposition defence. Barca makes the matches look like practice with their constant movement. They also smother teams when the they have the ball. They pressure all over the field so they can get the ball in a better position so they can score more goals.

The Leagues.
The EPL is a rough and tough league. It is very rapid fire. Most of the better teams are able to get the ball on the ground and start passing around. The worse off teams often try to boom the ball forward and hope for the best. They often bully teams rather than play football.

The La Liga is a bit more calm and relaxed. Most if not all of the teams like playing the ball short and keep it on the ground. That is why Barca and Real Madrid are so good because they have better players that play that high quality football.

In England, the weather is often cold in the winter and mild in the late summer and early spring months. That is why brute force is used because playing short in sometmies icy pitches aren't helpful for the leading clubs.

Spain is a much more Mediterranean climate which is much more warmer than in England. So they can play their brand of passing football and individual players can shine in that style.

What I would change:
What I would do for Manchester City is play with a 4-3-3 formation that would have two defensive midfielders and David Silva has the playmaker who is a part of that three man midfielder. I would like my chances with a Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli three man attack, when healthy. Balotelli is experienced at playing on the wing and him and Tevez would be comfortable cutting the ball inside and getting their own shots.

What can you really change from this Barcelona lineup? They are almost perfect. The only thing I would change is shelf the 3-5-2 lineup for good. They played this lineup against Valencia on Wednesday and almost got punished for it in the first 25 minutes of that game. The three back was never comfortable, so if I could change anything on that team is that I'd never play that lineup ever again."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Benzema for First Choice Striker of Real Madrid!!....for a little bit at least

For all it's worth, I do think that Karim Benzema is a capable player. I just didn't enjoy his whining last year while Gonzalo Higuain was first choice striker, rightfully so in my opinion. I am the type of person that never forgets a cry-baby. So after Higuain was lost for this season, I thought that Real Madrid should look for a striker. Tevez? Drogba? I did not think that Benzema could carry the load. I think my view was a little jaded through my opinion of him.

He was off-form for a little while in the beginning of the season. It could have been due to him not playing much due to Higuain and it could have been due to the technical director (Valdano) and manager (Mourinho) arguing on whether to stick with Benzema after Higuain's injury or find a new striker. Soon enough though Jorge Valdano won out at least a little bit and Benzema got a bit more playing time as a result.

The last couple of games for Madrid and France, he has been impressive in my eyes. Watching the France-Brazil match probably got me to turning a new leaf on the guy and his ability to be the first choice striker for his club and country. So I can say that I am stand correct by the guy's performances the last couple of weeks.

Madrid decided to loan in Emanuel Adebayor. Now I can have my differences with Benzema however I feel as if he is a better player than Ade. Adebayor had one good season in Arsenal and I guess is still living on that memory. Noted, that Ade has had a lot to deal with over the last year (the incident in Angola at the African Nations Cup where the Togo NT bus was shot on), however he didn't pass my eye test. I would not pick him to be first choice striker of Madrid over Benz.

I don't know if Benzema has won over his manager. However he has at least won me over as a Real Madrid striker. I am concerned if Mourinho goes after a Didier Drogba and when Higuain comes back, he'll probably be back on the sidelines again. I think he can be a first-choice striker for a top team and he needs to be in order for France to achieve anything in the next four years (Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014).

I hope my praise of him doesn't lead to his overconfidence(even though I know he isn't listening)....

As I was typing this post, he scores on his first couple of touches of their Champions League match-up with his former club, Lyon. At least I am starting to get something right. Ha...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me and My Blackbery

I was revisiting most of my blog post (actually trying to remember if I wrote a posting that I am going to dedicate to all the ladies that I proclaimed that I like them). And I found out my Iphone vs Blackberry post. I noticed that no one wrote anything down for that. I thank you for that, not really. However I know which phone I like right about now. Even though I haven't really tried out the Droid phone and I don't really want to.

I received my blackberry around December because my other phone broke beyond repair. I knew I had insurance on it so when I went to receive my replacement phone, I didn't know that I needed to upgrade. When the Blackberry box came to my door, I was surprised and I didn't think that it was mine. I called up AT&T to make sure they didn't make a mistake.

Fortunately, they did not make a mistake. I received the right phone and I haven't regretted it since.

I am a fan of the Blackberry due to its keyboard. The iphone is touch-base and I know that I'm not a fan of a touch phone. I know that I am a messy person at times and I like touching my phone a lot so having a touch phone while I have grease on my hands isn't a good look on many people's account.

Plus, I have fat fingers. At least I think I have fat fingers so whenever I would type on a touch phone, it would often give me the wrong letters. While having my blackberry curve, I can type my letters on a keyboard and feel at least good about myself. Plus most of their apps fit my needs. I love Blackberry AppWorld.

The decision was made for me rather than me making a decision. I got a Blackberry and haven't regretted my decision. Plus some of my friends still have them so I can BBM them rather than text and not waste any more money than I have.

I won't hate on a Iphone. I think any smart phone is the way to go. Especially if you are away on travel and don't feel like carrying your laptop around. You can get anything you want on a smart phone rather than finding a Wi-Fi service on your laptop and hoping it would work. It could save you whenever you need help. You won't know until you'll need it the most.

I'm going to stay with the Blackberry for a while. It fits my needs plus I found an otter-box to protect my phone. I heard that Iphone's are shaky when it comes to protection. I'm just glad that I finally have gotten out of the stone age and now I can finally be a real person...

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Am Cool! I don't have to prove a thing to anybody!!!

I know a lot of people.

Yeah that is a general statement but true. I do know a good amount of people and knowing these people fills you in on the make-up of certain human beings. I hang out with many different personalities. Some are cool, some are "normal", and some are crazy in ways that many can't imagine.

I start off this blog post with this because these personalities have many different ways in which they handle things. People buy a ticket to this roller coaster called life and go through their ups and downs. And others live stay level and are in tune with what their life is and are comfortable that they are doing what they are suppose to be doing.

I am an observant person for the most part. I am probably more observant than I actually need to be. There are people who want to be cool, there are also people who are actually cool, then there are people who kind of just chill on the sidelines. The people who try to act cool really get on my nerves. I see them all around, trying to impress girls, trying to impress other friends and just looking very ridiculous.

Being yourself is cool enough. If someone has to feel as if they need to prove something to other people, I feel like that is the wrong way to go. People like other people for being themselves. If their personality isn't with the people they hang out with, then that is a problem that they have to deal with and find some friends who can actually relate to each other.

Most of my friends are comfortable with themselves. They don't try to act like they need to prove something to someone because they don't need to prove anything to me. I am pretty easy to get along, I don't deal well with people who act one way around certain people, then act another way around others. Consistency is a key ingredient to any type of friendship.

If someone acts the same around people that they act around everyone, people can respect that. If you are consistent with your behavior and people dig that, then no one can fault you with that. It is just when someone changes how they are to prove that they want to be cool with other people.

I know this person now that I've figure out that they don't really have any concern about being my friend. They would rather make fun of me or try to make me look bad so that they could look good to everyone else. I can't respect that. And it finally took me until a couple of days ago to figure out that they aren't cool they just want to look good for everyone else.

If you are cool, you don't have to prove anything to anyone. I don't even think I'm cool and I still don't try to prove that I'm cool. I make fun of everybody accordingly. I don't try to make myself look good for the sake of other people. I don't think that is the right way to go about things.

And the other thing is that, that person doesn't really recognize this and tries to think that he is making himself look good on my expense. Let me tell you something, I don't have to prove my worth to anybody. People like me for me and if you don't like me then I won't blame you for anything. That is your opinion and you are going to stick with it. I won't try to change your opinion of me.

Let me end by saying that I have more to say. I am just done with this topic.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Call Me an Elitist

I will admit this. I am a soccer snob. I do not like playing with people who aren't as good as I am. This is the only thing I am uppity about. Don't mistake it, I don't mind playing with players who are competent in the game. However when people wear khaki shorts or blue jeans, we can't play soccer together. It is just not going to happen.

I came up with this realization when we were playing pick-up yesterday. We were enjoying our game and these guys wanted to come up and play. We made some excuse about wanting to play in a shorter space and having two more guys come on will mess that up. In my mind, I just didn't want them to come on because it would make the game bad.

When we usually play with other players who we don't know, they often do dumb shit like chipping the ball in the air for no reason. Or do some stupid move that has them get the ball taken away from them and we end up losing the game.

The reason why I feel this way is because whenever I play I would like to get better or have a productive session of footy. I don't want to lose any of my soccer IQ playing against someone who trips over there own feet often and just doesn't get it. I'd rather just go to the side and juggle the ball for a little bit. It would be much more productive to my day.

Maybe I am a little crabby about playing against bad players because I do often drive between 15 to 20 miles to play. I want to get the most out of each session that I can. And I don't want to waste gas on being out there with players that could not start on their rec teams (now that is just a bit mean).

As my game gets worse over time (hopefully not soon), then I'll be able to get use to playing against the normal people. I'll come out of my high pedestal and join the common man in this beautiful game that I love...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Start of Reevaluating

I feel that I try to find miserable situations. I am pretty sure that I haven't really felt happy in a long time. I am not trying to make me feel bad about myself or you feel sorry for me. I just feel a difficulty of feeling happy at this point in time.

I guess it is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I want to be miserable, then I am going to be miserable. I don't want to feel pissed off over anything. However it comes easier than being happy about things. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I wish that I could say that it was because of this day or anything along those lines. However I have not been feeling right for a long time. I mean there are certain moments where I am content about things. Then these moments disappear in a blink of an eye. And I am back to be dissatisfied about things.

I guess it isn't healthy either to find a quick fix to my problems. I am guilty about doing that at times. I think I can find one thing or another to keep me happy for a day or a weekend. Once that passes I often get more angry than before. I think I need a break from everything. I don't know if what I am doing now is working.

I always talk about re-evaluating my life as a joke but now I think I am going to have to start doing that. This (my life) is not working. I can't go through life in an unhappy state all the time. I know that and understand it. There is only one end for those people and I don't really want that for me.

Maybe I need some sort of guidance, I haven't been helpful on that front. I don't want someone telling me what to do maybe I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Every time since about 2008, I have pretty much made a lot of wrong turns and decisions that has got me back to zero.

I think I like writing things like this on my blog site just for a bit of understanding. I don't know if many of you understand how I feel when I am not around or talking to you. I feel at least a bit more comfortable when people at least know a bit more about me. I am not really comfortable about talking about it and maybe I need to. I don't think that I want to show any of my weaknesses if I do talk about it.

Just searching for a normal life, if I know exactly what that is...

Those darn imaginary readers