Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forgive Me

I have run out of thoughts. I usually just work and head back home and do nothing. Okay, I might get out on the pitch for a few hours but other than that the brain has been just completely void of thought.

Hopefully while I am in work or lounging around the house, I can get some complete thoughts instead of going half-way in my blog posting. You don't know how many drafts I have now because I couldn't complete the post so I would just abandon the posting altogether.

So right now, If I go on a two or three week break without anything. I am just putting pen to pad on my thoughts and will hopefully get some decent material together because I am going to admit my last couple of posting has been poor at best. At the same time, I might be able to round something up by Friday or something. You never know, but hopefully my brain doesn't turn into that. That would definitely suck...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am not 19

Do I really look like I am 20? Am I really going to look like 19 or 20 for the rest of my life? I mean yeah I kind of have to keep my face clean due to my line of work dealing with lawyers and their paralegals all day. (I do not complain about my job) However I would love to not shave my scrubby beard and see how old I would look then.

I'd probably would just be a 19 year old who is trying to grow some hair on his face. "Isn't that cute" I mean most of us do not want to grow up, we'd like to stay the young for as long as we can. Well since I can't change the hands of time, I would like to just be my age and gain more experience through growing older. I don't have a preference as of now what I would like to do with my life but I am sure to find something that suits me just fine.

This cashier was messing with my ID to see if it was real or not. I am just looking at him and being like: "come on, I know you are trying to use standard procedure but do I really look too young to get an beer? Either let me go and buy what I need to or give me my ID back because I am not suppose to drive without it." I guess he has had trouble in the past and just wants to make sure. That is what it sounded like he said, I could not understand a word that man was saying.

Another thing about people saying that I am younger than I really am is that it is mostly people that are younger than me telling me this. I am like, "I can be your elementary school teacher." It is whatever though, when a 24 year old woman is thinking that she can take advantage of a "20 year old boy" she ain't going to realize that I am 24 til it's too late. Ha! I've played that scenario in my head. It hasn't happened yet but it is always nice to have a mental picture.

Why don't I want to be younger than I am? I don't want to think about the times that I was 19 and 20. And think about what I should have or could have changed to maybe make my life different to what it is now. It is over and I shouldn't be reminiscing over times that are long gone and very forgettable. I continue to try to look forward and forget the mistakes I have made during those times. Obviously not trying to make the same ones but at the same time, it is a time that I don't really want to bring up again in my head. I rather worry about what is going to happen to me when I am 27, 28, or 29 rather than what happened when I was 18, 19, or 20. I think I am done with those late teen times and maybe when I get older I would want them back, but right now I think I am comfortable being 24 thank you...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home is where the Heart Is.

It seems that Ronaldinho seems to be heading home. He has verbally accepted a contract offer from Flamengo. And even if AC Milan cannot agree to terms in the summer, he can leave in the winter for free. It's only been a couple of years ago when he was the best player of the planet.

Even though he has gotten his game back on track, he is intent on heading back home to the Sunny Skies of Brazil. I cannot blame him too much. He has done everything there is to do in the game. It is obvious that he just wants to live out the rest of his career at home and if so good on him.

Many critics often say that you have to be in Europe to succeed and make mega-bucks. He's done that and more during his time in France, Spain, and Italy. It will be a pretty good close out to his career to end it at his home. And just enjoy the life he wants to live. He loves the game, but he also likes to party, and have a good time which we shouldn't blame him too much for. Yes, you can call it unprofessional as a footballer but it isn't like he's gotten into any trouble over it. It will be a good closer to a fabulous career.

We do know that every where he goes, Ronaldinho does know how to throw a party...

New Design for Now

I know you are use to the old design that I've had for going on three years. I had to change it up a bit finally. Obviously I wish I could master the art of making an unique template for my blog. However this will have to do for now.

I don't mind this type of setting. It feels quite brighter than my other one. Maybe some brighter posting will be in the works also.

Who am I kidding. I am just going to say what is on my mind like I usually do.

Those Darn Dog Days

I was watching the Home Run Derby (well not really, you could call laying down on the couch while staring at your computer actually watching) and of course I reflect on the passing of the World Cup, NBA Finals, and Free Agency. Now there is just nothing that I have the desire to watch. When I watch First Take, they reach to find someone dressing in a hot dog suit or somebody breaking the world record for snot coming out of his nose.

No offense to MLS but I can't gather up the strength to watch that either. Most of the time the ball is in the air and other times players are clattering in to each other. It isn't desirable, even though I do pick the times to watch Michael Harrington and Corey Ashe play because they are my boys and I've played with them and respect their abilities at least. Other than that, you cannot get me to watch New England Revolution take on Toronto FC. No thanks, I'd rather cut myself.

And there is no way you can get me to watch Baseball, so I am not even going to try and give a reason why I would even give it a chance.

Summer is a time where it's possible to be outside all day and forget that television even exists. So maybe what summer is telling me (and I'm finally listening) is that I should turn the TV off, go outside and seize the day...

Friday, July 9, 2010

So You want to Switch Teams huh? Well Go Ahead!

Well while I was dealing with a crazy girl on the fourth of July weekend (literally she probably was crazy) she said two things that resonated with me. 1) She said that she wanted to switch teams which if I could really react to that, I would have been like, "could you play on both teams?" and 2) she kept on complaining why guys are a$$holes

That is the one that irritated me the most and I knew that I didn't have an answer to that one because I don't feel as if I'm an asshole. Many women complain about not finding good men and they say that there aren't any out there. (Totally not speaking for myself now)

They are out there. You might have to look for them instead of expecting them to fall in your lap. Sometimes it does fall in your lap but most of the time maybe you will have to do some searching and you might not have to go to eharmony or or none of that crap.

Guess what, if you keep on hooking up and hanging out with "a$$holes" then the problem might not be them. It might just be you. Maybe a little bit. yeah? Don't give me that confidence bullshit because it is straight up bull. I've seen girls go up to guys and talk to them instead of them waiting for the guys.

Obviously none of this is an exact science and no I am not a believe of there is someone for everyone. However anyone can find someone I do know that, but it isn't a certainty. If they do then great, if they don't, please don't go crazy because I won't go crazy if I don't find anyone. I'll just live my life and laugh at all the miserable couples because you are all miserable or at least will be looking miserable in about 3 years (okay I'll be nice and give you 5 but I doubt that)

So for that girl that I talked to and she wanted to switch teams: I'm not going to hold a free agency summit for her. She can do what she wants. I am not going to pressure anybody into anything but I got one question. Could I watch?

I'm just kidding calm down people. Well about the last question. Everything else is real...

P.S.: I had this picture in mind to go with this "switch teams" but I think my parents and others might see this post so I kinda want to leave the pic out but it was a good one tho. Ha Ha!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Umm Pause???

Wayne Rooney out on a jetski but obviously it is a pink one. Him and his family are on vacation in Barbados enjoying the sun and being much more of a role-model than Ashley Cole who was seen smoking and hawking down groupies who would flash him at any moment (Ashley Cole, professional athlete: Is it any wonder our World Cup Campaign went up in smoke?). So good on Wayne for spending time with the fam. Just man that jetski up a little bit.

Calvin's Got a Job!

My name isn't Calvin or anything but yes I do have a job finally. I started working at a law firm as a service tech. Today was my second day. It isn't too difficult or anything, well at least from what I've seen. It'll definitely be a transition from my normal life of sleeping til 11am, eating, and then go back to sleep for a few. I need the busyness in my life. Waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier than I usually do. As of now I am only working from 9 to 1 but I am in training to take over my roommate's job.

So, what is this saying about my footy future. It doesn't say too much. Obviously this season is lost. However I am not going to say never to this footy thing. I feel like I have 8 to 9 more solid years left in me. I know that I can't keep on jumping from here to there but I think I needed to get out of New Zealand while I could, because I didn't have the money and I didn't want to sit around and do nothing to help me get a job when I get back. I enjoyed it and if I had my preference, I would have liked to stay albeit having a job but it was something I needed to do. It'll be nice to have solid job experience while I can and if a team from here or abroad comes calling then I hope to be ready. I've started running a couple of days ago and I hope to get back into some great fitness. I had fun while I could but now it's time to get back to work. Literally...

Those darn imaginary readers