Sunday, April 25, 2010

Definitely Not a Fan of This Monday

Even though I should not be having any gripes about Mondays, since I don't really work at this point in time. I am really not happy at the moment about this one because I was awaken at around 7:30am when I at least usually wake up around 9am. I can't seem to get back to sleep either. I guess I deserve it because of me not having to wake up early at all.

Soccer has been going. We tied East Coast Bays a couple of weeks ago 0-0 and this weekend we scored a 4-nil victory against Manurewa. It is slowly but surely coming together. We complain about our performances not being good enough but hey we are still winning games and that is all you want when you have teams that aren't as talented but work their asses off to try and frustrate us. We just need to make sure that we do the job no matter how ugly.

I wouldn't say that I am not feeling anything but I am not thinking of a lot right now. Lots have been going on in the background that could potentially irk me but I try not to sweat this sort of stuff right now. Even though it seems that nothing as been going right in the two months that I have been here. The only thing that has seemed to improve is my footy which I feel that I am playing well in.

Don't know how I am doing it though. I feel distracted during training and during the days where I have nothing else to do but thing. I guess once I get the jersey on and walk out on the pitch, nothing else matters, empty promises are erased for those 90 minutes until that final whistle is blown. Then I can hear (because I am not listening anymore) about the same stuff how everything is going to change.

I am working on finding a job for myself but of course it hasn't been too successful as I would like it to be. It seems that no one is going to hire someone who has under two months left on their visa. Fair enough on them. I cannot blame them too much. So I will continue to try and work things out on my own and if it doesn't work out.

Then I guess I will have to put on my shades and shorts and enjoy another summer...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does One Encounter Make Someone Special?

Sometime in November, I had the honor of being in the presences of someone who is intelligence, beautiful and had a nice accent :). This was my first time I have ever seen this person. How did I get to meet this person? Through this little screen that I am typing away on right now. First ever time that this happened but I will always cherish the day.

I didn't know what to expect honestly. I was shaking inside. I wanted to make a good impression on her. I didn't want to say anything wrong to make her hate me. We were kind of playing phone-tag and then car-tag for a little while since I was actually working a soccer tournament at that time. I met her, we decided on a place to eat and we drove there. I was quite surprised when she gave me a hug. I expected a handshake or something but it felt nice when she gave me a hug. It made me comfortable with her already.

So we sat and chatted away like we were friends who haven't seen each other in forever. I found out some nice things about her and she found out some things about me too. This encounter was only about a hour and a half but it felt like 5 hours. I was quite sad to see her get in her rental car and head back to her hotel.

We still talk on twitter and see how we are doing from time to time. Whenever she feels sad, I try to give an encouraging word to cheer her up. The thing is that she is sooo cool that everybody tries to cheer her up. Even though I might be one of the masses, I just want to see her smile. I don't know if she will read this but I hope she is smiling now

and she is still the hottest potential MILF that I know ;)....

Those Lil Kids

I was working the Three Kings holiday programmes this week. And of course it was an interesting week. With having to yell at kids to get their attentions and threaten them with any punishment if they do not do what they are told. Unfortunately, they do not listen due to their small attention spans. So you cannot really punish them. There is a little thing called laws. My good friend Paul Temple (Temps for further references) did a good job in trying to threaten "punishment" on the kids.

Yesterday, we asked the kids who liked Tottenham. And there was a resounding boo amongst all of the kids. There was a little rival match the next day between Tottenham and Arsenal at White Hart Lane. Temps being a loyal Spurs supporter decided to make the kids cheer for the Spurs by saying, if Tottenham wins there will be fun and games for the kids but if they lose he is going to make the run the whole time. So the kids not knowing that it is a trick started cheering for Tottenham to win the next morning. Evilness that's what I call it.

Otherwise the camp went without a hitch. We got a lot done with the thanks of Steve Dillion and Stephen Murphy aka Scotty aka Troy. The kids enjoyed it a lot. I am sure the parents enjoyed it too. They didn't have to deal with children for a good 3 to 4 hours.

I don't want to change the subject. This post is all about the kids. I think I am going to ram another post out in a few...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is Wrong With Me?

I do not what it is right now but I haven't been able to talk about anything going on in my mind. If you are a long-time blog-reader of mine (probably just Aaron at this point), you would know that I would go off the brain with wild and crazy things to talk about during my blog posting.

I wonder why that is?

I notice a parallel with me being in New Zealand and not having to find anything crazy to talk about. It is more because nothing crazy goes on while I am here. Well maybe the odd night out or some footy experience. I know that I had wild and crazy stories to tell on these blogs. It might not come out as a story but whenever I read my blog, I remember what exactly I am thinking about at that time.

Also I can think of wild stories that have to do with certain dreams that have resonated with me that I feel like putting on display. Maybe, just maybe I can get back on to do those things or just tell you stories off the tip of my tongue. I know you are tired of hearing about my life stories in Auckland. Who rather hear something more crazier than that? Well I'll at least raise my hand to that.

Wow! Two blog posts in a day. I haven't done that in years...

Just Another Week

I am trying to keep the blog posts going for those that actually read the blog (who are they?) All I did last week was train, play in a game and worry whether I would have a place to stay or not. If you must know, we have to move out of the place we are currently staying at because of some unfortunate circumstances due to the family that own the whole house. So they are currently in the process of selling and we all decided just to leave the flat before things got messy.

I found a place to stay however. Daniel Eisenhunt and his wife are allowing me to stay at their flat for the next month or two. By that time I will hopefully get my own flat or nice cheaper lodging that is somewhat comfortable. To be honest, I do not know what they have gotten themselves into but hopefully I will be moving in with them next week.

The footy? It's getting better. TKU scored another victory against Papatotoe (I like that name for some odd reason). We dominated the first half but somehow found ourselves down. Then we scored three un-answered before they pulled one back to finish 3-2. We scraped away towards the last 10 to 15 minutes but a win is a win and we'll accept the three points and ask questions later. No one said that getting three points in this league would be easy by any means.

Now we are in seventh place with 10 points and we have a big match against East Coast Bays next Saturday. They are currently league-leaders and have let it five goals up to date (they haven't played their round 6 match yet), so this is going to be a big match. Hopefully me and the boys will show up. We are having a problem with injuries. We had to make two substitutions along our backline last weekend due to injuries. And there are others in the starting 11 who are injured also, so we are only training two days this week (Yess!)

I am keeping it solid along the backline. I never want to complicate things while playing in the back. Using the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) method to make things go along smoothly. I do not need to be dribbling out of the backline or anything. Just look up, see if you can make a pass, if not clear the ball as far as possible. Being as fit as I am right now, I can do much more in the game especially in the center half position where you do not even need to do as much running as anyone else on the field, unless you are on the back-foot all the time.

During this point in time, I am going through a wide-range of emotions. I was actually thinking about picking up my ball and going home due to the club not being able to find me a part-time job when they said they would and now potentially being homeless. On the way to training on Thursday, I was about to utter the words: "This could not get worse" However when I thought about it, I was like: "you know what, it could possibly get worse so I just need to shut up." The problem that I am having with everything is that it has nothing to do with soccer. It is more of the real-life situation that I am in and the feeling of being used.

Fortunately, like I said earlier, I got a place to stay now and I have a job until I could possibly be working in a casino (which would be tight). So hopefully things are coming together just nicely. I have some money problems at this time but that seems to come with the territory for Mr. Andre Sherard....

Friday, April 2, 2010

#3 No Jokes Strictly Business

April 2, 2010 11:54pm

The season has since started and we have had mixed results so far. We've gone 1-1-1 in this early season and we are standing basically in the middle of the table. We haven't hit our stride yet and even in our W we were playing better when the other team had all their players on the field (they had two sent off) but a win is a win. Some people might think that maybe it's better to start off slow than start off fast and tail off. I don't know how true that is. Yeah you can say that if you're starting off slow and still winning games but if you are starting slow and losing or tying games then you can put yourself into a hole that you can't get out of. We play a top team in Forest Hill-Milford tomorrow, it is a key game for our goal of a top 8 finish of the first part of the season.

Those who might not know, the league is currently set up with 17 teams and the top 8 teams will be automatically put in the Premier League next season while the nine bottom teams have to battle it out for the final two spots.

The Forest Hill game is a crucial one, we need to start beating those teams that are in front of us. That is the key for this season, we should beat those teams behind us but beating a couple of teams that are in the top group will be key in our push for a top 8 spot. Then we have the reigining champions Melville on Monday. So it will be a pretty busy weekend and hopefully we'll be able to get six points out of these games.

Currently playing at the left back position. Normally I wouldn't be too happy about it but right about now I just decided to go with it and have some fun with it. I have been feeling as fit as I've been in a long time so I think I can go 90 minutes running back and forth. (err Maybe?) I played the position in last Saturday's game and it felt pretty good for the most part. And actually set up the second goal, that is one good thing about playing in the outside position, you can put yourself in positions to score or set-up goals.

I know what you are thinking? (probably not thinking this though) 'Andre, are you left-footed?' The answer is well, I am predominantly right-footed but I can play a left-footed ball as well as my right so playing the left back position isn't a bad thing for me. You do not really need your left foot unless you want to play a cross which I practiced more and more on that during Thursday's training and I feel like I got that on point. So even though I am not perfect with the left, I feel as if I can without thinking play a good pass with the left.

Nothing to note from me personally. I would like to keep my anger moments to myself and not divulge too much information unless someone can learn from them. I've been walking the beaches almost every day when I do not have anything else to do. It is really nice and relaxing to do. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at the water, not even thinking about a thing just staring. I am sure those who pass by are like what is this guy doing. It is better than sleeping all day which I actually did today because I spent yesterday pretty sleepless.

That is pretty much it from me. Yeah it is mostly soccer going on, that is why I had a big spill about it. If I have anything else to mention that has the least bit importance of the life of Andre Sherard, do not worry I will mention it...

Those darn imaginary readers