Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA is back!

The NBA Basketball season is starting tonight. The highly anticipated Big 3 of Miami will open up the season against the Reigning Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celitcs.

I am one of the few that actually like NBA basketball. I don't mind that they play more offense than defense. I mean we complain about how there isn't much scoring in soccer or baseball. Then when "The League" hardly plays much defense we complain about no defense. Can't have it both ways.

I'm not going to go into how Lebron tarnished his legacy or whatever. I feel that it is irrelevant. I thought it was about winning championships anyhow. I wouldn't listen to anything Charles Barkley says because he has won the same amount of NBA Championships that I have. A big donut, don't say donut around Charles though.

Kevin Durant should have a MVP type season this year. I am more of a fan of players who can shoot out of the gym rather than jump out of it. That is why I like players like KD, Melo or even a Brandon Roy rather than Lebron or Dwight Howard. I love to watch dunks too though.

Who is going to win the title. I don't know I think the Magic will make more a run at all. I feel they can give the Heat a run. The Celtics will probably get older towards the end of the season and the Lakers will make it out of the West and will probably win another title and Kobe will cheese with his six rings and make fun of Shaq some more.

While people having been talking about "The Decision" and others wanting to leave Denver and New Orleans (Melo and CP3 respectively), all Kevin Durant has been doing is hooping all summer. Here is a lil highlight film of him in a Summer League in DC:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dollar Dollar Bill Ya'll!! or the English equivalent Pound Pound Bill Ya'll

Congratulations to Wayne Rooney for signing a five-year extension to stay at Old Trafford.

That might be the only nice thing I say about him during the rest of this post.

I am quite disappointed in the way Rooney went about getting this deal. Especially due to him being steady fast that he didn't want a new contract because there weren't enough "star quality" players. If that is the case, what changed between now and two months ago? (when it first surfaced that he might not stay) or about a couple of days ago when he said that he wasn't going to sign a contract and definitely leaving?

He can tell people what he want but unless you are stupid and live under a rock then you know that this deal was all about the money. You don't change your mind just like that. Understood, Rooney respects the patch and has loyalty to it, however they are ways to go around it. There is no way he believes it was about getting quality players. He still doesn't have that guarantee even after he signs the contract.

I think Sir Alex and David Gill knew what most of us didn't. Especially when they said yesterday that they were going to take care of this soon. They knew that they could make a deal with him, it was all about how many hundred thousand pounds a week he would get. So that is where my disappointment lies. It is about the hypocrisy of it all.

He could have went about it a better way to at least not make him a flip-flopper. He could have easily said:

"For some undisclosed reasons, I decided to not sign the deal they gave to me, We will keep in contact but for the time-being I am going to stay here until my current contract runs out."

Then I would not blame him in the next couple of days signing a new contract but the way it happened seems all wrong. I would have rather him said that I outplayed my current deal and I want more money. He would seem like a mercenary but I could respect that more than throwing his players under the bus.

How can he command respect in his locker room when he basically says that the current United players are shit? Because that is what he said without calling them shit. Wazza feels that City and Chelsea have better quality players than United in "his opinion" so if I was a player in that locker room I would not trust anything that Rooney has to say until he re-proves his loyalty.

I don't mind him staying a United player and I hope all the best to him but for those who come after. Just say you want the money...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fergie vs Rooney

Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson are in a certain dilemma right now. Alex confirmed tonight that Rooney is not going to sign an extension and could potentially leave as early as the end of the season due to a FIFA loophole saying that he can buy out the last year of his contract only for 5 mil.

Am I surprised?
Not really, the current history tells you that most of the stars that leave Manchester United leave with some sort of discontent for Sir Alex during the end of the runs at Old Trafford. The exceptions to the rule are Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs (I'm not going to put Gary Neville on this list.). What is exactly happening here to have players like Ince, Stam, Keane, van Nistlerooy, Tevez, CR7, Beckham, and possibly Rooney to leave?

In every case there has been some sort of disagree between player and manager that Alex often is the one that takes offense of and it ends up being that the player leaves the club. My opinion Sir Alex wants people that listen to everything he says and don't question his authority. Think about the two players that lasted the longest. They have taken less workloads by playing every other game (if there are Champions League midweek games involved). Giggs has taken a more central role for the club. Scholes retired from the English national team to focus on club football. Do you think that Fergie didn't have any involvement in his decision?

These players feel some sort of invincibility. They think that once I leave the club will crumble. However these players have left within the 15 years and there is still one constant, the manager. He can scout for the next Jaap Stam (Vidic) or Cristiano Ronaldo (Nani) and possibly a Rooney (Hernandez, you thought I was going to say Bebe didn't you). Players will always want to play for Manchester United and if that is the case they won't falter any unless they miss the Champions League.

The Rooney Situation
Let's discuss Rooney's situation, the Red Devils will say that this has something to do with money. Rooney's discontent could be because he wasn't consulted about why he was taken out of key games. If there was any discussion between him and the managing staff about them wanting to protect their player, he still wouldn't be too happy but he would understand what is going on.

When Rooney hears from the media that he is injured especially when he wants to play every game he can, of course he is going to feel some sort of anger. "Supporters" or "fans" of Manchester United say that Rooney isn't loyal to the cause. I think he was loyal to it until about a month or two ago when he begun to miss key games in the beginning of the season. The club didn't show their faith to one of their important players. Remember he was never an early season goal-scorer, he would produce when they needed it the most. However when he isn't in the game, then how is he suppose to produce?

I am a professed Sir Alex hater plus I am a footballer myself so I will always take the players side unless they are found out that they are wrong beyond doubt. I will take Rooney's side because at least in a couple performances especially the Switzerland match for England, he played well and scored a goal. Then in his next match with Manchester United, he was left out of the line-up to be protected from the abuse he would receive at Goodison Park against Everton, his former club. A player cannot get his top form back if he is playing sporadically.

Then again, he might have had an ankle injury. If he did then why did Wayne play against Montenegro and claimed that he wasn't injured at all. Obviously we aren't being told the whole story about this saga. However it looks like it has the same end as the rest of those disgruntled superstars. He won't be wearing the Red Devils patch next year.

The difference in this situation than the others (except for CR7) is that the other players were going to the other side of their careers. Rooney is only 25 years of age and he hasn't hit the prime of his career. If Fergie allows him to leave for cheap and more than likely for another English club, it will probably be the mistake that buries his career. I don't think he wants to be the manager that let one of the best English players in this generation go to another English club.

What will happen?
Only time will tell, I think he will last the season but Ferguson is angry about another superstar thinking he is bigger than the team. So he will most likely leave and where he goes will depend on how personal the rest of this year gets. If the relationship deteriorates more, do not be surprised if he goes across town to Manchester City as a replacement for Tevez who doesn't like the way he is being used by Mancini. Rooney won't be as frustrated with the lone striker role as Tevez because he has worked that role many times at United and he is at his best when he makes something out of nothing.

This could still end well for United fans, they aren't even half-way done with the season yet and they are in all competitions right now. So Rooney will be needed in this clutch run. What they don't need is supporters whistling him because it will cutting their noses to spite their face. The season will end disastrously if they do so.

I say that Rooney is more than likely leaving but my predictions often bite me in the backside. There is a long time between now and June for him to make his final decision and he could have a change of heart. We will see soon...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello World *Wave*

Hello World,

I just wanted to update everyone on my life. I've been working like a dog lately Basically working 36 to 40 hour weeks instead of my 28 to 30 hours. Which I won't complain too much because it is going to be more money in my pocket. Plus the longer hours will make sure that I get money for the mileage expenses. So my next expenses check (whenever that will be) will be pretty big.

After three months in the job it has gotten easier and easier. I am doing more things with ease and not making the mistakes that I made earlier on. And helping some of our new couriers with training, I am feeling important hehehe.

It was one of my boys birthday yesterday. I got back from home at around 8pm to help him celebrate. It was tight we had a good time. Poppin bottles and watching the hood-rats dance away at the library. As you can tell it was "Hoodrat Saturday" as we proclaimed it because the hood rats were out at full force. We didn't care because we had our own special section that we enjoyed ourselves with. We had to leave because for 1) we ran out of champagne and 2) Hoodrats were fighting among each other lol.

Other than that, nothing else is happening. Needed to go to Greenville for a little bit on Friday and Saturday. Saw some friends that I haven't seen in a long while. It was nice and I got to go on my first tailgating experience. First off, we started at 9am and we begun to drink real early in the morning. Yeah, it was crazy stuff going on. People are mighty bold while tailgating amongst each other. A State fan started talking shit to a whole bunch of Pirate fans. I know that almost every time I use to go out in Greenville, there is always a fight so you can think if an outside comes in your territory and talks shit, what do you think is going to happen? Well that dude got his ass whooped. It wasn't pretty at all. I gotta say that he deserved what was coming.

"You cannot go to a club and tell everybody f*ck everybody in the club and just walk out the club, Alright try it, 'F*CK EVERYBODY IN THE CLUB.' wait for it wait for it *gets knocked out.* I tried to tell you."
- Katt Williams

That is it from me. I am going to try to do more posting and hoping that my ADD doesn't get the best of me while I am doing it. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy every day that you have. Try not to let things get the best of you, you are stronger than that...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stress Kills, So Don't Do It.

Days go by and weeks go by. People stress out over the little things and don't think everything is going to get better. People say that they can't handle everything that is going on in their lives. I must admit I use to think the same way. Say everything is horrible in my life and I need to change. However I don't need to change more likely I need to adapt to the surroundings. Whenever I feel like I put myself in some sort of "trouble" I try to work hard to make sure that I can get out of it.

I treat every day the same. I work, I eat and I play. I don't know what else is going to happen. I try to keep myself out of nonsense. Hopefully I don't get into any real trouble that causes my life to change route completely. However getting bent out of shape over the little stuff isn't worth the trouble, the stress, and the quality of life that you want for yourself.

I am thinking of a plan. My head keeps on running until I am content with how my life is going. Right now, I am in the inbetween stage. I have a job that isn't too bad but I know it isn't a long-term fix. But I am not going to kill myself over not getting something full-time work, I know that I can find something so I am going to keep looking until I find the right thing.

I've stressed myself out of sort during the first part of this year. I really want to do over that part of the year because I was beginning to enjoy football again and loving playing for my team in New Zealand but things that were partially out of my control (my expiring visa) put me in all kinds of mess and no money to support myself. So I left, I don't regret leaving but I do wish that I could have ended the season with the team.

Now I am happy. I got good friends, an okay job (for now) and I cannot complain about anything. However I want improvement to my life. I don't need to be a millionaire but I would like to be more comfortable with my life situation because I know everything is still influx. The plan is still up in the air. All I know is that I am not going to try to stress myself out to the max then I wouldn't make it to the next day....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thinking wit the earphones

I've been on my R&B tip lately. And normally I would do this nonsense on facebook but i guess I should just put my thoughts in song for the time being. Oh well what is going to hurt anything right?

"Oh, oh, girl cut off the TV
Oh, oh, get the room ready for me
Pull the shades down
Turn the lights low (lights low)
I'ma get the oil and the towel (towel)
I'm so close (so close)
Almost (almost)
About to turn the corner
Down on Burrough (Burrough)
Whoa, fact I'm in the driveway now"

"It's going down
I want your body in my arms right now"

"Like the first fall of snow
Rainy days with you to hold
Bare feet on the beach
Skinny dippin you and me
Don't matter if it's cold
I got you to keep me warm
You make me feel just like a child
I just wanna make you smile"

"We're just sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the past go by
With the resilen under your skirt
Give you my jacket and hold you close ooohh"

"Just curled her hair though she know that I'ma mess it up
But she don't care 'cause she been wantin' me to sex her up
And when we finished, she can pin it up"

"For the sake of our love
I'll promise I'm a be willing
Go extra just to show you I'm willing
For the sake of our love
I need to know that you care 'bout us
So baby tell me that you willing, to do the same
I just wanna be sure that we both want the same love
Cause there is nothing I won't do for the sake of love, our love"

Those darn imaginary readers