Monday, October 26, 2009

Driver Seat is in the Correct Side

Saturday night at 9pm I got into the Charlotte Airport and my journey was officially over at that point in time. Of course I'm going to miss everyone in Auckland, but it's glad to be back home. My momma made the drive to pick me up and take me home. The only minus on my return was that my luggage was left in Los Angeles (argh). I was bit upset about it but there wasn't really any need to bitch out the people at customer's service because I knew that it wouldn't help any. No worries I got my luggage today so that's all good.

So what was the first thing I did when I was back?

Honestly, I found my keys, grabbed my ipod, and went out on the road for a little bit. When I was here before I left, I use to go on drives around the city just because I wanted to cruise and get out of the house. I wasn't able to do so when I went to NZ and it was even more uncomfortable being on the other side of the road or having the driver's seat on the right hand side instead of the left. Let alone feeling uncomfortable driving someone's car. I didn't want to make a mistake or anything. The two times I drove in NZ, I felt so uncomfortable driving and I was worried if I still had the skills to drive a car. I got into my laredo and it was just like riding a bike. All the skills were there and it felt good passing people on the road also. Luckily I wasn't driving very first fortuntely.

"I love my babymamas, they get my highest honor. I got to take care of the kids, man I know you heard Obama."- Lil Wayne- Swag Surfin
There is actually no meaning in this quote. It is more just stating the fact that I miss having songs on time. And once I got back home, I made sure to get this song among others. Another thing that I'm going to do is listen to the radio (shocking because I never listen to it) and watch MTV and BET for the hot music out. I have to get back in touch with the music so my ipod will be bumpin in the streets of Greenville/Raleigh/ or Chapel Hill. I'm not trying to impress people with it. I more just want to feel good listening to music because that is one of my more favorite things to do with soccer and video games being a couple of hobbies of mine.

Still got more work to do.
Well, I've been asked: Now what? That is a good question. I'm still trying to play soccer so training with be an important thing for me. Plus I am 23 years old, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to find some sort of steady part-time work so I can make some coin and not slog around the house all day and night. It gets boring after a while and like I've said in previous post that it's very hard asking parents for money even though I'm not asking for much. So that's another thing. I have to look for teams to tryout for or teams that are in need of players. I'll never know what will happen so I have to keep my eyes and ears open you know.

The experiences will hopefully make for a better person on my part. I was having a conversation with a good friend yesterday who wasn't feel the best about his time outside the U.S. Of course there will be hard times and there will be times you have to do things that you don't expect to do. I mean I think I'm getting better because I'm doing a bit of the little things now. I actually made up my bed today, which shouldn't be an accomplishment but I never did it when I was home because more than likely about a couple of hours later, I'll be right back at that spot so I might as well save the trouble of making it and having it ready for me. Being in NZ, I wasn't forced to make my bed but I felt as if that would be a good thing to do especially since the family was kind enough to let me stay in their house. So I made my bed for them. Also clearing things in my room, that's another thing I hardly use to do because I either didn't feel like doing it or I forgot that I should clean up the mess that I make.

One other thing that I'm learning to get use to is not to be upset over the little stuff in my life. Things happened like not finding a job, at times not having enough money to pay for the hostel that me and Greg lived in, and just feeling out of place and not wanting to go home. Those are the things that you have to get over because you made the sacrifice to get over here. It would be selfish of myself to end a trip without completing the season because I'm sad over things. Me and Greg overcame these things and I think Greg can testify to this too that it made us better people. Now what does that have to do with things over on this side? It has helped me become a better person because I try better not to sweat over small stuff anymore. Most of my previous frustration while I was here was because I felt like people ignored me or didn't want to hang out. That's small things compared to hardly being able to pay for rent and having to sprint to the Western Union (yeah they had those) and getting it paid in time, also having a soccer game right after that. So I think I'll be good if you "ignore me", I'm not going to be concerned about you supposedly feeling sorry for me.

I think that's it from me. I didn't think I would get this far on this post. I'm still dealing with the time difference as it's almost 5am Monday morning in Greenville, NC. And it's about 10pm in Auckland and I know I would be awake at this time. So I think I'm going to stay up, get a work out in and hopefully I can make it through the rest of the day so I can finally get adjusted to the time again. Other than that the nonsense will continue!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's about that time I say farewell.

New Zealand, It's been real. I loved my time here and I most definitely enjoyed the experience. I've had my ups and downs emotionally here but overall it was great to feel those feelings. It makes you understand how to work when you aren't feeling your best and to snap out of any worries that you feel.

The football was decent enough. I was luckily to play on a great team so that made everything much easier for me. And the fact that all the guys were great was even more enjoyable. Most of the other teams we played didn't have any style to their game. They wanted to either just pump balls over the top or play roughhouse tactics which really didn't work too well against us. We only lost one game all year and unfortunately it was the Chatham Cup Final. I'm sure that everyone of us learn a lot from that game and we took it into our final game and clinched the league.

I'm kinda at a lost for words. I feel like it's my time to head back home however I know that I'm going to miss a lot of great people over here. They made this journey a memorable one that I'll probably never forget. I can't honestly say that there's any one person that I can't stand or dislike they've all made me comfortable in many different ways. Gave me shit for my accent and all but even if it upset me at the time I knew they were just having fun with me.

It'll be good to get home. I can finally refresh my mind and refocus on what I want to do next season and that is play soccer. It won't be as easy as I would like it to be but I plan on working as hard as I possibly can to make this goal. Also I have to figure things to do when I'm back home. I remember everything I did before I left for New Zealand. I understand that it won't be the same when I get back. There has been a lot of change of people and especially in Chapel Hill where about I probably won't know about 55 to 60% of people who live there now. (I didn't know that many to begin with). So I guess I have to find a "crowd" in my age range and that'll be somewhat hard since I'm not the best at meeting people but I will definitely try. I might as well I don't have much else to lose by doing so.

Well, I don't really have much else to say. I don't think I find any more witty statements to make all I'm going to do is put a couple of links of some of my trip updates and such. As for those kiwi's that are reading this. I'll be out and about on Friday so maybe try to at least see me before I leave if you can, if not it's all good there's definitely no hard feelings on that. Farewell...

Past Trip Updates
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Uhh I guess a NZ Update
Live TV, Big Stadium, Big Crowd, and a Sunday Afternoon. What more can you ask for?

P.S. Oh By the Way, the journey ends, but the blog will never end. muahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Kangaroos, But warm weather and a beautiful beach (My Gold Coast Trip)

Last weekend, I head to Australia for a few games against a couple of representatives from Brisbane Football. Now that's all I want to go from that part of the story because we lost both games. I really wanted to talk about the rest of the trip. Which included a A-League game, going out at Surfers Paradise during the night and day.

It was nice to see warm weather for a change. I most definitely enjoyed not worrying about whether it was going to rain or not. Or if it was going to be cloudy and not clear skies. My impressions from Australia? I feel like it is just like America almost. The motorways, the housing designs, even the cars look similar even though they try to make their trucks look much more sportier than in America, the similarities are endless.

We only got to see a little bit of Brisbane because of the soccer game we went to after our Saturday game but most of our journey was spent on the Gold Coast and boy that was beautiful. Large buildings, long beaches, and everyone enjoying the weather with shorts, bikinis and everything else. People watching was very enjoying, seeing those who were playing sport out on the beach or running in the sand, or just glazing at the water made for a good time even though I wasn't doing anything active. Another thing is that I don't really understand how everyone could eat such disgustingly fatty foods but still have good to perfect bodies. I saw a couple of girls go into a Hungry Jacks (which is basically an Australian version of Burger King) and three model shaped girls go into there and order whopper combos. It truly amazed me. Especially due to the fact that, you probably wouldn't ever see that in America in which looks are everything.

Plus whatever happened to young ladies looking their age? It was ridiculous to see all these young girls out on the beach and looking just as developed as those who are in their 20s. I didn't see much of that when I was young. All I could do is shake my head and feel dirty for even giving them one glance. I'm certainly glad that I don't live here or I could be in trouble hahaha. In general the trip was fun, even though the soccer didn't go well. I enjoyed being in Australia with great company along the way. I'm definitely going to have to try to make another visit to another portion of Australia if I could.

I was honestly sad when we were leaving there to head to the airport. I realized that we were probably going to be heading back into a rainy Auckland scene and I was right for the most part. Especially due to the fact that I was stuck in the Auckland International Airport car park for a couple of hours because my coach's car died and we had to wait on help to get it started. On Tuesday morning when I was waking it, it was raining in bits and pieces and all I could do was day-dream about the few days I was in the Gold Coast.

Hopefully I can write another post summarizing my overall journey here in the South Pacific area. I'm leaving very very soon so I should at least do a final saying from Down Under.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Update that you haven't been looking for

Last weekend after our game in Waikato, we went to Rotorua and to my friend's lakehouse with Tavis, and Anthony Murch and his fiancee. We got into Rotorua at about 6pm on Saturday evening. One thing that was noticeable right away was the smell. Until you get use to it, the place smells kind of bad. But I was explained to that the smell was probably coming from the sulfur that were coming out of the hot springs that were pretty much everywhere. This place is known for its hot pools. After we ate dinner, we went to a place called the Polynesian Spa which had lots of hot pools everywhere. They weren't the natural hot pools that you would see near a lake or something, they were just basically regular pools with heated water. It was nice and warm in the pools. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially since I had a game earlier that day, it got all the soreness out of my legs that I would have had if I didn't get into the hot pool.

On Sunday, we went out on the lake. Daniel, the guy that I'm staying with, went out on the lake and started skiing a little bit. They were trying to get me to go in the water, I'm like I'm not getting in that cold water. I think I'll pass on that. After that we drove the boat into a natural hot pool and just chilled out in their for a while, throwing rocks at each other and such. Then we headed back to the lakehouse and just chilled til it was about that time to head home. I tried my hand at a little cricket. The guys were giving me crap for getting out so quickly. I told them I didn't care and I was going to try to wack the ball as hard as I could. I don't care if there's a house in the way and I might break a window, it needs to get out of the way.

Mostly what I enjoyed from the trip was the land and water features. I'm a geography major so I somewhat have a soft spot for almost anything nature. I mean other than going into a forest with bears in it, I'll enjoy myself in nature. I caught myself taking lots of pictures of hills, valleys, mountains, and even farmland with sheep (lots of them) and cows everywhere. It felt like being in another world rather than staying in big city Auckland where I don't really see much else of the country.

This week is filled with a whole lot of nothing until I go to Brisbane on Friday. Maybe training on Wednesday if it isn't raining and I can get there (the bus drivers are currently on strike and the fields are all the way across town, there's no other way I can get there). I'm beginning to think about if I should leave next week. There is prize-giving on the 30th of October but I'm not really keen on staying here that long and there are two reasons why.

1) After this weekend, there will be no more games for me to play, so I will not only sit around the house, I'll be sitting around the house with hardly anything to do and nothing to look forward to. I don't really go out during the night times and usually go to sleep at about 10pm (boring life I know)
and 2) Halloween. I think that's pretty self-explanatory

I got time to think about it. I don't have anything else to do with my time this week. I'll come up with a decision by the end of this week going into next and I'll let ya know on this channel. As for Australia, there will be a lot of pictures especially knowing that I probably won't ever go there again (you'll never know) It will be a fun weekend I can tell you that even though I'll be playing two games blah!....

Shutting Myself off of FB Chat. is it possible?

Whenever I get on facebook, I check on the facebook chat box and see who's online. It's an easy way to see if there's anyone to talk to and such. There are occasions when I'm very very bored and want someone to talk to, then I try to talk to them and they either a) don't say anything back or b) only say two things and look for the nearest excuse to leave and then come back once they think I'm gone. So I've been trying to find ways not to have that urge to talk to people who can't be bothered saying anything but two words to me. I mean I would say that it's a waste of time but honestly facebook in general is a waste of time and me being on there checking up on my "friends".

I should think about what I'm going to say to a person and if you are fully aware that this conversation is going to be 5 minutes or less then I really shouldn't be bothering with this person's time. They don't feel like contributing to the conversation so why should I? You have that pit in your stomach that says, "this person is annoyed." And I can tell because I've felt the same way when other people tried to talk to me. Not that they were trying to strike a conversation more because they were just asking for something and that's all that they wanted to get in contact with me about. Which I understand, but a simple e-mail or facebook message would do just fine.

Not getting on facebook at all helps a bit. Here's exactly what I do on there. I check to see if I have any new notifications, go to my profile, go on my friends list to see if there's any updates and I see if any of my friends have any interesting pictures and after that it's just basically mindless screen watching that's basically a waste of my time. At the same time that I do this, I could have read at least three to four articles on the BBC website or I could have something else that would be more productive in the time of boredom that I currently am going through. And the facebook chat makes things worse because I spend about 10-15 minutes waiting for people to come online so I can talk to them (okay 10-15 minutes may be a bit extreme but whatever). I mean if I want to screen-watch, I might as well put in a video or play a game of some sort. It'll at least get me out of the thinking that I have to talk to someone.

This is going to be a very gradual process. It's not impossible (okay maybe near impossible) but I need to begin learning not to put my hopes on everything facebook. I can go on there and see if my two only real friends are on and if not immediately log myself off and do other things with my life rather than be on fb. I need to learn that there are more things going on then someone's update status or if someone's in a relationship with another person. It seems like something out of one of those tabloid magazines or something. I need to get out of the tabloids and go into the real world...... or twitter either or will do :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mini-Post: One Final Game Here

I think that I should get a huge sending off parade where all the kiwis pay tribute to me with gifts, saying that I'm the shit, and bringing all their women to me. (Shoot, if that would be tight if that were to happen.) I brought some excitement into their lives. Like scoring on my first touch playing in New Zealand, shoring up the backline and helping us win a title and almost another, also having someone's southern accent to make fun of at times. You guys know you enjoyed it. So today at 2pm, I am hoping that a red carpet will be waiting for me so I can walk on it, play about 45 minutes (because that's my wishes), and head off into the sunset...

What I am talking about is that this is my final game in New Zealand (probably forever unless something crazy happens). No, I'm sure there won't be any tribute to me, no red carpet, probably will play all 90 minutes in windy weather, and I don't think any women will be brought to me *tear* We go out to Ngaruawahia and play a NZFC side Waikato FC, who is currently getting ready for their national league season. We're hoping to improve on our performance against Auckland City last weekend. I just hope we can come out with the win. Until then I will just day-dream of all the tributes that you guys should be giving to me. Ha!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

English FA and Referees: Harden up a bit

I just got through reading a article in which it says that Rafael Benitez might be charged with improper conduct for taking out his glasses suggesting that the referee in their match against Tottenham might need them (Rafael Benitez facing FA rap for removing his glasses). I am quite sick of the English FA holding refs hands and coddling them. They should be held responsible for their actions like the players and managers who gets charged for improper conduct. I don't hear many stories about referees who made the wrong calls or are un-fit to handle a Premier League game.

Now I understand that if you do charge referees for their mistakes then you might bring some of the games in disrepute by saying that he clearly affected the game. However there needs to be the same responsibility passed upon them that every club has to deal with. I also know that they will be graded at the end of the year for their performances but if they have a one off game in which they've clearly made mistakes then they should be punished for them. Refs make mistakes like all others but I don't think you should charge managers or players for words that they say after the heat of battle when they've poured their souls out for their respective teams. Now if it's a couple of hours later when they say these statements then obviously you can charge them for criticizing the referee because they've had time to think about what they wanted to say and none of it was spur of the moment.

I think there's one concrete instance where you can charge managers or players. This instance is when they say that the referee is favoring teams or protecting certain players. That goes into something altogether, this is saying that these games could possibly be fixed to help the favored team. And it goes straight to the FA because they appoint the referees to the games, so what you are indirectly saying is that the FA is fixing results basically because they appoint these refs who favor certain teams or give more PKs to one team rather than the other. Those are statements that should be stamped out.

I don't think that this coddling of refs will stop because even if they do get charged for making blatant mistakes then it won't protect them from the abuses that they'll receive from fans, players, and managers who think from then on that the refs will always make mistakes. Other the other hand, you can't charge those who don't have a favorable opinion of the men in black. They shouldn't be protected from that standpoint unless they talk about favoring teams in which there's grounds of charging because you're saying that the whole thing could possibly be rigged.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying to lose myself

Today, I meant to go for a walk and think about some things. I started to feel somewhat frustrated about things that were happening around in me or for that matter just in my world right now. So I picked up my earphones and my camera (because I wanted to talk pictures of things also). A strange thing happened to me.

Normally when I think about things, I get upset about it and feel like shit for a few hours then get over it. However this time it didn't happen like this. The music helped me cloud out these things whether it's perceived or not and taking pictures kind of made me forget about what was going on around me. By the time I ended my walk I wasn't unhappy or midly disappointed, I was more ready to get on with the world and do things that can help myself and my family.

I don't know whether I'm heading into a new phase in my life or it is just an one off deal and I'll be back to my usual self and being mad because this or that is happening to someone else and not me. While I'm in New Zealand, I've had the freedom to think for myself and to express myself in many different forums. Doing things that I never thought that I would do, whether sober or drunk. But it's helped me learn who exactly am I. And when I get back home people can take it for what it's worth. If they want to make an concerted effort to be my friend (like I do) or do they just want to be friends only if it is convenient to them.

If the latter is the case then, I have but no choice rather than to shut you out of my life. I don't really need to deal with those people. I'd rather deal with the two or three people who won't ask for everything all the time or they'll just strike up a conversation with you even if it's the most random mess that anyone's ever heard before.

So I've got about four weeks left in this country before I head back home and that will start the test of whether I've grown up a little bit or I'm the same little kid who gripes about anything that doesn't go his way. We will see. Well I will see at least...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Because 6:28am on Saturday is the same as 1:28pm on Friday. (think about it)

Don't DM me about your "illegal extradition" to the U.S.
I don't know what you're complaining about. The U.S. is great! No offense to Scotland but if somebody told me that I had.....

My Realization: Okay, Then I realized being extradited isn't really the same than being deported and if you're being extradited then you're actually being arrested for a crime in the other crime and they want you back in their country. So fair enough on these people, I'm still interested in what exactly they did to possibly be extradited back to the United States. I would click on these people's link but I don't really trust anyone's link on twitter. Especially due to the fact that I just got my computer fixed and I don't want to get it messed up again. So I pray for these people who are trying to fight extradition back to the United States and I hope it works out (forgive me for my moment of stupidity)

Have you ever been around a group of people and tried to join the conversation, but once you try you wish that you hadn't tried to. People use to wonder why I was always quiet. Well when I do start talking and then might say something that someone might not get or the whole group might have this awkward silence, I might as well be putting my foot in my mouth for the rest of the day until I leave. I'm not going to put myself out on the limb for no reason especially if others aren't really that receptive to it. If I'm with a group of people at least make me feel comfortable, I don't even mind if it's a round of 21 questions just seeing who I am. I mean if it's the other way around and there was one person who didn't know everybody else, I would make sure they would feel at home in their surroundings and enjoy themselves. Different people different experiences.

I'm trying not to be "bi-polar". I put this in quotations because I know it is a disorder than people deal with everyday and if I was bi-polar then I'm sure I would not be in New Zealand right now. When I say "bi-polar", I am just meaning not to be too sad when things don't go the way I would want them to go. I've been working on this a lot lately. I think of the reasons why I get angry or sad and I just really think they are stupid reasons to get like this. I mean honestly I get bent out of shape over some dumb shit sometimes. So I want to be more consistent with my behavior, obviously there will be happy days and sad days but I just don't need to turn it into some sort of soap opera in my mind.

Getting back into a consistent schedule of working out. I haven't been able to do this while I'm in New Zealand. It isn't anyone's fault, it's more mine because I have just neglected doing any type of workout routines. I've still got lots of work to do to go back and make it playing football somewhere. So in my "make-shift" lab, I've been piecing up together a workout schedule for me until I get home. It'll also help me do more stuff and get out of the house while I'm at it. I think the weight training is going to have to wait til I get back home but I can do other things to keep myself busy while I get into some decent conditioning. Who knows.

6:20am NZT Saturday Morning
I've been up since about 4am. I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep. It's no worries or anything I've been use to this a lot lately. Only this time it's not like I've slept all day or anything. I woke up at 6am just to go to work at that warehouse again. Yeah I worked two days for them. I'm kinda glad I did because there's more money for me to have while I spend my last three to four weeks left here. Back to the sleeping problems, it could be worse. I could be sleeping two to three hours everyday and being an insomniac like I was when I was in college. Yeah that was pretty bad. I would end up spending most of my days playing 360 and doing school work. (uhh yeah school work). The football was never affected by it in fact I think it was some of the best I've played in a long while (I've guess I've already peaked huh, it goes downhill from there) I don't know how I snapped out of it, I guess it was the one day where I slept about 20 hours and got it all out of my system or it was the Ambien I started taking for a couple of months, Yeah it was the Ambien.

As of right now, I have a game today, then AFF's (Auckland Football Federation) prizegiving to get our championship medals (that one is going home with me). Then we are heading into the city and watching the Fight of the Century!! (Well for New Zealanders) Tua vs Cameron, after that who knows. More than likely and if I'm luckily, I'll probably be up all night and won't be asleep until another 22 hours. I just love not sleeping let me tell you...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The mad writer is back..

I remember back in the day when I can go off the top of my dome and whip up some crazy stuff for my blog post. I was use to ranting about what I thought about during the days or my nights. Now I cannot even get a proper blog post. It's only a half page or so and most of the time I don't even make much sense to begin with. I try to be a proper writer but it doesn't work like that for me. I have to be the mad-writer that says whatever I want whenever I want. I'll still avoid the ranting that I use to do. Let's be honest, it'll probably until I get back to the U.S. before the unnecessary rants begin. Now the mad ghostwriter has come back to you and with vengeance of some sort.

"Man, why do I love women that wear glasses? I just don't understand. I saw this girl on the bus and I just couldn't help but stare. I have problems lol."

This is the text that I sent the "Con Artist" while I was on my way to work. I saw this girl who was either a) getting ready for work or b) had a presentation and had to dress-up. I have this weakness for women with glasses. I don't really know where it comes from. She wasn't even that attractive (wasn't ugly either) but there was something that I couldn't help but not look. It was weird. It's not all women with glasses that attract me, but it's just most of them. There are two other fetishes that I have. And I believe there are only two people that know them. And I hate both you guys for it. Well I don't know if I'll ride on that bus again or see her again but I would have just liked to say hi and asked her what's her name then go on from there.

I'm missing my favorite red-hoodie (which is shown in this picture). I know exactly where it is at home. I left in on the rocking chair I have in my room (don't ask). I hung it up after the night I was in Greenville for the last time before coming to New Zealand. I got the hoodie after working a soccer tournament and I always wore it around. I'm an avid hoodie wearing because of two reasons 1) most of the time my hair is nappy and I'm too lazy to ever comb it. and 2) there are times where I don't want my thoughts to be known so I hide it. Sounds crazy but that's how I feel. I'm a pretty reserved person when it comes to my thoughts. If it is too personal, then I'm not going to talk about it. It's strictly for me to deal with and I'll deal with it in my own terms.

So Dre, what have you been thinking about?
My mind has been pretty blank lately. Even though I've been on this love song tip for a while now (Trey Songz's new album "Ready" stays on my ipod), there hasn't been really one instances of me thinking about anyone. Well maybe that person on the bus, but I probably won't remember her face again (only that she wears glasses). I go on facebook now and it's not like there's someone I check up on a lot. I just really see if my good friends are online to chat and then probably look at my page for 5 minutes, look at photos of me for another five minutes, and then mindlessly clicking buttons for the rest of the time. It's probably because I'm in a different part of the world and I'm out of sight to them and they're out of sight to me. Chances are that I'm probably going to have to meet new people as it is. So I'll get to that when it comes.

Actually my whole mental state is pretty blank. When I am "sober", I'm not too sad nor am I took happy. I'm at a neutral place now. Been trying to take everything in strides and going on with life how it's going to come. I can only control the things that I can do. If shit doesn't go my way then I'm not going to bend myself out of shape about it. There's no need to really. I enjoy my football and yeah maybe life isn't how I want it to be, but people are in worse situations than myself. I just need to find myself first, then life will come. I'm going to live in the current.

What else can I think of, what else? I find it funny when rappers rap about their favorite basketball players. Currently listening to Lil Wayne basically dedicating a song to Kobe. (aww he's sweet). I think rappers see a lot of themselves in the players, that's why you see them hanging out with basketball players. I mean how many times you hear about any rapper make a song about a football player. There's not many. You see Jay-Z hanging out with Lebron James. It's a game that most people identify with. Streetball games are played everyday in courts everywhere. So I won't diss on people for making songs about Kobe, Lebron, Wilt Chamberlain, or Michael Jordan. But if you talk about Stephon Marbury then I might have to stop you there.

Slowly fading into the dark. I've got a game this weekend against Auckland City so I'll be busy with other things rather than be on my blog or twitter talking nonsense. Even though I'm sure to be on here in the odd occasion, because let's face it. The keys call out to me to go on this sites...

Those darn imaginary readers