Monday, March 30, 2009

The Nonsense VI: The Negative Outlook

I will explain this to you because people have said this to me often that I have a poor outlook on things in life. I tell myself that I'm a circus because that's exactly what I am. That's how I feel about myself and whatever "encouraging" things you say to me isn't going to make me feel better because I know in the back of your mind you think I'm a circus too. Whenever people to talk to you for a long time and then just stop talking to you suddenly for no reason: That can cause you to wonder. Whenever you try to talk to somebody about what's going on in your life and they have complete disregard about it: That's a problem. Whenever you just sit by yourself and wonder if anyone is thinking about u, because in the last couple of days you have not had any social interaction with anyone: you just have to wonder about things. I try to stay positive with myself because I know that being negative can lead to stressing out and stress kills. However when shit after more shit hits the fan often than most then you begin to think. Wow! things will be like this and I should expect this to happen because it's been happening for the majority of my life. So whenever I said something in a negative tone about something, just remember that I'm not doing it just to do it, I have experience of this happening to me.

Disclaimer: This might be a drunken rant that you might not care for. I'm sorry if you read this nonsense and wish that you got your five minutes of life back but that is how I feel and if nobody else cares how I feel then whatever I got my two cents out there and you can make your decisions about me however you want....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Nonsense V: The Traveling Circus breaks.

At 3:45pm, the circus that has been traveling all around NC is finally making a two day stop at its home station of Greenville, NC. Now the circus has been very busy lately. On Monday, it had to entertain some lil challenge soccer players in Asheboro, NC. The kids seemed to love being out there and I'm sure they had a good time. Then it made a pit stop in Raleigh for the night. Woke up in the morning and dropped someone off for them to do a clinic in the morning, afterwards at 11:45am the circus went to Chapel Hill and displayed their presentation skills to a classroom of students. After that was done, the circus went home for a nice homecooked meal. At night, went out to entertain the Greenville folk for the night. It was an interesting show, five dollars for all the beer the circus animals could have isn't bad at all.

On Wednesday, the circus didn't take off until 8pm. Had a show at 9:45pm. It was a successful one to say the least then it got in to a lodging and begin studying its material for its morning show at 9am. It woke up at 7am, got dressed and headed on its way back to Chapel Hill for the morning. Once it got to Chapel Hill and was about to park, they forgot all its material for today's show and had to cancel it and retrieve everything. Everybody was pissed and decided to go home for the next two days before they set off on another adventure. Until then see ya later.

Of course, I'm the traveling circus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Nonsense IV: Wayne Rooney

Pundits and fans alike wonder, Is Wayne Rooney going to a) grow up b) become one of the best players in the world that he's shown in phases of his career? I remember seeing this 16 year old Evertonian ending Arsenal's thirty game unbeaten streak and the goal was pure class. Ever since then, we thought the sky was the limit for this player. A minus to his game is that he has a foul temper and I will get into that later. We talk about Steven Gerrard as being English best player and the great hope for England, however I truly believe that they need Wayne Rooney to wake up, grow up, and be counted.

I wouldn't say he needed the move to Manchester United to become a better player, but Sir Alex Ferguson does know how to motivate players to play at their peak. The player is an energizer bunny out there. He'll play any position that you tell him to play. I've seen in many occasions where he was playing on the outside left or right. Prime example: when they went up against Inter Milan in the second leg of the Champions League second round, he was playing on the left side of midfield to neutralize Maicon and make sure that the Brazilian wasn't running rampant on Man Utd's left side of defence. He frustrated Maicon all night and helped Man U to a 2-0 victory over Inter Milan. Christiano Ronaldo will always get all the praise but Rooney has parts to his game that are amazing. He can beat players, he's a good tackler sometimes reckless, he can straight up drop bombs ( and he is a wonderful passer of the ball. He has all the tools but there is one problem to this player, it seems like most of these players have this problem.

In another blog that I've been posting, we have been talking about the temperamental genius in November. ( Temperamental Genius) This genius is one that has all the tools to become a world great however their temper usually gets the best of them. Wayne is another example of this genius. He lived in the streets of Liverpool which I could be generalizing here but I doubt he lived in the straight-laced areas of Liverpool. Wayne probably did things his way, he wanted to be a footballer so he didn't let anything stand in his way however he still probably was the troublemaker that he is now. You just don't turn into a troublemaker overnight, more than likely it happens during your childhood. And like many other geniuses he cannot handle his emotions. He's tackles recklessly, he gets in the faces of referees and other footballers, and also he mouths off to the crowd. Earlier during this season, commentators were impressed with Rooney's controlled temper and how he can be a complete footballer with a calm edge about him. Unfortunately early childhood memories creep in his head and say, "No you're wrong and I'm right" and he snaps on people. Even threw the ball at the referee last weekend against Fulham (it's now debated whether he was actually trying to throw it at the ref or he was just heaving it back to the free kick spot), then before he leaves the field after being sent off, he throws a temper tantrum. Cussing at the ref, knocking down corner flags and refusing to leave the field in a respectful manner. Sir Alex can only do so much with the players temper and I'm sure he knows that Wayne will probably never change but Alex does know that he has to curb it down to only a few instances so Man U manager tries to get into the genius's head and let Mr. Rooney know that he needs to keep himself in check or he'll be watching games from the sidelines.

Wayne still has a long career ahead of him and who knows maybe he will change his ways. He has to understand that he isn't only hurting himself, he's hurting his team, his city, and his family with some of the actions that he has exhibited. It's tough to say whether he will be in Zidane's level as a temperamental genius or will he fall into the Cassano trap and wander from club to club to find his place again. I think Rooney is right in the middle, it's tough that he'll fall into the Cassano trap because he is more committed to the game and his club than that. If you see Rooney just missing practice for "no reason" then I feel like he has a pretty good reason because he loves the game with so much intensity. Only time will tell on this temperamental genius....

Friday, March 20, 2009


As of right now, I currently have no soccer team to play for. No job to get any other type of income and school is kicking with my ass and the fact that I'm not really caring about it as much as I should, it doesn't make anything much better. I really want to start panicking and saying that nothing is going right in my life and that it all goes downhill from here. However I need to grow up and understand that things happen for a reason and that I need to keep searching and keeping moving. I can't stop trying because things do not go my way. That's been my problem in my earlier years, I would think that failure means that I have to stop. Failure doesn't mean that, it has to mean (well at least to me) that I can learn from the mistakes I made, and make sure that I do not make those same mistakes. As for school, I am going to start hitting the books a bit harder than before just so I don't stress out about that. I don't have any more exams until the finals and if I finish all my labs and do a good job on them then all of those grades will add up and help me out even if I don't do as well on my final as I wanted to. Soccer wise, I've been keeping fit. At least getting on the treadmill everyday and yesterday I went with Juan and did a 5k trail run at his college. It was a good workout, push me to the limits because I haven't been running through hills often ha ha. I might actually have to wait until the fall to find a team to play for and more than likely I won't be around these parts (the country) but I will try to play until I feel like I can't do it anymore and I am going to understand that and just move forward from there.

As for now, I'm going to continue to just live because I know that I'm better off than some people in the world that don't even have doctors to go to and they have to wonder when the next meal is going to come. So I can't get too down on myself all I need to do is be patient and keep on trying.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I should never say that I'm going to sleep. So what do you want to know..

Well, I can't sleep as of now. Maybe I shouldn't have taken that evening nap. Oh well it was definitely worth it, I was exhausted. Now I'm back on this computer just checking up on my favorite sites and checking them again because I don't have a large variety of sites that I go to. I just go on twitter,, and facebook. Occasionally I check my blog to see if anyone has written anything interesting on their blogs, but that's about it. I finally did what I said I was going to do today and hooked up my 360 back to my HDTV that I have in my room. It isn't a huge tv but it's cool enough for me and I can play my video games on it (still wondering why it's in my room, but it's all good.) Unfortunately I cannot get on Xbox Live at the moment, this is because the wireless router that we had which also lets you connect through a wired cord was moved all the way downstairs instead of its original location upstairs in the tv area up there. I can't find a wire that long to hook up from my room all the way downstairs, plus it would be mad tricky to do because me and my sis have to go up and down the stairs and I don't feel like tripping and falling down. I think once I am able to get a job somehow, I'm going to buy a wireless adapter which I can find at Best Buy or EB Games or something. The problem that could occur is that my wireless at home isn't always the most reliable so I have to be careful and hopefully I don't get disconnected and mess up mine or somebody else's game.

I'm back living at home for good. No more Chapel Hill and no more rent as of now. I'm mixed about it, I don't have to worry about asking my parents for rent checks but I liked my own space. But dre, you can have your own space at home too, in your room. That is correct but I don't have to hear questions everyday about things that I've said three to four times to them on the same day. That's the most frustrating part about it. I know they love me and I love them but sometimes it gets real irritating listening to this question and that question. They hounded me for a couple of months now to go to Harris Teeter and apply for the stock clerk position and then when I go in there do everything and come back home, they are now hounding me about something else. I'm waiting for them to tell me that I have to go to the Moon right after I do something else that they wanted me to do.

As you know I'm looking for jobs, like everybody in America at the moment. I haven't graduated yet and I'm trying to do that too. If I get this Harris Teeter job, I would be more likely working three times a week from 11pm to around 5am on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. Yeah my Friday nights are gone hahaha. Probably won't need them much. But yeah, I'm just hoping that this comes through. I can have some extra coin instead of asking the parentals for change every other week. That gets real tiring and I have to find more creative ways to ask them without getting my ears biten by them. It'll also be good because I won't feel like a complete bum and just sitting around the house doing nothing for the most part. I can say, yay I got a job.

Other than that, nothing new. Any girls? Unfortunately not, I've been in my own universe at the moment. Can't really concentrate on that at the moment, I'm trying to do all kinds of other things. Like finding a soccer team to play for (which looks less and less likely to happen), going to classes and hearing my parents talking about marching. (Hey parents I don't march, we just stand there, plus I don't want to be around a large crowd of people. that more than likely I don't know nor like). I'd rather be watching TV and being like, "Yeah I graduated, now I'm going to try to find a job, oh that's right, there are hardly any out there."

um, I forgot where I was going with this. It ended up turning out to be a rant somehow. I think I'm going to stop with it here and just think of things to talk about other than myself, because I'm not interesting in any way. Anything else you want to know from me. Just shout out at me on here or on twitter. I'm sure to be in one of those two places.

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Open Discussion: IPhone or Blackberry

I know I should not be doing this on my blog because either not many people read and/or comment on it. But whatever I need more to write about anyways so I'm doing this. Now if you were to see my phone, you would know that I need a new one. For starters, it stays on one to two lines on the battery power even when I charge it up completely. Another thing, when is the last time you guys have had a phone that doesn't have a camera?..... Don't worry I'll wait. Probably since that old Nokia phone, I know you remembered playing snake on that phone, it was the shit back in the day. Well now I need to join the 21st century and get some sort of a smart phone. Now I'm going to limit my options to the IPhone or the Blackberry. I want the general public's help on this one. Especially from the twitter bunch who read my blogs (well sometimes). Also from those facebook people, you can have a say on the matter too, well those people who read my notes that are imported from my blog site. I'll keep a running count on which one is winning. And I'll get the phone that is the winner.........Uhh that is also saying that I would have a job to pay for the plan because my parents aren't playing that shit anymore.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Ghostwriter's Strike

My ghostwriter has decided to go on strike for a week or maybe two. Unlike what's going on with Valencia CF, it doesn't have anything to do with his pay (huh? wait a minute, he doesn't get paid). It is more like he has a writer's block and he cannot write about much of anything at the moment. This doesn't mean too much, there just won't be a new edition of The Nonsense until he gets off of his block. Now I know what you're thinking. "Andre, why don't you tell us what is going on with your life." Well I don't really think that it is much worth anything to talk about what is going on because honestly I can do that in under 140 characters. And whenever I start talking about it, I begin to rant about things that are really unnecessary to rant about and then feel like things will matter after I say it. So I'll wait for my ghostwriter to come back to his senses and give some more material for you to shake your head and say, "what's wrong with this person." I don't know when this strike will end, maybe he needs to watch tv and get his head out of the sand :P

Those darn imaginary readers