Monday, April 30, 2012

No High School Reunion for Me

I might be an asshole by saying this but honestly I won't be going to my high school reunion any time soon. It really doesn't make a difference to me whether I see some of these people are not. I know that most of them are still cool as I known them but it doesn't matter to me what has changed and stayed the same. Seeing people for old time sake is for those who want to see if they are better than others or not. I can care less about such trivial nonsense.

The realization came to me when I was looking at my facebook news feed and saw people from high school getting married and showing their marriage photos, and really my first thought was, "gee, I wonder how the World Footie Net fb page is doing." I gave it no thought at all. It goes the same with folks in Mississippi also, if they reach out and say hello I will do the same but I am not reaching out to anybody anymore. Call me a douchebag if you want to, there are many things that I am apathetic about these days and that is being in a popularity contest on social media.

The only reason why I don't get rid of my facebook page is because it's neat marketing for the World Footie Net page that one of my friends is trying to get sponsorship and more traffic on. So I guess I can keep that page up for posting any articles I write and any feedback to them if necessary.

I guess a major reason why I don't care what many people say anymore is because I am comfortable with the friends I have. If I can make more friends that would be cool, if not eh not the end of the world. Stressing out about that social media nonsense really is for the birds nowadays. I like to have fun on my twitter page and make fun of people whenever I feel like it or rant about anything footie-wise. Anything else isn't for me, so go on and show your wedding pictures high school folk. It is cool, it at least reminds me to put some of you as acquaintances so I don't see you on my news feed anymore....

Those darn imaginary readers