Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back on my B.S.

May 31, 2009 (since it is showing my American time zone and I don't feel like fiddling with it now)

So Saturday morning I was told that I would be cleared to play in the game that afternoon. I really didn't expect to start or anything. I haven't played 90 minutes in forever. Yeah in adult league games but I was playing sweeper at the time and there isn't much work to do playing sweeper in an adult league setting. So I got to our locker room and found out that indeed I was starting and the manager told me I was going to be going up for corner kicks. This was a big shock for me because I never really went up for corner kicks. I was never asked to go up for corner kicks during my college days and all. Greg Walters also got the start too in goal and after the team talk we headed to Onehunga Mangere which was about 15 minutes long.

When we got to the park, they told me that you are basically on top of a volcano or close to it. I mean me living in the eastern part of the United States, I haven't really seen that many volcanoes. However they showed me where the volcano was and it was basically right beside the field we were playing at. If there happened to be a volcano, we would all be doomed haha. So I took my position as center back and the game started. I knew we had a pretty talented team but it took me until I saw them playing in a real game to figure this out. We have very good technical players on our team, we ping it around one and two touch around the field. We at least try to play good football. So we got our first corner kick probably five minutes in and I take my position going up forward and trying to get a head on it. I was told to make a run directly to the near post and see what happens. So I made the run and the ball went directly to my head and I just guided it in for my first real competitive goal since probably PDL after my freshman year of college. I didn't really know what to do, I felt like I did something wrong it was quite weird but I enjoyed the feeling.

We won 3-2 and I got man of the match for the day. I assume it was probably because I somehow scored the goal and plus I'm a newbie but I was kinda upset about giving up the two goals. They were both soft goals that we could have avoided. However Greg made a pretty good save on a penalty kick earlier on when the game was 3-0. I thought I played alright for my first game here. It was kind of like a rugby style gameplan for the other team who tried to use any dirty cheap trick in the book to frustrate us which indeed worked for the latter part of the first goal and they got their two cheap goals. We dominated for the majority of the second half and rocked the post a couple of times. We should have probably won with a 5-0 scoreline but I think it was a good victory on the road against the second-place team (at the time).

Afterwards, my centerback partner, Hugo Littlejohn was celebrating his 21st birthday and of course we were all invited to it. It was kind of a weird celebration, It seemed to me more like a graduation celebration more than a birthday celebration. You know back in the States when you celebrate your 21st you try to get as much wasted as humanly possible and hopefully your parents won't ever find out about it. This one, his parents were there, his godparents were there. Almost everyone in his family and of course his friends were helping celebrate. Towards the end, they were kind of having a comedic roast in which his family and friends were talking about all the embarrassing things that he's done in his life. It was quite funny. And I know by the end of it I knew he had a good time. I just wonder if he's going to play on Monday.

I won't be able to play because it is a Cup game and the rules state that I have to play in two league games before I can play in a Cup tie so I basically have the day off tomorrow. I will probably do some necessary fitness for next weekend's match and get myself ready to play 90 more minutes since I was somewhat dying down yesterday. I mean I'm in good shape, just not match fitness yet which will come over the next couple of weeks.

I'm feeling more and more comfortable with my surroundings. The people here are great which is definitely helping me avoid being homesick, even though it's only been a week and all. Most all the people I met have been very nice to me. All I need now is to get my work visa settled so I can start finding jobs and getting some money! Wooo

Which we all know money makes the world go round.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I really need to begin looking right when I cross the street

I made it into New Zealand early in the morning on a Tuesday (Monday afternoon for you guys) and I was met at the airport by Greg, Marshy, my coach, and Jacob Matthews, one of the players on the team and I'm staying with his family for a couple of weeks until me and Greg get our own flat. I haven't been able to travel much. Once I get the use of the time change and get into the habit of things here then I think I will do lots of exploring around but so far I've liked this place from what I've seen. I had my first training session a couple of days ago. This was the same day I got off the plane and I haven't been able to sleep because I would experience jet lag if I did go to sleep earlier. So my legs were pretty mushy for most of the training session but I needed to get the kinks out plus the fact that I haven't been at a real intense training sessions for a while, it really did help me get rid of some of the rust. Yesterday, I felt much better than on day 1, we played a little short-sided and then ended it with some finishing.

One thing I'm trying to get use to is looking right first for on coming traffic rather than usually looking left. I know the Englishmen/women I know they are like duh. But it's real strange because when I did travel through England, I was on a bus and I couldn't really see where the driver was going nor did I care. But since I've been on driving around with Jacob it has kinda been weird thinking about looking for traffic and turning the opposite direction when needed be. I hope I won't be doing any driving any time soon because it could end in trouble and more than likely I would definitely get lost. Also it's weird to see a speed limit sign saying 100. I know it is in km/h but still I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams that I would see any sign saying "sure, you can go 100." I can only dream of going 100mph back home. Yeah I'm going to have to keep on dreaming.

I'm going to try and take pictures whenever I get the chance to. You have to bear with me because I don't have the steadiest of hands when it comes to picture taking but whenever I get the chance to take pictures and upload them into facebook, I will make sure to do so. I'll get to my nonsensical chat soon but as of now I'm just taking all this in.

I don't know what they've gotten themselves into....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nonsense 14:

There is a reason why I don't go out to most places. There is a good reason that I'd rather play beer pong then to "socialize" with others. When I try to socialize, it ends up blowing up in my face. And then I get upset because whatever I've been drinking starts to kick in and I'm alone while everybody else do what they want.

I don't want or need sympathy. I'm just stating facts about what goes on in my life from day to day. It more than likely ends up with me either playing beer pong with no partner or walking home by myself or both happening at the same time. Who knows. I'm not happy but at the same time I'm not really sad either.

I've grown to expect everything that happens. You can call it self-fulfilling prophecy or whatever. I'm use to it by now. Rejection might as well be my middle name (stating the fact that I don't have one anyways) It is still okay though. I'm not going to kill myself over it and eventually I'm going to grow stronger through my experiences.

I've officially graduated from college. I got my last final back and they put the grade up on student central and yeah I'm done. People are like "well how does it feel". At first I made a big hoopla about it but now I just want to get started with my life even if it is playing soccer or finding a real job. It really has everything to do with my first couple of points above. I really just want to find something different. An adventure is what I want.

Even if it means finding a real job in Greenville somewhere. Hey it is something, I need to grow up sometime and stop depending on people that don't really matter or they act like you don't matter. I'm not stupid people. I just love how people think that I'm that naive and I don't understand what's going on. I do things to prove a point at times. So when you don't talk to me, you don't understand that I want you to just say that, instead of ignoring me and if u keep on ignoring me I will keep on talking, just to irritate the shit out of you because that's fun to me

People think that its hurtful to say that they don't want to talk to you, but it is more hurtful to say absolutely nothing and then go up to your friends and be like "Why does he keep on talking to me?"Maybe that dude wants to hear what you think, if you want to be an asshole just say how u feel so that loser can go on with his life. I bet if you told the people that they were annoying then they will leave you alone. (I bet you've never thought about that haven't you.)

I'm not going to lie, when I first started this blog I did not expect to put my dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. However ever since I've been doing the nonsense page I've felt better about myself and not embarrassed of what I am and what I've become. So all the "cool kids" you have fun, I'd rather be a loser and be ignored like always. Peace.

Those darn imaginary readers