Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogging on my iPhone

Yup, I've finally joined the dark side and got me an iPhone. I know what you are thinking. The douchebaggery will creep into my skin immediately. Don't worry about that. It won't happen.

I will be the same ordinary person with a cool ass phone. I got the phone yesterday and I have been doing what I didn't want to do. I've been on this thing 24/7. But I've just been getting use to the touch screen and downloading app after app. I got spotify which was one of the biggest reasons I got the phone.

When I experience more of the features , I'll make sure to brag about it. But not be a douchebag about it :)

Otherwise I might do some blogging on my phone because my thoughts come out while I'm not on my computer. My brain often doesn't work while I'm lying on the couch watching footy. The ideas usually pop off when I'm at work, hanging with friends , or whatever.

So as I raise my iPhone in the air in joy , I will leave you guys to enjoy your weekends and never keep the mind idle.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iPhone, Scouting, Podcasts, My Pickup game...It's My Life

Hopefully I will buy a new phone this weekend. I am sort of getting tired of my Blackberry and more than likely getting an iPhone. My good friend says that I probably should get an Android phone but the only problem is that AT&T aren't as kind with their data plans on Androids as they are on their iPhones.

So I think I am close to joining the "Team iPhone" (corny team that I will never mention unless it's in a joking manner). I am going to have to buy something to protect my phone because i have butter fingers and I am very clumsy. Also I will have to get use to the touch screen and all which I think I can do.

I'm going to probably get the iPhone 4s because me and my supervisor were looking up the differences between the 4 and the 4s and we saw that it wasn't anything that important. I am not trying to say just because the new phone isn't called the iPhone 5 that I am unattracted to the 4s. It is more due to the fact that the 4s doesn't have enough features that would warrant me getting it. I'm pretty simple with the use of my phone. Obviously texting, GPS, possibly hotel lookups, and listening to music is probably what I would use the phone for. Games aren't as important. Maybe the odd picture of two that I would like to take would help. But I think the iPhone 4 would do the job just fine for me. Plus it is cheaper.

My scouting adventures stay in the triangle area. I'm going to Chapel Hill on Friday to watch two top 5 teams, Maryland and UNC. Then on Saturday, I will stay in Raleigh and see NC State take on Wake Forest. I'm not going to discuss anybody I'm scouting because I don't want to name drop or anything. Plus nobody cares about these adventures especially since I won't get out of the Triangle this weekend.

Went to my itunes when I got out of my workout and I noticed that I had six new podcasts ready to be listened to. It made me wonder how I got into all these podcasts. A year ago I don't think I had any on my list, now I have about six podcasts that I'm following.

They all reflect what I want to hear and talk about myself. Sports, Footie, and News with a funny twist. It also helped me get a more African American (or Canadian or Canadian-American to the All Balls Don't Bounce crew) view of sports and news. I always listened to ESPN and their bias views and I only realized when I started to listening to the Morning Jones that I knew that there was another side.

Then I begun listening to The Black Guy Who Tips, All Balls Don't Bounce, and the list goes on. Now I don't take their word as gospel but it is intelligent (also rachet) talk that I like listening to. Plus it is always good to see black people coming together and making podcasts. Ha!

I don't think I've played in an 11v11 game since that Alabama trip. And quite frankly I am not even mad about that. I like playing in more close spaces now because it is helping me getting better with decision-making and making my touch cleaner. I played on Tuesday night and I felt good on the ball, also making decent passes that I normally don't do.

I guess it is right, the older you get the slower the game becomes. I see the game a lot better now. Well it is only pick-up right? I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself but I do actually feel like my ball skills are getting better even though the gut seems to get larger.

Right now, I am eating my dinner listening to Where's My 40 Acres while Sportscenter is on the tv. I still can't believe the Raiders gave up a couple of first round picks (well one first round pick and a possible first round pick) on Carson Palmer.

I digress. I'm about to head out. I'm enjoying this alone time I'm having right now. Most times I feel the need to have some social interaction but tonight I actually went against my first thought and stayed at the crib. People are overrated anyways...

Have a good weekend. And awkwardly roll up to somebody like I would do...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stop Signing Off, Take the Beating like a Man (or Woman)

Dear FIFA 12 Online Players,

You don't know how it is frustrating whenever a person signs off or go to the dashboard right after I score my second or third goal on you in the first half. It isn't my fault that you suck. It isn't my fault I'm halfway paying attention to while I am stomping your ass in FIFA. Why don't you do something like, get better in FIFA.

Even when I am taking an ass-whoopin by somebody, I have the decency to carry out the rest of the game and take my whoopin like a man. But I guess the online geeks out there can't take their beatings respectfully

Listen, the real gamers in this community respect the game. We all get frustrated when we lose or getting beaten upon. It still doesn't mean that you can throw your toys everywhere and turn off your Xbox.

Just maybe I am playing against a bunch of amateurs at the moment but a couple of you guys begun to talk shit while playing me. Then after the game turns into a 5-0 beating, you start saying that I'm lucky and then turn off the game. Come on big man, you were tough talking when the game was 0-0 at kickoff, now it's 15 minutes in and you're quitting.

I wish that Xbox Live/FIFA/EA Sports or whoever is involved in moderating the FIFA online games starts banning these douchebags because this game needs real gamers not these tricks masquerading as such.

Peace Out and Happy Gamings,


Monday, October 3, 2011

"South of the Border"

Last Friday, I went to my final assigned game of the month. It featured South Carolina and Tulsa. Since I couldn't go to the George Mason-Old Dominion game all the way in Fairfax, I decided that I couldn't miss this one even though UNC-Duke were playing their game on the same night.

It wasn't too bad of a game. South Carolina won 2-1. Tulsa in my opinion had the better players but South Carolina were gritty and scrappy which won out on the night. In fact SC's game-winner was on an own goal off a corner kick.

I noticed something watching this game. I believe the Gamecock fans are some of the most obnoxious fans I've seen in a long time. They would start cursing their own team whenever they made a mistake. It was kind of like a football atmosphere than a college soccer atmosphere.

I guess that's what happens when watching soccer in the south. Where "Go-on and just boot it." was a common term during this game. I don't know maybe I was tripping out on the lack of soccer knowledge that most of these fans had.

South of the Border
As a kid, I use to travel up from Mississippi to visit family in North Carolina. We always drove instead of flying up there. Well going up i-95, I would see these billboards for the South of the Border. I didn't realize how racist these signs where and the fact that most of the pictures of Pedro (the "spokesman" of South of the Border) looked more Asian than Mexican.

That being said, I always wanted to go there because I would see all the lights going off and the rollercoasters among other things.

I never knew that it was the most dirtiest place known to man. I stopped at the exit on Saturday morning just to put gas in the car. And boy, I even felt dirty using the gas pumps. Most everything looked old. And the rollercoasters looked real sketchy and I wouldn't think to step foot on it.

I was about to grab a bite to eat there but I decided I'd rather starve myself then eat this nasty food that will probably give any normal human being diarrehea.

I'm fine. Just been scouting away and plotting my next move. I'm trying to keep all things in perspective and working on become somewhat successful. Obviously I don't have everything figured out. But I'm continuing to work hard in trying to figure at least some of these things

Me personally. I am really content where I am. That Drake-ish phase has long passed and I am just continuing on looking at myself and how to keep myself being happy. There are always going to be highs and lows. The main thing is keeping myself levelheaded on these things. I can be irrational at times but then again, I can be the most rational person that you that might be stretching it just a bit.

"There will be many failures in your lifetime but if you learn from them and work harder then the successes will out-do your failures."

Those darn imaginary readers