Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Ruckus Goin Off

I love how people can call and start cussing out a cartoon character. Uncle Ruckus is crazy as shit. I love it and I love the Boondocks.

UR-"I cannot say anything bad about Oprah, except I did hear she own her own slaves. She that rich. She that rich, she owns her own slaves. She's got a plantation.
Interviewer-" How you know mannnn"
UR- "I use to work for her. Do some gardening."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why don't You just "Stumbleupon"

Like everything else. I just got hip to this website about a week ago. My good friend Aaron West told me about this site called Sumbleupon. This site basically put all your interests together and when you make a search to a wesbite then it'll search that website that has in common with your interests.

I have found a lot of funny websites and lots of useful sites too. Since I am a computer nerd and all I like being able to have the opportunity to hack into my electronic equipment. Or comics that are flat out funny.

Also there are pages that say random things that would make the average human laugh. Last night I watched this video where they made fun of George W. Bush talking about the threat of "Zombies" those type of satires always make my day.

During the times where I help around the house and possibly get bored at times. It's nice to go on stumbleupon and look at a site that I might actually keep on looking after I'm done looking at it the first time.

And Girls are evil though....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In need of a Music Upgrade

I have been in New Zealand for three months and I found it hard to keep up with the new music out there. For the people who do not know me, I am not an avid radio listener and I often get my new music from various mixtapes and favorable advice from good friends.

However due to the fact that "getting" music isn't do-able in New Zealand with their current data limits that some people have. I have been stuck on the same music on my ipod. I don't mean to complain about the music I have but I enjoy having something different.

So I have been current rummaging around all the music blogs to find new music and have beats bumping in my Grand Cherokee.

Obviously I got one of my favorite rappers mixtape. Cop that Young Jeezy's Trap or Die 2 mixtape. I've been bumpin that for a little bit. The Atlanta rapper gets me amped up everytime he spits his rhymes.

Also just found out that Eminem's new album will be coming out in a month. The chances of it being leaked out is very likely so I will be trying to get that as soon as possible. He spits rhymes better than anyone in the game together. I am listening to one of his singles "Not Afraid" and I don't have any bad things to say about it. His dark tone is something that I am drawn to.

I am going to keep looking up and down these sites until I find the music that I want. Being a music addict, I won't stop until I get enough.

However when you are an addict, it is never enough isn't it...

Sounds Familiar? The Mourinho Talk

Jose Mourinho has gone through all this speculation before.

You know the whole 'is he going to leave after the Champions League finals' speculation. It happened six years ago when he was with Porto and Chelsea were after him. Now he is with Inter Milan and Real Madrid are said to be after the Portuguese Tactician. The Special One is said that he does not want to discuss his decision until after the Champions League Final is over.

All signs says that he'll be at the Bernabeau next season. It is speculated that Rafa Benitez could potentially be a successor to Mourinho at Inter. And with Mourinho's disdain for those in and around Italian Football, the Summer skies of Spain is probably an offer he simply cannot refuse.

I understand where Real is coming from. You would want a manager who is closing in on a second Champions League trophy. The CL prize is the only award that those in the capital will accept. Mourinho also beat Los Galácticos rivals, Barcelona, over a two-leg Semifinal affair with two masterful performances to hold off the current Champions League holders. I am sure the feeling around the Bernabeau is that Mourinho would be the kryponite that would get rid of Barcelona's stranglehold on the Spanish Game.

Mourinho would be the most high profile managerial appointment since Fabio Capello in 2006. The ego of Jose would help in a lockerroom that has many superstars in it especially with the likelihood that more players will come in. Mourinho's ability to deflect attention from players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka would be effective. He could get the best out of Kaka who had a terrible season due to his lofty standards. Also with the main "politicians' in the club finally leaving (Raul and Guti), the Portuguese manager can have free reign to instill his tactics in the club.

For Real, Mourinho would be a thumbs up.

On Mourinho's side of things, He tells of his love for Inter Milan and their supporters but he has found it troublesome being in Italy with all the conservative thinkers in the game often being upset with him. If Inter were in England, there would not be much of the problems that he is dealing with now but he has slowly grown tired of the Serie A and feels as if the new challenge would be great for him.

He still has an love affair with the English media and the Premiership. Unfortunately for him there aren't any desirable jobs at the moment. The top four (this year's top four) managers are established in their clubs. Liverpool are probably going to lose many of their top players and Manchester City have maintained that Roberto Mancini is the man for the job in the Eastlands. So England looks as if it is a far memory for him unless he wants to risk dealing with life without Champions League football for a season. That would be uncharacteristic for him to do.

For Mourinho, this would be his only option unless he wants to honor his contract with Inter. Who honors contracts anymore???

When I begin to think about the possible marriage between Mourinho and Los Blancos I wonder how it would work. A team that is strictly built on offense having a manager who is known for his counter-attacking style. Would this work especially with figureheads in Madrid loving attractive football? I think they would make the sacrifice if it would guarantee them a couple of Champions League trophies because even though besting Barcelona for the La Liga title is a great accomplish. They only eye Champions League silver. With Mourinho's pedigree and ability of making Champions League finals, it would be a mistake for Real to not consider Mourinho right for the job.

This will come to a head within the next couple of weeks. The speculations will come fast and furious. Knowing Mourinho, he loves it when people talk about him...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nine Games in

So with all the craziness going on in my head and all, Three Kings have managed to make a move on the Northern Premier League Table. After I was moved back into the Center back position we've gone five games without a lost (four wins and a tie).

Not trying to be a show off but it is what it is. Due to my current problems, I've been on beast mode for every Saturday. There are some times that I don't even remember the Saturday afternoons or even the nights that I go out. It takes me the Monday morning to realize what I have done. It is really strange

Yesterday (Saturday) we beat Lynn-Avon 3-1. We kind of had a rough go at it first because we went down a goal due to us not concentrating. However we came out strong in the second half and rightly deserved our victory. Even though their coach didn't even give us any credit for the game. We were better than them overall and deserved to win.

There are times where I think we believe things are going to be easy for us. We have to know that this league is much more competitive than Division 1 and we are going to have to come up huge during these games. Even if we are flat, let's make sure that we don't give up any or many goals as it is. We have to dig in and figure ourselves out because once the true Three Kings come out, it is pretty hard to contain us.

Personally, I am okay. Even if mentally I am not always there. My footy stays important and consistent how I always try to be. There are many who are injured at this time and I can't blame them because i know that our players don't want to be injured but it is what it is. I try to keep myself injured free by not doing the shooting drills on Wednesday and doing some necessary fitness during the days before training. That is what I can do especially when I do nothing otherwise.

So we are nine games in and closing in to the title race. To start the season, I didn't think we would be even close but as the team comes together and we realize that even the ugliest of wins will do. We have a feeling that we will be in the title race til the end even with the players we have on the bench now. If we were all healthy, we are a top three team for sure. At least talent wise. But as they say:

"Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn't work hard."

So we have to work hard for our wins, no matter how good or bad it looks, let's take care of business.

Today is my Mother's Birthday. Everyone say happy birthday to my mom because she is the most important person in my life right now.

I can come to her with anything and she understands where I am coming from and can give me the right advice about what I should do.

Even though I might be confused about what I should do right now, she can at least give me some sort of guidance about what I can do or not do.

Other than that, I am okay. I would love to come home at the same time staying in New Zealand for a couple of years would not hurt me either. What is going to happen if I do stay here? Probably nothing, no one would really know that I am even gone unless they checked up on me. There are only two or three people that would check up on me in that way anyways.

Right now, I am going to be patient because at least right now, things do not work out for me how I should expect they should. I'll just ball out on the footy field with my red AdiPure IIs (I'm going to show u a pic of them soon) and have fun with life because that is what my family and true friends would want me to be doing. Having fun with life!....

Those darn imaginary readers