Friday, October 31, 2008

Umm Why do you think you're better than us again??

White people you need to have a convention and gather up all your ignorant buddies with you and have me as a moderator just in case you guys plan on plotting something. You have to explain to your people that you are not better than anybody else just cause you are white. That is just dumb. You have justified this in many different ways in history. You’ve taken Africans, because they were not ‘civilized’ and ‘savages’. You have taken Indian land and brought up the same things. I do not understand why many of you guys have taken the route of being “better” than others. There have been many books and movies making Indians out to look like savages who all they did was kill. They only resorted to violence because the United States Government during that day ( I truly doubt there were in black people even close to being in charge) wanted to take their lands through any means necessary. In South Africa, the Apartheid tried to keep the African population “caged” in on townships while the white population (small in numbers) took over the important mining areas and made Africans work for little pay. And all this was justified by basically saying that we are better than you and more civilized. How do you figure that you are more civilized than others? Because you have books saying that you more civilized than other people. I do not think that is the consensus of everybody else in the planet that you are better. And the ignorant white people of today (those white power people and others) this is for you.

I was watching this documentary about people who live in their backwoods and all that and they complain about how all black people do is eat fried chicken and watermelon. And a couple of minutes later I see the same people cooking fried chicken and cutting pieces of watermelon together this is no joke. Also how I can wake up at 5:30am when Bojangles is open and see all these white people eating fried chicken? So only black people eat chicken? There is nothing wrong with eating chicken and I don’t really know why people just say that’s all black people eat. Soo I eat chicken and you do too.

“Everybody wants to be a n**** but nobody wants to be a n****.”
- Paul Mooney

“Did he just called us Niggers??? Awesome!!”
- Dave Chappelle skit when he was Clayton Bigsby and he mistaken a group of white boys as black people because Clayton heard blasting music

You are better right? Then why do you want to dress and act like the rappers you see on the TV? Some of you want to copy their lives, there were movies talking about such people who act like thugs (I forgot the movie, I know Justin Timberlake was in it), thought they were thugs but in all reality they were borrowing from their parents and did not know what to do when they got in trouble? They did not want the lifestyle when they saw themselves in deep shit. They started talking in their normal voices and crying to their mom to clean it up. How so you want to be black, without actually being black

I think you see the Muslim community as a threat, because they do not care for your rules. They are not going to be easily influenced by your thoughts of superiority. So what is a plan of somebody like Bill O’Reilly: “oh they are prehistoric, let’s bomb the shit out of them.” Prehistoric? Christianity is pretty prehistoric. Islam is one of the youngest religions. We all have to respect that. They only see you as a threat because you are trying to bring your influence into their world. Bringing in McDonalds, Nike shoes, and other western ideas into their world. They have probably (maybe) seen history books of where white people (British and American) have colonized many nations and told people to leave their land and we will put you in “Reservations”. The Muslim community is not going to have that because they know you are not better than them.

I don’t want to be mean, because I like white people. I don’t have a problem with most of them. Just tell some of your population to calm themselves down, because when they say they are better than everyone else because they are white. They aren’t only embarrassing themselves they are also embarrassing you.

Black People: You are next, I am going to explain to you, why some of our ignorant population justifies the thinking of white people that they are better than us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because I don't want to leave the place....

I decided to buy an Iron Gym at the Bed, Bath, Beyond right behind my apartment complex. I think it is about time. Since the fact that it would not make sense to try and drive up to campus and use the weight rooms there. And the apartment complex is what its called just a fitness center and not a weight room plus I can run outside anyways I hate running on a treadmill, there's nothing really to see or keep your attention so I would be up there for about 15 minutes, get tired of it and then go outside and run for another 15 so I can get 30 minutes in.

So like I said before I got the Iron Gym and so far it's not bad. I can do my usual pull-ups, push-ups on it. I got kind of scared though. I am not the biggest handy man I must say and I put the whole thing together and decided to put it up on my bathroom. At first I thought it was going to break or even worse just fall off and I would bust my ass. However nothing really happened to my surprise and I guess the handy work that I did work for a change. So like it says on the box it is pretty easy to assemble for those who can read instructions at least somewhat well.

I think it is a good thing that I have this. It will keep me inside my place which I am trying to do in my effort of trying to forget the world at large. FIFA can keep me occupied for a while but sometimes you need to get off of that couch and do a couple of push ups to past the time. Plus I can get some more muscle while not even opening my door. I don't want to be huge but I just want to be more leaner then I feel that I am now and apparently it makes you taller according to Aaron (I am not even going to say how ridiculous that is unless I start getting taller then I will believe him). The thing is that I know it is going to take some time and sometimes I am rather impatient but I think I got enough time to wait it out. I'll update you in 30 days to let ya know how it is going. And maybe just maybe I could be that guy on the commercial.

"In just 30 days, I turned from a flabby man to a lean, mean, fighting machine."
- Any type of commercial talking about either muscle gain or weight loss you pick.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A nice long lazy Sunday...

After Saturday night in which I had a game and went out with a couple of the guys on the adult league team. I set up shop at my place for the entire day today. It was kind of relaxing for a change to just be in my place. Playing some video games, Doing some reading for my classes and listening to some good music. The only reason why I am currently online right now was to really write this. Then once I am done I will get back to the virtual world of FIFA for a little longer before I go to sleep.

I have started this book called the "Miko Kings". It is for my Native American History class. It is an interesting book, the setting is at Oklahoma and it talks about the story of the Miko Kings, one of the greatest Indian Baseball teams of all time. Also it discusses more of the struggles that the late 19th and early 20th century Indian had to go through. I have just started it and hopefully I can finish it by the end of wednesday so I can begin writing a paper on it. Ha! Of course I only read when I need to.

FIFA has taken over my life. Which is a good thing really. I don't have to worry and think about people that much. Especially the people that don't really care much for me. I would usually spend my time on facebook and AIM trying to see how other people are doing, which I should just be worrying what I am doing and the ones that care will show it. Anyways me and Aaron had another one of our battles on FIFA today. I am not going to try to get too much into or somebody might get mad (it might be me or it might be him, you'll never know.) Then once I got done with that I got back to my manager mode and played a couple of games in that before deciding to read the book that I just talked about. I am finding FIFA much easier then how I've found it before. I have avoided the 4-0 beat downs that plagued me earlier and now I've been able to ball out all the time.

Today overall was a good day. I didn't waste any money on gas or food. I got a little cleaning done and even though I hardly talked to anyone. I feel like I accomplished alot today without even opening my door. I might have to do this more often and also disconnect my computer so I won't have the temptation to get on it. Hmm, that might be a little hard even for me.

This week, I will probably only do two posts. Trying not to ram lots of info down your throats. So I decided to take it easy on the blog posting. The first one I will discuss is about Halloween on Franklin Street and how it is a joke and the second one will be my first edition on my war against ignorance. So now I will get on facebook one last time tonight and I'm Out! Peace

Friday, October 24, 2008

War against Ignorance (i mean race)

Next Week, I am starting my imaginary war against the races (black, white, hispanic, asian, whomever) and I am not trying to be malicious. I just want people to open their eyes to what each of our people are doing to themselves. With the stuff they do, it makes us look very bad. I remember one time in a soccer game somebody was calling me the N word with everybody watching and everything and saying that I couldn’t do shit because I was black and all kinds of nonsense, if you must know I scored on him seconds later, anyway after the game some of the guys were like “I’m sorry you have to deal with that It kind of makes me feel embarrassed about my race.” I know that the sensible ones of us have all said that same thing when someone says or does something ignorant and stupid. So I want to point out some of the ignorant and stupid things that they do and the points I might make isn’t for everyone in that race. It is for the few and ignorant who brings all of our people down.

I’ll start with this as my intro, I don’t like dealing with race. Why do we have to classify each and everyone of us. Just because we have a different shade of skin? A person should not be strictly judge on the color of the skin rather than if they are qualified or not. If the black man doesn’t get a job over the white man it should have to deal with whether that man is more qualified than the other. And vice versa, I think Affrimative Action is good sometimes but I don’t think a black man should get a job who is less qualified then a white person. However if they are equal or better then…

“If it is equal, then f*ck em, you had a 200 year headstart motherf*cka.”
-Chris Rock

I believe that we should get rid of these roles of race in our society because they only lead to trouble, but since it is impossible to do that because everyone thinks they are better than everyone else then I have no choice to make fun of each and everyone of you.

White people: you are on deck.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fast Food Temptations

On Monday, I told myself that I was going to curb down on my fast food and going out to eat because it costs too much money to do so. So I vowed myself at least one meal will be at a fast food place or restaurant. However when I was picking someone up and take them up to campus. I think 12 fast food restaurant chains grew out of nowhere to tell me that you need to come in and eat some of my delicious food. The thing was that it was not like the food was tempting me. It was the fact that they had what I liked. Nice salty and greasy French Fries, a juicy burger or if I went to Bojangles it would be a delicious chicken or steak egg biscuit and to wet your whistle, the soft drink of your choice. I stayed strong this time and waited my time until I got back to my place. I felt proud of myself for resisting the temptation.

However others can not and it is someone troubling to see. One time I went to China Buffet and I was getting my usual food that I get. Some rice, a little vegetables, some sesame chicken and I was going to round it off with some fried chicken. And when I was going around the corner to get to that aisle, I saw an somewhat overweight boy being happy as anything that he was going to get some fried chicken and it stopped me in my tracks. I mean I was happy for him to get what he wants, but he can already be susceptible to diseases that are associated with being overweight or obese. This is a little kid that I am talking about. I don’t think that there is not enough knowledge for children who really need it. Plus the fact they sit around, watch tv, and play video games all day when they get out of school, I don’t think many of these kids have a chance to grow up. Most of them will be picked on by the other kids and self-esteem issues will come to play adding on to the health issues that I said earlier.

It’s hard to get away from the Fast Food Restaurant phenomenon because there is almost one in every quarter mile of space, also commercials tell you how delicious and freshly cooked the food is even though I think that is a load of crap. I am not saying that I am not going to eat Fast Food ever again, but I think that lowering your intake of it will lead to a better life.

My War against race will start next week. I will explain tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I thought 24 hours meant something

Around 1:45am, I decided to go to the grocery store and find a 2 liter bottle of Sunkist. So I went to Kroger, which was the first place that I thought was open 24 hrs and it was closed. Then I thought Wal-Mart should be open it is usually open 24 hrs, no dice. So I was getting frustrated and decided to get some food. Went to McDonalds, nah McDonalds isn’t open right now. WHAT? I thought all failed and I wasn’t going to get my Sunkist. Then I found the Harris Teeter and it said open 24 hours, so I was like yes. Finally I am going to get the Sunkist I was looking for. I walk up to the door and it has a note: “Doing maintenance closed from 10pm until 6am.” Are you kidding me? Let me tell you something you can do your maintenance while I pick up my Sunkist. I won’t be in your way. This is when I said okay I am just going to the gas station nearby my place and get a couple of 12ozs of Sunkist and put some gas in my car. I put the gas in my car and I saw all the lights on in the gas station so I expected it to be open. What do I get? I tried to open the door and then I finally read the electronic sign above me and it said closed. After the gas, I went back to my apartment complex and decided to get at least some Mountain Dew out of the machine there (I knew that the Sunkist was out). I got there put my dollar in and tried to get a Dew and it told me that it was sold out. All that was left was Diet Sunkist. Yes Diet Sunkist. So I decided whatever, this last hour has gone this bad I might as well take it and deal with everything tomorrow. So now it’s 2:45, I’m finishing up my Diet Sunkist, which isn’t too bad actually, I never thought that Diet drinks were bad I just didn’t want to drink them plus they have the aftertaste that I just do not like, and I am watching Sportscenter talking about the MNF game that was on last night (Monday).

I had my late night planned, I was going to drink the 2 liter of Sunkist and play my Manager Mode on FIFA and just forget everything else in the world and focus on my virtual world. However no Sunkist made me less likely to stay up too late tonight. I am kind of upset about it, but whatever I guess that’s what happens when I expect places to be open 24 hrs.

Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Want a Magic Flying Carpet

1. It would be a lot easier to maintain then it would for a car. I wouldn’t have to change the oil nor worry about a new battery from time to time.

2. I would not have to worry about getting gas because it is a pain, I remember when I was young and didn’t even think about driving and that junk was only a dollar a gallon.

3. It would be easier to get around on campus instead of walking through and around other people and I wouldn’t have to deal with those people that give out flyers.

4. All I would have to do is vacuum it from time to time and not go through the tedious task of cleaning and scrubbing and doing all that nonsense that would end up taking a couple of hours.

5. It would be hard for anyone to steal it because I can just lay it down and people would think that it was a regular carpet

6. If it is a nice warm afternoon, I would not have to worry about rolling down the windows or putting on the air condition I could just enjoy the breeze that my flying carpet would give me

7. I would not have to give three or four people a ride on my magic carpet, just in case everyone else was drunk, I wouldn’t have to give everybody’s drunkass a ride home.

8. I would not have to deal with traffic. I would just be able to float along over the standstill traffic

9. Would not have to deal with the issue of wrecking my carpet. It isn’t a piece of plastic or metal. I would have to deal with it maybe being stretched out or whatever but I would not have to deal with it breaking down or it being wrecked by another car.

10. If Chapel Hill and the people around here give me a rash (which you guys are doing by the way) I could just fly off with my 360 and FIFA and enjoy being at a Californian Beach and just chilling out with those people

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cutting myself off from reality

I have many of times thought about cutting my ties from AIM and face book. I just don’t know if I can do it for a long extended of time. People will not be able to get in touch with me and I won’t be able to get in touch with other people. Also I wonder if I would be forgotten if I decided to let go with these social network/ instant messaging services. I do not really know. Will it be worth it? After all not many people talk to me as it is. I don’t if I am forgotten or anything. I am not really caring because if people worry about you after the fact it is kind of too late.

I believe that if you really wanted to get in touch with some one then it would not be too difficult to do. I have some friends that actually get in touch with me without using these services. I know they are few and far between but I have to believe those are the true people in my life. Unless for those who are always asking for favors. I probably should leave those people alone. We will see. I will keep facebook because it is funny just looking at other people and what they do and say on their statuses and we know that I have to join in on the fun with my crazy statuses. I think AIM is more overrated as it goes because no one is really up there and anyone hardly talks to me on it. Then again, I may be back on that junk as soon as I leave.

What will I do? Play fifa of course. Look for some new kicks to buy (yo Aaron I think I am going to buy some supras not the high tops though but I think I found some on the right price range) Listen to the music that I’ve been buying (hahahahaha) lately. All those new mixtapes and junk.

“Shawty you the hottest, love the way you drop it, brain so good could have sworn you went to college.”
-This is the hook to Sho da Don’s ‘Dean’s List’ on Evil Empire‘s Be South 19, but he took it off of T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like’ song.

Maybe go workout and run. I need to stay fit for whatever that may come to me. I will probably end up in Switzerland somewhere, hahaha as you can tell I love that place (I saw some stuff on the travel channel that made Switzerland look tight). Watch some TV, clean my place if it does need cleaning or just go outside and walk around for no good reason at all. I am sure there is more to do then to look at social network sites and hope anyone will write on your wall or IM you because honestly they probably won’t by now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Driving Home or Nascar Driving

“ ‘Hey Dave, I think I am going to race him.’ I told him it was a bad idea but I was high, I wanted to say something but all that came out was ‘sometimes a n**** gotta race.’
-Dave Chappelle “Killin em Softly”

I was making the drive home to Greenville today. I haven’t made the drive down there in a long while. I have always been so competitive while driving. I didn’t want to be passed and when I did I made sure that I got back and passed them back. Then I would get real mad when I would have to stop for gas or if I was hungry I would starve until I get to where I was going. The reason was that I would be pissed and know that the people that I left in the dust have retaken the lead against me. I also get real upset when 16 wheelers try to roll up on me. I think there has been an on going war between me and 16 wheelers. An 16 wheeler always tries to get in my way and try to wreck my car and junk like that. I try to get even with them, pass them and get in front of him then drive as slow as possible knowing he can’t pass me. Ha Ha Ha

I wonder should I really be allowed to drive on the highway anymore.

I need to stop doing that because every time I try to pass cars I let my guard down and cops might be waiting for me and giving me a ticket. I was more patient today, I did not really care if anyone passed me. And I was going 70 mphs on 264, just putting it on cruise and just enjoyed the music that I was listening to. I don’t think I will change my ways though. I will have my inner Tony Stewart on and try to pass and mean mug people while I pass them. I think I just need something to do while being on the road so I decide to race people whenever I possibly can. That’s how I get down. Unfortunately for me there is no prize at the end of my trip.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My World has taken a turn.....for the worse cause FIFA 09 is bangin'

I felt like a little kid going into the Gamestop yesterday and seeing if the new FIFA was out. I was kind of expecting the same thing that usually happens when they say the release date was on Wednesday. They would tell me to come back on Thursday and I would be impatiently waiting until I could get my copy. Yesterday was a different day, I asked politely is it out and they said the magic words: "Most Definitely!" I didn't even know what to do. During training I was waiting and wondering what the new features would be and how would be the perfect way to score among other things. Once I got home and showered I took off the plastic and I went at it with full force.

The game is sick! They have definitely solved some of the problems that was in previous games. The through ball feature has improved. Now some of those balls that got intercepted in 08, they can get through the defenders. Also the forwards make smarter runs; Instead of you having to let him make a straight run, they curve their runs out and if you can time it right they are in on goal. The finesse shot has more importance in this game also. On breakaways, sometimes you can blast the ball and sometimes it will go in or bounce off the post and leave you frustrated. I can guarantee you at least 85% of the time you hit the finesse shot on a breakaway, it will go on for you. This game also punishes those who make rash tackles but they play the advantage and wait until the ball goes out of play before they give them a yellow or red card. I like that because I get soo pissed when someone fouls me, it makes me feel good to know that a card is coming when the play ends.

I've been trying to get my timing down on heading. It has been difficult for me to score off crossing as of now because you have to have a good cross and after that you have to time your jump this time instead of hitting the header button 10 seconds before the ball gets to you. Another difficulty is trying to defend. In World Class, the computer are ballers, they change directions real quickly and they use their speedy players to get around the flanks all day. It isn't like previous games where you can easily bring on the second defender and they would take it. There has to be some strategy of taking the ball away from them. In most instances, you have to let them pass the ball around the back because the likelihood of you taking from them back there is pretty slim. So I treat it like a real game and wait until they get into the midfield. Still I am finding trouble of ripping the ball away from slick midfielders. I think the key in trying to tackle is that you have to predict which direction they are most likely going to go and be there before they do. Sometimes you will get it wrong and have to deal with it, but I have been able to do it in the first couple of games and I've been finding minor successes.

I am loving this game right now. I told you guys about dropping out. It might happen but not to play soccer, but to play this game religiously. Okay you know I won't drop out but the school work is going to be harder to do. I think I may need my mom to hide the game from me until the weekend like she did to me in elementary and middle school. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"In This Crazy World"

"We can't even pay bills in this motherf****."
-Young Jeezy "Crazy World"

We are having so many problems going on in the world today. The stock market is crashing, people are losing their savings, houses are getting foreclosed by the minute, and OJ is actually going to jail this time!!!! WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON??? Everyone calm down. Now I know currently I am not in a position to talk like I am superior to you but I think some people have this problem with dealing with failure in their lives. "Failure is not an option" (a lil illdoctrine quote) Failure always has to be an option. I don't think everyone is going to skate along this world without it. So you have to be prepared. Okay you cannot buy that Range Rover that you want. You do not have to kill your whole family over it!!! I saw this article in the Times where this man killed his mother-in-law, wife, and children because he was not going to be able to pay for the house among other things. First thing I want to say is I wish my father would try to run up on me and try to kill me over this bullshit. I would be like, "Alright Dad, I heard three gunshots already, I'll holla at ya later pimpin" I think after the mother-in-law got hers first I know everybody would be like it is time to go. (because I mean you don't even have to find an excuse to kill her first, you were plotting that ever since you and your wife got married). Second thing my father and mother have been through rough times before, they were not always secure so even if something happens, I think they can make the adjustment quicker than others.

I suggest that people go to the nearest "poor" neighborhood or to a rural area where some of those have real problems to deal with. Then many will realize that even if they have to change some of the habits that they have been use to for a long time, it is not as worse than those who have to deal with trying to eat at least once a day. So calm down, put the gun away, and go find an apartment. I heard the Verge Apartments are going for cheap nowadays.

Okay back to studying

I'm Dropping Out!!

This is true. I have decided to drop out of school. I do not think I can take it anymore and I just feel like it isn't necessary to be in here when I am not going to use what I've "learned" up here. So my plan is to go to Switzerland and start back my soccer career. I want to get away from all the people that were in my life that took me for granted. I mean I know that it won't matter if I stay or go. You probably won't know that I'm gone right. I told my parents of this and they were okay with it. They wanted me to graduate but they knew that I had a soccer career that I wanted to start because I miss the game too much. So that is about it and for the real people in my life I would like to say a goodbye because the plan isn't really to come back to the United States unless to see family. And the rest I won't say goodbye because some of you haven't taken the time to even say hello.

Alright I think it is about time for me to stop talking. I am not really dropping out of school. I just wanted to write the note that I would write if I did actually drop out of school. As said before I am not overly concerned about those people that act as if they like me. I'm sorry I try too hard for your liking. All you have to do is say, "Look you are acting a bit annoying for my taste, leave me alone please" and I will gladly leave you alone. But I guess that would hurt somebody's feelings and some of you don't want to do that now do you. I don't know what else to say. Switzerland does sound like a nice place to go to. Hey Aaron that's where we are going after I'm done with school for real son. Be ready for that shit. Sho, Karl, and whoever you think is cool (cause they probably are) can come with us also.

2 aka Peace!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rationalizing For What?

I usually have these times when I am by myself and I see myself trying to rationalize other people's thoughts. It's weird, I take somebody not talking to me or looking my way and then I tell myself, "well this person probably doesn't like me." Honestly you don't know if the person really knows it is you and the other thing that I want everybody to know me but everybody doesn't and they might not feel comfortable talking to me which is cool. So the goal that I am going to have is not trying to rationalize and over-think what people do.

How is it going? I had a good weekend. I can not complain at all about what happened this weekend. Had an alumni game on Saturday. It was cool we played duke's alumni which they only had about 12 to 15 while we had freaking 20 guys and we made line changes in the middle of each half. We struggled because of that and the fact that most of the guys can't really play anymore which made it extra frustrating. Whatever, I kept my Carolina jersey afterwards and that is really what mattered. #20 baby! Today I went out and watched the girl's soccer team play Va Tech. I noticed that it always gets hot on Sunday. The whole week, it is cool with cloudy skies. Then today the sun was out and of course I was drenched with sweat. After the game ended, which they were winning when I left 4-0, I put my shorts on and went for a nice long run. Of course It is never nice when you run for more than 45 minutes but that is what I decided to do and yes I did hit the wall while I was on that run. I'm pretty sure I ran about six miles today, so I'm glad I survived that. Now I'm watching the Cowboys game laying on this couch and probably going to start studying on my two other midterms that I have on Wednesday. Well at least I don't have class at 9am. I can sleep in a little bit! What Up!! I'll be back this week talking about other nonsense not pertaining to me. Peace!

P.S. FIFA 09 in 4 days!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sights of My Day

Today was a long day and I'm going to just summarize my two midterm day. One at 9 and one at 2

I am cutting off all women's high heels who are already six foot plus. I understand that it is a fashion statement, but I find it ridiculous that you would go out there and be even more taller than you already are. So tall women with heels be aware because if you see me, then your heels are getting broken.

Another complain: Well first I have to tell you that today's Geology midterm was ridiculous because my professor claimed that the printer was broken (what about the eight hundred libraries that we have to print out shit on.) So we had to take our test on the computer projection. So we had to wait for everyone to be done before we answered the next question. The problem I had was when the professor asked "Are you ready?" then no one answers they wait until he scrolls down and then some idiot goes "wait I need to go back". If I was the professor I would have been pissed. Like he freaking asked if you needed more time. The dumb ass students didn't answer him and then waited until he scrolled past the question. Well the real complain should be about taking the midterm like that.

Big Ups to my Weather and Climate professor for cancelling class just because the projection would not work. I really needed that time to study some more for the unexpected paperless exam. I wish all my profs would take his view on things and be like "well I cannot get to my slides. F It, let's leave!"

UNC-Duke men's soccer. I know my boy Darrius has been getting his long throw ready and I believe that my boys are going to be ready for that and the game. One of our strikers won't be able to play because he is suspended (nah Aaron he didn't try to bike it and kicked somebody in the head). We haven't won in Durham since 1996 but they haven't scored a goal in the open play since 2004 (my first year).

2004- 2-3
2005 0-0 0-0 (duke won in pks acc tournament final argh)
2006 0-1 (own goal)
2007 1-0 and 1-0

Hopefully I haven't cursed the guys though. I am pretty superstitious about stuff like that so I hope these stats don't hurt them. I just hope that we can return to our winning ways. We need to get back to even in the ACC.

Well I'm done those are the past and future sights of my day. I don't think I will discuss the night time because more than likely I won't be able to remember it right.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A letter from me to you pt.2

I have to note this for those who might try to guess my political stance: I don't have one. I don't like politicians, I don't trust a damn one of them. They are as good as hardcore rappers. They would lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they want think about the similarities to those politicians that do get into trouble and tell me that rappers wouldn't do the same. So that's my bit

The will find out below

Dear John McCain/Sarah Palin,

I got to talk to you guys. Why are ya'll so angry? You are candidates for the president of the United States. What is with the shots at Barack Obama? Saying he does not know what he is doing, and you wouldn't listen to a politician from Chicago, he is a terrorist, and that he associates himself with other despicable people (that Ayers fellow). Concern yourself more about the issues, because guess what the hardcore conservatives will ride and die with you as it is. You don't have to persuade them to do anything. You have to get those people that are on the fence. They are the one you need to worry about and guess what they are not going to go for your babble about claims you cannot fully claim in time for the presidential election. So you need tell people what you plan on doing to be president don't turn this into a diss game, this isn't freestyle Friday. John, you are a veteran that has been in this arena for a long time, like you said, you didn't come out of nowhere. So yeah you can talk about how Obama might flipflop on somethings and how he isn't has experienced as others, but you need to stop trying to call the man a terrorist. That only alienates your swing vote buddy.

Dear Barack Obama,

Look I know you have pressures from all kinds of sides. You have people trying to get you to be the first black president, and then you have those who think you are a terrorist and will put their crack-pot theories to the test. Whether you become president or not all I can do is salute you for trying because you are definitely taking a huge risk not only for you but for your family. I just don't want you to get into the same shouting match that the other side is doing. Nobody really actually hears a person who yells in fact I don't really listen to anybody that yells. (that's why I don't listen to my mom a lot shhhhh OH I'm only kidding) If you do become president of this country, just be yourself, you don't have to do any unnecessary favors to anybody. You don't have to say I'm going to do everything for the black people everywhere because I am black. You just need to worry about helping your country and you are fine.

Who am I voting for.....

"Ya'll better vote for Barack ODrama (HA HA), black president in the shit aggin"
Young Jeezy "Crazy World"

and DJ Drama is the picture above

Hey it is only my mind now, i am as crazy as cat shit... HA HA

Forgive my shortcomings, I'm misunderstood, we all are...

Don't know if you've seen my blogs by now. Okay I'll recap, I am a person that thinks that everybody doesn't like me and sometimes I make up reasons in my head to tell myself that they don't like me and tell myself, why they don't want to talk to me. Why do they continue to make excuses to hang or talk to me?

And the more I keep on talking to myself the more I look like a whiny little boy with issues. Now we all do have issues that we need to deal with, but I need to stop the assumptions immediately because I don't know what is actually in other people's head. They all might think that I'm a cool person no matter what my faults are. I don't know. I cannot speak for other people. I can speak for me though, I always wanted a whole bunch of friends, always something to do on the weekends, and just someone to talk to when I'm down. But the more I think about it, the more that I see that I have a good group of friends as it is. I don't need to do anything every weekend. And I can talk to my parents when I get down on myself. So life isn't bad, I mean I've never really said that but it isn't bad and it could be worse. So as for me, I'm going to walk around with a smile on my face because whether you like me or not, I am still going to be me and I'm going to walk as tall as my short ass can possibly walk.

You don't know how long it took me to finally get this one post down. Damn okay I'm done

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a wasting time...

It's about 25 minutes before I have to stroll across campus and go to my final class for the day. These days are always long and I've been able to find a good habit of waking up at 7:30 to commute up to Chapel Hill. But this isn't the reason why I'm talking to you for the second time in about 20 minutes. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be trying to shorten my posts down a little bit. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. Once I get to a certain point I feel like I say the same things over and over again until I get bogged down and my original point feels like it is useless so then I would have to scrap the whole thing and start over and that's infuriating

2. I could write my post before hand on a composition book, but then I would have to transfer all that into a post and I'm sorry I'm just too lazy and I don't know I don't feel like writing a whole post first. I feel like I wouldn't write all of it and then I would forget what I was originally writing for and then point 1 will come back all over again.

Basically the same thing really. I may start brainstorming ideas in my head and on paper (not writing down a full post) and then I will go off of my rants. So as far as I go, I have to go to class. I'll try to write down some ideas to write for my next topics


I decide against...

I thought about starting an all out war against most of the people in my life that call me their "friend" but I decided that it would be just me doing more whining which I will admit that I do from time to time. I decided to stop it in its tracks.

I decided that something more important to talk about and that is....FIFA coming out next week son. I cannot wait for it to come out. I've heard many things and I've heard many different tactics that could be used in this game, but I guess I won't know the difference until I see it myself. I am not able to download the demo because my Xbox Live won't work anymore, what else is new. But like always I hope there is many more improvements to this game compared to the others. I feel like there is always a different way to score in these games. I remember in 02 you can basically score from anywhere. 07 on 360 all you had to do was send your player on a threw ball and he'll be in on the keeper 1 v 1. I hated that one because all Aaron did was hit those long balls and then I'm just sitting there like 'whatever man, this is wack.' But I hope they are able to combine all the elements of other games and put it into this game. I always have complains about this game and I'm sure after I play this one for a couple of months I will have some more but I continue to play this franchise more than any other and I believe that I will continue to play until I'm old or they discontinue it. What? discontinued? I didn't say that.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Find the Bionic Seahorse on the Urban Dictionary

Yo, It's just me. I was watchin a vlog of some of my ways finest randy and naztradamix doing their thing. They are currently lookin up sex positions on the urban dictionary. Meanwhile I've been good. Just hangin, feelin kinda sick, but I'm good. I thought about poppin off on both of the presidential candidates but nah I'll leave that alone as of now. But what is Sarah Palin so mad about? Why is she just crackin on people everytime she gets? I mean honestly who stole her milk? I think I did that shit, I spilled that shit, spat in her face and walk the f off acting like I ain't do shit. Cause that's how I get down! Hell Yeah

This cough is killing me at the moment. I've been taking down these cough drops and they aren't currently working. Been coughing up a storm lately. Now I'm watchin the end of this MNF game Minnesota is winning and I freakin missed Reggie Bush take two punt returns to the house. Damn that. Well Minnesota is about to win this game. Damn it. I like the saints and Drew Brees more importantly. Blah, damn this cough!! I've been saying damn alot on this paragraph. I think I need to get out of here

I've been getting my running on. Getting back into the lab again after just spending a couple of days here and there, but now I'm getting back and been getting my running on and trying to shed some of this weight. I don't know what I'm at now but whatever. I'm going to try and head to the weight room tomorrow to get my LL on. But even with this cough I've been able to get a couple of good runs in the last two days. Hopefully I can keep the fitness in and get that six pack coming in- which isn't looking like it's going to come for a while. But whatever the fitness is still there though. Well I'm going to think of some more stuff to talk about for the week, I have two midterms to study for though so you might have to wait. Until I make that trip to the library for the night on thursday, but I will be holla. Peace!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You know what?

I'm going to do what my fortune cookie actually says. I'm going to keep it simple for a change. And yes this will be the shortest post you will see

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let's Be Honest, That aggin got set up

Let me tell you something, who in there right mind brings a tape-recorder to an armed robbery. Somebody had to know what the deal was. I am talking about OJ finally going to jail for the rest of his life for armed robbery. I just can't figure it out. I mean this had to be well versed, I mean nobody records anybody unless they are about to set you up. I guess OJ was messing with the wrong aggins, he should have found a bunch of black aggins to go with him. Cause they wouldn't be smart enough to bring a tape recorder. I mean I wouldn't think of bringing a tape recorder to an armed robbery. I feel like that would incriminate me more. I mean they would snitch on him like everybody else did, but none of them would bring a tape because we don't trust the cops like that.

Then again,OJ brought this about himself. You know everybody is trying to find a reason to put you in jail. You are like a mafia boss to anybody nowadays. If they don't get you for the first thing like murder or racketeering (sp?) they get you on "tax evasion" and that's what they got OJ on the armed robbery was his "tax evasion". I mean honestly, I know you might not have alot of money left or anything but you should know better or at least understand what you are going to do before you actually do it. So yeah you got set up and going to serve your time, but you did decide to go in that room.

Barack or McCain?

So who are you voting for? Me? Honestly I have no clue because I don't basis my vote on whether I'm a democrat or republican, whether the candidate is black or white, nor whether it is a male or female. I try to figure out who is going to be the best for this country for potentially eight years and quite frankly I don't know who is the best person for the job. Like I said earlier about the media's coverage, you cannot judge what they have to say to be true because they all have a certain bias against one candidate or the other. So my political news comes from radio stations and comedý central's daily show and the colbert report and I find myself still struggling to figure out who is the best candidate.

Now I know there might be some African Americans (not a lot) but some that might think that they should vote for Barack because he is black. That is a dangerous game you are playing. You are putting all hope that he is going to come through for you. And he might I'm not saying that, but think of what he has to do. He not only has to cater to 'your needs' he has to cater to the white populations needs too, because there are a lot more of them than there are of us and you know there are a lot more who will not be cool with an African American being president. So Barack's job will be dangerous in that he has to balance out what is best for the country without alienating one or another group. But I believe that it is possible for him to do so

I don't know anything really about McCain. All I know is that he "thinks" he knows better about everything and Obama doesn't know much about running a country. Well in all reality you don't know how to run a country either. I mean all and all you are just a military man and that does not mean that you know how to run a country. And you've ran for president before (Republican party candidates) and there is a reason why it took them so long to finally nominate you as a presidential candidate. So I don't know about him neither, and it seems like the Republican party isn't all the way behind him. So he has to find a way to unite all those guys together, which will be difficult. But then again military experience is important because we are dealing with a different era where we might be getting ourselves pulled into war with Iran or anyone else who is hiding in the bushes.

These guys have difficulties in trying to be president. It is going to be interesting to see which one will make a good president. Hopefully one of them will because I don't even know what to say about the last eight years.

I always wondered what they say when they shake each others hands

"Yo Mama is gay!"
"Mr. T is my uncle!!!"

It's a little My Way joke don't get carried away

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chocolate News! You mean mess....UNC vs UVA

I don't know what to make of this new show that is about to come on. David Alan Grier has decided to make a new show called Chocolate News. And to be honest the commercials that I have seen look ridiculously bad and just like he is trying wayy to hard to have a TV hit. I can only make out some of what the show is going to be all about but I can't see it being a success and more like it could possibly embarass the black people in general. I hope I am wrong about it being like that and hopefully it will be a good shoew but I don't know.

Let's transition to my favorite college soccer teams. Just saw the women's team knock out Duke 3-0 tonight in a cool fall night in Durham and now it's the men's turn tomorrow against UVA at good ole Fetzer. I feel confident that we have a team that can do the business, but they need a signature victory especially in the ACC and especially against UVA. I think that this will define their season because even though they are 8-1-1, but this will be another stern test for them. This is exactly what makes me miss playing soccer right now. I like to go out on a fall night and kick the ball around because the game is fun to me, I like to smile and dance and have fun before the games because there is nothing better than going out there and playing the game that you love. I hope they take the same approach to the game as i did, but sometimes I believe that people thinking laughing as something to deal with losing your focus and I just don't think so. I don't want to get into this because the wrong person might read this and then i'll have some explaining so i'll do it later. Other than that Go Heels!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever just looked at somebody and just made up your mind that you just didn't like that person? It isn't just a first sight thing, you've seen them around and you are just like man, I just don't like that person. Well that has just happened to me and it is bothersome because I don't want to judge anyone before I make an opinion about somebody. Even the guys I know I can dislike I am not going judge that person. But it isn't like this person would be someone that I would dislike and I don't really know their name. It has just got me to the point where I feel like I have to speak about it that's all...

Another thing. I tried to example this to two of my friends and I don't think I explained myself right and this might just fit my pattern of being paranoid. But have you ever felt that people have this preconceptional (sp?) notion about you and you feel like they are hiding something from you but you cannot pick it out? It's like you are around them and it is just something that you feel that's keeping them from saying hello. That's bothering me too because I don't think I've done anything to anybody as far as I know, but I would like to know if I did something wrong.

This shit is probably all in my head....That doesn't mean there's not a bit of truth

Those darn imaginary readers