Friday, January 29, 2010

My Name is Kobe (KOBE) and this is my shoe (SHOE)

This is one of my favorite commercials this year. I like Kobe's footwork in this hahahahaha

It ends up being about Kobe, like always

Maria Sharapova, Kobe Bryant, Andrei Arshavin, Didier Drogba, and Fabio Cannavaro. What do they all have in common? Well hardly anything except for this commerical. How in the hell did Marco Materrazzi get on this commerical? He's washed up

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Exactly am I chasing?

Am I chasing the dream or a much happier life?

I've been going through this dilemma for about a month now. Unfortunately the answer to this question isn't as easy as I would want it to be. I'd rather it just be staring me at my face so I can make the decision accordingly. However no, this will continue to wreck my brain until I make up my mind what exactly I would want to do. The crappy thing about this is what ever decision that I make then more than likely the other one will most definitely close up forever. So this is probably the most important decision that I'm going to have to make in my life. I don't know. I've drawn up some of my options and see what are the benefits and disadvantages to each.

I've been (so eloquently called) "chasing the dream" of playing professional soccer for a couple of years now. It is something I want to do, I've been playing footy all my life so it is kind of hard to change my ways. So I've been trying to get in contact with teams and have had a couple of tryouts lined up. Like I said in a previous post about going to a Real Maryland tryout in which I got good reviews and such. And I know that I've gotten a tryout in Richmond in February. Now I can play well but the same thing that happened to me when I tried out for the Railhawks could happen to me in these places. They could make me go through "another round" of tryouts. And then not picking anyone at all. That process kind of left me with a bad taste in my mouth and that is something that I don't want to go through.

Thinking about it now. It might just be chasing the dream. I've seen so many guys who have been through the circuit many of times. And I don't want to be one of those guys because I know if I'm not good enough to make it through the eyes of these coaches then I probably should do something else. I mean I'm never cocky about anything that I do but when I say that I'm better than some of the players that they do pick. However the "good ole boy" system comes into effect and they'll pick players that they know and want to give them their chance. So I don't know whether to chase this dream will be much worth it anymore.

I've gotten the unique opportunity to go back to New Zealand. Now even though I've had some growing pains and what I not, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I would like to live there for as long as possible. And I get to play some footy also which would be good. I get to play on the team that I played on last year. My coaches have the faith in me and my ability unlike those back home. They know that I can play my preferred position even though I'm not the suitable height (whatever that means). There might have been some changes to the team, but all the guys that I've gotten to know are all quality guys on and off the field. I wouldn't trade that experience with anything else in the world. Plus the other people that I've met are another reason why I would love to come back.

Still though, most of the time, the sequel isn't as good as the first one. What if this "chasing of a happier life" is only a quick fix? And in the long run, it ends up being a bust? Another thing that I have to think about is getting a job because I cannot just play soccer there unfortunately. I have to find a way to get a job. I mean I've had a tough time finding a job in the United States as it is, so I'm sure it'll be rough for me to find a job around there. Also what if my footy isn't as good as it was last year? You never know when you've think that you hit your peak or not until it happens. It is just the things that go through my head (but I'll get that out of my head, my best years are still ahead of me).

I know that life is about the challenges and the opportunities that I have. Also I know that I just have to go out there and just take the chance. It'll be possible that I will fail or that I will succeed. You have to accept whatever happens and go back to the drawing board. Now the thing is that I'm pretty much 50/50 in each situation. However it isn't like I've gotten something concrete from any of these teams here in the United States so it might just be tricks and whistles on their part and they may find some other USL-1 or MLS reject to take my spot because he has some sort of "name" now. Also I don't know whether my parents will want to pay the ticket for NZ (or at least some of the ticket because hopefully by the time the flight comes I will have some money to pay them back) even though the club that I'm going to play for is going to reimburse me once I get there.

Like I said, I wish the answer could just smack me in the face. But it's life, more importantly my life and I am going to have to make some tough decisions in it. Right????

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a consensus among us anime geeks. Normal Ichigo can't beat Aizen

I'm going to say what everybody else on these forum sites and other anime geeks are thinking but not saying. Is Ichigo Kurosaki the worse main character ever?? I mean don't get me wrong. I don't mind the guy myself. I just got through watching the Zanpakuto series. And him beating the main villain doesn't seem right to me. Because it is not like he has learned anything different. His hollow (pictured to your right) seems to do much more than the regular character does. Ichigo is much more compassionate and all but I feel like the main character has to be a bit colder when beating the main villain character in a filler or arc.

(I'm going ahead to the manga since that's what I've been reading). I cannot honestly believe that the regular Ichigo even with his bankai or his vizard form beat Aizen(the guy pictured to your left). Maybe when the hollow form of Ichigo comes out then he could even stand a chance against probably one of the most ballingest villains I've ever seen (I can't wait to see the anime version of these episodes). However like all other arcs. Ichigo will be the one who would beat the main villain and will be the hero. If this was real life I wonder how all the Shingami Captains feel like. I mean they look upon themselves higher than anything else. And they have this substitute saving their asses all the time. Against Amagai, the Bounto, Muramasa, and now possibly against Aizen. I would be ashamed of being a captain in that case.

But I guess that is what happens when your main character is soo boring. Come on Tito Kube, let Ichigo do more moves instead of waving his sword around. He needs to do some crazy shit like the hollow does. That would be much more cooler than what he usually does. However like always Ichigo and Aizen will go for that photograph action shot where they both charge at each other and Ichigo will prevail. It always seems to happen like that doesn't it....

P.S. Hey Don't Judge Me since I watch anime and read manga. Even though most of you have already done this so none of this applies to you. You can just make fun of me as you wish. Me? I don't really care what my "acquaintances" think anymore..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Tryout Pt.1

If you don't like soccer and not interested in it at all. Just click X. I'll do randomness some other time

On Sunday night, I was out in Maryland during a professional soccer tryout for the USL-2 team Real Maryland. Once I stepped out of my car, on cue the rain started to come down. It would be just that luck. It's alright cold outside and now the rain just makes it much worse. Anyways, rather than sitting on the bench, I decided to go and warm-up my body. It's weird because I haven't even kicked a ball in the new year. Don't know why I waited til this time to do it but I just haven't. I starting to warm-up and kicking the ball about and I felt good. Felt like I was at home with myself and the soccer ball.

Unfortunately the standard of play was on the poor side. Even when you feel like you stand out, still you can't help making amateur mistakes because a) the pass was sloppy or b) people don't know how to move off the ball and kind of make you feel foolish. But still what I could do and what I know how to do best is keeping the game as simple as possible and making the obvious pass. It might not look great if people in the stands wanted to see anyone show off but it is very effective so that's what I wanted to go with.

We started with a bit of possession and then we went to goal in a small-side setting. The team I was on at least had a couple former college players on it so we were probably one of the better sides in the small-sided tournament. Afterwards we went into 11 v 11. That went alright. Most of the guys didn't know how to keep a defensive shape so I had to basically put them in certain positions myself to at least make sure I don't have to work too hard. Making the game easy is always the best way.

The thing that always gets me about these tryouts are the people trying to do the most ridiculous things. I mean doing an air heel flick isn't going to help you make this team especially when you flick it out of bounce. Then you try to cryuff the ball and miss it completely. That is going to make you look bad.

Well we won the scrimmage 2-0. The effects of me not playing for a while took a toll on me. Both hip flexors were on fire and about 75 minutes in the scrimmage, I went to slide-tackle and both calves cramped on me. That was the finally straw and I just had to come out the game. However I made a good impression on the coaching so I felt like me going out the game was alright.

After the session, I just wanted to go up to the coach and thanked him for having me and such. He had nothing but good things to say about me which made me feel well and he said that it's likely that they want me to come back up there for preseason training. Which is a plus especially since I haven't been playing in a while.

In Part two, I will explain to you what else he said and why I might not decide to wait for their preseason camp and might end up going elsewhere.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Saturday Night... and my randomness talk

Saturday at 7pm. I get back to my house and normally on a Saturday night. You would like to call people up and see what exactly are they doing. I decide to do the oppose. First thing is that I'm quite tired of trying to call people up to go out. I feel as if I'm annoying them and that I'm forcing them to hang out with me. So right now, I didn't even want to bother with it. I cooked me something to eat and since no one was home I decide to just lay down and watch college basketball for the night.

Even if I do decide to make the trek out on the town, I'd rather go to a place where I'm not going to be necessarily noticed and I just chill out. I mean hopefully I don't hit up the creeper status but I try to interact with the people at the bar. The one thing I like is hearing stories about other people. I was listening to this one guy who is trying to get his own business together and he is living with his mom here in Greenville. Quite frankly I can't say that I blame him too much. He was living in Kinston for a little while and I would not advise anyone living in Kinston if there was a place in Eastern North Carolina that I'd rather live in. And just getting to know other people. And try to see what I could learn from others so I can either not make the same mistakes as they do or use their successes to my advantage.

I've been catching myself reading a lot of manga lately. All this week, I've been reading just about all the latest episodes of BLEACH. Basically figuring out what is going to happen when the "real" episodes come back on instead of the fillers that they've been doing for a couple of months now. I don't know why I am telling you all this. You probably think of me as more of a geek by now, but hey I don't have much else to lose with any of my comments by now so what the heck. I might as well tell you a little bit of what is going on in my sheltered life at the moment.

That is really it. I probably haven't seen a "friend" in the last week. Don't really know how I feel about that. I'm not going to claim loneliness or anything because I haven't really asked for anything at this point. Hopefully I can at least keep this up. Not the seeing people part but the not feeling needy part. Unfortunately I only work possibly two days this next week so that is when the real test will arise for me. More likely I'll probably just sleep the days away aye?.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mistake...My B.

When I got back home, I thought that I should be back and it would be great to be back in the United States of America. I didn't know how wrong I was going to be until I've stayed here for a couple of months realizing that I have been mistaken. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I guess what I'm saying is that I could potentially trade this place for something else. You would think when you talk to yourself during the days or nights when you are bored or have lots of idle time; that you could talk yourself into thinking that this is such a great place. However when you leave great friends to come back home, you don't realize how much you are going to miss them until it's pretty much too late

I currently have a master plan to get back. I do not know how I can go along with this plan nor will it be executed correctly. However that is my mission because I can have much more fun in Auckland than I can ever have in Greenville. At least I can shoot shit with somebody whenever they felt like it and I didn't have to feel like I was wasting someone's time or meddling in their business. And they were always honest also, the most honest people I know of. It doesn't matter if you felt as if it hurt your feelings or not at least you know what they were saying and you didn't have to question them.

Well, my mistake was to come back and expect people that said they "missed me" but really don't. I need to get that gullible gene out of my system already. It'll take some time and also exiling myself from my so-called friends. Oh well, you live and you learn

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who wins the 09 "Everybody Hates Me" award?

Well to all a Happy New Year.

I'm not going to get into details of things going on in my life. I just want to start of this year speaking of who should win the "Everybody Hates Me" award for 09 sponsored by the show "Everybody Hates Chris" but not really. Let's see our nominees.

Kanye West- Ruining little girls acceptances speeches and he dates a model/ video chick who has a fat ass (all my presidents hate that, they wish they had it)

Tiger Woods- Well...America hates him. I guess presidents hate him because he could have had at least one to two black women (could even had a mixed chick.) Plus some of his choices for women are pretty disgusting.

Mario Balotelli (pictured)- Many people don't know him as well. He is an Italian/Ghanian who is 19 years of age. He is a pretty good footballer however he dives too much. He's too cocky for his own good. And his overall attitude is generally bad. Everyone even his own fans jeer him from time to time. You know when your own fans jeer you then that's bad.

But then again Tiger Woods get jeered by his own family so he might have one up.

The voting starts now.

I would put Gilbert Arenas up on this but his current "everybody hates me" behavior started in the last couple of days so he'll probably be on the list for the 2010 award.

Career-Achievement Award of Hatefulness- O.J. Simpson
Hated for good reason. People believed that he did kill two people (I kind of believe that too but let's not get into that) and made a book "If he had done it." (which didn't make book stores). I mean when you try to write a book like that then you deserved to get hated on by the masses. And then when you had all your partners record you trying to take back your own shit. (Even though that recording was pretty funny). You find yourself in jail for that. Like Katt Williams said in one of his stand-up, "If you get off from murder, you ain't suppose to do nothing. No jaywalking or nothing." Well I'll make sure to get your award to you in jail. I might put a key in there so you can get out....

Those darn imaginary readers