Friday, August 12, 2011

Creating Your Niche

The great thing about most of my friends and most people I listen to or read online is that they are forever trying to create their own niche. People have regular jobs and then they either do podcasting in their spare time so a wide audience can hear them. Also some are writing articles and possibly trying to get into the journalism game with their freelance work.

Also another example is of a DJ who started in Chapel Hill, he DJ'd at night and worked during the day until he got recognized nationwide. Now he travels around the state and the country doing the thing he loves and he quit his day job. Shouts out to DJ A-Minor

Me, I am trying to become a soccer scout. Not an agent, I am trying to find talent for teams and not for the player's representation. I started to think about scouting this time last year but I did not know how to get started. So I took this scouting course where I met some scouts from the MLS and the youth national team. Luckily for me, I live in a rich area for college soccer so they are asking me to go out to a bunch of games (UNC, NC State, Duke, UNCG, etc.) and scout for them. I will receive credit for the work I will do and hopefully it can help me get a job in the future.

I don't mind my day job but I don't foresee myself being here in the next three to four years. Hoping that this scouting thing pops off. I am going to be patient and try to perfect my craft in the next couple of years as I hopefully put some money in the bank for myself.

To all those others trying to do what they love, keep on chasing it and maybe you can do that for a living instead of what you are doing now.

And to the ones already doing it....

You lucky Bastards!!!!

Just Kidding

Monday, August 8, 2011

Been a While

Just saying a hello to all the people that want to hear from me. That means that I am saying hello to the three people that might read this. And I do mean might.

It has been a while since I've written a piece on my blog about myself. Things have kind of picked up for me. I've got a full-time job now. The law firm that I work with decided to bring me on full-time. I don't plan on being there forever or anything. At least I can have some change in my pocket without going to the red once my utilities and/or rent kicks in on my account. It will make me feel better.

And the Benefits!! I know that it is important for me to have benefits. It is about time for me to start getting off of my parents' insurance. I mean I am turning 26 in about four months, so I might as well start taking care of myself.

The evil part in me is planning on buying some things and finding ways to save up money for my paid vacation. I think that I should look at ways to budget better and keep as much money as humanly possible. Then maybe a rainy day would come and I can buy something important. Maybe like a new laptop.

My laptop is on its last legs. My settings are "temporarily" disabled. I can't get into my music or my podcasts (even though I can go straight to their website). Plus the fact that if I have my laptop on for an hour, it would flip off. I mean at least it doesn't want to overheat and blow up my hard drive but still I don't think this old thing can manage this long.

I've had this thing for about three years so I think it might be time to get a new laptop. Don't know if I want to get a Mac or stick with a PC. I am not too picky with my laptops. I don't play any games on it. I just kind of use it for getting on twitter, listening to music, and watching soccer on live stream. So maybe a $300 to $400 PC laptop will do. Or possibly get one of those mini-laptops that my sister has, they look cool.

Rambled enough about the laptop. I can't help myself I love having a laptop around, my smartphone doesn't do everything for me.

Where was I?

Oh saving. Yes I do need to save more. I need to learn how to cook. Takeaway and fast food is putting a drain on pocket. Buying groceries even if it was ramen or microwaved food would be better than eating fast food. Also help me in my search of losing some weight, plus making some other life choices will help too. (I'll get into that in a later post).

Otherwise I am trying to live. I still have problems with myself that I need to deal with. But I am okay with things how they are. Still in the forever search for a nice kind young woman, I will stay patient though. Good things come to those who wait...

Hopefully I don't wait until it is too late...

Those darn imaginary readers