Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Am I really on this path

First of all I would love to play soccer for as long as I can and wherever I can play. If you put me out in the middle of nowhere and throw a ball out then I will play but that isn't the subject that I want to talk about now. I am a geography major and I've been told numerous times that the perfect profession for me is to teach. I never considered myself as a teacher because I felt like I am not worth listening to and I am just self-conscious about these types of things. However the more discussions I have the more I feel like that it will be the appropriate path if and when I decide to hang up the boots, that teaching will be the perfect thing to do.

In these bad economic times, many people are getting laid off and are finding jobs hard to come by. Many people who graduate aren't able to find jobs right away and they end up staying around the universities they live in and find some sort of work at Best Buy and others. The only sure things that you can find is being a doctor and being a teacher. That is where I come in, I think it's possible I can be a teacher. I understand that most of high school students (that would be more likely of what I would like to teach) will not retain most of the information that I give to them but I would try to at least let them learn something interesting as long as they are here. Also I would love to be a high school soccer coach, hopefully the team is good enough as it is so I don't have to do too much.

Well that's something that I could possibly do. Of course I would have to learn that craft (as in many that I feel that I have left out) but if I put the effort in it. I think that I should actually do well. I still have a lot to do in this soccer thing though. I hope to make this a long career wherever I go but if that doesn't go as plan. I'm sure Mr. Dre will be able to answer any questions that you have.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I drive in the night
I drive in the day
I drive into traffic
I will drive when noone is around
I drive in the rain
I drive in the snow
I am not allowed to drive in icy weather, but what people don't know won't hurt them...
I drive a jeep
I drive to play soccer
I drive to run
I drive just to drive

I drive myself insane
I drive others into insanity
I drive-by with my homies to put caps in asses
I drive people out of business
I drive to the hoop and dunk that shit! (i do's real n**** shit! )

I drive because I always know there is somewhere to go....

This was a little exercise that I wanted to do. I am going to be doing a lot more of these. Rather then talking about myself because honestly I don't have much going on. So I will try to think of creative and things that don't make much sense to the real world. If you desire to read (hmm Aaron), then be my guest but shit is going to get weird.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow is just the sky skeeting on you..Do you actually want that.

I don't plan on looking out the window and wishing for snow because I know everytime I do such a thing there ends up being absolutely no snow and then the weatherman goes up to his blue (or green) screen and say like they always say, "My bad, we kind of miscalculated that one." Public School systems cancelling classes for the day, the snow hasn't even started yet. I know why you cancelled them it is because teachers don't want to deal with those bad ass kids (I know the game). The reason why college classes don't get canceled a lot is because we have more manners and the simple fact is if it is snowing, we aren't going to class unless attendance is mandatory but even though you know some people will skip out on it.

I'm not going to lie I hope it snows, maybe people won't show up to this inauguration party that my parents and their friends are having. I have to make an appearance and dress nice. Not come out with my red hoodie, some pajama pants and the latin kings Atlanta Braves cap that I have. I didn't know that there was a gang that had that crown symbol. My bad to those out there who might be in that gang. I will never wear it out in public (more because I don't want my ass beaten). Back to the point, I don't feel like going out there and seeing people I do not know and listening to people gossip about their children and then you know your parents got to come back with it, embarrassing you in the process. My mom says that I have to at least show myself for a little while. You right that is my plan, I'm going to get some food and then I'm going to bounce upstairs and play fifa for the rest of the time. I'll watch the thing in my room. Let me say this, I know this is history and I should be and actually proud of what is going on. However this whole process really does bore me, I can't be hypocritical and say that I'm going to watch the whole thing from when CNN puts a whole bunch of projections and holograms of Will.I.Am on there to the oath of office. I'll watch the oath of office and maybe listen to a little of his speech because I only have a 15 minute attention span when it comes to speeches and lectures, I have to take five minute breaks in between them.

So the sky possibly skeeting on people here, inauguration, and the only thing I look forward to tomorrow (tuesday) fifa....I was going to say it's going to be an interesting day but for some reason I don't think it will be.

I know people in the northeast and in the mountains are like psht the sky skeets on us almost everyday.

"ain't my girl eloquent and she got more junk in her trunk like an elephant."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is this seriously being put under consideration???

Earlier in the week, I was reading up on the soccer headlines and Manchester City was said to be offering the Brazilian maestro Kaká 100 million euros to join their club. Now when I read this I was thinking to myself, he will not go to a club that is currently in the lower half of the Premier League. However while I was reading up on new developments this morning, they were saying that the deal is possibly close to being done. I do not know if I can trust these reports, these might be the same people that said that Christiano Ronaldo's deal with Real Madrid was done LAST year, so I do not want to jump the gun but I never thought of Kaká to be the smash and grab person. I mean I can understand that his role with AC Milan has changed and that he might want to try something different, but Manchester City??? I truly doubt they will make the UEFA Cup this year. Well I can begin to question Kaká character now, because of him heading to Man City for what we think is just for the dollar, i mean, euro signs. If this does happen, maybe it will be a good investment for the club...

Even though they are in the lower tier of the Premier League, I honestly did not think that they needed a playmaker in the mold of Kaká. When Stephen Ireland is on the pitch, I thought he was actually their best player so maybe they would not need another player in the midfield. But this possible signing could make other signings that Man City want easier. If they can pull a guy like Kaká off of AC Milan, maybe other players would want to come join this revolution. It is easy to say that you want all these players and they will most likely laugh off these assertions but it is like a domino effect, once you get one then the rest will fall. So honestly maybe Kaká isn't needed there (why would anybody ever say that he isn't needed haha) but his signing could bring in other names and fix some of the deficiencies that they do actually need to sign players for.

This is just a rumor so it may just die down in a couple of days, but if you thought the Robinho signing was a head shaker, I don't know what you would do if Kaká came to the City of Manchester Stadium. I know one thing, this team is going to make a helluva of a video game team.

Let's make this clear for you.....I'm not retarded

Warning: This will probably sound like a rant so if you want to leave now then go ahead.

I feel like people just do not either think or know that I am a very observant person. And if they decide it is a good idea to look and see me and then look away quickly like I would not know who that person is. And other people who act as if they think they are my friends and then leave or say they will be back. I've actually used these excuses and have had these excuses used on me too so honestly. I know. I know you don't like me it's cool! It is really okay, because honestly I would rather have it no way other than that.

Now I am going to go off topic. I had an email yesterday (Thursday) that I honestly did not expect at all. I won't call names or anything because I never call names unless they are my best friends, but the email said that I might have the opportunity to go back to Los Angeles for at least a couple of months for training camp and probably redeem myself from the last time I was there. I would not say that I did horribly but I don't think I was ready to go far away from home because I thought that I was leaving "a lot of friends" around NC. I realize how dumb I was in thinking this and I know that I would never make the same mistake again. If I do go back out west, they will have to think that they either don't need me or that I am not good enough to play for them to kick me out of camp. I will not volunteer heading back to NC. In fact I will stay there as long as I possibly can, I love LA for that matter. Last year when I was there I felt right at home actually. It was real laid back as myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I felt like I missed home which I admit was my mistake. and unless I end up messing up which I doubt I will do. I won't be back at home until November or December and I would love that.

I figured out my last paragraph (this is the last paragraph btw) but I will not call them out like this. It is easy to just say how you feel on a piece of paper or for that matter a blog site, however it is harder to go up to that person and tell them how you feel about them and how they are driving you nuts with their actions or for that matter lack of actions or for the other matter for basically spitting in my face without even knowing it. Sometime soon I will grow some balls and tell them what they are doing to me other than that I am going to sit here, unplug this cable, plug it into my 360 and play fifa because that is the only thing that brings me joy right now. Okay one of the many things.....

btw from time to time I will put my favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force Quotes on here, because it's my favorite show of all time so if you see something at the end then that is what it is and I might put other quotes also that I like but I will let you know what it is before hand

Frylock: How's that gum meatwad?

Meatwad: mmm kicks butt, the flavor goes on and on.......also i joined the marines.

Frylock: you did what??

Meatwad: I joined the marines....

Frylock: well that was very dumb of them to take you.

Meatwad: Yeah I know, I can't do one pushup man....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lazy Days

You know you have to take at least one day out of the week not to do any running or lifting. Well for me Tuesday was my day to not do anything. I was pretty much feeling sick all day so I decided to lay in my bed and take as much medicine as I possibly could take. By the end of the day, after watching all five volumes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and watch all the seasons of Sealab 2021, I was feeling a lot better and actually didn't feel too sick anymore. Right now I am currently watching Ocean's 13, it's probably my favorite of the collection with the first one being a close second. Plus the fact that I slept all day, now I cannot go to sleep so I decided to watch dvds. I'll probably watch the boondocks next after I get done with the movie.

Today, I plan on heading to the triangle area (Chapel Hill/Raleigh). I actually got some work for me to do. I am helping with CASL and their YTS program tomorrow. It should be interesting and I do not want to embarrass myself even to some little kids. Also on Thursday I am going to have to go up and see if they got my underload/graduation request done with. I am sure that these things take a long while but I do not know if I have the time. But I am heading up there anyway. I am kind of bum because I may have to skip out on my visiting one of my old roommates in Charlotte because I have to work YTS on Sunday. I don't know what I am going to do about it. I will figure it out while I am there.

I've been in the writing mood lately so I am sure there will be more post of me talking all the nonsense that is bottled up inside my puny lil brain that I have. I know I will be thinking of things to talk about on my ride up. So be ready........the nonsense is definitely coming and if you don't like it........


"Meatwad:Maybe Santa's getting a headstart this year, because statistics they show that there are more children in the world today. That's China's fault

Frylock: Where did you get this from?

Meatwad: Regis"

Monday, January 12, 2009

OK, My Soccer brain is at work now.

Forget my trials and tribulations and other crap that is going on in my life personally I would like to get back on the football (soccer). There have been issues that I have been thinking about that went on this weekend and I will try to discuss in detail.

"I'm not playing mind games, I am just stating the facts."
This what Rafa Benitez, the liverpool manager, was saying in attacking Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. I personally don't like neither teams so it was real funny to just stand back and watch the nonsense unfold. The problem I have with his statements are that he is currently in first place right now and I don't really think that it was warranted. If you poke the beast long enough it will bite your hand off. I just feel like he is poking the beast and also making excuses on what might happen if Man Utd catches up to Liverpool. He has a talented team already he needs to be focused on that, because even if he is right about Sir Alex. I don't think you should be putting this negative attention towards your team. Everyone says that it won't bring any attention to the team but they have to say that. If Rafa's squad gets caught by Man Utd then it won't have anything to do with their tactics, it will have to deal with your constant obsession with Sir Alex. You never say Mourinho and Wenger saying that Sir Alex controls the refereeing and the English FA. Yeah they talked their mind games too but their attacks weren't as rash and as harsh as his. Be easy Rafa, your team is in first, concentrate on that and make sure your star players don't beat up any more DJS (sorry I had to bring that up again).

It might be time for Drogba to go.
While I was watching the Man Utd-Chelsea game yesterday. I felt like one person was never in the game or never really belonged in the game. I would give Didier Drogba his props when he does well however he has been on the decline this season. Whether he's been injured or throwing coins at people, he just hasn't belonged on the Chelsea squad. I watched the first half and Chelsea was moving the ball nicely and once the ball gets up to Drogba, he either holds on to it too long or he mistouches it and gives the ball away. His teammates are already frustrated with him and this performance makes you wonder if he is even trying anymore. Most want to say well he isn't on his match form yet. So why start him last night? and leave the Premier League's Leading Scorer on the bench? It's obvious that he must be doing the right things in training. However it hasn't transferred in the game. My personal opinion is that the 4-4-2 for Chelsea just doesn't work. When they changed to that in the second half of yesterdays game, they looked like they were chasing the game in the midfield. And Anelka and Drogba just didn't look good together also. So I would think that since there have been problems with Drogba as it is and his form isn't up to par, Scolari needs to do something about it or he'll end up being sacked in the end of the year and his reputation damaged a bit.

Becks' Debut
When David Beckham went on loan to AC Milan noone would ever think that he would crack the lineup in this squad with Pirlo, Seedorf, Ronaldinho and Kaka. He not only got into the lineup in his first game on the road against Roma, he actually played pretty well that it heaped praised from Kaka that he should stay on in Milan. I believe that it is a bad sign to the Galaxy that he might actually stay on and play a couple of more years in Milan. Then again it might not be, it is well known that Beckham's wages are holding back the Galaxy's ability to get better in the MLS and also he has not been inspirational for his team. So I honestly don't think losing Becks will be a bad decision for the Galaxy. It could actually in the long run make Bruce Arena's squad better. Also they would have more money to spend if Landon Donovan, who is expected to probably stay on at Bayern Munich after his loan spell. So all would not be lost. Galaxy can rebuild and make their team better and Beckham can prolong his career and feel better about his football because it was apparent that he really wasn't feeling good about it while he was in the US.

"Within the Spirit of the Game"
While I was watching the game on Sunday (Man Utd-Chelsea), before Vidic scored the first goal of the game, a goal was disallowed because if you see replays in the game it looked as if Ryan Giggs didn't place the ball on the corner kick line and they took a corner kick illegally what they didn't show you unless you watched the review show is that Rooney actually took the corner kick by dragging the ball off the corner and Ryan Giggs dribbled in and crossed to Christiano Ronaldo who headed it in. I actually thought it was a clever play after seeing it on the review show and then I remember while I was in Mississippi and we went on a trip to England and we actually tried it and it actually worked out pretty well. Alright back to the current, the referee said that he saw the corner kick and said it wasn't within the spirit of the game. I have one question so when was that one of the rules of the game. And if you indeed saw it then you should have stopped it from happening instead of making an excuse, because now I am thinking that you made a mistake and that goal should have been allowed or he didn't see it at all and when he saw it on replay he had to say something on the fly to make himself from not looking bad. They better be thankful that they ended up scoring anyway on the second try and that wasn't a key moment in the game.

I'm done now don't really have much to say right now. I'm going to go ahead and start my week. Maybe I'll go on a run right now. Man if I'm not fit by the end of this month, it's going to be a shame.

No Plans on Going Back..

So at UNC, school starts tomorrow (Monday) and I will take my normal position.......That will be in my bed in Greenville probably either watching Mike and Mike or more than likely going back to bed. As of now I am currently waiting on my underload request to be brought back to me in which I will make a decision after that. Then my lease will run out in February and my parents don't really plan on making me have an apartment here in Chapel Hill again because I will be living by myself and that is much more expensive then living with other people.

Now I don't know what I am going to be doing for the next couple months. Living in Greenville? It isn't too terrible. I've gotten use to the routine of eating, sleeping, and working out. So yeah that keeps me motivated to do something. (Don't really want to talk to the human interaction issues because it's repetitive). I feel like I need a job however if I decide to get a job around here I feel like that will be the moment where I'm sent somewhere else and it would be real dick for me to go in to a place after a week and tell them that I'm going somewhere else. I might just go to Circuit City tomorrow and fill out an application. It won't hurt right? The store might close in a week anyways right? Since it filed for bankruptcy a while back hahaha. It will be something to do during the days in which I just sleep. So that is at least the plan for tomorrow. Other than that I've been doing odd jobs for my dad, he has been helping run this retirement home, it isn't huge or anything just for people who couldn't afford the real big ones. It isn't bad, he knows my schedule and if I do have to leave he'll understand.

I thought about answering the question: Am I going to miss Chapel Hill? And the answer is....I don't know. I have relatively few friends left and it will basically be like what I do at home. So I might as well take advantage of the free food and housing while I can right?

I might be back for a day or two every so often unless I go somewhere that there's no way for me to come back nor will I be making those trips back if I am not travelling for a road trip(talking about soccer). I'll just stay at the place where I am at and explore a little bit. No use wasting all that gas on five to six hour trips. As you can tell I am on a save money tip right about now. I've been avoiding going out often and trying to avoid the fast food or late night food I eat. At the end of the day it turns out to be a waste of time, I can either watch tv or random ass people on tv instead of going out and I can search around my house and eat the food there instead of going to late night wendys.

So here's my goodbye to Chapel Hill as a residence for me. I've lived there for about four years of my life. Some good and some horrible times, but they have all shaped me to the person that I am so I can at least thank you for that. Now it's time for me to go on an adventure. Even if that adventure takes me to Raleigh......uh yeah, that's what I want, 20 miles away. But it might just happen.

"He's dumb as hell. I'm dumb too, you knew that though, yeah? bc i did send out a press release, i ate a bunch of them, i'm dumb, dumb."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Days (a lil hint of sarcasm)

The days aren't really sad days. Just more frustrated with the lack of true friends I have at this time, that's about it. Trusting people nowadays is hard to do honestly. Not depending on others when sometimes they aren't thinking of ya. I hate being out of sight and out of mind but the fact of the matter is that it happens too often and then I use to fall into that trap of talking to anybody. So I'm getting the hang of being by myself and talking to myself which I do as it is. I can't fault anybody like I've said before they have other people to worry and think about so I know where I stand in the totem pole for people. I just have to adjust myself and understand that I have to look out for myself because there isn't many who will, except my fam and my good friends which I have about only a couple (and some of them are gone away until March).

Otherwise I'm okay. I've been a lot worse than I am now. Mostly because I finally got my 360. I had to go back to Chapel Hill to get it because I made the mistake of thinking that I was actually going to be around the Hill this semester so I had it sent to there. So I got it and once I got it, I made the mad dash back home to play. Luckily I didn't lose anything because I was able to keep my hard drive with everything saved. So I didn't have to restart my manager mode all over again. Went running again today, I've been doing that a lot lately. I am starting to have that feeling that if I don't run then my day is wasted. So luckily before the sun went down I went running. Tonight, I decided not to do anything (head up to Chapel Hill or possibly go out in downtown Greenville). I try to have a good time by myself because honestly I don't hurt myself often it's just the other people who are the problems. I'd rather see nobody then see people I know sometimes. (Alright that should have been on the top section, sorry).

Tomorrow is Man Utd-Chelsea at Old Trafford. I cannot wait for it, it's definitely going to be the highlight of my week. Who am I pulling for? Neither, I am not the biggest fan of the Premier League as it is so I just like watching the matchup between two titans in the game. I am not liking Chelsea's chances in this game, they have been having a whole lot of problems with people thinking that Scolari will get fired, Drogba well being Drogba and causing lockerroom drama and if they have to depend on Anelka to score the goals in this game, I just don't think he is mentally tough enough for it. (watch him score two goals). Usually Man Utd picks up form during these months, they have a variety of players who can step it up (Rooney, C Ronaldo, Berbatov, Tevez, etc..) I believe Berbatov has the sweetest first touch in the game today. Everytime I watch him I just marvel and scream at the tv even on a touch that most players would pop up. He just finds ways to keep the ball stuck on his foot. Indeed you have to worry about his work ethic at times but when the ball is on his foot or he has a chance to finish a half-decent chance I believe he is one of the best in the game (now that is).

That's about it. Don't want to get into the rant game that I usually do. I just feel like once I get them off my chance then I'm done with it and if you read you know how I feel instead of some of the times I hide what I really feel like around ya. Tomorrow, I am going to watch the game, maybe go lift and run. If I feel like it I'll probably kick the soccer ball around or go to play indoor somewhere. Just trying to keep myself busy and not thinking because when I think that is when my head starts hurting. ow??

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boredom keeps me writing.

I was thinking of writing on something along the lines of this "Oh my goodness, I am sooo bored, I hate Greenville so much." However I thought long and hard, and I realized that wherever I am going to be at I am going to be bored. It is going to happen. However more than likely I will have to wait until March before I do something seriously so I am guessing it will be a battle of wills between me and my parents. I think I can win this battle, I am youth, full of energy (when I want to be full of energy), and I have the experience of being bored because all I usually do is watch TV and sleep as it is. I just got to beat my mom, I know my dad really doesn't care (he cares about life, but he just doesn't care about me doing whatever I want) so I mean I cannot compete with apathy.

Today was a prime example of nothingness. I woke up, then went to sleep, then woke up again, and then went to sleep, then I went on the computer to check my download, which I was downloading a tv show to my external hard drive to keep myself from being bored, then I tried to go to sleep one last time but I couldn't. So I decided to go to Gold's Gym and lift a little bit then did some treadmill running. And ever since I got back I just bounced around the house trying to figure things to do. I tried to write two blog post before this but I just felt like those wouldn't work out for me so I left it. Now I am downstairs watchin fox soccer channel and just hanging out because I know the amount of sleeping that I did during the day will lead to me going to sleep at around 5am. Which is cool with me (as long as they show some soccer games soon)

One resolution that I decided to keep up with is to not talk to people that I think or more than likely know that they wouldn't want to talk to me. This should be hard because I always have AIM/facebook running on my computers, however I am resisting the urge to talk to these people. I'm still bored but I doubt talking to these people will help me cure my boredom so for the most part if people want to get a hold of me, they know exactly where I am at. For some reason now I don't need to talk to these people as I thought I needed to, if I ever see these people then great, I'll say how are you doing? and then go on my way. I rather talk to people that I have things in common with me. And wouldn't mind talking to me (because that is a big kicker), but I just am talking a "I don't care about it anymore" attitude because these people will continue to live there lives and I know I am going to live mine.

I doubt that made sense. I'm sure once I read this again in about two months it will make sense to at least me. I like just to go off in tangents talking about the random thoughts in my head. I feel like when I plan out things and try to write then I get into trouble and things begin to run-on. I rather run-on when I am not thinking or planning about anything, just doing it.

I haven't been "hollering at the ladies" lately and it's not like I don't want to, it's more to the fact that I haven't found hardly anyone in common with me. I'm sure that's hard in its self. I haven't found many people that have anything in common with me period, but I am still going to look secretly. Not going to be doing what those boys in the bars be doing. It's real funny to watch them, it's kind of like a movie or tv show or something. It's funny what they say to try to attract girls. It leads me to think that these things don't work at all especially when I see the guys go empty-handed and I start laughing my ass off at the amount of time and money that was spent on them. So whenever I go out, I just try to have a good time, talk about life's trials and tribulations and don't try to expect anything because once you do that, you'll get in trouble with yourself and start becoming angry and nobody needs to see that nonsense. Especially me, knowing me now, I probably will start laughing at you.

Well, the week just started, my car will be in the shop today (tuesday) and I don't know if I will have a car to drive for the rest of the week. So you know what that means, more sleeping and more being on the computer. Ha, I will try to do some productive things this week, I need to fixed the chains on my bike, I thought I fixed it the last time but that turned out to fail horribly. Maybe clean some things out in my room and download some more tv shows to watch. Any ideas of what shows I would like would be definitely helpful and think about my personality for those that know me. Combine is this week, hehehe just to let you know, don't f up real bad because the four years that you wasted on trying to become a good soccer player could potentially go up in flames in the next four days, that's just a suggestion. (and I should know)

Alright I think I'm done, don't really have too much else to say.......

P.S: While I was watching the Texas-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl matchup and they showed Colt McCoy's parents and girlfriend, my only thoughts were....

So that's what you get for being a Texas Longhorn quarterback......a trophy wife. Lucky fellow.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's the footy in me

I honestly can't decide what to write about now. I mean yeah it's around 3:15am and I cannot get to sleep. (What's new huh?) Well whatever I write it will probably pertain to soccer aka footy since those sites are the only ones I've been to in the last couple of hours. Oh well many of ya don't know what I'm talking about to begin with so here goes nothing.

Would you side with Kolo Toure or William Gallas?
It's not truly a difficult question honestly. I will take the guy who doesn't stomp around the field and has a hissy fit as the captain of his team. I'd rather have the guy who people would more than likely listen to and respect more often. The guy I am talking about is Kolo Toure, who is an Arsenal player who is having problems with fellow defender William Gallas. Now Toure wants a transfer this month because the bust-up has gone too far. I personally think Toure is a way better defender than Gallas. He is serviceable, I don't see him in the press too often for anything controversial and he just plain and simple gets the job done. Gallas is a whiny baby who isn't a good as he use to be or maybe isn't as good as anyone thinks. I feel like I can't respect a person that says that he cannot play with another player and goes to the coach about it. If you don't like someone fine, but that is not something that I would do to another teammate I feel that is very much out of line. But still I've seen it done and apparently Gallas talked Wenger into benching Toure for last weekends match against Portsmouth. I do not know why Wenger continues to listen to Gallas. Hasn't he caused enough problems in the locker room? I mean if you were to poll the players on Arsenal, I'm sure there would be a good percentage of them that says that Arsenal could do without Gallas and keep Toure. But I forget Wenger is French and so is Gallas, that kind of helps.

Oh Transfer Talk

The transfer window has opened up for European teams to splurge to help their teams get better for championship pushes or to keep them from facing relegation. There is one thing I hate about this whole deal is just I don't know who to believe when I go to these sites. Even the two sites I frequently go to. and I still cannot believe what is going to happen. One day they'll tell me that Jermain Defoe will go to Aston Villa and I'm like okay he'll be going to Aston Villa, and then the next couple of hours they say "WRONG! he's going back to Tottenham" the nonsense like that. (BTW Jermain Defoe hasn't gone anywhere yet for those keeping up HA) I just try to keep things at face value. Another thing about the transfer season is that I believe it is different than in American sports because clubs try to force each others hands over here in Europe. Teams or agents will try to get their players through the media or tell them that the player is unsettled. For the majority of trades that go on for American sports, there is some sort of understanding between both parties and they both get something that they need. However for football (soccer) transfers, it could get ugly real fast and bidding wars between competing teams could start happening. Think about the Red Sox and Yankees bidding for top players. This will be happening every day in January and it won't even be with teams with the stature as the Red Sox/Yankees. However I love it because the excitement and seeing what major names might go to clubs. All I got to say is Valencia, Don't sell David Villa!

(Apologies if this probably isn't as clear as I wanted to make it, this is basically strictly for the footy fans)

His hair gel game is still banging
Being on, I saw who were the biggest transfer flops (from the summer transfer window) of mid-season. And Ricardo Quaresma, from Inter Milan, won it by a landslide. Costing Inter Milan 30mil euros (i believe it is euros), it has probably been one of the worse players in the Serie A this season. This guy is in all actually a good player but I believe that he will always be a good player who needs to be on a team who is not as good as other teams. I remember this same player going to Barcelona and flopping there then going to FC Porto (a Portuguese club) and blowing up there, then seeing him come to Inter and stink up the place. I hope he at least gives back some of the 30mil. But maybe he spent it all on his hair gel because that shit is bangin!

Alright I've been talking almost for 45 minutes. It's almost four now. So I am going to make another attempt of trying to go to sleep. Hopefully it'll work this time. If not....I don't know what I'm going to do. Peace

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It is finally here.

A new year has started. Goodbye forever 2008 and hello 2009. I am not going to go into details on how 2008 was forgettable. I am just going to look to the present and the now. One resolution that I forgot to put on my page was that I plan on being much more patient in this year than the last. I sort of have an antsy personality. I have to stay moving if I am not asleep of course so sometimes I ask people what they are doing or text people or IM people just to talk to somebody, most of the time I don't really want to much, all I really want is somebody to talk to you know. Something I have to think about so I don't end up pissing off more people in 09.

I am really going to dedicated myself to the game this year, soccer that is. I mean I try to do work by myself as it is but now I am going to really try to be the best I can possibly be. Working out after training, running, and lifting when I can to stay tone. Even kicking balls or juggling (not circus juggling) when I am bored and have nothing to do. That's a goal of mine, if it isn't good enough then I can at least say that I tried the hardest I possibly can and not be able to say what if.

(Damn why didn't I put these in my resolutions page, maybe because I was too busy wanting to rant, that is something else that I need to get rid of too)

My parents got a new computer. It's a Mac. Yes they have been sucked in to all those commercials and finally got a Mac. It looks kind of cool though I must admit however I think I will stick with the good ole PC because there's nothing wrong with the PC, you just have to make sure you know how to use it correctly. Some people go into these sketchy sites click on some nonsense and then wonder why in the world there computer has problems. Maybe you should stop going to these nonsense sites. Stick to youtube, facebook, and your webmail sites. Even though Facebook could have some sketchy crap going on, I try to avoid that as much as possible. Well they decided to disgard their old PC in the living area upstairs. So now I am on it trying to make it run as fast as possible by deleting some of their old nonsense and some of this toolbar crap that I know in my right mind I will never use. That is my mission for the next couple of weeks that I am here because I kind of like this computer. I think it is cool, I don't think that my parents nor my sister (sister has her own lil laptop) will ever use it anymore, so it's my job to keep this computer ALIVE. Plus the sketchy wireless connection that I have on my laptop isn't always reliable.

For this weekend I don't know exactly what I am going to do. I may go up to Chapel Hill and kick the ball around with a couple of guys that I met over the fall in adult league. Then on Sunday, I might have this interesting proposition in Greenville playing with some Mexicans. I don't think I can get into it because I am not even certain how legal it is. Haha, I'm sure it's fine though.... Maybe???

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