Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wayne, You know what has to be done...

JT- "Hmm, this is pretty awkward..."

Chelsea and Manchester City go against each other on Saturday afternoon (early Sunday morning for me) And one wonders what will Bridge do when they go for the customary handshake. If you have been living underneath a rock for a month then I'll briefly tell you what happened. John Terry had an affair with Wayne Bridge's babymama. Now Wayne Bridge is obviously upset about the deal.

What should he do? People say that he should take the high road and shake his hand even if it doesn't mean anything.

Me? I only think of causing trouble so what I think he should do is not shake his hand. Spit on him even when they are in the tunnel and just go for his legs and risk a possible season-ending suspension. Hey, he doesn't plan on playing for England anytime soon according to reports. So why not take the Roy Keane route and try to end a players career. But that's just my thinking, I wouldn't feel sorry for JT at all.

I think Bridge should set-up a bounty on JT's head. It would be obvious if he would recklessly tackle Terry in the game but if you get a guy like Craig Bellamy to do it then, well obviously they would expect that you set it up, but you couldn't prove it unless you got it in writing or on tape. That would be the more reasonable response in my mind.

Then again, I don't like seeing anyone's career being over due to a serious injury but whatever happens to JT in just under two hours, he'll probably deserve it...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not a Thought

Well I could go on and talk about life in New Zealand. Or I could talk about people moving on with their lives or me moving on with mine or going stagnant with it. But I don't have too much thoughts about these things. I've been thinking but they haven't been the clearest thoughts. Am I missing home? Nah not necessarily. I'm going to miss it during the summer months but that's when the season is going to be so I don't think I'll be missing it too much. I'll probably be in autopilot mode by then, hopefully I'll have a job, the season will be going well or good enough.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can give you in details of how things are going in my head and why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling. Because we come on this blog site for my nonsense and not me saying my brain is on E....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journal Entry 1: Across the Country. Out of the Country

February 14, 2010 11:30pm

I love being on the east coast. North Carolina is always going to be my home. However I hate the fact that I have to fly cross-country to get there. I started my journey at 1:50pm going to Chicago. My friend DJ was nice enough to take me to the airport. Then I had a two hour delay going on from Chicago to LAX. That flight was a pretty awkward flight. I was in the middle seat and this guy who sat on the window seat was giving me weird looks even before the flight started. I know that I wasn’t the probably problem but he was still looking over. Unfortunately during this time I had gas (maybe too much info but it’ll serve my point) and I was trying to hold it for the longest time since we are in an airplane and all. So I said bump it and just let fly with all the gas I had rumbling in my stomach. So he had a reason to give me those weird looks. Evil? Yeah very evil muahahahaha

Once I got to LAX, I was expecting an hour standing in the security checkpoint because I thought I would have to move to the International Terminal. However I was surprisingly mistaken, I was about to make my way out into the exit, I looked to my left and saw my gate. I jumped for joy in the inside and decided to have my last American Burger King meal (even though it tastes the same here) and jumped on the plane. I got on the ship and I’m ready to go. So when you get this, I’ll be far far far away from some of you and close to others…..

Okay: I'll make a journal of my trip

This time while I am here. I'm going to make it a better effort to chronicle my trip in a journal. It won't be an every week thing. It'll be when eventful things happen during my stay here. So just be expected to have only two entries. First one will be of me heading down here and then probably the second and final one will be when I leave hahahaha.

Of course, I will spill more random nonsense from time to time. That will not change one bit but just don't be surprised when I pull out a journal entry on you. So enjoy. My first entry will be posted in about thirty minutes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I don't plan on saying goodbye

This title might make it seem that I am a cruel person that doesn't like goodbyes. Well I am not cruel but I do not like goodbyes. Goodbyes are like an ending of a friendship and you would never see or talk to that person again. Which if that is the case, how much of friends were we to begin with. I always end the conversation (even if I don't plan on seeing this person ever again) with see you later! It doesn't matter if I don't ever see them later. I just don't want to abruptly close like that. You know what I equate the word goodbye to. To a movie where the protagonist is about to kill off the bad guy and every time the bad guy gets killed off, in my mind I say goodbye! * wave *

So even if I don't ever see you again, I don't really want to kill you off like that. Unless I don't like you, then I'll prolly give you a sarcastic goodbye.

I'm heading off on a journey to a familiar place this weekend. This time I don't know when I will be back, I don't know if I will ever be back. Time will tell on this. Hopefully the experience doesn't sour but knowing laid back people like this who would do anything for ya and I would do the same, I don't think that's going to happen.

I should end this by saying skype me, gchat me or email me something (bump fb chat). However I'm not going to do that. I've done that enough times already and only a couple of people even bothered with talking to me so I'm going to leave it all up to you. If you want to say goodbye to me or if you just want to say see you later...

Parting Shot: Oh Aaron, you still a B.A.P!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hopefully they don't take this off too. The Handshake

Compliments of Nikebasketballvideo

Big Z getting it in on the handshake. "Who wants to buy some DVDs??" hahahaha

This Week hasn't started off too badly

Usually Monday would be a day full of hate. It really wasn't too much of hate for me. Even tho I did have to recover from the Super Bowl party I went to (Oops). Once I got home I decided to just cash my check so I can have a few dollars to work with for a couple of weeks. That made for a great start and the check didn't bounce either so that was even much better.

Got a good interval workout in on the treadmill because I refuse to run in the cold weather. Then one of my mates asked me if I wanted to come help his team. I was going to just chill and relax for the rest of the night but then again I needed to run out and kick the ball about and get my soccer reflexes back since I've hardly played this year (don't know why)

So I helped out with this 16 year old team. Nothing builds more confidence then schooling it up against some 16 year olds. Hahahaha I was getting the feel back for the game after a while even though it was against kids who haven't even started driving yet. However I begun to lose feelings in my hands. I do not know why I didn't bring my gloves (stupidity from my part)

Anyways I'm at work now just cruising along. I've got about four in a half hours left until I am done for the day. So I think I am going to continue to cruise maybe hit up some hulu if not many more kids come in today. I sure do hope so, I need to catch up on my shows.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stop Warring with myself

I have been at war with myself for a long while. I like to feel that I generally suck at life and that I cannot get what I want among other things. And in the meantime, I try to dust those thoughts off my shoulder from time to time. It's difficult to forget about the thoughts of loneliness when you're feeling lonely. However for the majority of the time, I have been enjoying my time by myself.

Sure I text people from time to time to see what they are doing. Also just to have a conversation with them. I generally see myself feeling better about being myself even though a couple of years ago, this would probably be a full-out rant about how everybody hates me. I don't think everybody hates me (well I wouldn't say that everybody likes me either), but I feel like I'm too odd for some people to handle. They won't say that to my face or anything (is it me or can anybody give me a fair amount of criticism?) however I feel odd for most people's narrow brains.

It's cool with me. I will keep my small council with me. They will know how I really tick instead of me ranting about "fictional" beefs I have with people. Well I do have real beef with someone, but that's beside the point....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moral Standards of a Man

That is a laughable statement. As if men have any morals left. We've seen Tiger Woods go through his nonsense now John Terry is going through the same thing but much worse. He bedded an mate's ex-girlfriend which is a no-no in man law especially when his mate had a kid with the girl. Everybody has talked about Tiger Woods so I'm going to say my two cents about the man in question now.

I thought about this topic of moral standards when I was reading up on the dailymail and them talking about other options for England captain if indeed Terry is sacked or resigned his captainacy. Each of the candidates have had problems with the law or cheating on their spouses or having orgies with prostitutes. We want to hold these people. Our "role models" in higher standards than they should be. However we forget who these people are. They are footballers. They've ate, slept, and shit football since the day they were born. The only families that some of these footballers know is their footballing academies. Don't get me wrong, they love their mothers and fathers but it is their manager telling them what to do once they turn 10, 11, or 12. I'm pretty sure that they do not go into life training when they are in these academies. For that matter, I don't think school would be a necessity to those trying to live the dream.

Where am I trying to get out?

We are talking about those kids who hardly have a family life anymore. They have not been taught right or wrong when it comes to relationship with each other or their woman friends. What do you expect will happen when they turn 20 years old and they are a Premier League footballers with millions and millions, AND glorious women flocking to their side any chance they get. We shake our heads to the John Terry's and the Ashley Cole's of the world that cheat on their WaGs (Wives and Girlfriends) but it is hard to say whether they do not know if it is truly right or wrong to do this. Until it gets to the media and they embarrass their women into tears, then they realize that they are wrong and "they'll never do it again". Until the next time they do it again.

I don't feel sorry for John Terry. It was his decision to get married to his childhood sweetheart. It is also his decision to go on drunken binders and find other women while he's engaged to his wife-to-be. It is also his fault for "cheering" up Vannessea Perconnel (Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend). What does he expect? A "Chelsea girl" who has slept with numerous Chelsea players other than Terry and Bridge. Hey he is one of those that just doesn't know when to say no or does he care about the ones he hurt. He wanted to hide this relationship to save his sponsorship deals, he never made one mention to hurting his family in any way. I mean how low is that.

Alright back to the task at hand. I truly don't know why any of these footballers (anyone for that matter) get married at an early age. Like I said before, they don't have any idea how to raise a family or how to treat their wives and children. They might love their children (John Terry was a dad of the year in England one time, wow England must have sad bad dads) but they don't understand the bad behavior they conduct themselves with will have a bad effect on them. Like what is being said by everybody, "John Terry is a football man." This is true, he knows nothing else and it will be a fool to say that you are shocked by his actions.

What about Women and Moral Standards? Haven't we forgot Vannessa was best mates with John Terry's wife? And she has done everything in her power to sleep with almost every Chelsea player she could. (Shoot I should have played for Chelsea). These women don't hold up their end of the bargain either. They are the ones who throw themselves at men to make a quick buck or they change their entire appearance just to keep their football husbands or boyfriends. Can't really fault them, I mean if they can sell a story for $250,000+ then all the power to them. But don't think you'll earn an ounce of respect from others due to you failing in keeping up with your moral standards.

We want our to hold our footballers, athletes, actors, actress, etc to a higher standard. And then you have people like Catholic Priest fondling little boys. Or pastors and deacons laundering money for their own good. These are the people who we look to to tell us of a better life after this one. And yet a minority of them take your money and don't even blink twice about it. What I'm trying to say (in case it got lost within the babble I spilled) is that stop expecting people to be perfect. None of us are. Even those who have an image of perfection, they aren't. And I'm not going to be surprised when I see a superstar: cheats on his (or her) wife/husband, or take PEDs, or goes to a brothel. Because they are only human and like Adam and Eve did a LONG time ago, sometimes we succumb to our urges no matter what the consequences are...

Thoughts in Song???

Haven't done this in a long while. Well I haven't thought of anyone in a long while either. That might help a bit. yeah?

Hey how you doing
Shawty what you doing
I ain't got nothing to do tonight
So I wanna get with you tonight
Be at my crib at 7
I hit it 7 to 11
And wear that thing I like
And I do that thing you like
It ain't nobody at my home
So we can get freaky as we want
We can play
Sex all day
Get it in (send)

"I'ma take control if you let me inside of your world (inside)
Don't be afraid girl
Tempo slow, lights down low
Now tell me if you like down low
I'll go, cause I just wanna please you (fa sho)
Believe me when I tell you that I need you."

"Button after button now that blouse comin up
Kissin on your stomach now your shirt comin off
You feel (so soft), where is (your spine)
Kiss until I find it
Must you be reminded."

"Girl, we've had our share of ups and downs
But you know that I'm gon' always be around that's fo sho
And you know how we do, how I roll
And remember aint a damn thing change so"

"And now I’m so overjoyed.
Girl, you fill my void.
And you got a special place here.
You put joy inside my tears.
And this isn’t make believe.
You found your way to me.
(and now) You deserve angel wings.
Of that I’m certain.
Yes I do believe that"

"There's something about the way you look at me
And it's got me imaginin' and seein' things
Like us both in a room
At my domain
About to blow up and
And hit like a hurricane
And I can't take it no more
And you can't fake it no more
Playin' hard to get girl
Please leave that thought outside the door
Cuz the truth of the matter is that you want me and I want you up
So let's quit playin around and get our ass up under this cover."....

Those darn imaginary readers