Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Just Sports

I do get mad whenever my team loses and I say things like, "I am going to drown my sorrows because my team lost." However I am not going to take any extreme measures like going out to my local Applebee's and shooting somebody.

After the Saints and 49ers game, an Saints fan was so mad that he decided that he should go to the trunk and start shooting at a couple of 49er Fans. (Atlana 49ers Fan in Critical Condition)

I really want to know what it is really in the mind of some people who thinks that this is such a good idea, they are risking to spend the rest of their lives in jail for a football game? Because if Alex Smith is running for touchdowns, then I should do something to take myself out of society...riiight.

Sports is just entertainment for us. It is a way for most of us to get away from our reality for two to three hours. That is just it though, it is just entertainment. Once the match ends, life still goes on. Maybe Lebron had a point when he said that people can go on with their problem-filled lives. If someone plans on shooting up an Applebee's, there has to be some sort of problem with their lives that they can't deal with.

Things like what happened in Atlanta happen every so often, I remember when Auburn won the National Championship last year and an Alabama fan was so distraught that he killed a tree. People are so fanatical about their sports that it is scary, they would not mind taking a human's life for a game that shouldn't have any real consequence to them. Can't really change the human condition of this crazed fan-dom.

Maybe, I am one of the only people that think once the game is over, life still goes on. Sports should not really be in control of your life like this. They are all guys making money doing something that they are really good at. We should just appreciate the skills they have been blessed with and if our team should lose keep the gun in the trunk.

Well unless, you think jail is a safe place for yourself. That doesn't even sound right. Have fun with your anal rape sir...

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