Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stop Signing Off, Take the Beating like a Man (or Woman)

Dear FIFA 12 Online Players,

You don't know how it is frustrating whenever a person signs off or go to the dashboard right after I score my second or third goal on you in the first half. It isn't my fault that you suck. It isn't my fault I'm halfway paying attention to while I am stomping your ass in FIFA. Why don't you do something like, get better in FIFA.

Even when I am taking an ass-whoopin by somebody, I have the decency to carry out the rest of the game and take my whoopin like a man. But I guess the online geeks out there can't take their beatings respectfully

Listen, the real gamers in this community respect the game. We all get frustrated when we lose or getting beaten upon. It still doesn't mean that you can throw your toys everywhere and turn off your Xbox.

Just maybe I am playing against a bunch of amateurs at the moment but a couple of you guys begun to talk shit while playing me. Then after the game turns into a 5-0 beating, you start saying that I'm lucky and then turn off the game. Come on big man, you were tough talking when the game was 0-0 at kickoff, now it's 15 minutes in and you're quitting.

I wish that Xbox Live/FIFA/EA Sports or whoever is involved in moderating the FIFA online games starts banning these douchebags because this game needs real gamers not these tricks masquerading as such.

Peace Out and Happy Gamings,



d'gazzpooll said...

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Paul Reed-Peck said...

Agree it's frustrating, I've had plenty of losers quit the game on me when I've been up by a couple of goals. Worse is that I'm winning like 2 or 3-0 and the game goes right up to the last couple of minutes, and then the loser quits. What a waste of my time! They should lose points or something for that.

On a separate note, I've just recently started playing FIFA 2012 and can't get the hang of the new defense controls. What do you make of it?

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