Friday, March 20, 2009


As of right now, I currently have no soccer team to play for. No job to get any other type of income and school is kicking with my ass and the fact that I'm not really caring about it as much as I should, it doesn't make anything much better. I really want to start panicking and saying that nothing is going right in my life and that it all goes downhill from here. However I need to grow up and understand that things happen for a reason and that I need to keep searching and keeping moving. I can't stop trying because things do not go my way. That's been my problem in my earlier years, I would think that failure means that I have to stop. Failure doesn't mean that, it has to mean (well at least to me) that I can learn from the mistakes I made, and make sure that I do not make those same mistakes. As for school, I am going to start hitting the books a bit harder than before just so I don't stress out about that. I don't have any more exams until the finals and if I finish all my labs and do a good job on them then all of those grades will add up and help me out even if I don't do as well on my final as I wanted to. Soccer wise, I've been keeping fit. At least getting on the treadmill everyday and yesterday I went with Juan and did a 5k trail run at his college. It was a good workout, push me to the limits because I haven't been running through hills often ha ha. I might actually have to wait until the fall to find a team to play for and more than likely I won't be around these parts (the country) but I will try to play until I feel like I can't do it anymore and I am going to understand that and just move forward from there.

As for now, I'm going to continue to just live because I know that I'm better off than some people in the world that don't even have doctors to go to and they have to wonder when the next meal is going to come. So I can't get too down on myself all I need to do is be patient and keep on trying.

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