Monday, March 30, 2009

The Nonsense VI: The Negative Outlook

I will explain this to you because people have said this to me often that I have a poor outlook on things in life. I tell myself that I'm a circus because that's exactly what I am. That's how I feel about myself and whatever "encouraging" things you say to me isn't going to make me feel better because I know in the back of your mind you think I'm a circus too. Whenever people to talk to you for a long time and then just stop talking to you suddenly for no reason: That can cause you to wonder. Whenever you try to talk to somebody about what's going on in your life and they have complete disregard about it: That's a problem. Whenever you just sit by yourself and wonder if anyone is thinking about u, because in the last couple of days you have not had any social interaction with anyone: you just have to wonder about things. I try to stay positive with myself because I know that being negative can lead to stressing out and stress kills. However when shit after more shit hits the fan often than most then you begin to think. Wow! things will be like this and I should expect this to happen because it's been happening for the majority of my life. So whenever I said something in a negative tone about something, just remember that I'm not doing it just to do it, I have experience of this happening to me.

Disclaimer: This might be a drunken rant that you might not care for. I'm sorry if you read this nonsense and wish that you got your five minutes of life back but that is how I feel and if nobody else cares how I feel then whatever I got my two cents out there and you can make your decisions about me however you want....

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Sugarwilla said...

I think if you feel this is important enough to write, then it is important enough for me to read. It was a great 5 minutes well spent. I learned something about you. You are fantastic.

Those darn imaginary readers