Friday, March 13, 2009

I should never say that I'm going to sleep. So what do you want to know..

Well, I can't sleep as of now. Maybe I shouldn't have taken that evening nap. Oh well it was definitely worth it, I was exhausted. Now I'm back on this computer just checking up on my favorite sites and checking them again because I don't have a large variety of sites that I go to. I just go on twitter,, and facebook. Occasionally I check my blog to see if anyone has written anything interesting on their blogs, but that's about it. I finally did what I said I was going to do today and hooked up my 360 back to my HDTV that I have in my room. It isn't a huge tv but it's cool enough for me and I can play my video games on it (still wondering why it's in my room, but it's all good.) Unfortunately I cannot get on Xbox Live at the moment, this is because the wireless router that we had which also lets you connect through a wired cord was moved all the way downstairs instead of its original location upstairs in the tv area up there. I can't find a wire that long to hook up from my room all the way downstairs, plus it would be mad tricky to do because me and my sis have to go up and down the stairs and I don't feel like tripping and falling down. I think once I am able to get a job somehow, I'm going to buy a wireless adapter which I can find at Best Buy or EB Games or something. The problem that could occur is that my wireless at home isn't always the most reliable so I have to be careful and hopefully I don't get disconnected and mess up mine or somebody else's game.

I'm back living at home for good. No more Chapel Hill and no more rent as of now. I'm mixed about it, I don't have to worry about asking my parents for rent checks but I liked my own space. But dre, you can have your own space at home too, in your room. That is correct but I don't have to hear questions everyday about things that I've said three to four times to them on the same day. That's the most frustrating part about it. I know they love me and I love them but sometimes it gets real irritating listening to this question and that question. They hounded me for a couple of months now to go to Harris Teeter and apply for the stock clerk position and then when I go in there do everything and come back home, they are now hounding me about something else. I'm waiting for them to tell me that I have to go to the Moon right after I do something else that they wanted me to do.

As you know I'm looking for jobs, like everybody in America at the moment. I haven't graduated yet and I'm trying to do that too. If I get this Harris Teeter job, I would be more likely working three times a week from 11pm to around 5am on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. Yeah my Friday nights are gone hahaha. Probably won't need them much. But yeah, I'm just hoping that this comes through. I can have some extra coin instead of asking the parentals for change every other week. That gets real tiring and I have to find more creative ways to ask them without getting my ears biten by them. It'll also be good because I won't feel like a complete bum and just sitting around the house doing nothing for the most part. I can say, yay I got a job.

Other than that, nothing new. Any girls? Unfortunately not, I've been in my own universe at the moment. Can't really concentrate on that at the moment, I'm trying to do all kinds of other things. Like finding a soccer team to play for (which looks less and less likely to happen), going to classes and hearing my parents talking about marching. (Hey parents I don't march, we just stand there, plus I don't want to be around a large crowd of people. that more than likely I don't know nor like). I'd rather be watching TV and being like, "Yeah I graduated, now I'm going to try to find a job, oh that's right, there are hardly any out there."

um, I forgot where I was going with this. It ended up turning out to be a rant somehow. I think I'm going to stop with it here and just think of things to talk about other than myself, because I'm not interesting in any way. Anything else you want to know from me. Just shout out at me on here or on twitter. I'm sure to be in one of those two places.

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RiverdeepANDRed said...

You aren't alone by any stretch, those with degrees and a couple of years on the workforce were laid off (yours truly) and are in the same position. This country is truly at a crossroads and it couldn't have come at a worse time for us. The best years of our life and we're swimming in the sea of shit left by the previous prez admin. That being said, with downtime, try to make it all count. Work out like a dog and stay on top of job hunt. Something will come your way but you might as well enjoy life before it passes by. If you want your cash requests to be given without hassle, just do xtra shit around the house like dishes, laundry, and cleaning. If the folks see that, how can they knock u when u need some dought? Be well cuz.

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