Monday, October 26, 2009

Driver Seat is in the Correct Side

Saturday night at 9pm I got into the Charlotte Airport and my journey was officially over at that point in time. Of course I'm going to miss everyone in Auckland, but it's glad to be back home. My momma made the drive to pick me up and take me home. The only minus on my return was that my luggage was left in Los Angeles (argh). I was bit upset about it but there wasn't really any need to bitch out the people at customer's service because I knew that it wouldn't help any. No worries I got my luggage today so that's all good.

So what was the first thing I did when I was back?

Honestly, I found my keys, grabbed my ipod, and went out on the road for a little bit. When I was here before I left, I use to go on drives around the city just because I wanted to cruise and get out of the house. I wasn't able to do so when I went to NZ and it was even more uncomfortable being on the other side of the road or having the driver's seat on the right hand side instead of the left. Let alone feeling uncomfortable driving someone's car. I didn't want to make a mistake or anything. The two times I drove in NZ, I felt so uncomfortable driving and I was worried if I still had the skills to drive a car. I got into my laredo and it was just like riding a bike. All the skills were there and it felt good passing people on the road also. Luckily I wasn't driving very first fortuntely.

"I love my babymamas, they get my highest honor. I got to take care of the kids, man I know you heard Obama."- Lil Wayne- Swag Surfin
There is actually no meaning in this quote. It is more just stating the fact that I miss having songs on time. And once I got back home, I made sure to get this song among others. Another thing that I'm going to do is listen to the radio (shocking because I never listen to it) and watch MTV and BET for the hot music out. I have to get back in touch with the music so my ipod will be bumpin in the streets of Greenville/Raleigh/ or Chapel Hill. I'm not trying to impress people with it. I more just want to feel good listening to music because that is one of my more favorite things to do with soccer and video games being a couple of hobbies of mine.

Still got more work to do.
Well, I've been asked: Now what? That is a good question. I'm still trying to play soccer so training with be an important thing for me. Plus I am 23 years old, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to find some sort of steady part-time work so I can make some coin and not slog around the house all day and night. It gets boring after a while and like I've said in previous post that it's very hard asking parents for money even though I'm not asking for much. So that's another thing. I have to look for teams to tryout for or teams that are in need of players. I'll never know what will happen so I have to keep my eyes and ears open you know.

The experiences will hopefully make for a better person on my part. I was having a conversation with a good friend yesterday who wasn't feel the best about his time outside the U.S. Of course there will be hard times and there will be times you have to do things that you don't expect to do. I mean I think I'm getting better because I'm doing a bit of the little things now. I actually made up my bed today, which shouldn't be an accomplishment but I never did it when I was home because more than likely about a couple of hours later, I'll be right back at that spot so I might as well save the trouble of making it and having it ready for me. Being in NZ, I wasn't forced to make my bed but I felt as if that would be a good thing to do especially since the family was kind enough to let me stay in their house. So I made my bed for them. Also clearing things in my room, that's another thing I hardly use to do because I either didn't feel like doing it or I forgot that I should clean up the mess that I make.

One other thing that I'm learning to get use to is not to be upset over the little stuff in my life. Things happened like not finding a job, at times not having enough money to pay for the hostel that me and Greg lived in, and just feeling out of place and not wanting to go home. Those are the things that you have to get over because you made the sacrifice to get over here. It would be selfish of myself to end a trip without completing the season because I'm sad over things. Me and Greg overcame these things and I think Greg can testify to this too that it made us better people. Now what does that have to do with things over on this side? It has helped me become a better person because I try better not to sweat over small stuff anymore. Most of my previous frustration while I was here was because I felt like people ignored me or didn't want to hang out. That's small things compared to hardly being able to pay for rent and having to sprint to the Western Union (yeah they had those) and getting it paid in time, also having a soccer game right after that. So I think I'll be good if you "ignore me", I'm not going to be concerned about you supposedly feeling sorry for me.

I think that's it from me. I didn't think I would get this far on this post. I'm still dealing with the time difference as it's almost 5am Monday morning in Greenville, NC. And it's about 10pm in Auckland and I know I would be awake at this time. So I think I'm going to stay up, get a work out in and hopefully I can make it through the rest of the day so I can finally get adjusted to the time again. Other than that the nonsense will continue!

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