Monday, October 12, 2009

Shutting Myself off of FB Chat. is it possible?

Whenever I get on facebook, I check on the facebook chat box and see who's online. It's an easy way to see if there's anyone to talk to and such. There are occasions when I'm very very bored and want someone to talk to, then I try to talk to them and they either a) don't say anything back or b) only say two things and look for the nearest excuse to leave and then come back once they think I'm gone. So I've been trying to find ways not to have that urge to talk to people who can't be bothered saying anything but two words to me. I mean I would say that it's a waste of time but honestly facebook in general is a waste of time and me being on there checking up on my "friends".

I should think about what I'm going to say to a person and if you are fully aware that this conversation is going to be 5 minutes or less then I really shouldn't be bothering with this person's time. They don't feel like contributing to the conversation so why should I? You have that pit in your stomach that says, "this person is annoyed." And I can tell because I've felt the same way when other people tried to talk to me. Not that they were trying to strike a conversation more because they were just asking for something and that's all that they wanted to get in contact with me about. Which I understand, but a simple e-mail or facebook message would do just fine.

Not getting on facebook at all helps a bit. Here's exactly what I do on there. I check to see if I have any new notifications, go to my profile, go on my friends list to see if there's any updates and I see if any of my friends have any interesting pictures and after that it's just basically mindless screen watching that's basically a waste of my time. At the same time that I do this, I could have read at least three to four articles on the BBC website or I could have something else that would be more productive in the time of boredom that I currently am going through. And the facebook chat makes things worse because I spend about 10-15 minutes waiting for people to come online so I can talk to them (okay 10-15 minutes may be a bit extreme but whatever). I mean if I want to screen-watch, I might as well put in a video or play a game of some sort. It'll at least get me out of the thinking that I have to talk to someone.

This is going to be a very gradual process. It's not impossible (okay maybe near impossible) but I need to begin learning not to put my hopes on everything facebook. I can go on there and see if my two only real friends are on and if not immediately log myself off and do other things with my life rather than be on fb. I need to learn that there are more things going on then someone's update status or if someone's in a relationship with another person. It seems like something out of one of those tabloid magazines or something. I need to get out of the tabloids and go into the real world...... or twitter either or will do :)

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