Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogs in Song

Now I know I've been on my own tip lately. And I've been writing multiple posts about myself. Well I want to get rid of me for the time being and give you some of my favorite lyrics that I've been listening to and trying to relate to myself. This is about the time of the year that I'll let the R&B songs take me away even though I don't really have anybody to share with... It's cool!!

"Only just a friend the love story begins
Now here's a happy ending to believing
Your always down for me now you're with me in my dreams
It's got me wondering if you ever dream of me
I don't wanna risk losing everything
But I'll take the chance and tell you what I'm thinking

"You've been my best friend can we put this to bed then
Tonight's the night to cross the line
Baby won't you be mine
Not just my homegirl
Time that I take you home girl
Tonight's the night to cross the line
Let me love you tonight
I, I, I..."

(Oh) Hush my baby, Don't you cry.
I'll dry your eyes. Fulfill your heart's desire.
Let's go in. Try again.
Careful this time. Broken promises linger in our mind.

I'll give in completely. Hearts break so easy.
I know. Believe me. Oh, I've tried.
But my arms can hold you. My kiss console you.
I'll come and love you tonight."

"I'm only here for this moment
I know everybody here wants you
I know everybody thinks they need you
I've been waiting right here just to show you
How my love will blow it all away."

"I was soo cold
I was soo bold
I was soo lonely inside
You were soo nervous when you first heard this
that a real man is going to try your heart
but you're so real, know how I feel
so we both continue to play our part
From the end to a start, girl it's going to be hard
it's nothing that we both can't get through."

"I gotta admit sometimes I feel week for loving you the way I do
It's beyond me
I can't control it or force it to be, you know, what I want it to be
I think about you so much when I'm with you and when I'm not
It's deep, the way, just looking in your eyes just changes my whole perspective."

"It's so hard for me to say this
I'm struggling to find the right words
What I've felt is past tense
What I feel you just haven't heard

So, I think it's better that I tell you now
I think it's better that I tell you now

She's so sweet and good, good
I can't let her go"

"I waited for your call but you choose not to call me
I wonder what happened
Were you inside a safe space and too I wondered
Were you thinking about me and if you were
Why was I feeling so lonely
By the phone, alone to the bone
Although the night before you were in my home my body my dome
In a circle of passion we Paris Italy Japan Africa Rome
We made music, we trombone
It was magic the way it happened
Pure electricity
I felt so excited and afraid at the same time
I don 't know whether to sing or to rhyme
Call me."

I'm a little weird, a little crazy, an oddball for sure. But I'm sure there is someone who can match with my oddballness (yeah I made that up) or maybe just help me curb it down a little bit if they don't mind.

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