Monday, November 24, 2008

My New Obsession

So I decided to take my boredom to the next level and went on the internet tv and i found this site called Yes I know what you are thinking and yes it is an anime site. For those that do not know anime is a japanese cartoon. Hey you can judge me I don't really care. Well anyway, I was thinking about a new anime series to start because I've been on the Bleach for a year now and I cannot wait for the next episode tomorrow. So I thought about what I heard and while I was listening to one of those my way vblogs on youtube. I decided to give One Piece a chance.

One Piece is about this chase for all the pirate treasure in the world and all the pirates are trying to get it. Well this goofy pirate with a straw hat named Luffy (the first guy in the picture) is trying to be the Pirate King and get the treasure. The great thing about this guy is that he does not give a care in the world. Sometimes the dumb looks that he gives to people in serious situations just make you laugh. And somehow he just makes his way out of a troubling situation. I just love the boy's goofiness, he makes the series. I cannot really talk more about it because I have just gotten through three episodes and all I know is that Luffy is heading to the Grand Line (which is where the treasure is) and he's doing it in a little boat with only one person in his crew. He's a funny character because he has only one goal in mind and he doesn't care if someone says that they are going to kill him, he'll go on with his business like nothing happened.

Well I know you are probably like this guy is actually talking about anime, well I don't care what you think really, I could talk about myself and how I have bad luck with girls and people in general, but I know you don't want to hear that neither so in other words enjoy when I talk about something else other than myself.

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A West said...

ay bump everybody else, monkey d. luffy is my aggin.

they some twitches for hatin.

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