Monday, December 29, 2008

Not going to lie. I'm tired of this British Nonsense

No disrespect to the English Premier League. I love watching the Big Four and for that matter Aston Villa, Manchester City, (b/c Robinho, Stephen Ireland, and SWP) and basically a team with an American on it (meaning Everton and Fulham). However I can deal without watching games in the Premiership without the struggling teams playing each other. It may be exciting to the fans of these teams but honestly it is just not good soccer, At all. All I see teams do against the big four is lump long balls and hope for free kicks. That is how they are going to get their results but as a neutral watching most of these games I cannot stand watching these games. It begins to hurt my eyes and then my mom would yell at me for a) "WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING THIS GAME? and b) STOP SLEEPING ON THE COUCH. Because honestly I would either be putting on the headphones and listening to music or passing out on the couch.

I know people will hate me saying it but I would rather watch mid table Spanish La Liga matches then watching mid table EPL games. At least the ball stays on the ground for the most part. You see lots of dribbling in these games but also you'll see nice passing too. I love the chance when I get to go to a house with DirecTV and the people I stay with have GolTV and I'm on the tube watching some soccer and enjoying myself. Instead of going home and all I have is Fox Soccer Channel and now the Italian Serie A is on winter break. So all that is going on is EPL action. I know the English people (the ones I know support the Big Four, hmm bandwagoners!) that I know will give me a hard time but honestly don't you cringe sometimes when an mid- to low level team comes on your schedule because you know exactly what you are going to see.

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