Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can I get my 360 back please?

I know it is Sunday and I am sure that there's no possibility of them fixing it now, but the boredom has increasingly taken over my body. I can no longer listen to my parents babble on about useless nonsense or commentate on things that they have little knowledge about and then asking me to explain to them about these things when in all reality I am not listening at all. Yeah I just don't listen anymore, now I just sit there, looking for places to find a job because I need one. Oh here they go again, arguing over getting the phone. Can someone get the phone and just deal with it. I don't understand anything anymore. I just go off in my own world and not pay too much attention. You know friends would be nice but I probably should not bother them with my nonsense anymore. So my old reliable buddy is my 360 who is currently in Texas getting fixed or at least the repairs are in progress. Now I am searching for a new video game possibly or just something to keep me away from facebook which is virtually impossible because every time I type. I would type F first and then the rest is history, I'm on my profile wondering how I got there and knowing that this was not my real purpose of getting on internet explorer but I do. Oh well just pray for 360 being fixed within the next week or so. Peace

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