Thursday, December 11, 2008

This rainy day can't stop me!!! / What should I get for christmas?

It has finally happened. I am officially done being a full-time student. At 1:00pm as I was turning in my final exam, the joy filled through my body. And even though I had to walk through the rain to my car one finally time to where I've been parking it all year I couldn't contain my excitement. I didn't even have any earphones and yet I was still jumping for joy. It is still raining and I've been laying here ever since I got back. I don't care how much it rains and thunders and all that, this rain cannot stop me, well unless it starts flooding soon, then I should be kind of concerned for the fact that I lived on the first floor. Oops

How am I doing otherwise, I'm alright. Can not really complain. I know I wrote another ranting episode earlier Tuesday morning. That's just to get pint up frustration out of my head. Now I feel better, stomp on another team in my indoor game. Played a lil pick-up with some of the ballers on the girl's soccer team (yeah they are ballers). And just enjoying free time. I should start cleaning and throwing away my nonsense of school work that I actually did for some odd reason. I may actually go play some futsal later tonight. That should be fun, I still don't have any moves that I know of but it should be a fun time either way. This weekend I am going to tryout with the Carolina Railhawks. I mean I might as well, what is it going to hurt. It is a new coach and he is not really going to know who I am to sign me by myself so I decided to just go ahead and play and if I play well then great if I don't well then I still got more to work on. I'm sure I will be playing somewhere. It might not be the best place or the highest place but I at least want to play until I feel that I cannot compete and I still feel like I can so I am going to keep on going.

As for Christmas, what should I actually ask for? I think I am that old that I have no clue what I want for Christmas. I don't even think I am going to get anything. I mean Aaron is probably going to get some shoes from a random friend or something. However I am not really concerned about anything. I might ask for some new soccer shoes (preferably adidas or puma or something) Maybe get another hat or two. That's probably what I want. I only currently have two hats because one has gone off missing somewhere. I think I am going to need to go on a mission to get that back. Oh well, what do you think I should ask for?

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A West said...

so you're gonna get me some sneakers? that's what's up son!

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