Friday, October 31, 2008

Umm Why do you think you're better than us again??

White people you need to have a convention and gather up all your ignorant buddies with you and have me as a moderator just in case you guys plan on plotting something. You have to explain to your people that you are not better than anybody else just cause you are white. That is just dumb. You have justified this in many different ways in history. You’ve taken Africans, because they were not ‘civilized’ and ‘savages’. You have taken Indian land and brought up the same things. I do not understand why many of you guys have taken the route of being “better” than others. There have been many books and movies making Indians out to look like savages who all they did was kill. They only resorted to violence because the United States Government during that day ( I truly doubt there were in black people even close to being in charge) wanted to take their lands through any means necessary. In South Africa, the Apartheid tried to keep the African population “caged” in on townships while the white population (small in numbers) took over the important mining areas and made Africans work for little pay. And all this was justified by basically saying that we are better than you and more civilized. How do you figure that you are more civilized than others? Because you have books saying that you more civilized than other people. I do not think that is the consensus of everybody else in the planet that you are better. And the ignorant white people of today (those white power people and others) this is for you.

I was watching this documentary about people who live in their backwoods and all that and they complain about how all black people do is eat fried chicken and watermelon. And a couple of minutes later I see the same people cooking fried chicken and cutting pieces of watermelon together this is no joke. Also how I can wake up at 5:30am when Bojangles is open and see all these white people eating fried chicken? So only black people eat chicken? There is nothing wrong with eating chicken and I don’t really know why people just say that’s all black people eat. Soo I eat chicken and you do too.

“Everybody wants to be a n**** but nobody wants to be a n****.”
- Paul Mooney

“Did he just called us Niggers??? Awesome!!”
- Dave Chappelle skit when he was Clayton Bigsby and he mistaken a group of white boys as black people because Clayton heard blasting music

You are better right? Then why do you want to dress and act like the rappers you see on the TV? Some of you want to copy their lives, there were movies talking about such people who act like thugs (I forgot the movie, I know Justin Timberlake was in it), thought they were thugs but in all reality they were borrowing from their parents and did not know what to do when they got in trouble? They did not want the lifestyle when they saw themselves in deep shit. They started talking in their normal voices and crying to their mom to clean it up. How so you want to be black, without actually being black

I think you see the Muslim community as a threat, because they do not care for your rules. They are not going to be easily influenced by your thoughts of superiority. So what is a plan of somebody like Bill O’Reilly: “oh they are prehistoric, let’s bomb the shit out of them.” Prehistoric? Christianity is pretty prehistoric. Islam is one of the youngest religions. We all have to respect that. They only see you as a threat because you are trying to bring your influence into their world. Bringing in McDonalds, Nike shoes, and other western ideas into their world. They have probably (maybe) seen history books of where white people (British and American) have colonized many nations and told people to leave their land and we will put you in “Reservations”. The Muslim community is not going to have that because they know you are not better than them.

I don’t want to be mean, because I like white people. I don’t have a problem with most of them. Just tell some of your population to calm themselves down, because when they say they are better than everyone else because they are white. They aren’t only embarrassing themselves they are also embarrassing you.

Black People: You are next, I am going to explain to you, why some of our ignorant population justifies the thinking of white people that they are better than us.


A West said...

haha, that went a lot better than i expected. i thought you were just gonna go on a rant about how white people need to shape up. but this was relatively scholarly and it was well put. woogie boogie nagger. woogie boogie.

Anonymous said...

I will address some of the issues you stated. First, people involved in white power hate groups (KKK, Skinhead Nazi groups etc) are morons and ignorant people. Just like the black power movement with the black panthers etc. Next you have black preachers like Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaching the same racist, hateful, anti-American rhetoric you oppose in your blog. No sane person thinks that white power groups have any authority or legitimacy so of course the white community as well as any other sane person would oppose those views. We haven't heard the opposition of black movements and preachers like Wright though from the black community. I feel this objection to racism has to come from both sides in order to move toward a more equal society. Those are my thoughts and I love you Dre and I hope that you don't view white people who have different political views then yourself as racist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect the aim of your blog.

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